I'm A Little Over Brian Cox

I'm guessing many on here saw his latest interview where he complained that he was killed off too early. The guy's a superb actor, but I feel like this is poorly timed and frankly a bad take anyway. Everyone has applauded the show for how the moved on from Logan. It needed to happen, and they did it in a very realistic way. I get that he would have preferred to be involved more in the final season, but the story of the show is bigger than his ego. And frankly, this on the heels of his many interviews crapping on Jeremy Strong - who is undoubtedly a pain to work with - has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Anyone else feel this way?

ETA: I know he's entitled to his own opinion (the most hollow commentary ever btw). I just think he's not being a very good team player by complaining like this during the show's final run.


I am Barely speaking to him


He has lost some influence in the past few days


We just had a family get together last night. We’re not estranged.


He's heavily fucking delayed


But boxed up and ready to be delivered.


This was a big-time funny line from Tom. Took some nuts to say that to his daughter during his repast. It was a great reality check for the kids, from whom he still looms large. For instance, you still hear them debating whether their dad would want the deal. Tom's smart enough to leave the old man behind.


It was nice to see Tom actually doing some work. It was nice to see ANYBODY on the show actually doing some work.


Did you miss Kendall death-wrestling with ogres?


We can’t even possibly know what he’s doing on SIX CONTINENTS.


Ah yes, ep 307. Who could forget?


Really, I’ve had intimate phone calls with him daily.


Every night we speak intimately


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We just had a family function last night


In a humorous vein


Oh ya me too. He even told me about the mausoleum. He didn’t tell you, did he?


Five million right? A good deal.


Curse you for making me imagine you having phone sex with Brian Cox.


I can't even finish a scotch with the guy.


When we sit down for a meal there is always a delicious spread, but nobody eats, making me feel awkward and sad.


I gave up when he told me to Fuck Off.


Which time?


Every fucking time!


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i couldn’t even finish a scotch with him


Do you leave angry voice mails for him to check on the crapper of his private jet?


I called him a c*nt in the last voicemail I left him.


He makes me breath funny.


Can someone explain this one to me lol. I didn’t get it when Roman said it


I just figured it meant he made him anxious/nervous and his heart rate increased, thus his respirations increased


I thought this was one of the more significant lines in the episode. It underlines that Roman's emotions hung on everything Logan did, and why he's inconsolable and unhinged now he can no longer avoid the reality of Logan's death. We hold our breath when we are uncertain or afraid, which is when we want to go unnoticed. We exhale when our uncertainty is relieved, when we are allowed to stop paying attention to it and move on to something else. You can even look at *laughter* itself, in general, as an exaggeration of that phenomenon---a caricatured exhalation that we use as a social signal of safety or resolution (which feels good). In a sense, Roman's constant joking is a way for him to *stop holding his breath,* and forcibly distract himself, when trapped in a place of unremitting fear. And of course, even when he wasn't joking, his breathing wouldn't settle to any regularity around Logan---unsteady, always anticipating the next convulsion. Maybe a little like Logan's breathing, sitting in the hold of that ship. So "he was anxious around Logan" is descriptively correct, but the dynamic is more fundamental. Whether or not Roman realizes it, this was one of the most brutally honest things he has said.


I figured he meant he is nervous when is around and goes into manual breathing mode




This thread is hilarious and I love all of you for it.


not serious people though


You guys this was a really good DEADWOOD joke, not a SUCCESSION reference.


To be honest, it doesn’t seem that bad when read in the full context of the article. He then praises Jesse Armstrong for the decision and says “He did it brilliantly. It was a brilliant scene, the whole act.” I think he was just surprised there wasn’t a setup for it and he was gone all of a sudden. No big send off, just a an ear as his glorious good bye. It was a brilliant episode but I can understand his frustration. I’ve also seen comments about what he said of Jeremy Strong’s method acting and it also feels bad when read out of context. He said he’s worried Strong will worn out and retire young because of how exhausting doing that can be. He also said: “It’s too consuming. And I do worry about it. But the result — what everyone says about Jeremy — the result is always extraordinary and excellent.”


