Houston we have a problem. Crash imminent.

Houston we have a problem. Crash imminent.


What were the levels before tho?


My dad always said that answers are no good unless you've asked the correct question. This, sir, is the correct question


Your dad a big Hitchhiker's Guide fan?


Doubt he even knows of it, but he's a smart guy




Don't know if u/flyingsaxophone was writing anything (irobot) directly. Just referencing how a large number of people know the Answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, but that no one has been able to determine the question.




42 and the most universal of all rules, don't forget to bring a towel.


Don't panic!




That's easy, it's 741


lets make this shit trend. I like it. 741 is the new 42. ​ Edit: Don't forget to bring a mouse.


The old universe was figured out and reset, the new answer is 741. I personally think the question is what 700+41 but I'm a math ape.


What I was thinking!


I heard the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask🤷🏼‍♂️but then I eat ass so fuck what I heard


This is why we need percentages, not numbers. "The Dow fell 200 points today!" Sure, but what does that mean compared to their total?


So there is such thing as a dumb question?


Hijacking top comment to remind everyone zionlion and charlie on twitter are sleeper shills. They have an active fud and bash campaign going against computershare and anyone (especially) advocating for direct registration (including attacking dr T) We should not be giving these people stage time here.


Yep. I don't follow much of him, but he really stood out about a week ago (maybe after earnings call), losing his shit that RC wasn't doing anything and was being embarrassingly dramatic about it all. It was way out of proportion and just real amateur hour shit. I don't trust him at all now.


Do we have an answer yet?


Is that % of short interest oj available shares or % left available to short. If it's the first it's not a big deal, if it's the latter holy fuck.


It's the latter


Wut mean? Most shares are already sold short?


Huh. Wonder if they're intentionally short selling at a higher price to bait investors into a bull trap. Could be why markets pumped the past few days. Though I don't know if that's a good or valid strategy. Just shooting some farts out of my head. Anyone able to confirm if that's even possible?


I think seeing this lends credence to this DD: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/pomrms/the\_invisible\_short/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/pomrms/the_invisible_short/) I was racking my brain trying to figure out WHY a bank would make a yield note, like a bond, with essentially AAA tranches but give the whole note a BBB rating (barely but still legally "investment grade") with super short maturity dates (3-5 years, tops) and very high interest (12.5%\~20% per annum). It was just throwing money away when the tranches are ABNB, MSFT, TSLA, MRNA, AMD etc. With crazy underwriting where the interest isn't payable if lowest performing tranche drops 30%. only returning half of the $1000 dollar principal if the lowest performing tranche drops %40. I mean who thinks TSLA is gonna drop %30-%40 in the next three years? These interest rates are too good to be true. I think they're being loaded into retirement accounts. u/matchesburnstuff really nailed that, I think. But after seeing this, I'm more believing it than ever that they've sold billions of those notes and are probably going to do their part in helping the market tank %40 by shorting the entirety of the S&P500 (what this post shows). Keeping half the principal on the notes loaded into everyone's 401K and pension fund or even worse, the final underwriting point: "If the buyer sells the note before the maturity date, the issuer (a bank) determines the worth of the principal". How much do you want to bet, in the event of a crash and early panic sell they're going to say those notes are worth "zero"?


Remember about six months ago when the banks all issued and sold millions and millions of bonds - record numbers for all of them. Yeah. We questioned the actions at the time... That's people's retirements. Fuck.


Back then They were selling mostly bonds of their own debt. What I’m talking about are called Contingency coupon callable yield notes. They function like bonds and the tranches are blue chip stocks and ETFs. So they are different. But Citadel sold $600m back in March 2020 and the DD I linked found many more from Credit Susie sold this month and TD bank. When you look at what’s in them, it makes no sense why they are paying such a high interest rate per year, till you see the underwriting. It really looks like they are luring people in. The other fishy part is they ALL have nearly identical terms. Short maturity cycle, high interest, blue chip tranches, BBB rating on the whole bond, same principal requirement, and the exact same underwriting on what happens if a tranche drops below a certain point or the bond sells early. The next question is whose buying the billions of these. If it were other banks they’d just be screwing themselves by passing the risk around. But they are have the same terms and underwriting so I think it’s coordinated so one bank can’t outsell another one by having better terms. Making the crash avoidance “fair”, but only for them. The only other thing that makes sense is that it’s the fund managers for people’s pensions and 401k accounts. Technically they are just barely investment grade so it’s not illegal and they get commissions off the gains their customers are making on these high interests, in the short term.


