Yeaaaah that's a no from me dawg


One time I decided to try the Marty McFly thing and hang onto the back of my friends car on a skateboard. I think it must have been only 10-15 mph but when he got up to that speed I felt extremely unsafe and started screaming.


I believe the term is “Skitchin’” it’s dangerous AF


Skitching is hanging off the back, on skates / skateboard. In a big snowstorm you can do it with your feet.


Growing up we used to do this all the time in New York City after a snowstorm. But back then cars had to big bumpers and the drivers had no idea you were behind them.


> In a big snowstorm you can do it with your feet. Once when I was big enough and the road icy enough the rear end slipped while taking a bend. The driver cussed me severely.


Oh I hate out of town bends after it's snowed, but in town it's pretty fun. Never ever underestimate snow or ice. Even you've got AWD and been driving a long time neither of those help you stop sooner and doesn't help in a slide


Was garbage man, favorite time of the year is winter bc when it snows you hang onto the side but don't get on and the truck pulls you down the street


best spin off of road rash ever


Facts! SEGA Genesis classic right there


That game inspired me and my dumbass friends. We fell off the back of this old lady’s car doing about 40 and had some gnarly road rash.


The soundtrack had some classics like “Spicy Placenta” and “Smells Like Tuna” which is most definitely a reference to the fish…..


Yeah I remember my dad's ex wife letting me and her son skitch on her van. I remember her not slowing down and us having to let go at like 15ish mph lol.


A kid at my middle school died doing it


What? No way! Tell me more!


Didn't go to that person's middle school but here's what happened: Kid on wheeled device (skates or skateboard, unsure which) grabbed onto a vehicle. The vehicle did what vehicles do and sped up to a very dangerous speed for anyone to be going who is not inside a vehicle of some sort. One thing led to another, likely the kid got scared and lost control and unless the event was just super bad luck, his death indicates that he most likely wasn't wearing a helmet. You can obviously still die doing something this dumb with a helmet on but if I were a betting man I would bet the house on that dead kid not wearing a helmet. Helmets really are amazing.


That's rough. Poor kid


An old coworker of mine was driving around a parking lot so her brother could skitch. She ran him over and killed him. He was about 9 and she was 17. Gonna live with that the rest of her life


I hit 23 mph the other day going down a hill. It was terrifying especially since I built my board to carve, not be stable at high speeds😂💀


I did that and then let go and when i let go i got the speed wobbles really bad


All fun and games until the speed wobbles start


yeah i did this in high school on my skateboard and hanging onto my friends motorcycle, he hit around 30mph and then the speed wobbles kicked in and i had to bail. i rolled and skidded about 20 feet on the ground. both forearms ripped from elbow to wrist, hands gouged and some seriously deep scrapes on my hip, where you could see the "white meat" . lots of adrenaline pumping and it didn't hurt in the moment, but holy fuck did showering burn for about a week or two after. don't do this kids, it's really fucking dumb.


did this with my cousin at the same time, we hung unto a gas canister truck, I almost fell from the way it accelerated, didn't expect such a strong jolt on my hand, I let go after regaining my balance and kept going for a while right behind the truck lmao


Hell nah to the nah nah nah


And for that reason, I’m out.


No way those brakes are capable of stopping him from 74kph with 2 meters of braking room if that semi had to make a sudden stop


They might be, he just won't be on the bike when he stops.


Thank God this isn't r/whatcouldgowrong


Valid /r/whatcouldgoright


That truck driver brakes for even a split second and the cyclist is going to become intimately acquainted with his cargo


I’d be more worried about a rock or a stick on the road that you would not see coming


Or even a pothole. That would end up being a nice show


That's what makes it fun. Source: I ride down hills that fast without a truck in front of me sometimes just for fun.


Unless you do it with a blindfold these are very very different circumstances.


Not really. Anything over about 25mph on a bike like that is living dangerously. I can stop far faster than that truck just by simple virtue of not weighing ten tons. Anything short of a cemi hitting it ain't gonna stop it fast enough for a biker skilled enough to follow that close to not slow down at least as quick as the truck. He's not that close, he just looks it because you're not used to the perspective. And if something as catastrophic as a cemi going left of center happens, you're still fucked even if the box truck ain't there. I only live once, far as I can tell. Following a box truck close at 40mph is hardly the most dangerous thing I've ever done on a bike.