I mean even if he straight out thinks Jeremy’s work style is annoying, he’s within his rights to have an opinion. I certainly do about some of my coworkers, and it’s not always overwhelmingly positive. Pretty sure we all do, and that’s perfectly fine.


People don’t read articles only headlines or those tweets with a photo and a quote now lol


Yeah he’s obv just trying to say he felt like he had more to do for Logan’s story to feel resolved for him. It’s like leaving a job mid project that you started and you don’t get to finish the job cos they’ve moved you to another project.


Theres a generation in Scottish people where people are very frank and open with their feelings with not much diplomacy towards others. Theres a term for it "Gallus" and it can endearing but sometimes they need to pull it back a bit.


Exactly, I think these sorts of people don’t come off well in text or non video based media. Like that same statement I’m sure sounds quite natural and conversational if you were actually talking to him but comes off a bit strong in text. Also like who gives a fuck what he says. Dude played a great role and we 4 amazing seasons out of it. He can talk all the shit he wants!


It's the kind of thing I can 100% imagine my Dad saying. He's a bit younger than Brian Cox but definitely a contrarian. I know I come off as somewhat forthright to Americans and I'm positively sphinx-like by Scottish standards.


We have “Berliner Schnauze” in Berlin for the frank way of speaking. I love those cultures, it makes being nice more valuable and authentic instead of this fake crushing positivity.


Yeah, except it gives you the false sense of security that you’re always right. Having lived in DE, it’s so annoying how many people have very little room in their lives for self reflection.




When you’re not used to it, seeing people being direct can be refreshing. But soon one realises it’s an excuse for a ‘no-filter’ that grates on relationships very quickly. It’s like the old “those who say they are brutally honest actually only care about being brutal”. What I’m saying is that in the groups directness and explicitness is not really authentic but the opposite side to “fakey fakey” stuff which leaves like room for thoughtful communication: politeness and compassion.


absolutely. most of the time it's not good to say exactly what you think. self reflection IS needed. especially when you consider the power of words. this is why some cultures never tell you 'no' directly to a request.


He should do a show called ChezCox where he invites the worst people and tells them what he really thinks of them


That would be hilarious


Seriously, I hope someone gives Cox this platform. It would be great.


As a fellow Scot, I am delighted with the word gallus being brought forth onto this sub. It is one of my favourite words. I used to think gallusness was a bad thing, but it's a quality i now admire! Gallus to me, also means a quite charismatic, bold, with swagger.


That's not really the definition of Gallus - it means cheeky, flashy, showy. And it's not a generation. The word is still used.


“Thank you for the gallus gallus”


I’m on the fence about this. I •love• Brian Cox & he was pivotal & phenomenal as Logan. Perfect casting. He’s doesn’t mince his words & is very outspoken. He’s not the only member of the cast that has said how difficult it is working with Strong. Even incredibly nice & down to earth Kieran Culkin made some on the record comments about the day he, Snook & Strong filmed the scene in Italy where Kendall had his nervous breakdown & revealed to them that he was responsible for the death of the “valet kid”. It turned into an all day shoot in appx 100 degree sunny weather with very little shade bc Strong had problems with finding the “right emotions” & made them shoot it over & over again. Culkin said he actually hid behind a tree & thought about leaving the set when a bunch of the crew were looking for him lol I say let Brian Cox keep it real & express his pov bc it does matter. I do love Strong’s work but he is known to get extremely method like Daniel Day Lewis & can make it difficult for his costars & crew at times. I love his commitment to his craft but that doesn’t mean it won’t make others uncomfortable &/or irk them.


It’s very likely the tension between the actors is what makes the acting so good. It’s a perfect situation for a family that plays characters that all hate each other. It’s a little sad in real life, but we should probably just be thankful it works so well with the script.


I love em'. I'm not in love with them.




No. It’s called acting and if Actor A’s process negatively impacts Actor B then there’s a professionalism and respect issue there. Shelly Duvall should not have been terrorized on the set of The Shining. Jared Leto shouldn’t be sending used condoms to co-workers. Same with Strong adding hours to shoots while he “finds it”.


