There's loss of childhood innocence. And there's this, loss of adulthood innocence


Lol very accurate. Had anyone told me that HF and Wall Street can manipulate any stock up and down as they feel like it at any time under any announcement and pressure I wouldn't have told them to take off their tin foil hat. Now I'm just like WTF. They got caught with their pants down in January though!


Exactly, it's so clear what they're are doing- Any good news or external pressure that they know will raise the price gradually or immediately, they tank the price accordingly, whether it's over a week or a day, they force this cushion room for the expected growth by manipulating the price down. I mean look at what just happened in the last 20 mins of trading today. I literally lol'd and threw my hands up like a roller coaster ride and yelled WOAH!. This shit doesn't even phase me anymore. I am starting to get excited that they drop the price this low because I know it cost them a fuck ton and I can finally buy more.


I'm just waiting for gamestop and Ryan to kill it. The algorithm manipulation is amazing and makes me believe shorting should be permanently banned in any form or fashion. We have puts and that should be enough to bet on failing companies!


Yeah I agree with that. Third parties shouldn't profit off of a company's imminent failure. Shorting is like a bookie fixing a game from the stands while one of the teams competing never had a chance. It's uncanny how corrupt it is, at least the evil has been brought to light.


This is the beauty of this whole thing in my eyes. They are so fucked that they will not only be liquidated but they will all reveal every dirty trick they have in the book. It's like a purification of the financial system with so many eyes on this shitshow. Hahah.. beautiful.


This actually hits hard for me. When I was in university I kind of romanticized adulthood; to finally be independent, find a sustaining and fulfilling career I can be in for life, and have my hard work all finally pay off… The real world is much more cruel and unfair than that… I’m truly waiting for MOASS to happen so that I will no longer have to answer to anyone and truly be my own individual. That, and to actually do what I truly want to do with my life; to serve, explore, and learn.


While of course I can't wait for my lambo, the thing I'm most exited about is having the ability and freedom to have "bless you" money (as opposed to "fuck you" money) for those in my community. Shitty night as a waiter? 50k tip. Bout to get foreclosed on? I gotchu fam. Backed into my lambo in the publix parking lot with your shitty 1989 Geo Metro? Let's order you a Model X and pick up a 2022 Land Rover to use while you wait for it.


I like this a lot.


Backed into my Lambo? I have the most expensive lawyer and will sue your family for generations


Used to think the stock market was that old person thing, put $100 in, two years later it’s $106. But thought it was based on buying and selling and the company’s profits. Not controlled by people in towers. And I didn’t know it was a place you could steal millions and pay $2000 to keep it all.


Same things for me, I always thought as a kid that the markets are fair


I just thought it reflected supply and demand, as in when demand for a stonk goes up and the supply is the same, then the price goes up. When people want to sell their stonk and the supply is the same, the price goes down. But somehow the system is just fake.


You mean random walk on wall street is wrong? I admit I used to think the stock market is pretty fair, not perfect, but generally fair. GME is an eye-opener.


Are we talking about seeing our first pair of Victoria Secret panties or GME? I'm confused? Lol 💎🖐🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Never heard this before and never considered such thing as adult innocence but it’s certainly there and for me it’s been gone since January


Its like when Uncle Frank got randy and loose with the use of his moistened middle finger under the table during Thanksgiving dinner, three years ago. I have flashbacks every time he asked, “who wants more stuffing?” A loss of my adulthood innocence while gaining an previously unknown appreciation for secretive butt play. Thank you Uncle Frank. RIP you glorious bastard.




They are begging to be sent to prison, they are asking us to send them. At this point they just want to insult working class folks.


They are banking on us rolling over and folding like punks. Not gonna happen though. BUY/HODL


My dad waited all his life to own a house. I was finally able to save down payment and get a decent house for him. I can wait years for MOASS to happen and get the life changing money for my kids and their future generations. Not only our children's entire world will have a **brighter** future after MOASS.


Okay. I just bought more


This is the way


My price is them in cuffs. I ain't selling ever. I just want justice and if they aren't in jail I keep buying as my personal mission.


youre going to hold your shares forever then. if you think anyone is going to prison over this youre delusional.


