JPOW to hold rates at near ZERO and kick the can down the road. "we will begin tapering next year"

JPOW to hold rates at near ZERO and kick the can down the road. "we will begin tapering next year"


“…by then we hope you will have forgotten that we sold at the top of the market and spun you some bullshit about ethical reasons”


All he did was blame china


I am starting to believe they waited for a crisis... they were going to use Afghanistan, but this is better.


They CREATED the crisis.


I was already pissed, but now I think I have legit steam coming out of my ears.


Like what in the fuck!!! under what premise is this a reasonable decision? were not gonna be able to buy food by the time they start tapering.


French Revolution 2: Electric Boogaloo


I'm down to get the pitchfork out


Guillotines would work in 2.0 as well as they did in 1.0, right?


I don't see why not. Don't even sharpen the blade, let the executioner get his reps in.


Their plan was to never taper. Just like SHFs' plan to never close.


I'm pissed, royally pissed!


I thought the plan was always to start tapering in 2022. I don't think he's saying anything new.


Not his problem when he isn't reelected 🤷


Don’t need to be re-elected if you can retire


Greed, greed will keep them in their position. Why retire when you can just keep dipping in the cookie jar without consequences. This practice of special privileges needs to change. It's discrimination against the rest of the people.


Same logic shf have


No, the spin is Covid. It’s already the spin. We need to open our country, people need to work and business need to operate, and restaurants need to be open. This is killing the economy! Economy crashes. See, it was covid. They already have the narrative that people already believe. Don’t forget this is already a huge sentiment in a lot of states.


Of-fucking-course they vote unanimously. It’s in THEIR best interest. Fucking crooks.


FED praying the crash comes before they have to taper so they won't be blamed.


Hey I've seen this one before!


Exactly, it’s why they came out and said that shit about how the feds can’t prevent a default. Edit: crash to default


Of course you can't prevent a crash if you leave a brick on the petal with chimps driving it.


DING DING DING DING DING!! We have a winner!


Idiots.. They're gonna wait for inflation to hit 20%? Lmayo


Depending on how you measure inflation we're already there.


Congress and the Feds don't care about inflation. They all are millionaires. Who cares if a gallon of milk costs $20.00.


I mean it’s one gallon of milk. How much could it cost? $20?


Billie eyelash bought cereal online during the early part of covid for like ~$35 and though she was getting one box of cereal. She was fine with that....ended up getting a case of 12.


I mean she’s literally a kid with almost no life experience. It’s different when it’s Lucille Bluth.


Real inflation is probably 30% tbh


30 pack of eggs here in Canada went from 5.39 to 7.99 in the past 18 months. Shits crazy.


Shit is already insane here in the North but bruhhhhhhh 8 pack frozen burgers, 15 bucks. What world am I living in


In the UK as well.




You mean 5.2% after throwing out the top 46% and the bottom 43%, yea?


Don’t worry, it’s transitory!


Say hello to hyperinflation.


How badly do they want to fuck our economy??


Elbow deep apparently


Oh yeah we’re getting deep fisted…deep fistation going on




Torso deep 😉


Wetsuit time


🎶🎶🎶Shoulder deep within the borderline🎶🎶🎶


This may hurt a little, but it's something you'll get used to.


Relax, turn around and take my hand.


ohh they like fisting i see


Well they don't have anything to lose by fucking up the economy, but everything to lose on a fair, regulared market.


They don’t give a fuck. They know they will be okay and they will continue to do whatever they need to do to keep the ultra-wealthy in power.


In this hypothetical situation the criminal elite would be declaring war on retail investors. Better hide and not in that jet.


Like it or not this is already class warfare


Bro, they been fucking it, when do they want to stop. My tendies at the end of the day will be millions, but the USD will be worthless by then by the sounds of it.


IMO, and it's a very unpopular IMO, The system is either collaborating or held hostage by Ken&Pals to force the hand of our Government to step in and cap the market at a price no Ape will be happy with but designed to say we're greedy if we wanted a Million a share and keep the old guard protected from losing everything. It's all apart of the plan to stay alive, even if others have to drown.


Guess I’m never selling them, gonna be hard to close everything if I’m still holding. They can eat my ass. You reading this, citadel plants. Eat. My. Ass. 🥄


"Here's an idea for you, I'll get you a spoon so you can eat my ass." - Stephen Stifler


I’ll take Stiffler’s mom


I too, DRS'ed a huge swath of my shares.




And kiss my piss!