I mean, this is coming from Kieran Culkin, the actor who didn't rehearse or prep for his failed eulogy scene and went up there in a giant NYC church and just full-tears got the performance out of himself (presumably in one take?). But then again, everyone should know that the Culkin family has longtime Daddy Issues of their own. Mac Culkin had the worst of it but Kieran no doubt experienced similar. He's talked about their father in the media and they really don't have a connection with him. He has referred to him as "not a good person." So Culkin more than the rest of that cast has real experience with complicated fathers and that has no doubt informed part of his performance in a way that is different from what Jeremy Strong calls upon to do scenes.


He didn't rehearse or prep for that?! He nailed it. What an actor.


He also can memorize lines like instantly this was mentioned in an interview he did


He has been acting since he was a child too so he has over 30 years of experience acting.


Yes but they said in the interview it’s something he could do from a young age…I guess sort of like Connor 😂


Was that the Hot Ones interview? I'd be interested to see him do it still; in the interview he basically read the paper and ad libbed a funny monologue instead of memorizing what was on the paper


A super great actors roundtable just came out yesterday where he discusses this in more detail, you should [check it out](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuqnPFL8-E8) It has Kieran, Pedro Pascal, Jeff Bridges, Damson Idris, Evan Peters, and Michael Imperioli


Holy shit that's like my wet dream of a roundtable


Ooh thanks for this!


Yeah but to be fair he had a mouthful of hot sauce and he looked at it for like a few seconds 😂


>and just full-tears got the performance out of himself (presumably in one take?). It's worse than that. Normally you would do that scene in pieces, with one camera each time so other cameras can't show up in the background of a shot. So you do each piece 20 times in a row but the camera will only be focussing on you for a few of those. So you could get in the right mindset and stay there, do your crying scene, do it again, do it again, and maybe again, and then you're just background for the rest of it. But they apparently did the whole scene beginning to end with multiple cameras at a time because they had limited time in the church. So while Cromwell is giving his speech, there is a camera on him and roving cameras getting reactions from the family and the crowd. They did this scene beginning to end something like 4 times, so Kieran had to build up from the beginning of the funeral where he is calm and confident, through his breakdown and tears over and over again.


Bit of a tangent: That’s basically how TV was shot in the fifties and sixties. You needed 2/3 cameras rolling because film is expensive and studio space was limited. An episode needed to be shot and edited within five days (if it had a Saturday slot), so tensions were high, reshoots were impossible and actors had to be on top of their games. There’s a brutality to that which I don’t think we appreciate today, with two years of shooting between seasons of big TV. So yeah, if you ever catch one of those Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock reruns, spare a thought for the production team when you see a cameraman in the mirror, a wobbly set or a very stilted delivery. Those crews, from sound guys to leading ladies, worked *intensely* for peanuts. It was only with the advent of videotape (a ludicrously cheap alternative to film) that TV production became more relaxed and naturalistic. Hell, I think those first seasons of Doctor Who were pretty much filmed live. No wonder William Hartnell developed memory problems.


My understanding is that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz basically invented that three camera format, and that sitcoms got a 4th camera added because the directors of Mork and Mindy realized they needed a camera on Robin Williams every moment. Anyone who has seen a sitcom filmed live knows that looks pretty stressful. We saw an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond shot, and of course they've got the audience all queued up ready to laugh as soon as anything unexpected happens or we hear a punchline. The woman who played Ray's mother struggled with a line and they had to shoot her scene 3 or 4 times, and the audience burst out laughing every time she flubbed it. She was truly professional about it -- it would have just made me angry to screw that up and hear the audience crack up at my mistake multiple times -- but she finally nailed it and they moved on.


yes, we work intensely for peanuts. I would argue despite this “do it live” pressure - hours are far longer and the pay is far worse than the 50’s… film limited people before and unions had nuts - these days video let’s the cameras run for hours and our unions have abandoned us with barely living wages and 12-16 hour days with less than 10 hour turn around times the standard for 6 days a week, months on end.


