528 foot home run

Buddy I think it’s time you up your ego…

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Buddy I think it’s time you up your ego…


If he is having fun more power to him. There is as surprising large amount of SMB players that just play the game on like 10 ego just to smash homeruns and if they found a way to have fun that is great.


I totally agree with this sentiment when it comes to playing how you want to play. However, if you’re uploading a “highlight play” for feedback, it’s also perfectly valid feedback to say “that’s great, but in tutorial mode it’s not super impressive - glad you’re having fun though!”


Yeah with max power custom player; against a no velo pitcher on what, 25 ego, and the score is 31-0? Something tells me you just wanted to hit the farthest home run and upload it to reddit lol. Fun? Congrats!


The desire for likes from strangers know no bounds


I as a stranger liked your comment!


31-0...is this fun?


In the 3rd inning too. Some say he's still playing to this day.


His box score is going to have players going 27/30 hahaha


In the first inning I scored 17 against KC


Making sure all my players hit Barry bonds type of home run stats


Why? I mean, it's clearly fun to you so go for it but I can't wrap my head around it.


What the pirates felt like after todays first inning.


I mean you’re using custom players on low ego


Sweet shot!


Damn what a blast. I don’t think I have ever hit a 500+ foot homer


I ripped a 500 on the button the other day and didnt get the achievement. 😢


I did it in smb3 like, first game. Still chasing it in 4


Slowest pitch I’ve ever seen tbh


Trying to show off playing on noob ego, fuck outta here


Comments are so weird. I played SMB1 on 0 ego for months before even knowing there were ego changes, and I became incredibly good at 90+ ego. You don't have to play competitively or for starpoints like many others (including me), just have fun cranking moonshots.


Why are people in the comments so salty? Someone plays the game differently then you do? Whoa what a concept. Neat home run my guy!


The only correct Ego is the Ego that you enjoy. I would personally never find this fun, but if OP does, I say knock yourself out.


Nobody's salty, but OP is in here bragging about being Kobe and dunking on an elementary school kid. There's absolutely nothing impressive about this clip. At all. Actually, I take it back. OP's patience is pretty impressive. I don't think I could tolerate taking 3 hours to finish a game.


>Nobody's salty You just posted the saltiest comment on the thread


Bro this wasn't an online game.it was a custom league that I made.


Seriously. People can play however they damn well please


You can play however you want. But if you post your video for other people to view. They can also tell you it’s a garbage video.


Y'all are beating my ass in the Replies 😭😭😭 Look, in the first couple weeks I got this game, I didn't even know how to hit a home run. But then I know that if you hit the ball above the PCI, It would go far. I made a custom league and almost all teams have S tier players. That's why.


If the OP is having fun with however the OP is playing then who cares lmao. Its the his game so he can play however he wants so if he’s having fun the congrats 💯. Theres too much negativity in this world and its sad when negativity is happening over a video game that really doesn’t matter in life to be honest so let the dude post what he’s having fun doing 💯. Anyways after watching this i think i might have to play a few low ego games just to have a bit of fun messing around 😁


How do you play online?


Dude, if that’s how you play the game then you’re a toolbag. If you’re just doing this to see how far you can hit one and this is not at all how you normally play, then proceed. But even then this level of play still greatly diminishes your HR achievement.


Bro I don't play like this online this is simply for fun. I just posted this because I thought it was cool that it went that far.


Play it however you want. Don't listen to this nonsense. If anybody ever tells you "you're playing the game wrong" or any variation of that, you can just disregard anything else they say, because that's pathetic


Did you just read the first sentence? I did follow that up with if this is just you having fun and seeing how far you can smash then PROCEED (meaning rock on!). Wasn’t implying this is just how you play the game. I have no way of knowing that. But think about it, if a dude comes on hear boasting about his highlights at the plate but is playing on the lowest ego with maxed out players, you gonna chop him down? I would hope so. That’s all it was. Keep doing your thing. ✌🏻


Farthest I’ve hit on 4 so far was 468 earlier today. Just missing the moon shot by a sliver


Have yet to hit a 500ft homer. Closest I've come was also at Big Sky. 484ft with Herbert Hackman


The score 🤯🤯🤯🤯


Wow. That's insane. The highest I've seen is 470ish


smb 3 >>>


I tend to play this way too. 540 is my max.