Yeah I see why they'd want to sell that kind of bond but what donut is buying them Unless it's exactly what you said at the end I'm not being very susinct today


Yea, basically, no one would know that their retirement accounts are being loaded up with these. I asked around at work and everyone’s corporate 401k is up over 15% so far this year. That’s nearly double the YoY for the S&P500. It’s beyond too lucrative. I think it’s a trap and many people, unknowingly have these notes in their accounts. Setting them up to be bag holders when it’s %40 (or more) crash time. Soon to be retirees may be screwed. I’m going to try and type up a post for you guys to read in the morning.


Please do, I'll be waiting patiently


This is going to sound daft but I'm glad I have virtually no retirement saved (here it's called super and yes they buy the market for you) and am not where near retiring because of age. I'll be interested to read Your DD


I'm confused now. I thought groups like pension funds couldn't invest in bbb securities without insurance. Or is this a situation now where they will buy cds's again and crash it on purpose looking for another bailout?


It depends on their regulations/laws (private/public). These notes could have been bought by anyone . The names on them around slime anything else. Check The Invisible Short DD.


Thanks you sexy ape


Would appreciate your thoughts around CYN's and observation dates, specifically the CYN referenced in [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/pmwcnt/some_guy_started_messaging_me_some_mysterious/). My understanding is the value of the CYN is determined every 3 months starting on [Sept 29, 2021](https://i.imgur.com/aWNPBS0.png) and then based on [this schedule of observation dates](https://i.imgur.com/MTvV0cd.png), unless they postpone the dates. My questions: * Is there any incentive to having a Knock-In event prior to Sept 29? * Is there anything special about Sept 29? I'm trying to understand if there's a reason or occasion for this date, which is related to my next question. * If the market crashes after Sept 29, say on Oct 11, does the CYN still retain it's value until the next observation date? Screenshots taken from here: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1053092/000095010321013821/dp157741_424b2-u6153.htm. Thank you!


The 29th of September is the sale date of those CYNs. Their underlying value is calculated the next day on the 30th, and the trade is settled on the 4th of October. I don't think there can be a knock-in before then as the CYNs won't exist yet! Might be wrong, but that's my understanding.


Horrifying if true.


Interesting! Have a medal for visibility so others can connect these dots.


Oh, thanks. I was thinking g of making post about it for tomorrow morning.


Let me know if you need a hand! FYI [This](https://i.imgur.com/TD4SXC1.png) was the put/call ratio on IWM earlier. It's since gone down. [This](https://i.imgur.com/NYIWV10.png) is the put/call ratio for SPY. I don't have access to Ortex data or fintel.io. If anyone does, the short interest data for the major indices would be very helpful. Trended graphs plz


Can we check their strategy right before the 2007/2008 market crash? Is it mirroring?




Zey bought ze dip? Yes Mr. Bogdanoff Jyst as plan'd. Execute order Covid Sigma on monday, crash dis economy, wid no survivors.


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The feeling is mutual 🥺


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I mean a super star celebrity just did. It's worth more than any award Reddit has to offer


Zion lion is a shill account, please avoid posting his shit here


Idk why this guy got Downvoted I’ve seen similar reports regarding Zion, and ShillDog advocating against DRS


He threw a tantrum about his art back in April too he’s just trying to pump his art career


Correct sir, I got him blocked.


It sounds remarkably like what happened in 2008 between Lehman bailout and the absolute trashing of the market... It seemed to rocket for a few weeks in the middle and then everything got set on fire. My only... Question is just how bad will this be this time, iirc (someone can correct me) Lehman was only in the hole by what 20b? This is 400b oweing and 1.4million dwellings owed. That's several magnitudes larger. If the ramifications of 2008 was the housing crisis what in the fuck is going to happen this time. So many questions I feel like I need to stock up on food and stuff before money is worth jack shit.


Others in this thread are labeling Zion a shill, so I'm not sure if I should believe this tweet. Thoughts?