You're damn right I will, I already said I ain't selling ever and if you still thought I'd ever try selling your delusional.


The GGs are watching…


"So far"


Eon* my friend.. Crime of the Eon


THIS 👆👆👆👆


Of all time, unironically. Moass happens once. Crime against investors this big happens once. They're going to have to make examples in the fallout after what they did crashes the world again. We documented it this time they cant escape.


I kept reading Elon and scratching my head.... haha


Crimest crime of all time


When I was a young Crime in Crimea...


Alexa, play Crime of the Century by Supertramp


ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: [Crime Of The Century ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpAUDOI24Oo) ─────────⚪───── ◄◄⠀[▶](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpAUDOI24Oo)⠀►►⠀ 3:42 / 5:33 ⠀ ───○ 🔊 ᴴᴰ ⚙️


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Good bots


Even Bernie Madoff was more stealthy than these Hedgies


I consider the GME Saga at a solid 3rd place when we talking about high crimes the last couple of years.


Crime of the century deserves the punishment of the century. Maybe guillotine?


Instruction unclear. I just bought some


Nothing was robbed from me because I haven't paperhanded my shares at less than they're worth I just average down every 10 points


This is the way. My grandfather was an accountant and he did the stocks and shares before there were computers. He didn't buy anything he wasn't going to hold for 10+ years and he didn't buy anything he hadn't researched. Sure the stocks down now but where do you see the company in ten years time? I see it in a great position. I'll HODL with you just to find out. ❤️🦍


This whole experience makes me question if there is any stock that isn’t manipulated by MM HFs like where is the free market they told us existed??


In the American dream good friend. The dream only works because you have to be asleep to believe it. Thank you George Carlin, you were wise beyond your years.


Damn ape! That shit is deep


George wasn't an ape, he was a monkey. Still a relative though


Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without.


Been saying this one a lot lately. The boomers know George too so it’s a good point when telling them about this fuckery.




Absolute prophet that man is


Always, **always**, upvote for Carlin.


Yeah.. it’s a sham. I’ll be out of the US market after the MOASS


I agree. I will look for a country that has very strict laws to protect investors from fraud and market manipulation and that has a totally transparent market where you can easily see how many shares are outstanding, how many have shorted the stoc and where shorting is limited to a max of 30% of teh float and is highly scrutinized and regulated with heavy fines and jail time. It is unbvelievable how the SEC has done nothing all those years and just slapped very light fines while the criminals were robbing grandmas pension savings and manipulating the entire market with every trade.


I believe Australia and Japan exchanges implemented blockchain for their equities. Not 100% sure tho, but it surely might be worth it to check it.


Thank you, sounds good. maybe someone with a background in finance or/and blockchain could start a sub for this. I simply don‘t feel qualified to do it myself.


I'll only be investing in fully transparent blockchain exchanges that wall street has no fucking power over whatsoever, and where high frequency trading isn't allowed. All market participants must operate on a level playing field. Otherwise, there's no way I'll be going near the US stock market till the day I die, and I'll be letting everyone know how disgustingly rigged it is.


I've had the same thoughts but now, I ask why? If the MOASS comes to full fruition, the HFT villainy will be gone by their own volition.


Not every HF and HFT will fail, that's the problem. Until it's fully open and transparent (no ATS trading, no after hours or premarket which is restricted to institutions, no insider trading, no trading ahead, etc), these negative entities will still control the market. The question for me now, isn't when MOASS because that will happen, it's inevitable, the question I ask myself is - When blockchain stock market?


All really good points. Cheers!


I don’t think so, sadly 😔


It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Henry Ford


GME **is** our revolution.


Nope, they are in complete control. No point in participating in the U.S. market post-MOASS. I'm telling everyone I know and my children to stay away. Not worth it. If either GG does something - anything - to change my mind, I'll happily remove this comment and reverse my decision but until then it's pointless. Retail investing in the U.S. economy is just crowdfunding more boats for billionaires with extra steps.


Same. I can't even think of investing in other companies because I have so little faith that it wouldn't somehow come back to bite me in the ass, no matter how much DD I do and no matter how solid the company might be. After MOASS I'm outta here.


