This is what im expecting. Always welcomed to be proven differently.


Poors did a capitalism - get them!




It's basic math. Corruption investing corruption cancels out corruption. That just leaves the retail investor to blame.


I'll take the blame, im used to it.


Blame me IDGAF. Just pay up.


Yup. It will be neutral, inconclusive, basically bunch of convoluted nothing. I guarantee it.


It definitely won’t be neutral it’ll be biased against retail imo


But.... do you guarantee it ? 😁


I guarantee the possibility 😂


I guarantee the possibility that the guarantee of your possibility is possibly wrong. 🤣


There is a chance that one of us may or may not be right


This report will define the SEC forever and ever. Let's see just how corrupt they are.


Post MOASS when apes are in charge, this report will define the future of the SEC, or the lack thereof….


SEC was already defined in 2008. Deep down we all know exactly what this report is going to say.


I’m picturing a timeline when Honest Gary Gensler just sets off MOaSS with the REAL numbers and a report that shows just how stuck these SHF’s balls are in retails vice-like Diamondhanded grip. 😂 Could happen (but let’s be real).


I’m expecting a lot of hot air


the gamestop "report"...he even put it in quotations when he said it...


This is why it sucks to see GG not give the seriousness that GME deserves. Like, dude, hedgies are literally killing the U.S. economy and GG goes "Yeah, whatever. We'll have something to show later to shut you up." It's sickening to watch.


Right? If we could quantify the actual impact on the economic growth by these practices for decades it would be astronomical. Destroying businesses and innovation, personal lives, and printing money out of thin air. While society collectively cushions the blow. We live in an unfathomably Corrupt society


or just lies


Reminder that the SEC has the power to halt a security's eligibility to be traded in ATS (dark pools) whenever they want. They are the enemy.


If its not what rc is looking for this is when he takes things into his own hands


As much as I understand the sentiment, I judge people by their actions, not by their words - nor the words of others judging said people. I form my own opinions. Gary has the chance to drop the biggest truth bomb in the history of finance on a largely blind and apathetic world: whether he does so or does not do so will be his action, and I will form my opinion of him accordingly. Before this action is taken, one way or the other, I will root for him: everyone deserves a fair shake. I still believe the right person, at the right time in the right place has the potential for massive change.


But why would the SEC be focussing on producing a nice shiny report to ‘deliver’ truth bombs over taking enforcement action? You don’t go publishing novels before you take down the bad guys.


In a rare situation where you knew that the contents of said report would very likely cause the ’free’ market to rally, as a result draining a certain offensive party of all their capital. The offensive parties would then be unable to pay for their ’at-the-moment-_very-considerable_-legal-teams’, also making political intervention from any and all bribed parties a career suicide. In a once-in-ever black swan situation where it would make sense to even hint at your moves beforhand, where absolving the future winning party (GameStop) of all blame on paper would initiate a two-pronged attack, utilising the considerable force of a civil investigative movement to drain the financials of a systemically crippling, regulatory capture parasite. In a case where you knew a wider systemic event would be inevitable. Why not do the unexpected, control the narrative, the timeline of the events and absolve a newly appointed administration of claims of collusion? In an Art-of-War move, ensuring the battle would be won before it began. Enforcement action would likely be taken shortly _before_ the release of said report, though. Saying ’the report will come out shortly’ publicly would be a ’zero fucks given’ power move, signaling ’coming for you very soon’ to the financial terrorists. It would be on par with tweeting a cut clip of an interview as a response to your opponent erasing it from publicly available record. As mentioned, both action _and_ inaction are choices - I am not holding my breath, but do reserve judgement until that choice is made. 🙂


GGs track record is nothing to root for


It’s good to have realistic expectations, true. That being said, judging by past performance alone voids any future chance of improvement. Treat a person like a criminal, expect them to behave like a criminal, and you will see them become one. In all walks of life.


They are acting like a fucking criminal!


**The right man in the wronngg-place can make ALL the difffferenccce in the world.**


"Tell me you like anal sex without telling me you like anal sex." 😁


I’ll bet 80% is about gamification and 20% is about PFOF…. 0% will be about the TRUE issues at play here…


I don’t know why I just have this hunch that the “SEC investigation” was about buying time to pass rules and let major players make moves to protect themselves and move money to the caymans and all that. I doubt there was any actual investigation but rather a smokescreen. I could also be totally wrong though


Chances are you are more right than wrong


Edit: misread your comment lol. Read it chances are I’m *more than wrong*, not *more right than wrong*, so it appears you and I actually agree and I am actually retarded lol ~~That’s fine too that happens a lot lol. But I take it from your reply that you think they performed a real investigation? I’m still skeptical~~


I mean if they can’t be honest about inflation do you think they’ll say anything remotely true about how absolutely pumped the market is and how Gme is a legitimate long play?