As long as this information is legitimate doesn't really matter who it comes from IMO. 👀 I believe he also changed his mind on CS. Disagreeing and being skeptical of it at first is completely normal


I was skeptical for over a couple weeks. The wave of posts seemed very orchestrated and large, so I thought “they” were trying to hype and obfuscate some underlying pitfalls for a retail investor. Did a few hours of research on CS, what my intentions were and then moved thousands over. considering moving the rest over soon. I hold c r y p t o as well and my policy is to always hold my coin in my own wallet. I don’t see why it shouldn’t apply to le stocks 👌


You don't think gamestop has their own people in here?


Not spreading initiatives because that would be illegal. Gathering consumer information to better their stores and merchandise. Yes.


Mhmmmm **snaps fingers rigorously**


Yea it was a nice surprise seeing him admit he was wrong


What does this mean this post? I don’t understand.


ZionLion and other notable Twitterers like Charlie's Vids got really upset about ComputerShare and the quite sudden and massive push for DRS here. Was a bit of a division in the apes forming which isn't good. But in just the last day or two ZionLion said they read some more DD about CS and DRS and have changed their mind and apologized for getting so snippy about it. Everyone back on the same team more or less. Or at least back to a mature "you do you, I'll do me" attitude


Thank you for the response


Broviet\_v2 deleted his account. He was quite anti DRS


I didn't know this. I always thought his first account hack was mildly suspicious, but overlooked it, as everything else seemed genuinely ok. I wonder if we'll see a Broviet_v3 in the near future.


Or more like, ah shit they're on to me. Better keep my cover for the next shilly operation.


You da real MVP


Zion, Charlie, unusual whales, shill dog, rensole etc all seem to be connected on twitter in some way, many flip flopping on CS recently after backlash from followers. I agree that as long as the info is legit where it may come from doesn't matter, however let's not take their word without first getting sources verified and analyzing good intel. 🦍❤️🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


He was one of those ones bashing CS on Twitter along with that deranged shill Charlie. He has since changed his tone and says he believes in CS


GameStop reached out to him in DMs. He was very wary of ComputerShare. Not saying he isn't a shill... Just, I don't think there's confirmation yet.


Thanks for the info. A lot of exciting news going around but I don't want to be misinformed.


Zions not a shill, he's passionate and maybe over emotional sometimes. Cant say I agree or condone his behavior all the time but dudes got alot to deal with given the state of his surroundings right now Edit: lol downvoted Edit 2: while not a shill, fuck zion. Mf is swing trading and playing with options on the stock i love while throwing hissu fits, fuck em


I think you’re absolutely right, history shows that markets pump one more time before they come crashing down too 😬


> Anyone able to confirm if that's even possible? They did the same to Burry. https://youtu.be/F3goSYkVPNE?t=338 They have created a net short position for themselves and isolated unfixable cat turds in a separate box. Cat turd companies will be allowed to go tits up and rest will make a killing.


Maybe a dumb question but: what are the _historical_ numbers on this chart? ~5% seems low, but these are numbers without context.


I can confirm that farts are stinky And where there’s stinky, there’s crime Thanks for coming to my Ted talk


uh, were you the one that walked in after me? sorry, had Taco Bell for breakfast...


My theory is that Zion Lion is trying to get back in good graces after this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/pslssu/this_is_what_you_might_call_a_sleeper_shill_do/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


I only buy the one stock these days. I know of no other play.


Dog farts are lethal therefore, your Pom assessment is a kill shot. I heart the Pom




Puts? Wasn’t it calls on FB? Puts on Tesla


Honestly, I'd have to find it. I read it a couple weeks ago, maybe? Just going by memory.


u/danieltv11 is right. He has a large number of calls on FB. Puts on Tesla.


My mistake. I'll remove my comment


Bogdanof is all I will say to that


*tosses treat*




Yeah spy gives no fucks


Spy rip? Straight to jail. Spy dip? Straight to jail. Spy sideways? Yep, you guessed it, straight to jail.


Spy go to the right? Bellerive it or not, Jail.


Anyone can find an alternative data source for this?


Yes I'm hoping someone can confirm! I don't have access to this sort of data.