Wow, he's amazing.


Literally every professional actor would prefer to shoot scenes in continuous takes


Kieran lost his sister too and he said it was seriously devastating to him and even though it happened decades ago it will never not hurt. So he can relate to grief and the pain of loss, he experienced it himself. Some actors can't cry on cue and need the tear sticks but Kieran's looked real, in one take it's hard to imagine they had time to give him the tear sticks. I can cry on cue and I'm not an actress, it's kind of an useless but not so useless skill I have, lol. I just think of something sad and the tears flow naturally, but not everyone can do it, you need practice and also pain, just use some painful memory, it helps not blinking too because your eyes immediately begin to sort of irritate and get teary.


I really admire Kieran. He's like the opposite of nepobaby lol. He and his siblings worked as children to support their family. Kieran's performance with the eulogy was powerful. When he cried, I cried. Kendall's cries didn't have the same effect on me. Shiv's and Tom's did. I know this is a pretty controversial opinion but Jeremy's performance feels forced to me. His cries was so self pittying that it really didn't feel real somehow. I think Kendall as a character can be incongruent idk if it's due to Jeremy's performance or if it's just the character. Eta: i want to explain more just so I can get it out of my head lol I love that scene when Shiv cried when she saw Tom cried. It's so pure because Sarah didn't force the performance she was reacting to seeing Tom break down. And I think the more powerful performance and actor could have would be in reaction to another actor. So her performance doesn't stand on its own, or exists in a vacuum. And in that scene, Tom's break down was very physical. We don't see his tears rolling down but we see a man trying to keep it together. He's shielding his eyes as someone would when they're about to break down in public. We don't see much but he makes it real with the physicality of it. How his breathing changes and his hand movement and gestures. Jeremy gives strong performances in the show but they're not necessarily what moves me most imo. I know his pain are the more unrelatable of the other characters tho, his guilt of driving someone to their death. It's a very internalized pain, so probably Jeremy is the best actor to do it. Because his pain do exists in a sort of vacuum to the rest of the story.


It's been hard seeing Shiv cry this season, she was the one that always avoided not crying because she didn't want to be seen as a weak emotional woman, but when she broke down in episode 3 that fucked me up, lol. Sarah Snook is terrific and Shiv is definitely more emotional this season, she's not holding back the tears anymore, she just can't do it anymore. She's less cold too, she tries to be like she did before but she's really vulnerable and can't even keep up the cold bitch act. Same happens with Roman, he can no longer keep the weird fun guy act anymore, he is broken. The only one keeping it together is Kendall, he is sad about Logan but not as sad as they are, his full focus is on getting Waystar plus he said on the phone I love you but I can't forgive you, that's why he's coping better with Logan's death, this is the most focused he has ever been, he was prepared for this moment where he'd succeed him.


Kendall pre-grieved. (I think he's been prepping for this since Logan's hospital stay in season 1, tbh. I had a similar thing happen to me when my father was diagnosed with late-stage Parkinsons. He didn't pass until four years later, but by the time he did, my grieving had already been done. Barely cried at all when he passed. He shared a lot of similarities with Logan.)


I understand pre-grief too now that I think about it. My grandma died after 2 years of severe dementia after a stroke. It was heartbreaking but yeah I didn't cry at the news of her death but have cried incrementally in that 2 years knowing the person I knew and loved was gone. Roman's pre-grief was bullshit lmao. And Kendall already killed his father in his head.


Lol, Logan was already dead in Kendall's mind, and for Roman Logan was immortal, every time someone mentioned Logan's inevitable death Roman shut it down like it was never gonna happen, I knew the pre grieving was bullshit, he was never ready for that day he never wanted to accept Logan didn't have much time left, he didn't react because he was numb, the shock and grief made him numb but after the numbness passed...