>Not really. Yes, really. The guy in the video only has visibility of road conditions for a few tens of feet ahead of him. At the speed he's going, if there's an object in the road (or a pothole) that the truck can drive over, the bicyclist will *not* have enough time to avoid it. Contrast that to doing the same thing *without* slipstreaming a truck, where you have visibility for possibly hundreds of feet ahead of you. Very different scenario. Still dangerous, but at least it's not a situation where a single pothole can wreck you and you won't ever see it coming until it's too late.


I think they were more talking about the braking aspect. It's true that so long as this dude in the video is a decently experienced biker, they would be able to stop at the same speed or faster than the truck because they are waaaaaay lighter. However yes, visibility is still shit and you could very well run into a pothole or something that would also fuck you up.


Are you really arguing with someone who does shit like this? Lmao


You think because they do it constantly that they know better? Do you know how many cyclists I see on a daily basis that ride like they want to kill themselves?


In my city, just biking down any main road takes an iron will and balls of steel.


Well, the question is could he react fast enough and start braking before he hit the semi. I think the avarage reaction time is about a second. On the other hand, some people like racers can react in like half of a second. With the speed of 70km/h he travels 19 meters per second, or 9.5 in a half of a second. Suppose he keeps 3-4 meter distance, so less than 0.2 seconds to react. Granted, semi won't immediately stop when it starts braking so he probably would have more time than that but still seems quite dangerous.


Dude average reaction time is around 250ms with fast people having below 200ms. Someone with a 1 second reaction time is pretty much in a coma. Its still dangerous for sure but you got time to break even if the semi would pull an emergency brake system (which is very rare). I'd say he's around 7 meters behind the semi by looking at stuff they pass.


When you are primed and not distracted reaction time is 250ms. i.e. in a setting where there is only one action and you are waiting to perform it imminently. In a situation where there are many actions and they could be required any time, or not at all, the reaction time is much slower (https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/eng-2020-0004/html?lang=en). You can see the reaction time to simple events of a driver is 750ms according to this study, and other ones appear to corroborate it. And another factor to consider is that you have 7 meters and X ms to react when the truck starts breaking. By the time you react the truck is already traveling a lot slower, and the gap has closed, so you need to stop way faster than the truck can. Furthermore: the gap between the truck and bike is about 4-5 frames from what I can tell when they get going. If this video is at 25 fps, then that is ~200ms. So even if you have world class reaction time, and are hanging on the brake expecting it at any second, you will still start breaking as you hit the truck.


My grandma has a 1 second reaction time and she’s been in the grave for 15 years God rest her soul.


This isn't a downhill bike though it's completely rigid with thin tires. if he hits a reasonable sized pot hole he's out. if you are saying he can react in time to go around the pothole That I would actually find more doable than surviving a pothole at 25 mph.


Zero chance you can out brake that truck on a bike.


No, you cannot stop from 70 km/h on two thin wheels faster than a truck braking with 6-8 huge tires. Check some videos from the Volvo safety system, an empty semi stops almost in a dime.


Just be really careful man. Never get too comfortable, always be taking the necessary precautions. I’ve had a really bad crash on a bike and a skateboard from doing stuff like that. Surprisingly I mostly just had scrapes all over my right side from bombing a hill and my longboard, I didn’t know what I was doing completely and my board flew out due to speed wobbles. However, flipped over my bikes handlebars from hitting a bump, and I shattered my jaw. I was only going like 15 mph, but it still seriously fucked me up. I also had a TBI from it.


This guy bikes.


I’m familiar with this road so no risks of potholes and I knew where the semi will have to brake. A few unlikely instances where I’d be fucked is if there was a roadkill, road debris or the truck had to do an emergency stop. Before someone says I can stop faster than a loaded truck that’s not entirely true. Trucks have ABS and a lot more tire contact to the pavement. Under normal circumstances when the truck is breaking before an intersection I’m completely fine.


Yeah I’ve done this a ton, you can brake wayyyyy faster than a truck if you know what you are doing. Edit: I was on mountain bikes… obstacles were much less of a concern


Or a squirrel.


BPM going from 168 to 0 in record time.


And that black and white sticker means he might be carrying small amounts of hazardous goods. Just for some added excitement.


That's where the placard would go, it's just the empty frame. So nothing hazardous on board actually.