What if GME is already over sold? Like the chopsticks. Like the DTCC actually sold the float twice over? No brain ape (brain injury) hard to keep info in. I know only 1 thing. HODL!


I think AMD is because it just doesn't make sense.


Go with your gut. If your gut is saying all American stocks are shit and manipulated beyond belief, they probably are.


I lift my broom up high and declare shenanigans!! Good sir, you are correct to say this is some plain as day shenanigans.




*angry broom noises*




“Rabble rabble rabble” come on Jimbo!


Pitchforks!! Shiny pointy pitchforks!!! Get em while they’re hot!!!!


Officer Barbrady is running the SEC obviously


Nothing to see here people move along


“I can’t read okay!” -SEC (probably)


Has this ever even happened before? Has a stock suffered such massive dips each day after a S&P 400 announcement for almost a week? I think this may be yet another new world record.


Could be evidence of continued creation of synthetic shares. With unlimited supply and limited demand, the price goes down. I learned that last part from Wes. Which adds fuel to the fire, if that's what's happening.


Guys didn’t you see? It’s time to sell. Too bad I can’t read. I bought more. 🤣🤣 https://investorplace.com/2021/07/gme-stock-gamestop-had-a-great-run-but-its-time-to-sell/


If you bought a t-shirt for £10, then someone else starts making the same t-shirt for £8, are you going to sell your £10 for £8? No, you're going to wear that fucking t-shirt regardless of what anyone else thinks the price of it should be. I am the same with this stock, I dgaf what prices other people think this stock is worth, it's priceless to me and I am not selling.


If you look at the writers history he is literally a paid FUDer. Everything he writes is to shit on stocks. Especially meme stocks and even some crypto. https://investorplace.com/author/ianbezek/


Something was super sus because the other two did not exist prior to their announcement of joining the midcap 400. Basically what we are seeing is the sell-off from the SnP600 without any significant buy-in from the SnP400 yet. Superstonk: One random day: GME moves to SnP400 mid-cap. Superstonk: Juicy dip inbound also Superstonk: Normally joining the SnP400 mid-cap is net positive of about 10%+. Edit: Superstonk: Actually, upgrading into the 400 is net negative of about 5.5%-


Add to this 80% buy/sell ratio and most bought stock on fidelity today. Fucking criminal.


Hello! I'm sorry to tell you, but imo the b/s ratio is bs. Since it tells the ratio between buy and sell ORDERS, not share amounts. I.e if 100 apes buy 10 with paycheck, thats 1 000 shares. But if SHF sells 10 000 syntethic shares its still one sell order.


Correct, but we have this ratio for several month.


This is true, but it's still a gauge of overall investor sentiment.


It just gets more and more obvious. At this stage it's just fucking oblivious for everyone to see!!!


Obviously but the globe is watching this. Not good for investors confidence. Sad how much corruption is allowed


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Isn't it obvious though. Those companies actually have a future. Whereas GameStop has nothing except, multiple ex-Amazon execs, no debt, $2 billion cash on hand, dedicated fans/customers, part of a huge growing industry.


Yea GameStop is pretty much dead at this point Better sell!




Whatever it takes to prop up MSFT AAPL GOOG and FB. The American dream is to work 40 years and invest your life savings in 4 monopolies that make up 50% of the economy. While they skim all the profits and leave everybody with the absolute minimum return. Complete Fraud. Always has been. Always will be. America needs a blue screen of death and rise of the new generation. Boomers sold out the future generations.


Do memes count as evidence as far as the SEC is concerned?


This just proves farther that all DD is correct


That may be true but I'm not your father


Nice flair


Drop this MF crypto dividend RC!!


Drop the fucking bomb RC!!


Don’t have Twitter, has he had much to say lately?


Nah silent




This shit is the pinnacle of confirmation bias. I hold


I bought some more today 🙂 was an xxx ape. Now I'm an xXx ape - let's get it though!


Gme will endure.


Unreal man.


Thanks for the clear graphic. This show how obvious and how scare hedgies are. They are trembling with every second, instead of tick tock of the clock, it more like the marching sound of apes. We are coming for you!!!