So wait, in this scenario what happens if we tell them to fuck off and just refuse to sell our shares? If the price is unfair/undervalued in our opinion as share holders they have absolutely no existent legal mechanism to force us to sell our shares. So fuck em, I’m not selling. My shares, mine. Not yours bitch. and they cost $1 million+ per share. Don’t want to have to buy them back? Oh well fuckwads, maybe you shouldn’t have naked shorted the fucking company to begin with, eh Kenny boy?


Who knew? Bankrupting companies for profit and stealing from investors makes people upset.


Today I learned


So, the theory is the government steps in and claims eminent domain over GameStop and freezes the stock, then forces a buyback at a price they determine. Why this will not happen: Foreign governments would stop buying US Treasury bonds, and our hyperinflationary problem explodes. Global investment in the American market would stop overnight. Anyone with a vested interest in the US dollar would be completely fucked.


Who’s gonna be the ones drowning?


Those not on the rocket ship.


No offence to you but whenever I see comments like this I automatically assume you’ve not got a clue. How can they step in and determine fair value? We’ll just say fuck off and not sell our shares. What are they gonna do then?


/u/honest-donuts gave this breakdown: >The world will agree with the intervention because if there is not intervention the Market and global economy will fail. This was the plan all along. Make the problem soo big that everyone is at risk, not just a few hedge funds... I posted this a while ago. >I predict that we will see fuckery all the way. > >1. Before the DTCC pays out they will point out the "Threat" of economic collapse to the US Government. > >2. Having explained it to the US Government, the President will decide to step in and regulate the disaster under the guise of helping regular people. Under this scenario it can be classified as a threat to national security. Easy way to violate the rights of the people. The risk is to the entire global economy, people will agree with the intervention. > >3. The DTCC will be regulated to pay out stock holders an amount that will be determined fair and realistically possible to prevent mass economic disaster. $50,000 per share. The stock holders get paid and the DTCC survives as do the Banks and the FED. > >4. The entire world will see this and decide to pull back on investments in the stock markets. We will see a market crash/correction that will bring the very disaster that it was trying to prevent. > >5. Institution will pour their money they pulled out of the stock market into other commodities such as Land, water, minerals, food. Stuff that has value long term. > >6. We may see war as countries will fall into turmoil over the economic disaster. We may see Russia/China unite with various middle eastern countries. Oil will still be the drug that draws us all. > > > >1, 2 ,3 are probably going to happen, but 4, 5 ,6 are more speculation as I have no idea how people will react. With that said, I am a Triple X and will hold a third of those forever. source: In the other sub, can't link cause it's another layer of control over us herded apes


Honestly if they even TRY to buy us out - I say we hold until we die. Fuck em. We didn't start this fire but we're not going to be the only ones getting burned.


I mean I’m not gonna say that’s some tinfoil insanity because the situation at hand is pretty crazy already but at the end of the day that is completely wild speculation.


Dude, the comment says that numbers 4, 5 and 6 are his own speculation, and then you say “that’s wild speculation“. Yes, the OP admits as much. But I sadly agree, I think we could definitely see 1, 2, and 3 happening. There are just too many parties concerned with maintaining the status quo.


I remember reading this.


$50,000? Be realistic here, best the fuckers will do is $500


Weimer Republic bad.


Just as much as literally every nation that faces the same dilema.


Hijacking top. This is NOT what he said. Jpow said they're looking at starting the taper next FOMC meeting (Nov 2-3). If covid slows down and economic data trends positive, we'll see a taper by November. Raising rates not expected until 2023. The Fed is reactive. They're ignoring inflation outright, and making up all kinds of bullshit to avoid addressing the growing wealth gap. They're acknowledging the job market is tighter than an 18yo Mormon girl, and blames the labor shortage on delta. Expect the S&P to bounce off that 50EMA. This is a massive, heinous policy mistake, all things considered. But maybe they know something we don't, especially with the GOP probably voting against raising the debt limit, meaning the house spending bill probably gets shot down in the senate. With yellen worried about October, if there's an impasse, first we see a government shutdown, and then we see a default. And then there's the China problem. Maybe the Fed isn't letting off the gas as a preemptive measure. Either way, that press conference was some bullshit.


Have you heard food shortages are happening? "Because workers aren't working". Did you just now hear Fed said "Inflation is rising as we expect it to". He literally is STILL TALKING. They're shoving us towards hyperinflation. They're lying to our face and shoving us towards this.


is this not financial terrorism


Terrorism usually has some sort of end goal.