Kendall was definitely ready, after the initial shock he's fine, and it makes sense, Logan was awful! He seems relieved and he has been waiting for this moment for a while. Unlike Shiv and Roman he also learned to be apart from Logan, he was under his wing for a while, tried to rebel and failed, Logan blackmailed him with the waiter, but then he rebelled again and Logan never managed to get him in his side. First Logan lost Kendall, then Shiv, in the end all he had was Roman that of course caved as he was almost codependent on him and loved him unconditionally, but even Roman was getting to a point where he was like you are just trying to fuck with me, and the "So that's the question, are you a cunt?" lol, that was the first time he was ever angry with Logan, if he had lived there was a chance Logan could've lost Roman too but his death made Roman revert back to I wub my daddi, heeee 🤦🏽‍♀️


Shiv really is at a very vulnerable place right now. And Kendall actually needs his father to die to fully be himself.


Kendall: You think I want you to die? I will be broken when you die Kendall: Dad died, that's horrible but anyway this is is my time for CEO! lol, he doesn't seem broken at all, he cried for Logan but he actually has his shit together, more than ever before, he's not even doing drugs, he replaced them with his desire to rule, even the eulogy was a way to let people know he is the one, he will do everything in his power to succeed Logan no matter what it takes.


Intentional or not Kens tear being self-pitying and hollow is fitting.


Kendall is forced when he's forced, and natural when he's natural--I'd say that juxtaposition is one of my favorite aspects of the character.


The scene is great and very memorable…watching him sit and get all dirty is something that felt so raw and real. I get he may not be the easiest to work with, but I’m glad he pushes the limits with his acting.


Yeah I know because damn he did phenomenal in that scene lmao I don’t want to justify actors being difficult to work with but goddamn


Am I the only one that understands where Jeremy is coming from? I used to record music and also do music videos and having to do countless takes because a small detail is off isn’t anything out of the ordinary, and on the contrary, usually leads to a way better product. I remember recording music and literally if a single breath is off in the song, it bothers me every time I listen to it (even if others don’t notice it as much). Yes, I’m sure being in 100 degree weather all day because someone can’t get it right feels annoying. But like…that’s not exclusive to method acting, it’s a passionate creative making sure they give their best and is honestly part of the job.


agreed. no one said it was exclusive to acting. I said I love his commitment to his craft. that still doesn’t mean you’re not going to drive others that are working with you mad at times lol Jeremy Strong is a very interesting & skilled performer - I respect his work.


I understand where he's coming from. That doesn't make it a good experience to be in. You probably drive people crazy on the music video set. It happens. That's your process but it doesn't mean people have to like it and it can be counter productive. Jeremy's method works for him but couple him with another actor that loses their passion on the 300th take and now you have a problem. Why should Strong's method supercede the process of the other actor? I can tell a lot of you are STEM majors that never acted in your life so you're speaking about it in this abstract but you have no idea what being on a set is actually like.


I didn't know that about the scene in Italy! But it does explain a faint vibe I got where Snook was not as emotionally engaged in this scene? She's looking away frequently and only touches Strong on the shoulder (while looking away), which yes I get is all probably in the script in a technical sense, but I feel like most scenes where the siblings are all crying we see Shiv react with tears and engagement and in this one it feels like she's a little fed up. It also looks hot as fuck and no one wants to stand around all day in that. In the end the scene felt like a moment between Kendall and Roman after Kendall breaks down (and I gotta admit Strong's acting in the scene is amazing, so it translated well on screen). Like Shiv is just there and not part of the scene. Also, Culkin fucking nailed that scene and almost stole the light from Strong; really they were both perfect in that scene and I had no clue there was discontent between them. I was surprised by Strong being kind of spiritual-woo in some ways while also talking very seriously and always without humour. I saw pictures of him at Coachella (I think) and he was wearing expensive name-brand cool shit, and I thought "Hmmm wouldn't have picked him to be into all that..." It feels more like something Kendall would do to be hip with the kids, all the while spitting a horrible rap. God, I feel bitchy; I do think Strong is perfect for Kendall. But yeah, over and over again I get the feeling that Strong is hard to work with and Cox was probably pretty opinionated on set, apparently shouting out things in the tone of Logan Roy himself (e.g. shouting on "are we going to fucking film this or what" type stuff). It's hard because who knows what it's like to work on that set? I remember with Game of Thrones feeling originally disappointed when the actors who play Stannis and Barriston Selmy apparently kicked up big stinks when their characters were killed off. I'd expect them to maybe be pissed because their characters weren't due for a death in the books, but the anger tantrum apparently involved throwing down the script and yelling in Selmy's actor's case. Then you realize that Dumb & Dumber were behind every move like this and their reasons for killing off the characters are probably more stupid and unexpected than we possibly considered, and you wonder if D&D literally drove their actors to react this way. Overall, it's distracting when you get vibes where the actors don't like each other and it bleeds into the scene. I think Chevy Chase was the king of that in Community.