If they say it….it becomes true. Somehow I bet they blame apes for this.


So do something about it. Go to your senator and congressman with notarized copies of all of the evidence we gathered and make sure it is in person so they have no excuse.


Pretty soon it's not going to fucking matter. The truth will be in plain sight and congress will be holding hearings about how the fuck this was allowed to happen....AGAIN


But this time will have the money to blast the truth to all corners


Or they talk straight only about Jan 😂


I'll bet one GME share it doesn't even mention the whole "Did or didn't RH have to supply more collateral to the DTCC" controversy. Going to be fluff and propaganda that kind of points the blame at retail but not really and definitely doesn't point any fingers at Wall Street and literally nothing will come of it.


Dont expect any help to come. Stand your ground. Hold the line apes


If you really, seriously believed this, you'd made it a bet. Banana up your ass if you're wrong.


I dont write checks my ass cant cash...


Gary’s sarcastic “ “ air quotes with smug smile already let’s me know it’s gonna BS.




THIS. What a callous body language from GG on a serious case of criminal naked shorting. Disgusting.


Im kinda sus to this “Fuck Gary and his report” SEC hasnt done shit, but maybe this report will be the garlic covered nail in the coffin? Or it could just be a copy and paste of our DD. We should hold off on criticisms though until the report is released for us to judge!


The SEC will blame the Reddit retail mob for Gamification and how it’s undermining the “free” market. They will talk about looking at banning PFOF and in the end nothing will change other than more people seeing us as the problem. I just hope the FBI holds the criminals responsible.


Lol i was gonna comment on a different post that they would probably not find anything suspicious and close the case, filthy lizards


And you know this how? Right now Gary is having a battle with the financial committee on PFOF. have you even been paying attention to that? I'm sure there are plenty of paid Shill pushing an Anti-Gary agenda because he's been hammering them recently.


Fuck PFOF but that’s not the problem. The problem is naked shorting.


PFOF and batching of retail order flow enables extreme price manipulation


Nothing short of total ban of Market Makers will stop extreme price manipulation. Market makers should be kicked out immediately.


And Dark Pools, and hell simply inaction is enabling this fuckery. Just not doing their jobs by stopping this shit is corrupt enough...


Let's see why don't we.


Gary has accomplished ZERO. Check my post history...pretty fucking clear I'm no shill, let alone a paid one. If anyone sounds like a shill it's you sir.


I think they're just trying to be hopeful. The SEC has also made some statements that were in line with what we were hoping to hear. The thing is that we know actions speak louder than words, and so far there hasn't been any action by the SEC to stop anything. However, I will say that it doesn't hurt hoping that GG produces an honest report. In fact, trash-talking the person who is writing a report before the report comes out would arguably only hurt the chances of an honest report (in some cases, for some people, negative reinforcement might be helpful but in my experience it's a lot more rare). I wouldn't call someone a shill for believing a little positive reinforcement is better off than trash-talking before this report and/or being hopeful. Time will tell, and maybe we'll all be surprised. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm also not all that interested in this report. Unless that report can identify valid sources we haven't checked yet and can get our hands on, then it's basically just a stunt project anyway. As of right now, I've never been more sure of MOASS and I don't need an otherwise vague report trying to convince me of anything (for or against). Point is - nothing wrong with a little hope.


Get off the high horse and observe the reality of the situation.




Fuck you, shill.


Was thinking The same thing. Together strong.


If we think this all ends with a simple report from the SEC that took them a mere 4 months to complete - that should indicate it took all of 4 minutes to complete.


Without a doubt


Fuck SEC. The only reports that matter have been published here


Ya honestly I could give a fuck


The state of affairs is making me sad. Are we actively ruled over by criminals? Does that make us the baddies?


If the SEC had anything interesting to report, we'd see motherfuckers in handcuffs already.


I don't see how we can expect anything else.


I don't always file incomplete reports so that I can omit fukery, ​ But when I do, they are GME reports.




and 99% redacted


I love this ‘guarantee it guy’


Haha i remember those commercials from back in the day


Or maybe the real FUD is all these memes intent on convincing us that the report will be a bust?


I don’t know. I’ll wait and see. Not gonna get excited for it but also not going to get too pessimistic either. In the meantime buy more through computershare everyone!!!


It might. But remember it is being informed by Gamestop. The corporation has a fiduciary duty to its shareholders, so if the SEC misrepresents or leaves out critical info then GME MUST correct the record.


It fills me with joy that everyone understands this.


We are ready


I don't care about the SEC report, I want the data on which the report is based to be made public so we can do our own DD for accuracy. The hiding of data is the complete issue at hand and why many of us no longer trust the market.


Not trying to get into the politics of it but I think it will be ambiguous like the Mueller Report where whoever is in charge of acting on it can interpret it however they want to benefit themselves. I think we can all agree Fucking over the poor is a pretty partisan issue for the rich.






