As deeper knowledge of the global financial system becomes more understood, it seems a singular truth is at the core of the entire establishment order—the system is, and has always been, a corrupt fabrication of the global elite to embezzle, launder, & defraud the world.

As deeper knowledge of the global financial system becomes more understood, it seems a singular truth is at the core of the entire establishment order—the system is, and has always been, a corrupt fabrication of the global elite to embezzle, launder, & defraud the world.


George Carlin tried telling us…


He did indeed.


Why is education always under funded? Because politicians fear a well educated public! Terribly paraphrased; but George.


They don’t want that. They want obedient workers. Obedient workers.


Someone just smart enough to push the buttons and keep the machines running, but dumb enough not to question the status quo.


It's not underfunded for most, poor allocation of resources... most funding, propery taxes goes toward pensions, the admin pensions are obscene! Plus they intentional dont teach financial literacy or critical thinking, now BS CRT and ideology.. as a teacher it saddens me how poor quality some teachers and resources are.. the Dept of Ed are worthless too..




I heard him


Yup. It just happened to need the right people, with the right understanding, with the right means, in the right places, at the right time.


The right time is just around the corner I heard.


It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime What better place than here, what better time than now? All hell can't stop us now




He got us ready for the reality of it. Thank you, Uncle (Curious) George


What a legend.


Why do you think that they **refuse** to give the people a **proper education**; and bury any attempts to figure anything out; or spread the message? They cover it all up with **FUD, lies, and propaganda**. If they find you; they end you in a car bomb. Epstein you (McAfee). They want to keep us all dumb enough so we leave them the fuck alone - what we are doing is the EXACT opposite of that. That is why them calling market manipulation is such a big thing for them - but not us. They can easily call it on the retail trader - but good luck inversely. It would literally take a **Congress of Apes** to change something like that. The masters of manipulation have created such a chaotic and complicated system intentionally so that no one person alone could ever figure it out. Unless your MJB.


I think stuff like this is why some people choose not to participate in markets at all. I don’t like it because for a long time it was partly what kept me away from investing. When I finally did start buying and holding stocks within three years I had enough wealth to retire. I just don’t like setting the narrative that the market is rigged, tho it may be, because it might keep someone like me away from investing altogether.


I’m an active participant in the market knowing that there’s much I do not understand and that lots of nefarious behavior happens every day, except I don’t get mad about it. I really am at a loss when I read a lot of the outrage about “MANIPULATION!!!” While these same people are probably taking positions in the market hoping to make an absurd profit themselves. Lots of anger and greed masquerading as nobility.


Just to be clear I’m hodling gmc except I’m late to the party at 163$…


General Motors?


Haha I just noticed. GameStop!


Bill Burr on that smoke now


"it's a big club and you ain't in it"


Karl Marx too.


So did 45! Been screaming Fake News for years! Corruption is aystemic


It’s the corrupt nature of humanity


The problem with Carlin (and with such claims in general) is that they're never substantiated. It's easy to claim that everything is rigged, and you may actually be right about it. But unless you provide evidence of everything being rigged your claims will fall on deaf ears (or at least they should). My mother-in-law at election time always likes to quote The Who and say "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss", but has never been able to articulate *why* she thinks that is the case. Not backing up claims with actual information leads to the "common knowledge/common myth" scenario, where an oft-repeated claim is accepted as true merely by virtue of being oft-repeated. The problem is that many of those things ultimately turn out not to be true.


I have a saying kind of similar, it’s new boss for now. Carlin was a comedian, he was more laying out the idea that everything is rigged, like how Jeff and Elon and some of the most “publicly wealthy” people we know of, except there’s a whole other level that exists, and those people are likely the ones truly in charge, it’s our job to find the proof.


And notice that there is no political party attached, it’s just the elite fuking everyone else.


A bonus of a two party system, is that you only have to buy two horses to win any race


They love to divide us and make believe that you only have two choices, and the other side is solely responsible for all the problems.


Yup. That’s why the sports team fanatic types drive me nuts. There are no teams or sides. It’s not a battle of red vs blue, it’s a club scrimmage.


That good ole good cop bad cop routine


Investors and citizens are being robbed and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. No one in charge of protecting investors and ensuring a free and fair market cares. 0 faith in our economic system. Initiate margin call and after MOASS begin to pick up the pieces in an attempt to restore credibility of a hijacked system or watch it all fall apart. The dollar as the world standard? No, the world has seen its being manipulated, the only chance to redeem it would be to actually enforce rules and then put all of the criminals on trial publicly.