You can! The same way we did it with GME


FB though... That's the one that should be shorted. That thing is worth... $0.00


Agreed. Completely overridden by angry boomers.


Angry boomers with wallets. As long as the ads generate revenue, FB continues to be a very successful business. They're not leaving.


You're very right. I just personally don't like FB, but they have a great business model. It's like Metallica... I know they're talented, and understand why everyone loves them, but I'd rather drag my balls through broken glass than listen to them.


If you do the dragging your pants parties won't be the same again. To me, it's hard coming to terms with stuff other people like existing, but it's just fact. Stay sharp ape.


If any company deserved the corporate death penalty, it'd be them.


So Burry was right eh?


He was. Again.


good thing I am old enough this time to make some money off of it lmao


I wonder if there will be DD one day uncovering the amount of fuckery FB has done to be in such privileged position


The truth usually doesn't fully come to light until after the empire has fallen, it will be a long long time from now but i think it will eventually come out.


The world owes that man a drink


If it doesn’t happen by end of market today I have to go to my second job. I’m going to my second job today.


Soon ape, soon.


Pray for me. Pray for all of us. Pray for all of them.


Cocaine Cramer said buy bank stocks and they're all pumping rn Rug pulls incoming !!




Wells Fargo is a steal


Wells Fargo is stealing. Got it.


Buckle up?


I would 🤣


Facebook is Citadel’s largest holding by shares. They have 39 billion in SPY options but the company they have the most actual shares of is FB. https://whalewisdom.com/filer/citadel-advisors-llc#tabholdings\_tab\_link


Or it doesn't crash and short sellers are really fucked.


They're smarter than that. You'd like to think otherwise cuz of GME goof, but no. Do not underestimate thy enemy.... they're ready for the crash, same as us.


They have better info ... that the only differwnce , and yeah they are that dumb


This will happen as soon as my puts expire.




What a crazy coincidence


No idea if this data is legit, but just wanted to point out this person has very aggressively been campaigning against DRS.


I wrote him off also, but he’s changed his mind in light of new info, he admitted his wrong and I give him the benefit of doubt if nothing else sus shows up.


Yeah if we do research after expressing an opinion and then change the stance that's fine.


ELI5 pls! Wut mean?


They’re expecting the price for the 500 biggest companies to crash soon. I wish they gave us an exercise date though


I wish someone would give me an exercise date - I gotta get out of this chair.


I think I saw a lot of GME call options for October 10th and so I wonder if the S&P puts are around the same date?


October 18th should be interesting too for a crash date. A lot of banks are changing their stores come around Oct 15th. Its also the third monday which is typical for stock crash. Im smooth brained and just a guess **NFA**


Thank you for this small shot of humor today. You made me giggle snort. I appreciate that.


Gotcha. Thank you wrinkly ape. Much appreciated ❤️


Either the first of Oct. or the 4th is my guess.


Well, we found it all for GME, how much time do you have on your hands?


All the time in the world for half a billi


Everyone is shorting these companies and there are no other shares to lend out to short. Hence, everyone is preparing for stocks to drop.


> no other shares to lend out to short. > [...] > Hence, everyone is ~~preparing~~ for stocks to drop. I'd say "prepared".


Thank you wrinkly ape ❤️ much appreciated


HAIRCUT time! What-what!


So could they be short squeezed?🤔


Screw Zion Lion, that guy was preaching against registering in CS this week.


This is the same twitter account yelling at everyone for registering with CS. Personally I'll be ignoring anything they say


I never caught that post. It sounds like he changed his mind, but definitely calls into question how trustworthy any info coming from him is.


This guy is also against CS...


Could Citadel also short the shit out of the market as well and profit on the way down? Wouldn’t that hedge negate margin calls if they did so? We have only one option: DRS


“BuT lEtS wAiT tO sEe WhAt Sp5o0 dOeS fOr GaMeStOp, DoNt TrAnSfEr To DRS YeT” seen way to much of this BS this week.


wasn’t Zion shilling anti computershare couple days back? hard pass on anything this guy has to say anymore


Zion Lion is a shill and has been on an anti DRS campaign. Fuck that guy


Also, Conway Yen, Renshill, shortdestroyer to name a few. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/pslssu/this_is_what_you_might_call_a_sleeper_shill_do/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Now where do you suppose all this extra cash they need to hide in RRPs is coming from?