It is not a report I am looking for, if so called report will be out it means "investigation" is over, gme untied


What will be interesting is how they try to minimalize the impact of the shareholder vote count. We voted at 100% which is the maximum they could report on their official document but Ryan was in talks with the sec around the time of their count and the most recent shareholder meeting documents said they shared info with the sec and we’re continuing to share info with them. I don’t know how you could not report this unless they only provided what the third party said for voting results and completely threw out gmes internal numbers. But if they are going to release the gme sec report it either means citadel and shf arnt mentioned in the report, info will be redacted from the report. Are mentioned and “have no implications of criminality” or are in the report, are not redacted, are guilty, and will probably get raided before the report is released.


Gary send the real one to Wikileaks to get it published.


You bet they’re going to short the shit out of it the day that the report is released too


I know you see this SEC. We will reveal every lie said in the report


Honestly, I think it will be summed up as "still under review" He could easily get all his info from the DD on all these subs. But we know that ain't happening


It will be based on the January sneeze, why the hell would it contain months worth of relevant information pertaining to what is currently going on? They barely had enough time to count the 10 fingers they have on their hands let alone compete with 600,000 of us scouring google searches for everything. The shorts have closed and PFOF is not bad is what it will boil down to.


It's fine. Apes will peer review it and provide a recommendation.


Guys chill is only his "nth" week working. Stop being so hard on him🙄


*redacted intensifies.


This is put up or shut up time for all these GG shillers. Let's see them keep saying how hes our savior after this report comes out!


Gensler a fuck stick. I guarantee it


Indeed because it would draw too much attention and force a gamma squeeze.


What’s this report ?


My bet is that the only thing this report will contain is shutting off the but button….


I bet this report is a very direct response to a request from Congress. They would obviously not release info before acting. I’m guessing it will be filled with data we knew 5 months ago so the tards on the hill can close the case and send it to the archives. If this was what people want it to be, there would be 100s of night time arrests before it was confirmed to be in existence


Man, I don’t know who this old fart is. But he’s been guaranteeing a lot of stuff lately. And gère rarely wrong Fuddy SEC report incoming 👀


There should be a Reddit report with all the DD. Post it after they release theirs


At the SEC, you won’t get a lot, but you’ll pay a lot. I Genslertee it.


Using George Zimmer as the meme for this is fairly perfect. A business he built from scratch, originally from the trunk of his car, he was ousted from his position about 10ish years ago. New CEO took over in full and ran it into the ground. All staff got screwed, all benefits were cut or reduced, quality went to shit while prices for products soared. Then they filed for bankruptcy about a year or two ago, and have been closing stores left and right. Wouldn't be surprised if after everything learned with Wall Street, if he was another victim of this fuckery. Chances are if he'd see this meme, he'd be laughing at the irony of accuracy while smoking his blunt.


Yeah yeah yeah, no one gives a fuck. Buy and hold innit :) 💎🤝


There will be nothing conclusive because there is no enforcement. Thus, there is no SEC. Just a bunch of daddies.


Yeah, that's my idea. Lots of words and reports but no action unless it's against retail...


It very welle could be but i am ready to be disapointed again. My hopes are high se know sec cooperated with GME and RC on it.


i bet it will say reddit rallied under the banner of dfv to destroy the rich


It will be full of words. That's it. Meaningless words


The report will be accurate as of 10/31/2020 I guarantee it.


if the report is full of provable falsehoods then legal action could be requested against anyone who provides Congress with false information.


I would think so too! It's just another 💩 show


And for every bit they get wrong, we will correct. They will not be allowed to rewrite history, as we will accept only the truth.




I cant be the only one whos thinking that this "report" was intentionally down played to prevent a sudden spike in buying. They could very easily release a ton of juicy info, while simultaneously indicting Kenny G, and his accomplices.


RemindMe! 2 weeks


RemindMe! 2 weeks


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Sec report "invest money un chyna. Chyna numba won"


Then rc shouldn’t have a problem removing the shares from the dtcc to put them in loop ring, if everything is fine the moass won’t be on him. but what do I know.


Fuck you sec


This is so sad when I really think about it. We the citizens have no faith in our government to do the right thing to not fuck us over. I know it’s fucked up..always had been..we need a complete reform on every angle but it will probably be 3021 when it actually happens.


God bless my 20 shares :)!


That's when RC launches the NFT/Blockchain nuke. After all, the SEC just said the market was fine....


“You’re gonna hate the way it looks, I guarantee it”


Yeah I’ll take that bet. It’ll be dogshit wrapped in horseshit


Lots of the word Inconclusive


That's just like, your opinion, man


We didn’t even get it 😂😂😂


plot twist. the report will be a copy past of ape dd :D


Report summary: “Retail is the problem” -GG


If it doesn't have the part where vlad lied to congress I will be furious