Nah. That’s a limited goods sticker [limited quantity stickers](https://www.safetysignsandnotices.co.uk/limited-and-excepted-quantities-sign-lq)


Doubt it. This guy clearly knows what he’s doing. He’s fully anticipating that happening at every second, and can brake a whole lot better than that truck.




Your math assumes the truck can go to a dead stop instantly. The acceleration/deceleration of a bike is significantly better than any four wheeled vehicle on the road. The risk is obviously greater in the event of a collision, but this guy is less likely to hit that truck than any of the cars I see tailgating trucks at any given moment on the freeway at 70 mph.


Road bikes like that stop just fine. Smaller contact area compared to a car tire sure, but also a lot less mass to stop. Also your reaction time number assumes the truck stops instantly which obviously doesn't happen. They guy on the bike would have no trouble keeping up with the braking of the truck. That's not to say this isn't stupid.


Highly doubt it. A truck is gonna take a lot longer to brake than a bicycle


Idk I feel like a bike can stop faster than a semi truck, his fingers are itching on those brakes just for that instance


At that speed? On a slope? So near of the truck? I hope he has damn good brakes


The truck would take much longer to brake. Semis are not necessarily known for stopping on dimes.


With that much momentum. And that short of a space for reaction time. Brakes wouldn’t save him


No way the truck stops faster than the bike though


You're right, once he hits the back of the truck he'll slow right down lmao


If they both stop at the same time, yes. The key here is reaction time. That close at that speed, you have pretty much none.


As someone who has actually done this, yes. Also the rider above isn't doing this but I ride to the far right side so I can always use the shoulder.


Oh yea he’s pushing it, this is all based on his reaction time, but I just feel like he could stop faster assuming a half second reaction and him not locking up his wheels from panic


Bruh have you never ridden a bike down a hill and slammed on the brakes to do a skid? If that truck stops he will be dead


Someone had to say it


I mountain bike…


I extremely doubt you mountain bike at 77 kilometers an hour


Your right, I’ve never topped 60kmh and that’s terrifying on a mountain bike much less a street bike your feet are clicked into


It’s not the braking power, it’s the lack of traction to slow down. There’s about a 2-3 sq inches of tire touching the ground. There is no sudden slow down, you’ll slide out. As a road cyclist, I’ve been there.


Another common misconception is that motorcycles can brake faster than most cars. They cannot, for the same reason bicycles can’t. You can have the most powerful brakes in the world but it means nothing once you lose traction.


Yea mountain bikes do have a softer larger tread pattern, never been much on road bikes and emergency braking


Armchair cycler thinks he can break in time at that speed 😅


Armchair trucker thinks he can stop on a dime at those speeds 😅


You don’t need to stop, you just need to decelerate faster than the truck. That not hard to do. The reaction time is the key. Source. More than an arm chair cyclist.


Not. A. Chance. Bike breaks can be good, but not that good


They are travelling the same speed, a road bike will stop far faster than a semi.


Assuming infinite traction yes. Reality is bike tires have such a small contact point with the road they will lock up and skid. Same way a unloaded semi takes further to stop than a loaded one. The unloaded one will just skid because there is not enough force holding it to the ground


The semi has far more of a tire contact patch to stop that weight




What? Please source this claim. I race bikes and the ability to slow and stop is way better than a semi. Especially a modern road bike.




Have you ever ridden a bike at 75mph and then slammed on the brakes because of a hazard suddenly entering your path?


That’s not how inertia works.


That's exactly how inertia works - the truck is more massive, so it takes more force to stop it (F=ma) in the same amount of time. However, it can also produce more friction (larger contact patch with the road, more weight on the wheels, more robust brakes), so it can also produce more force. The people in these comments are all claiming they're right and pointing to one of these things, when the truth is that it's not at all clear who has the advantage. If that truck weighs 36 tons (I just googles 'loaded semi weight') and the rider is 100kg (rounding up), then the truck has to produce 360 times the force of the cyclist in order to stop in the same time/distance. Can they do that? I have no idea, and I bet almost nobody else in these comments does either.


Especially if that trucks loaded


Just drift into the other lane


No, that bicycle can stop waaaaay faster than the truck. No argument, this is basic physics


That's 47.8 mph for my fellow Americans out there.


How many football fields a month is that?


