FF notes the time you record it and excludes temps that are too far out from your normal time. I generally found early temps didn’t look too weird, but late ones were definitely off.


Thanks. I found some articles online saying to adjust it and wasn’t sure if that was a really thing or not.




Thanks! I’m at 14dpo and TTC. I am pretty sure I am not pregnant bc all of my tests are coming back negative so more air asking out of curiosity. I am not the best sleeper so I am sure this isn’t the first time it’s going to happen while I am tracking my BBT.


After ovulation, I don't give a flying fuck about temps, but that is just me. All I'm trying to do is confirm ovulation and then pee on a stick. That being said, I never saw much difference between by temps at 4:30 wake up and 6:30 wake up and just recorded what I got without adjustment.


Yeah I kinda just play it by ear! This cycle I missed my 5am temping alarm two days in a row, with mittelschmerz on the second day and a temp shift the following day. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So literally pretty sure it was o and o-1 that I had a late temp. I adjusted them down based on [this website](https://whenmybaby.com/basalbodytemperature.php) and the adjusted temp made sense in my chart so I kept it, with an asterisk for myself to remember that they may be off. Even though they were crucial temps, the only reason it really matters is if I do get pregnant this cycle, knowing how many dpo I am when I'm testing. But ultimately it won't matter, I'll either be pregnant or not lol.


True, that’s what I keep telling myself. I am either pregnant or I am not. Not much I can do about it now. I got a cold half way through this cycle and chose sleep over taking my temperature so I am not sure how accurate mine is either. Luckily I was using the ovulation strips so I am pretty sure I am 14dpo.


Thanks for Sharing the website!


I was also curious I usually measure at 7am but woke up to pee at 5 and a different day at 6:30 and held it trying to stay “asleep” until 7. Given I got up and moved, wondered if I should measure then or at 7, and if awake and shifting a bit in bed would throw things off.


I know what you mean. That is what I do most mornings! I am thinking about just testing really early in the morning everyday then going back to sleep during my next cycle. My chart is pretty all over the place.


Not really. Adjusting is not recommended. But, like another poster said, it is more important when TTA then TTC. You would never proceed with an inaccurate temp in that situation. Just skip it if you are TTC, it's not going to give you any real data.