What Kieran Culkin interview was this?


[[Succession] Emmy Awards - For Your Consideration Panel - Sept 10, 2022](https://youtu.be/b75A98OSA7w)


It was a cast interview/FYC panel discussion - see the link in my other comment. Pardon my French but the interviewer is a curt, self-righteous €unt lol she got shitty bc a couple of the cast members(Strong & Macfadyen) had to leave the discussion early to catch flights. Culkin brought up how very hard & difficult it was filming that day - Snook even got a pebble in her eye & needed medical attention. You can connect the dots on why filming was so difficult since Strong has already gone on record saying he had them shoot the scene over & over again bc he couldn’t find the right emotional depth in the scene until he decided to collapse to the ground & sit in the dirt. We all know how Roman wears tight button up shirts & he was wearing one in that scene. I’m sure they all sweat their asses off that day & it was very, very uncomfortable bc of the area where the siblings found some privacy to talk.


That makes me annoyed at Strong but the way he sat down and stuff definitely made that scene. I rewatched it recently and found it so compelling. The way he has patches of dust on his pants where he was sitting…


The scene is great and very memorable…watching him sit and get all dirty is something that felt so raw and real. I get he may not be the easiest to work with, but I’m glad he pushes the limits with his acting.


That’s Kara Swisher she also hosts the official succession podcast


James Cromwell asked if she was familiar with the Murdochs and she responds rather defensively: “Yes. I’ve met them several times.” Really he was asking about whether she was familiar with an aspect of the family dynamics. She is terrible interviewer and seems disinterested in what her guest say. Doesn’t really run with the openings they provide her.


She was absolutely disrespectful to Cromwell, didn't engage in what he was saying, just ticking the questions to be done with it. He tried to talk about his personal politics, Kara didn't give a fuck.


She hates people like Cromwell because he’s an actual leftist and she’s as deferential to tech corporations as they come. She only ever says anything critical about them after it’s safe to do so. Basically she’s a corporate democrat personified lol. She’s much more open to right wing economic conservatives than she is to someone like Cromwell, and it’s a shame.


Yeah, I thought so too... but like, pretend to be engaged. Be professional.


she really just acted like she was just checking boxes during that interview with Cromwell. He was so passionate and she just acted like she was in a drive through.


I think it's the first time that someone talks and opens up about their politics and she just brushed him off, I really hated to listen and thanked that he was being so honest.


She's the worst, used to be a big elon fan when everyone repeatedly told her how much of a huckster he is. Now she wrote articles and pretends shed dint launder his "genius" in tech media all along. The worst kind of hanger on. A "Hugo" for tech media really. I'd be surprised if Jesse and the cast don't get the irony of her doing the official succession podcast.


yeah agreed, she barely acknowledges what people say and then moves on. really not a fan of her interview style.


I don’t really like her or that podcast. She’s very pretentious and quite unknowledgable.


I agree. I quit listening to the podcast because she doesn't seem to know much about the show and asks every question by saying some statement about the show/script/process then "talk about that." Almost every time. It bugs me.


I know. She came across as entitled & irritated during this panel discussion. She should’ve been thrilled at the opportunity in front of her, more professional & less snarky at some of their answers.