Thank you for sharing this!


🙌 you bet!


Up with you! <3


Wasnt this account already called out as a shill. Probably shouldnt take it at face value


Can shitadel short all market now to get more money from market crush and thus earn collaterall for GME?


This is inconclusive Doesn’t show short interest, just shares available to short. Which we all know they can keep shorting to their hearts desire


If the whole market is getting ready for a crash, a crash won’t happen...


Zion is a shill to the max.


Didn't know. Nothing he's posted has ever cause me to act luckily.


Facts are facts, be if they come from a shill or not. But after Zion’s shitty outburst yesterday (don’t follow him, so I have very little experience with him beside those tweets posted yesterday), I am automatically sceptical about him and any information he may bring forth. Not saying the above tweet isn’t true, I just don’t trust him and want a second opinion.


He blocked me when I was trying to ask him a question that went against what he was insinuating a while back. He doesn’t even have the balls the have a discussion. Instant block. I got more of a discussion out of Charles Gasparino before he blocked me 😂


I would love a second opinion as well.


Zion lion is an anti cs dough nozzle...


https://twitter.com/__ZionLion__/status/1441067894339772417?s=19 Looks like they changed their mind?


Nope, I saw him backtrack yet again, pretending to be convinced by another shill account that CS is not the way. He and his shill buddies also try to avoid saying ComputerShare, and obfuscate with Counterstrike? Customer Service?


Really? I never caught that in his posts 🤔


He talked with the GameStop officiel account about CS I think


Him and bucky are doubling back on Twitter on there stance I hear. Good, I'll allow mistakes if acknowledged. We are literally decedent from apes and we get turned around sometimes...


Apes have made a lot of mistakes and incorrect assumptions over time - we got this far as a community, by discarding incorrect thesis, develop new ones and test them until proven true or false. We are not too proud, arrogant and ignorant to admit our shortcomings. That’s what has allowed us to develop, dare I even say evolve? Just kidding you are all and me included, retarded Apes! Please keep it that way, I don’t want it to ever change.


I pretty much only learn wisdom from mistakes. I can learn facts and things from history and how the world works but none of that makes me wiser. It's only when I apply knowledge incorrectly and get corrected. We need to remember our brains are made of fat and salt and some one threw in a bunch of wires like national lampoon Xmas lights, with most of our core program so outdated we make up fight or flight situations when not needed.... We are giant meat mechs with calcium armor, with muscles pulled tight like ships ropes to make us dance.


I see Zion Lion, I downvote


If the info is accurate I don't give a fuck who it comes from


He got a lot of hate and reversed his CS bullshit. Probably a knee jerk reaction, but he reconfirms our bias, so I'll allow it.


Doesnt Burry have calls on Facebook? 😳 I need to call my mom.


short squeeze to 500 more like it


Good. Hopefully it’s hedgies shorting and they’ll be able to cover their other positions.. GME 🙂


So puts on spy then?


No, buy GME and hodl


Toyota's doing something right




maybe they all read superstonk and like the idea to directly register their shares.


So SHFs will actually make money when the market crashes...so they won't get margin called?


Wat mean?


If someone has an Ortex subscription can you confirm a few of these companies SI% over the past year?


Hence all the greens. Let's just put some extra money in to short the whole fxking system


Shorting SPY is a terrible idea.


Remindme! 1 day


I personally do not believe this is the correct interpretation. For example: TSLA: Shares Outstanding: 1B Shortable Shares: 22,975,624 Shortable Shares %: 22,975,624/1B = 2.297% You’re telling me every company on this list with the exception of FaceBook has a Short Interest of ≈ 96+% Do the current price levels support this? TSLA for example is up 3.27% YTD. Wouldn’t this level of shorting crush the price?


I checked iBorrowDesk for a couple of these like MSFT & AAPL, they show data since 6 days ago and both alway had 10 million shares available for shorting during the period (iborrowdesk shows usually availability from IBKR). ​ https://iborrowdesk.com/report/MSFT ​ Maybe someone can check elsewhere more days in the past.


I can almost smell the petrichor.


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Think I might go by some 12/31 SPY 300p.