From my IT testing days. Bug reported. Analysis done. Response to tester: "Working as designed per requirements document."


sometimes you have to be careful how you report a bug. If you provide too much details they might remove useful features, especially features that go against, or provide insights to their business. And never, EVER provide a work around. The moment you do the priority goes to nothing. Many people think they are helping others with a work around, but the existence of one means the bug will never be fixed. Sadly there is lots of corruption in IT and many people don't see it. Many people don't believe a company would purposely have bugs. In my experience so far, when something is dissorganized, or there is an obvious way to make it better. Then it means it was designed to be shit, and the shittiness enables some form of corruption. Usually it's hard to see the real reason. I have heard a simple phrase that summarizes corruption in many fields "Corruption hides behind complexity"


Yep. I’m ap(e)olitical because it’s all bullshit


I agree. Designed to keep the people at the top on top.


And designed to keep the rest of us down.


Yes. Just keep grinding away as a cog in the machine.




I heard there's a new currency in town anyway 💎


The question then becomes, how do we change it? The French Revolution happened because women were tired of the price of bread being manipulated… & Citadel is fucking with our bread.


cake was the baked on scum from bread making.


This makes the phrase "then let them eat cake" sound waaay less airheaded and monumentally more sinister. I'm disgusted (edit: like, more)


The original ”quote” says brioche. Problem is, Marie Antoinette never said it, and it was just a posthumous slander attack on her to demonize her. Which probably fits the conversation better than the cake-quote, since the poor were manipulated to overthrow the monarchy in favour of some rich people.


Thank you for the clarification and history lesson. Poor's did a democracy and got manipulated by the rich. Sounds familiar.


My pitchfork is sharpened and ready.


I heard you’re gonna need F-15s and nukes.


There’s a reason America hasn’t won a war in recent history


More checks and balances and all of that good system stuff


To be entrusted to more people, who have proven themselves untrustworthy. We need aliens.


Next best thing we have would be lizzards then i guess


Get the guillotines.




This is the way.


I don't know. Unless someone cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to change no it's not. Or something like that...


Unless someone like you brings up quotes from the Lorax, there won't be enough rhyming in regards to the MOASS!


I don't really know how, but it's time for the 99% to gain control once and for all, we've been robbed for thousands of years now, I wonder how long will we take more, till the entire world collapses? I don't think so with the money we're gonna make we must actively seek justice in this world and we must break our chains and persecute and OPPRESS every single person who tries to rob us again, after all we must not forget, this is a war, and we shall destroy the ones who want to keep us wageslaves for life 💪 I was not born for this grind, i was born to live


And apes are here to change that 💪🦍


It’s not new but more and more people are now aware of the corrupt financial system that enslaved the world. Zeitgeist movie 2007 was the most watched video on YouTube. After a month or so it was removed. You can still watch it if you really want and look for it.


his big mistake was tying in 9/11 and the federal reserve with christianity, that was weird, i don't even remember the christian part tho.


Damn. Spread this everywhere please


General Strike. My hope is to be such a good speaker and organizer that the FBI assassinates me. Fred Hampton is my hero. I don’t care about anything else especially not their funny money.


Whoever writes the rulebook, also writes in all the exploits they want as well. And only in 2021 is something maybe going to think about trying to take down this disease. Well good luck. They are not interested in being on the losing end for once


That sign is scary but right. Pay the gov, their monions, and get taxpaters to foot the bill. Promise them the world with that handcrafted bull shit


House of cards


Expose the financial terrorists!


I said this earlier today. This isn’t new. This system has been like this long before the meme Stocks. The government, politicians, billionaires and hedge funds run the system.


Yes! And a simple history lesson will reveal the origin: Federal Reserve Act of 1913 And a controlled crash in 1929 to bankrupt & control the farmers in middle America Add in all the banker wars throughout the 20th Century It's been a hard hundred years for this country!


Don't forget the unions. They are tied up in this...


Participating in a fraudulent, corrupt, & dishonest system empowers said system. The system has been criminally counterfeit & controlled by the most morally & ethically bankrupt individuals on the planet for generations—forcing the public into false dichotomies & then coercing them into the fallacy that this grotesque bastardization is the only option. The system has been hijacked by plutocrats & technocrats. The hybridization of the monarchist, dupolist, & oligarchical systems of antiquity have just utilized the control mechanisms of yesteryears propaganda machines juiced up on the steroidal stream of information harnessed by the internet of things to manipulate, en masse, a public that has been systematically stupified & incapacitated.


The people not only don't know—they don't know they don't know. What makes the global populace valuable to this system is their ignorance & unawareness. Dumb enough to keep playing the game & fearful enough to never challenge it. We have been conditioned & programmed to live lives that are completely against our best interest & manipulated to embrace leadership that actively decieves us. We are tools of their trade—we are not people represented & served, rather we are the commodities they buy, sell, and trade to further enrich and empower themselves at our expense & exploitation.