You can’t connect the dots because the reason that shoot was difficult was because of the weather. Snook herself said that the weather made the shoot hard and that it was windy and dusty where they were. Also Jeremy has had moments where he needs less takes than his costars. He might be a perfectionist but he actually peeks earlier than Kieran according to Mark Mylod.


Jeremy is not method, that’s one and two, all of the actors have had moments where they peak and when they don’t. It’s easy for Kieran to point to Strong’s flaws but Strong has had scenes that he nails early because he was in character and ready to shoot and Mylod has said on the record that Kieran actually requires the most build up. To say that he needs more takes is a little ridiculous. But this sub is absolutely in love with the narrative that Jeremy is a nightmare so I will leave you all to it because there is no convincing the majority of you guys 🤷🏽‍♀️.


He wasn’t crapping on Jeremy Strong. This is a miscommunication between schools of acting across the Atlantic. Strong is doing his “method”, which is fine if it works for him. I can’t knock the guy, his performance on screen is great. Cox is classically trained and got his start in the theater. His acting is something he can basically turn on and off. It reminds me of an interview Olivier gave about “Marathon Man” and the performance of Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman gave an amazing performance during a particularly grueling torture scene. Hoffman told reporters that he stayed up for 2 days prior to the shoot to get that performance. Olivier remarked on this “I asked Dustin, have you tried acting?” It was his way of saying that from the British perspective, an actor should be able to mimic and portray a wide array of emotions and states of being without having to physically punish oneself. It was not him taking the piss out of Hoffman who he respected. On a side note about all this press: the only bad press is no press.


I agree. Cox even referenced that interview as a way to talk about Strong’s method acting in the New Yorker piece about him. Unless that’s what you’re actually referring to?


See this for an excellent explanation of how a classically-trained actor (Ian McKellen) prepares for a role: https://youtu.be/m5CX00i4uZE


I knew this was going to The Extras clip. He was my favourite guest on it. ‘Is there any nudity in it?’


same, thanks for letting me know so a didnt need to click. sir ian sir ian sir ian WIZARD! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! sir ian sir ian sir ian


I know exactly what this is without clicking it, thankyouverymuch! :-)


I think that he's entitled to his opinion for sure. I would argue he could have stated it after the show airs however. Seems bad form to do it right before the season finale airs


I think what he said was taken way too seriously and out of context.




And he goes on to say he was “wrong to feel that way” and thought it was “executed brilliantly.” He’s a very candid, sometimes cranky guy, and I love him for it, but I also think it’s important people who get annoyed at him make sure they’re getting annoyed for things he actually said and not baity headlines.


> Which I think is pretty normal for actors This is what I was thinking. Its definitely normal for actors to be upset at their character being killed off


a fandom taking an actor's words out of context and too seriously? no way... that never happens


It seems to have drummed up a lot of marketing, actually. He goes on to say, repeatedly, that the creator is a genius. He was asked a question and gave an honest answer which led to multiple websites creating articles about the show and it's upcoming finale.


He said basically the same thing on the post-episode podcast when Logan died though. He’s just reiterating those points in this interview. He said he felt his death would’ve made more sense in like episode 7 or 8 but the writers are brilliant regardless.


It's a bad write up by deadline making it click bait; while failing to include cox's effusive praise of the show, episode and Armstrong


I don’t think he cares how we feel, lol. He is saying what he feels without much of a filter and I applaud it. Do I love his takes, not really, but I do find his approach refreshingly direct.


Yeah I don’t understand the obsession with needing to be buddy buddy with every actor you see on a screen? None of us know the man, none of us can judge him. He’s a great actor and probably doesn’t give a fuck what some random Redditors think of him, because he’s too busy living his life.


nosy fucking pedestrians


Ah I like him! The one thing with Brian Cox is he’s always so candid in interviews and often brutally honest. He’s just sure of himself and, for anyone in the UK who’s familiar with his humour at getting mixed up with scientist Brian Cox, it’s not an arrogance thing. I remember chuckling at an interview he gave where he mentioned he’d turned down a role in Game of Thrones and had since become ‘addicted’ to the show. He was really honest about the money being crap and unapologetic about it too


I never understood how senior actors played dying roles. Obviously, spoilers ahead, we all die. But for the majority of us in western countries, your death is just an academic, sometime off in the distance, this will happen kind of thing. If you skim the interview, he is in part upset he ends up as an ear on a plane. Very reasonable if you ask me. If I have a huge part in a great show, and as I stare my own mortality in the face, I die in a realistic way… yea that probably isn’t a great end to the show for you… I think it’s just insisting on a kind of blandness to be like just be happy for what you had. Bruh is staring the big sleep in the face, let him process.


