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The animals don’t automatically go in and out of the barn, that’s not a feature yet. Either they stay in the barn, or you can put them outside in a fenced in area. I learned today that you can remove everything from your barn as well, all the feeding bins and decorations. Then you can put the feeders outside for your chickens. So no need to buy feed bins, just get an auto feeder! Since you have one, just put the bins and auto feeder outside if you want them to stay outside. If you’d rather have your animals in the barn, you’ll have to put them there yourself


Got it! Thanks for getting back to me, that’s good to know about the decor on the inside of the barn as well :)


Absolutely! With the game being so new and no wiki yet, it takes a village to learn some of the controls! The discord has a really wonderful community and a lot of us have been playing since the early access release, so lots of help there if you need it :) happy farming!


Is the discord available for anyone to join? Thanks farmer!


https://discord.gg/4TC87aEN Here is a big one


If you need to move an animal, there is a "pet leash" (400g) that you can purchase at the Pet Store that will place the animal back in your inventory so you can move them into the barn. They wont go in automatically. Also, you place the pet food in the autofeeder and it will dispense it to the feeding bins on the sides. Just make sure that you keep an eye on the pet food inventory.