~~12,672 Football fields / month~~ **605,721.6 Football fields/ month EDIT: I am dumb and figured out 1 mph in fields / month. If you multiply this number by 47.8 you will get the true value of 605,721.6 Football Fields / Month. Sorry for the inconvenience.


And how many Fahrenheits in a year ?


Football was invented by Alexander Graham Kelvin, so we have to convert the football fields from Kelvin to Fahrenheit, and we get 1,089,839.21F, then multiply by 12 for the months in a year to get 13,078,070.52F per year.


My math says 614,100 football fields per month.


I am absolutely incorrect. I did not take my time and forgot a step. Here is my full work for my new number: 47.8 MPH * 24 = 1147.2 Miles/Day. 1147.2 * 30 = 34416 Miles/Month. 34416 * 5280 = 181716480 FT/Month. 181716480/300 = 605,721.6 Football Fields / Month Sorry for the bad math to start!


I’m not even a teacher, but I’m happy you showed your work!


I'll accept that! I used Wolfram Alpha which uses 365/12 as th length of a month and explains the difference in our answers.


Understandable. Glad to do math with you friend.


Haha, glad we both know how to party on a Saturday night!


Is it worth paying for


I paid for the app a long time ago. It was only a couple bucks and comes in handy a fair amount. I would do again.


Cool, thanks


'saved' to see who wins...


So roughly 606 kFFPM.




How many Big Gulps long is a football field again?


Assuming the internet is correct a Big Gulp cup is 11 inches tall. 1 football field = 100 yards = 300 ft 12 inches = 1 ft. 12/11 ~= 1.091 big gulp cup/ ft 300* 1.091~= 327.273 big gulp cups/ football field. Alternatively, a big gulp cup is ~= 0.0031 football fields


About a 12 pack of coors light and 3 hot dogs


Ah yes, freedom units


138 furlongs an annual quarter


*how many football fields per 4th of July, you mean.


American football or real football?


For comparison that's about twice as fast as the average speed of a pro cyclist in the Tour de France but a lot slower than their downhill speeds which can reach 60-65mph+. The latter is especially nuts when you consider the sharp turns they make on the fragile bikes they use, being close to other riders, the entourage of cars etc and then the crowds.


Thanks, I needed Freedom units


I've ridden down mountains at 70+ mph on my bicycle and I'm a bicycle courier for work, but this guy is just a fucking idiot.




73 to be precise is the fastest I have gone. Headed East down McClure Pass in Colorado in 2019.


Immediately after, did you have to pull over to catch your breath while thinking, "That was dumb. Never again." Cause that would be me.


More like a shit eating grin on my face and couldn't wait to do it again. Arms in the air, it felt like I had conquered the world.


Okay Jack, calm down.


"Dan needs that paper!" Gonna risk it all!...because, Dan.


Damn, I've hit 40 once and that was fast enough for me.


To reach those speeds, is your bike geared to reach high speeds? I’ve been down some 14% hills, but the fastest I’ve had my bike computer register was just shy of 50 mph, if memory is correct.


Usually when people go over 100km/h on bikes it's pure gravity and getting very aero efficient.


That guy is not pedaling at all (his RPM is 0).


Link to the strava?






I've bombed down a mountain road on my mountain bike hitting around 45 mph and that was scary af. I couldn't imagine doing 70. 0\_0


It's fun as fuck going that fast on a bike, I hit 108kmh the other day down a hill (have a Strava screenshot if no one believes it), fuck the haters haha


Fastest I’ve gone is 96kmh and I’ll be fucked if I’m going to do it again. Main problem is that the road stops at a T junction… even with disc brakes it’s a bit of a short stop coming round the last corner. I’ll stick to lower speed on the mtb when I can.


Dudes heart rate is just casually 160 going that fast behind a semi


Wdym "casually", that's pretty high. Same rate as 10 mins of moderate exercise. I'd say he's feeling the rush haha


You’ve obviously not seen my heart rate when I jog… it’s like pegged at 179. I know I’m not in shape lol


Same here, but it's because I'm young. Apparently, it's okay for young hearts to go really high.


177 here checking in


I think you need to spend some time riding a bike. 160 is usually around high Zone 3 for most riders and can be sustained for hours.


A lil fuckup with the wheel and you go flying...


Yup. I was thinking even a dead animal or debris in the middle of the road.


Or if the truck driver just brakes or takes foot off the gas


That truck probably has a long stopping distance. If he slammed on the brakes you’d be in trouble. But you can break pretty fast on a bike.