Check $IJR


The US financial system is totally corrupt. I will continue to Buy and HOLD as long as it takes !!


If GME has a negative beta against the rest of the market, and it starts going up but the rest of the market goes down, don’t GME hold up the s&p 400 etf? Is that going to create a paradox that explodes the machines head? 😂😂😂


Beta is a tendency to follow the market, it's not a guarantee or rule that it MUST occur always, so no.




That's not how beta works.


Couldnt resist the dip so I snagged another one! Thanks Kenny!




Any other stock that would’ve provided a handsome breakout price action. The price is wrong bitch


Could it be that they bought and pumped those to short the sp400 ETFs right off the bat and maintain a net neutral position on all of those other stocks?


In my wife's boyfriend RC thrusts


Trick question....all of them.


good one op !!! anonanonanonanon we go where we stop nobody knows,but i’ll bet apes be here for landing. hold em and buy em if you got em $


Someone get u/aoc !


Show me potato salad!!!!


This is misleading and should maybe be deleted. Check out this DD on price action after the S&P announcement: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual_price_impact_of_moving_from_sp_smallcap/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf TLDR: GME is moving from 600 to 400 which is historically met with a 5.5% price dip. GME dip was slightly smaller. So this week’s price action was actually “normal” or at least to be somewhat expected based on history. GXO and VSCO are not moving from 600 to 400. They are joining 400 after not being on an index. This is a different scenario than GME. This scenario is often met with increased buying pressure, as shown here in their stock price.


I haven't posted about my theory yet, although I've been talking about it with friends since June 9th... I predicted back then that the SHF would use the natural downward swing from the shareholder meeting as a cover to escalate their manipulation of the stock. What's *really* happening is exactly what you describe and what I predicted: they're going to drop the price $5-10 a day steadily until it's sub-$20, with whatever techniques they're using to nullify buy pressure. I think they've been testing the waters to see if the media, SROs or SEC would actually do or even say anything if they blatantly, openly manipulated the stock price to drive it down. What *should* happen here is Citadel should have lost their market maker privileges already, and I think that's what they were concerned about initially, but that fear is gone. So far the SEC answer is silence, so I expect the drop to continue- and it will continue regardless of how much people buy in, because certain market makers will continue to break the rules/laws to make sure it happens. Once GME is low enough, the multiple frivolous lawsuits will begin on behalf of "investors" (read: SHF shills) to chip away at Gamestop's resources and tie the company up in court. Possibly some lawsuits from rival companies as well, designed to deplete Gamestop's cash reserves. You can expect shenanigans on other fronts as well, as HF-allied businesses attempt to sabotage Gamestop's business deals and e-commerce transition. TLDR: The shorts game is far from over. The HF will try everything, legal and illegal, to bleed Gamestop's resources dry by tanking the stock price and sabotaging its business. Citadel is so blatantly manipulating the stock price, the only way they could insult the SEC more is if they sent an intern to shit on Gary Gensler's desk. While he was sitting at it.




That is exactly, to the tee, how short hedge fund attacks work. If any of what I said bothers you, I don't know what to tell you. The fundamentals haven't changed, the shorts haven't closed, the stock price is irrelevant until they do close. That said, our best bet to increase the price was overwhelming numbers and we lost on that front, you can thank all the popcorn/bets distractions for that. They splintered retail pretty hard. Now we get to hodl, wait, and see if the SEC finds its fucking spine.


I always wondered if they would just fuck us through power or money or both. But my question remains, if the math is correct, how can they avoid the pricier shooting in when they do close? Or you’re saying they will shove it back to $10ish and then close?


I don't think they're going to close voluntarily, and they're still shooting to cripple/bankrupt the company. They may just want the stock price low enough that the borrow rate becomes negligible for them and they can sit on the shorts indefinitely while they chip away at Gamestop through lawsuits, sabotage, and supporting Gamestop's rivals. If the majority of retail was still focused on Gamestop instead of popcorn bullshit and every other reddit pump-and-dump, this would be a lot harder for them. The "meme stocks" story, media (and social media) focus on popcorn... it's designed to distract from the brute-force SHF manipulation of GME that's going on, and so far it's working. If their plan gets fucked up it's going to be due to Gensler or Cohen, cause SHF successfully derailed a lot of retail's power, in my opinion. The fight's far from over, though, and our buying-and-holding while the price still drops may provide critical evidence of their manipulation. I don't necessarily think they're going to win, I'm just outlining what I think their tactics will be, because apes need to be ready to see low numbers and know *why* they're low- otherwise, some dipshits *will* freak out and sell if/when it hits 50 or lower.