The end goal is to get away with this while fucking up present and future Americans.


The end goal is you'll own nothing and be happy.


They say a lot of shit, but the only thing that matters is companies making money, which they will be allowed to do via inflated prices to cover their losses. Tax payers bag holding as usual.


everyone should stop paying taxes


Unpopular opinion. As well as a veryyyy underrated comment. IMO lol


If everyone does it, no one can get in trouble.


Food shortages are also likely due to the crazy weather patterns we've been seeing on every continent for the last two years. Asia, US and europe, all had massive floods in the last few months


Not to mention that we had to cull a lot of livestock last year due to packing plant closures


It seems like economic hot potato, like something will trigger the collapse and everyone keeps wanting not to be lynchpin of it... So a tiny can kick here and lets hope Evergrande is worse by the next FOMC meeting, and if not then market regulation, or inflation, or some stock with idiosyncratic risk associated with it. Everyone is afraid to rip the band-aid off, so they're just letting things fester a little more.


Yeah, I have been thinking this too. The Fed may be waiting to see if the Senate passes the debt limit before taking action. No one wants to be the match that starts this for political reasons.


You now need 3 minimum wage 40 hour jobs to pay rent.


That’s fine. You can still sleep during the weekend if you work 24 hrs a day from Monday to Friday.


5 in SF and u need roomates ...lol


I thought we already did


[What's Hyperinflation Look Like?](https://www.investopedia.com/are-we-in-for-a-hyperinflation-5093627) This article is from March but is way more relevant today. Scroll down to the table and read below it.


Hyper-Inflation, is really improbable because it is the "Exorbitant Privilege" that comes with being the world's reserve currency. We'll see heavy inflation, but Hyperinflation a-la Venezuela or Weimar Republic seems very unlikely to me.


I absolutely agree with you but that comment isn’t going to be popular here. Apes, as a whole, have a barely elementary understanding of economics and monetary policy. Hell most don’t understand the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy and sure as heck don’t understand the difference between the Federal Government and the FRB. Hyperinflation is thrown around here quite liberally and its because people don’t truly understand what inflation looks like and think anything above 2.0% must mean hyperinflation because that’s been the environment for the past two decades.




Lol negative rates next year while consumers prices will have quadrupled and he will say i believe inflation will be lower in 2023


I already hit the point where I need to start looking for another job because my COLA adjustment isn’t until December and honestly with these fake inflation rates being released even if I get a 5% COLA raise I’ll still be fucked. Topped with student loan repayments turning back on soon. What a nightmare


Actually sounds like November taper, definitely December but very very very slight (15-20b a month) continuing for 6-8 months. They really don’t want to touch interest rates. We are sitting on a time bomb. FOMO but trying to explain that to someone watching an artificial market go up is next to impossible. And hey. Could always be wrong. S&P 10K 🤷🏻‍♂️. Nah


and how convinient the entire market is green today


Nothing to see here... 🔥🔥🔥🥲🔥🔥🔥


Yeah after you are able to sell your stonks.


Fine. Long term capital gains then


have you read about the infinity loop no capital gains tax move? ​ Register your shares and get loans based on your assets, never sell,l never pay taxes. ​ Not financial advice.


How do you pay back the loan?


Get another loan


I used the loans to pay back the loans


Buy borrow die 😎💀


You think rich people pay back loans? Lol


You've become what you set out to destroy


If we're really serious about the floor we're discussing, I'd just as soon kick this baby off and pay short term. We don't need to wait for a crash. DRS'ng shares will work!


The issue is not enough Shares will be DRS’d going off of what retail is actually DRS’ing.


I mean it just gives me a chance to buy more GME I guess 🤷‍♂️ also less taxes even though I'll gladly pay taxes on millions


mother fuck... time to use that algebra to determine if I buy a stupidly expensive house with low rate, vs same house at cheaper price with extra interest. fuck MOASS, you can solve my problem. where are you.


My problem exactly.


Technically, you can just pay it all off at once to avoid the interest.


sure, but im dumb and I need MOASS for that.


In the same boat…dragging my feet hard to slow down the wife. Worst time ever to buy a house?


But the best time ever to start a garden.


I bought my house 5 years ago and sold this spring. Never a good idea to buy at ATH's. I give it 1-2 years before house prices drop +20%. Lumber prices have gone down which means the cost to build has also gone down significantly. Part of the reason houses became so expensive was that it made more sense to buy a 50 year old house than to build a new one - not the case anymore. Also, as soon as they move interest rates up, a shitload of people are going to default on their mortgages. It's easy to afford a million dollar house when rates are under 2%.