A lemon is a lemon, A snake is a snake...




I was jaded by the market 10 years ago when I entered. Felt like every trade was front run. When crip toe came along it was my bag! Now they seem to have that manipulated as well. I started buyin and holding gme in jan. Am now a mid Xxx holder. Let’s keep it going apes!!!


Seeing them manipulate that market as well makes me feel deflated. I thought that was the answer.


I think it’s comes down to buying dips and hodling the picking tops and bottoms has become much much harder, for me at leat


Yea I can’t believe people just realized that. What’s happening today is something that’s never happened before. Read “ The dictators handbook” and you’ll see that this was never designed for you to make money. It was for them to take money from you, but they fucked up. They fucked up by underestimating retail and the power of social media. The problem started when you started being the product. No social media conglomerate will censor its product… “power to the players”


Protectionism masquerading as regulation --another redditor


That is the cold hard fact. And now GameStop will change everything. Game Over on so many levels.


You can’t fix it. It’s already fixed!


If the stock market was literally only buy and sell it would work just as well. You shouldn’t have a say or ability to make money off a company you had no stake in.


And after the GME saga concludes and the world succumbs to yet another economic crisis new regulations will definitely come into play. Then after a few years they're going to go back at it just differently and the cycle will repeat just like it always has..


Straight fucking facts


The machine


Markets are a game. Played by rules that devalue, the lives of the many.


I’m so looking forward to not getting anywhere close to the NYSE ever again post MOASS.


Now you understand why Tomas Jefferson said central banks were detrimental, and why Andrew Jackson got rid of the 2nd iteration of the US central bank (they were spot on in these things irregardless of their merits and failings in other policies and aspects).


Est 1776 baby


The system was broken in 1913 with the formation of the Federal reserve which was given liscence to print money, which has used that mechanic to not just rob the existing purchasing power of every american, but every ounce of progress society has collectively made in the last century. Capitalism and the free market works wonderfully when you don't create an entity with a legal right to steal.


This is exactly what I’ve learned from being apart of the GME saga. Thank you for opening my eyes. Everybody I know will know what I know.


And knowing that what we can do to change it. It must be a way to influence a change. A way to charge the criminals and responsible gouverment branches with criminal charge law.


“Cause baby you were born this way.”


They confuse embezzlement as being smart money.


This 😔


Anybody interested in this subject should read the book ' The Creature from Jerkyll Island.' it is about the founding of the Federal Reserve, why it ws founded and the shenanigans it has been involved in since. A very scary book.


It's a way the 1% get to rob the 99%. The money the have came from this


Good morning to everyone who trusted the system but woke up now!


Welcome to reality Neo.


Communism is just more obv corrupt etc than our system.... 😣🚬


I wish I could upvote ×100+


"The system was ALWAYS broken. It was built that way." FTFY.


I would venture to say Uhmerica as a whole idea was built this way. We never lost anything, it was never there.


And this time, we got em by the balls. Pay up motherfuckers


One of the most accurate titles I’ve seen to date. Keep digging. Keep exposing. These people have stolen nearly everything from us and we have to FIGHT back if we want to retain any kind of sovereignty.


This is why they do not make financials and economics mandatory classes in schools.


Why do you think that they refuse to give the people a proper education; and bury any attempts to figure anything out; or spread the message? If they find you; they end you in a car bomb. Epstein you (McAfee). They want to keep us all dumb enough so we leave them the fuck alone. The masters of manipulation have created such a chaotic and complicated system intentionally so that no one person alone could ever figure it out. Unless your MJB.


Finally the truth is out there, the best thing social media has ever brought to the light, try to change my mind...don't forget about the war against poverty from the past that turned into a war against the poor. We all deserve to have a great life not just the elite that happened to get to"america first"


"There will be a New World Order." - George H. Bush Just not the one They were counting on.


I hate that every RATM song is coming true


Always has been.


Ain’t that the fucking truth


I'd say it was morphed into this. Bad law after bad law.


It’s why I don’t bother with conspiracy theories. Too much going on in plain view for me to watch.


We just need more sheep to become apes!


Anyone who believes the corruption begins and ends in America is diluting themselves




Always has been.


Anybody got good books to read up on this?


Yes. That and aliens.


Well o course, the system is built by men, for (the same) men


No it wasn’t. This would go better in I’m 14 and this js deep


Good morning. Generation X knew this since junior high school js. It's not hidden in any way. Humans societies has always been deeply flawed.


Saw this dude on tiktok who was linking jp morgan and the fed to the titanic crash and it kinda added up.