Yeah the money I have is of lotto ticket mentality. Risk reward with a safe amount is a no brained. Like Kevin in the office “ if anyone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds you take it, you always take it” I do agree about distractions. And their ability to perform these actions. It’s a fun ride, because if Cohen or someone does light the switch, then what a thing to be a part of lol.


Not trying to FUD but this post is misinformation... GXO Logistics (GXO) and Victoria's Secret (VSCO), both of which are also moving into the S&P 400 and are seeing gains, not dips. Remember, both VSCO and GXO are moving from non-indexed into the S&P 400. This is a completely different index move from what GME is making (S&P 600--> S&P 400). Based on the graphs in the study, this is also to be expected. ​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual\_price\_impact\_of\_moving\_from\_sp\_smallcap/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual_price_impact_of_moving_from_sp_smallcap/)


We should stop comparing a stock that has gone from $4 to $150 in 6 months to other normal stocks . It’s fucking stupid and comparing apples to oranges . Sit back and relax if you are a believer


> apples to oranges But you can still compare them.


Oranges are just apples with extra steps.


What announcement!?


GME and these other stocks being promoted to the to SP 400 mid cap almost a week ago.


Ah right. Though it was a general announcement that would affect the market on whole. On. The hole. Scotty don’t.


All 4☝🏼


They had us in first half, I’m not gonna lie


Trust? I trust no one until they prove they are worthy and even then, only as far as I need to


And the answer is: ALL OF THE ABOVE


The Puppet-masters are streaking in broad daylight.


I’ll go with the same one that’s been getting manipulated for months


I bought more with my 150 limit order. I win


All of them. Just gamestop much more. Fuck the con market.


Citadel’s market…


Hang in there


In other news, tendies are on clearance pricing.


It’d be interesting to compare the buy/sell ratios among the 3 here.


Thanks for the discount. Bought 28 more :)






You can also put other stocks up there that tanked after s&p400 announcement. This doesn’t prove shit


I seriously want the price to tank so I can buy way more. PLEASE let it keep discounting!


Feels like this is there last ditch attempt, we see many before but this one is different some how.


Nah, it’s literally the same.


Silver lining: fire sale


Hiding in plain site...


How the heck does VSCO make money to justify that, it’s instagrams sluttier but still ignored step sister


Wow first time in history that I bought and it didn’t keep dipping. Maybe it’s a sign???


Average down folks. They want us to own all the tendies




All set at 1 week. Snapshot all within the same min.


Why does this look like manipulation to you? Obviously GME is being manipulated. But that is not clear from this meme, to me.


This is fraud on a massive scale. How long can it go on?


Lol amazing


See my post here and look at edit2. These are not the same index changes. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual\_price\_impact\_of\_moving\_from\_sp\_smallcap/


How blantantly obvious does it need to be, for someone to do something? Does someone have to admit guilt?


Actually it seems to be the only normal behaviour so far https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual_price_impact_of_moving_from_sp_smallcap/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


You can’t compare a index move with a non index move……..just hodl


There’s a legit explanation for why these moved differently. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual_price_impact_of_moving_from_sp_smallcap/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I don’t like using VSCO because it’s new but yeah GXO is telling of the fuckery


This dip was expected https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ox9ogs/actual_price_impact_of_moving_from_sp_smallcap/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


We know gme is, but you’re kind of engaging in a little manipulation here yourself when you show the whole graph on GME and only parts from other 2


All one week.. all at the same time


When you put it like that.... imma say door number 3.


Don’t know if this was asked; if the speculation is true that they’re best bet to keep gme out of sp500 is to lower the market cap then by what date do they need to keep it below $170.xx per share for that to happen