Side gig revenues

Hi, I am employed at 100% in a company in ZG and last year I provided several Ks in Consulting services privately to a consulting company (my main company knows). I am a resident of SZ. I have declared those consulting services as revenues in my 2022 declaration by attaching the 2 invoices I produced to the consulting company, though I don't have my own "AG" or company, so I didn't even think I might have had to pay stuff like AVS, or have a company in my name at all.

The canton hasn't contacted me yet over my 2022 tax declaration, but I assume there might be trouble. I had nothing to hide, so I declared my side gig, but I guess I didn't realize what I needed to do those in the first place.

Any advice on whatto do moving forward to continue my consulting side gig legally?



The cantonal tax authority will report your business income from the consulting gigs to the AHV and they will send you an invoice. For the future you might want to register yourself with the AHV. so you can pay the AHV contributions on your side gig in advance. They will ask you at the beginning of the year to estimate your total income from that 'business' and calculate what you have to pay according to that.




Beside AHV, your tax office really doesn't care that much when you earn something on your side gig. Until 100k annually everything is very chill. And above 100k they usually ask you to register a company. Because they are also not in a mood to deal with thousands and thousands of companies making less than 100k a year. Too much effort. Too little payoff


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Just make sure you declare everything transparently. It's better to overshare with them. So, if an error happened on your side, they usually point it out in a friendly way. If you start to earn more, I would recommend you to outsource it to a tax-specialist. I believe in your case you will pay somewhere between 350-750.- for having you taxes done. But it saves you plenty of stress and you get consulting from real specialists.


Thanks! Any reco for SZ/ZH? Just bought a house in ZH so I will do my 2024 taxes in ZH I think!




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From my knowledge: you only need to declare and pay VAT on your services once your revenue exceeds CHF 100'000/year and that should be the point where you also need to officially register your business and receive a tax number. Beforehand you use your AHV number.


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Just FYI the ahv people would consider that work as not independent since only one client. But they have a process to judge on this individually. I've done exactly what you did many many moons ago. Just fill out the form, explain them the situation and it will be fine going forward. Remember to inform them if you will no longer do this, as they will invoice you for expected income too.


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This should be helpful [https://thepoorswiss.com/side-hustle-legally-switzerland/](https://thepoorswiss.com/side-hustle-legally-switzerland/)


Go with something like helvetic-payroll next time. They take care of all neccessary stuff and you just enjoy :)


Will check them out!


So if there's no problem, where's the problem?


I Don't yet know how the canton will react, but I have been told later on that I need to have some sort of special status to have a side gig...


Call your cantonal AHV office, explain your situation and ask them what you should do.


I will. Thx!


If you only have a small sum, the tax office won't be bothered by it. It's up to you if you declare it as an income or not. You can ask them by phone what to do. In your case it's apparently too late.