Yeah, the mental health system is a joke. It's kinda insulting to see a bunch of "mental health awareness" posters all in the school hallways when nobody actually gives a shit.


Agreed, my school also does this a lot. It’s just stupid virtue signalling and few people actually really care. I sometimes get really mad when I see such posters in my school. How dare they pretend to understand us


5. Pretend like I never said that? And go on all normal? I have told 2 people about me feeling suicidal, what's their response? Nothing, at that moment they console me and say it's okay, I hope it gets better, but after that that I am not even asked If I feel Okay? Like being 'suicidal' was a one time thing? I am fixed now?


I care. I would always talk to you about it or anything really. I love you and I wish you knew the limitless potential the future holds for you. The system is not designed to make us care and strips away truth. I hope you find a soft shoulder and a open ear that understands with compassion and love. Not dismissive and judgemental. I understand all too well.


You can tell me what's bothering you, I used to feel suicidal myself and never told anyone because of the same 4 fears you listed


What you typed is true and is very relatable to me I'm sorry 😞




Hey, I think I know the feelings and fears you describe. May I ask you what someone caring would look like for you? What do you need? Regarding 4), I don't know If this ist helpful for you, but in most countries it is really, really difficult to hospitalize someone against their will. Basically, danger to yourself or others has to be imminent for forced hospitalization. Also, there is a strict time limit on forced hospitalization, depending on country (e.g. 72h max where I live). I had one incident in the past, where I suddenly found myself in hospital. It took a little bit of persistence (yes, I'm sure that I want to go home NOW) and a little white lie and I was out again in a few hours. (Actually, all the staff were really nice to me the whole time. In the end, the psychiatrist said that they'd rather let me go home and create a good memory/impression than force me to stay, because that would prevent me from asking for help in the future when I want/need it. (He probably even knew I was lying and they still let me go) As scary as that whole expirience was, it really helped/helps me to know that you are able get out of an involuntary hospitalization.) Disclaimer: English is not my native language, so I Hope this doesn't read too weird.