Don't forget to adjust for inflation


oooh, its all boiled in my head for the the goddamn spreadsheet imma have to fuckin build out.


This is fucked. I want it to fall now.


Ppl seem to think this will delay moass. If we eventually get the float locked up in computershare surely that’ll be what starts it meaning this news isn’t that relevant in regards to the squeeze?


Yeah this thread is weird, half the apes here seem to be disheartened for some reason, as if we were waiting for this speech and hyped for it to go in another direction. Which we weren’t. The reaction is kinda sus to be honest.


Gotta remember... Lots of interest to make people think we'll never win and to just give up They're desperate, they're dying, and they're all out of psychological tricks


It’s a build up to a transfer over to a digital world economy… duh




Tin foil time! They're saying this and expecting a big catalyst to happen. Then they can go "Aww man, we totally had the economy under control, but now because of the big thing, our plans are ruined. Damn. We were doing such a good job too."


That's what I get from this. With a definite crash incoming, why would they be the ones to trigger it? They don't want that kinda heat.


Powell’s gonna take heat no matter what. And when I say take heat I mean a Senator getting mildly annoyed at him at a hearing while he takes a multimillion dollar job at a hedge fund as a board member or consultant


This is a big reason why GG hasn't released the gamestop report, imo. No one wants to be viewed as the catalyst that causes the crash/MOASS. All we can do is buy and hold, and wait. Fuck these crooks; I'm dug in, and I'll never sell until I'm selling for millions.


This makes the most sense. Point the finger while their hands are in dirt.


Playing devil's advocate here, but I don't think anything the FED said today was due to them worrying about a threat of MOASS and GME. They only care about the boarder market, I personally don't think MOASS will burn anything down. It's just gotta make some poor people rich.


I think the theory here is that the Fed is expecting a catalyst for a market correction to occur (remember members of fed dumping stocks?) so the Fed wants to stick their hands in the air right now and say ‘it wasn’t me who crashed it!’ An economic collapse would be a catalyst for the MOASS, however I think you’re absolutely right, they don’t care about GME that much. JPow doesn’t want to be blamed for a collapse because he needs to not upset Mr President’s administration for a second term as chairman. NFA


Smooth brain here. How does this help/hurt us?


We’re living in an artificial market not based on any reality. It technically hurts the $GME MOASS at present because money, credit, et al is free to the big guys (can kicking). We as humans get stuck with high gas, grocery, etc prices and an eventual FU to our 401K’s when they turn the free money faucet off and market corrects. But I Hodl GME so someday these FUKs will pay. More patience sir. Hope that helps just my overview opinion on the situation NFA


They’re trying to bleed us out. Hoping we sell Gme to pay for food. Literal scum


Costs us nothing to hold!


But if costs continue to rise people can buy less and shorts keep pressure on. This is probably gonna be a long game boys (and girls) I’ll think I’ll just check this in a year (see ya tomorrow)


No way that MOASS doesn't occur before tax season though imo


Well the current president wants to raise the long term capital gains tax rate for people earning over $1,000,000. And he wants to do it retroactively to earlier this year. The new rate (I believe) would be the same as ordinary income, so ~40%.


I did hear that, yeah... **Ugh**


It would definitely be challenged, because it’s never been done for a cap gains tax increase before. I honestly don’t know how strong the arguments are. But I don’t think he can get 50 senators on board with the retroactive portion of it. It’s not a guarantee at least.


When is that?


I only eat vegetables n fruit anyway, bring it on fuckers.




apes need to keep registering their shares to CS. the sooner this happens, the sooner we can see what RC has planned.


Thanks to the both of you. None of this changes my mentality towards HODLing as we’ve been exposed to this fake reality of an economy for the entirety of this year


It keeps HF balance sheets looking healthy which delays margin calls.


Great. More time to buy


Can we get an adult in now just to explain why the fuck these idiots are running the country. Someone contact the legend that is Mr. Mark Cuban for another AMA. Only billionaire I trust apart from RC. u/mcuban Doubt he’s gonna see this but it’s worth a shot I guess.


Tbh I wouldn't put my full trust in any billionaire.


Maybe not personal but he has ape frenz here too.


I would love to see this. I am so on board. What is happening here is not okay and we really do need to talk to someone we trust.


