Favorite romance candidates?

I'm working on making stickers on some of my favs in sun haven so I wanted to know which ones would people want to see the most as stickers and more art of them _.


Jun and Wornhardt, hands down. I haven't met the Nelvari/Withergate characters yet though


Vaan. Confident in himself, adventurous, and one of the few candidates who seems to balance conversations about his affection for you and talking about his interests. Some of the other candidates rarely seem happy or interested, even when talking romantically to you. Also it's cute how Sunhaven NPCs will comment on seeing him fly overhead more often the more hearts you have with him.


vaan appreciators squad!


Anne, she just has such great personalities


\+1 for the ruthless capitalist!


Two of them


thats why he pluralized it


Nathaniel is my favourite!


Saaaame. He's so sweet!


Honestly I love all of the romance candidates - I'm almost 50 hours in and I'm only now deciding I want to marry Darius. Jun and Claude were close seconds!


I just started dating Claude, Jun and I went on a date and darious is still in the potential running I'm over 60 hours in and still can't decide. I too love all of them.


Haven't played enough to think much about it but Liam is definitely a hot twunk; for supporting reasons, I would cite his profession (baking delicious food) and how loving he is to his two baby sisters. Nathaniel is quite hot but I'm waiting to see more of his personality.


Seconded, Liam is adorable! I just have him the love letter so I’ll still have to see how his character progresses but I love that he seems so caring and I can just run up and gift him just a log everyday 😂 so easy


Wornhardt 😍


Xyla. Always a big fan of a good sense of humor. Nothing says romantic like "your breath is tolerable today"


Yeah demon dommy mommy all the way. Feels like you gotta work for it a bit and aren't loved right off the bat.


Claude! He’s the best


I have really enjoyed the Claude romance! He’s just a sweetheart.


He really is. What he says in the letters he sends you… so sweet


I will always have a soft spot for Claude! He’s literally so sweet and romantic when you break his antisocial walls down


where’s all my donovan fans at


I would like Donovan but his face art bugs me. I’m shallow apparently.


he’s so pretty to me LMAO but i def get what you mean cuz some of em i just can’t deal with visually


aint donovan a lil young for this ps i only met him during the spring festival, havent gotten to other cities yet


i don’t think so? i’m not sure of any confirmed ages, but he’s a marriage candidate and lives by himself


guess im a furry now


Yes… a new member. Join the Dog Boy Alliance.


I don't wanna spoile anything but hes certainly old enough. He's retired from a... certain profession that tells me he's quite a bit older than we think.


he's not young age-wise, he's just the prototypical "man child"


Catherine is such a babe, I just can't compute. And she's so sweet and toughtfull. I have a thing for witches, so..


I'll be one of the first to say Darius lol; I love him so much... I know people might be put off by how he acts- his whole high and mighty better than you thing, but the more you get to know him... He's a lot sweeter than expected; him calling my character "my sweet," and telling me how precious I am to him? And also him admitting that since the moment he saw your character, he has always felt his worries and problems slip away just from looking at you? I'm a simp lmao.


the Withergate story and the monster folk background lends a very surprising amount of depth to his character too. He's not just acting that way just cause writers wanted to make a douchebag prince of darkness trope. In some of the later dialogue he even >!admits to your character he only acts that way 'in public' bc he feels the public expects and needs their "prince" to be strong and like that.!< If you've ever been or known any politicians, company executives or even low level public figures you understand very well the need for that kind of >!public image maintenance!<, Especially given how generally fragile Withergate is in terms of newness and unprecedented existence. It's the first and only stronghold of a home for a hated and disparate class of peoples that's under existential threat at all times. The pressure of keeping shit together falls on the royals and their advisors alone bc everyone else seems too traumatized or loopy to be of much use.


Lucia got the ring on my playthrough 🔥


Catherine and Worndhart my dream 😍🥵...ive refused to marry either cause I don't want to pick


Lynn is the obvious best choice


My playthrough is really funny 'cause I started ignoring her straight away and sometimes I think about how we got Sun Haven together


Lynn! I just think she’s so cute and I love the fact that we have a sort of bond that we came in to town together… Im still in Spring though, so Catherine is a close runner up currently, and I have yet to meet the other villagers in the other towns. I say make stickers for all the Sun Haven candidates :3


Jun….summer portrait though


Nathaniel. He's the only one that looks a little older. More rugged. He's so cute too, and he just gushes over me, it's precious. Jun was a second runner up because he's just so damn sweet. Lucia was a contender with him. I just love her adventurous spirit and who isn't a sucker for pretty red hair?


liam! i really liked jun at first, but i personally don't find him interesting enough. also a fan of vaan and xyla too!


I liked Iris at the beginning, but now I find Xyla more interesting.


Kitty or Lucia, though I'm early in the game so I have yet to see more of their characteristics.


All the Nel’Vari and Withergate candidates are 10/10 but for OG Sun Haven ones, I like Wornhardt and Catherine


I can't pick... orz none of them really prompts me to go further than "neat, they're a cool friend."


I can't pick between Vaan, Liam, Nathaniel and Darius.


Vaan, Darius, Donovan, Claude…. I’m afraid to try anyone else for the fear that I’ll be the town runaround lol.


I'm glad no one said Iris. She is mine.


Xyla, Donovan, Jun, Kitty, Liam, & Lucia;; its so hard to pick just one!