Trucks can stop in few seconds these days, take the reaction time out of that and the fact that bike brakes are not built for 70+ km/h speed


How would a cyclist have more inertia than a truck?


He doesn't, but he has about 500x more contact area with the road. Same reason cars stop faster than motorcycles. The bike can hit about 1g of braking force before going over the handlebar or breaking traction with the road. He's toast even if they started braking at the same time. He's double toast once his reaction time is factored in


This is straight out of the movie Breaking Away.


ok so when you fall out of the stream, do you just get hit with still air like a ton of bricks?


I wouldn’t say ton of bricks, feels more like a small child suddenly jumped on you


The wind wrapping around the truck is very turbulent, and constantly switches from side to side, so you hold on as you're backing out. In the draft at highway speeds you actually get pulled along so it feels like you're more on the brakes than pedaling. I used to do this as a young cyclist on long stretches of an empty road I was very familiar with or the start of my rides, behind very heavy and slow to accelerate trucks heading north. There wasn't an intersection for 10 miles, so I'd see how far I could hold on for, typically just a couple miles. At 55mph I'd run out of gear and hold on until I needed to drop back slowly.


Bro when I played NFS: Carbon back in the day, I was convinced that was a gimmicky game mechanic… Now I know


I used to do this when I was younger. Didn’t have a speedo on my bike but pedalling in any gear was pointless while doing this, pedal as fast as you can and I wasn’t even close to putting any power into the back wheel from pedalling. Would estimate easily hitting 50-60mph on the local bypass doing this. I mean, the national speed limit on bypasses was 60mph, so every vehicle on the road was hitting that or close to it, so I’d be doing the same when behind a lorry starting off from traffic lights. Just keep with it behind very close, it gets to a point where no effort is needed and the slipstream pulls you along. Those days are gone now though.


I came to the comments hoping for a personal anecdote, was not disappointed. Thank you.


you’re very english ;)


Yep, guilty.


Can someone help me convert km/h to hotdogs per school shooting?


At least 3.


So incredibly dangerous, wow


What a dumbass


He's a fucking idiot


Looks fun until you remember potholes exist.


Do this on a sportbike on the highway. There's no sound. Everything goes quiet. You can also die so just take my word


people are dumb


What a moron.


Even though he’s not pedaling his heart rate is at 160 because he knows if he fucks up holding the handles he could probably die.


Bojler eladó for my Hungarian guy :D


It’s all fun and what not until that truck needs to make an emergency stop


What a stupid idea






Dude just trying to do his job and earn money for his family; hobbyist following him too closely creating risk. Yet we ask for all the courtesies of the road…


Can someone explain what a slipstream is?


One pothole and he's in r/MakeMyCoffin


Is there a r/idiotsonbicycles


Ya know truck drivers fucking hate this.


imagine the truck has to slam brakes


Just wait until he breaks…


That's a fantastic way to instantly die


Blind zone of a semi… smart


it’s all fun and games until he has to hit the brakes fast!


What a fucking asshole this biker is. If that truck brakes even a little bit, he's gonna go flying into it and probably put a retard's life on the driver's conscience.


Definitely looking for a way to get out of his debts.




Cole trickle?


*"And there goes the biker, down the inside of Schmitz with his own slipstream! Oh, what a turn of events!"*


That's crazy. I did this on a hybrid on a paved bike trail in Michigan when I was younger, following a golf cart at just under 30mph. I thought I was going to die, and that was during my "invincible teen male" years. This is bonkers.


Emerge doc here. Saw a patient who decided to do this behind a city bus. Bus stopped, he came in with a broken neck. Ended up in a halo and traction in the ICU. Thankfully no motor deficits/spinal cord injury.


So I've done this before, not on a freeway/highway but a normal road with a limit of 50-60 km/h commuting on my road bike. Truck turned in front me, I pedalled hard to catch up and I got to school wayyyyy faster than normal, it was rainy so my even scarier. I stared at the brake lights like my life depended on it, because at that point it literally did. Got a lot of honks from cars beside me. Made it out alive, I just wish I had taken my gloves off to start Strava so I had proof of it 😭


Only morons dont wear gloves riding


Just a little touch on the trucks brake and this idiot is dead. But look how cool it is!


Sincerely from me to all bicyclists, Fuck you.


Baby dick energy