Fuck the Fed and all of them corrupted scumbags exploiting their positions of power to screw the people. Fuck them all.


"Just a little more heroin and I'll be ready to get clean, I promise" said the addict.


Guess I’m gonna apply for these jobs 😐


We have to hold off on how badly we're screwing the poors.


That jpow needs to be jailed and whole family jailed and strip of all money. Now I understand why monarch of the past like gives out punishments across generations. The shit he caused generations of his family will never make up.


So I’m taking numbers. Whose country has got a non corrupt government with really nice scenery willing to take in a couple good hearted Americans that love animals and wanna do good after moass? Because if this BS keeps up the gee oh vee is going to be dealing with this on the streets when it’s said and done and I don’t wanna be around for the riots.


iceland seems alright, but good luck getting there


Money talks. Apes will have alot of it


Iceland... The country where EVE saved their economy during the 2008 banking crisis... I'm down....


So does this mean I have to go back to work next week?


This guy is worst than I thought. I never thought US government was as wicked and evil as they are... its fkn sad


The FED is not a government entity, it is a private corporation.


I always assumed but this experience has proven just how bad it is.


Well this explains the weird action that happened around 2:15.


This is how you get revolution JPOW


How do I best hedge against the coming hyperinflation? Obviously GME, but if I want a little bit of diversity, what else?


Land, no matter the currency, land is always gonna be needed. That's why they are buying up all the houses and trying to screw us into forever renting.


interesting...might try to get a second mortgage for a rental property, just afraid of a housing crash...but with hyperinflation perhaps we won't see one?


Like with any asset, use your brain, research the area, understand the local market, future potential, etc. Like with a stock, be ready to hodl it, which is why you want to pick something good. Consider if you are going to rent it, if so, understand cash flow isn't always super high when first renting and that you'll now have the responsibility of maintaining two homes - plus keeping renters happy and paying! So while I did this exact same thing, im investing in actual land, not land with a home, but that's a personal reason (it's my retirement land). It's a good idea, just do your research, if done well an impending housing crash won't matter.


Like with any asset, use your brain, research the area, understand the local market, future potential, etc. Like with a stock, be ready to hodl it, which is why you want to pick something good. Consider if you are going to rent it, if so, understand cash flow isn't always super high when first renting and that you'll now have the responsibility of maintaining two homes - plus keeping renters happy and paying! So while I did this exact same thing, in investing in actual land, not land with a home, but that's a personal reason (it's my retirement land). It's a good idea, just do your research, if done well an impending housing crash won't matter.


This. Real estate is something that typically survives a crash or correction. The rest usually takes a hit.


It's how the rich got richer during the great depression.


You could try holding some GME in a broker in addition to DRS to diversify a bit.


Equities go up with inflation, also inflation is great for debt, so go get yourself a loan and buy an asset.


Best answer is always GME


Commodities, I guess.


Ideally real estate, but thats not easy for us poors to jump in on.


Confirmed 5.2% inflation for the report next month


This can kicking is exacerbating the problem you freaking morons stop destroying our economy


So by the time they’re done kicking the can, I’ll be long on all the new shares ive been buying… guess that means more money i can keep to repair the shit show they’ve caused.


should be buy euro and GBP for now?


I hate inflation for the fact that it causes us to waste resources printing more of the green stuff.


Take care of yourself peeps. Its a knockdown-dragout.


Infaltion its gonna fuck us preeeeetty hard


I couldn't figure out why the markets were up so much today with the Sword of Evergrande hanging over their heads. Now I know.


Might aswel be playing bingo they’re just picking random numbers … why ?? Because they can !!


You will own nothing and you will be happy.


So no tapering, China is going to 'help'(own) Evergrande and we keep on pretending like the sun is shining even though it's raining.


I now see why the guillotine was such an effective weapon. Sad part is they used it on civilians until karma came back to haunt them. Terrible analogy but right now we are getting the guillotine treatment from the government, prices constantly raising, hyperinflation etc.. eventually it will come back to them and it’ll hurt worse.


We’re allowing this


“Put your helmets on boys” - Bubbles Housing market is highly inflated due to 0%interest and the great urban flee, 50 trillion pulled from thin air via fractional reserve banking following CoV-19 stimulus, index funds and crypto are massively overvalued. Welcome to the world of modern monetary theory! Prepare for a bumpy ride.


I think they are purposely trying to callasp the dollar and introduce a new system. And this is on a world scale.


Look up event 201. All part of their plan.