I didn’t take it as complaining. Just his opinion. Wish it would have been after the series has ended of course though.


I don’t see any issue with an actor expressing their honest opinion on what happened to their character.


I'm a little over posts like this The dude was interviewed, that's why he gave his opinion ffs


When you listen to any of the interviews they take this stuff from, he's clearly just talking at length extemporaneously and they clip out whatever part lets them make a click-grabbing headline, even if he contradicts it in the very next sentence. It's all media-created.


Brian Cox is an outspoken quote machine. He's reached a point in his career where he doesn't feel guarded about sharing his opinions. Reporters seek him out for this reason. I don't see much point in holding it against him.


Honestly, I can’t believe people are so upset by this. Show business is fundamentally a job for these people, not a big happy family that the cast are all a part of together. Do you expect every grip, camera operator, and lighting tech to go home at the end of the day and sing the praises of every other person in their role to anyone who will listen? I would guess not. So why is it any different for the actors?


Tend to defer to Jeremy Strong here: “Brian Cox has earned the right to say whatever the fuck he wants.”


This sub is getting pretty corny lol


Yeah I've kind of had enough of it too. Succession wouldn't have been Succession without him, but man oh man I wish he'd stop speaking to the press. As someone who's admitted he doesn't even watch the show, he sure has a lot of opinions about it.


Maybe I'm in the minority but the fact that he's a cantankerous old crabapple just convinces me how perfect he is as Logan.


He’s a tough old nut!


A salty dog.


But a good egg


What you see is what you get


People take this all too seriously. Newsflash, cranky old man has opinions


This just in, lead actor of a show has a lot of opinions about it. 🙄


He doesnt watch the show?


Not that uncommon. There are a number of actors that refuse to watch their own work. Adam Driver won't even allow clips when he's on talk shows, and notoriously walked out of an NPR interview when an audio clip of one of his performances was played, just as an example.


Yes i know some actors do this but... then how he knows if its or not the right decition to kill his character? weird.


I mean, he's part of the show and he reads the scripts. He knows what happens in the show even if he doesn't see the final product. He's perfectly capable of judging the story on those merits.


Cox put a lot of effort and talent into bringing Logan Roy to life, and seems only natural he’d have liked to have been a bigger part of the final season.


L to the OG.


Same here. Him saying that Jeremy is difficult to work with was not very nice to be honest. Specially when the press was already pushing this method actor idea of him. And Jeremy, when asked which actor was the best to shoot with, has always said it was Brian. Plus, I remember Kieran saying that sometimes Brian would get a little moody on set so yeah I guess he’s also difficult to work with in a way.


>And Jeremy, when asked which actor was the best to shoot with, has always said it was Brian Everything I read about these two convinces me more and more how perfect they are for their characters. Call me controversial, but maybe sometimes great art comes out of conflicting personalities. Maybe sometimes people can do great things together without necessarily loving each other.


Agreed. Amazing casting decisions all around.


Agreed. It’s like the myth busters guys didn’t get along either


That fact always bums me out a little.


I think they had mutually respect and chemistry. But I don’t think they were buddy buddy. One of them always said that the tension helped the show.


Besides, it's not like they were forced together by the network, they worked on various projects together for some time before making the TV show. They didn't have to be buddies to recognize that they worked well and were entertaining as a pair.


He also said that Jeremy was very sweet.


Kieran literally said Brian was most close to his character out of all the actors. Biggest diss anyone can give


Kieran is saying that about the surface level lol. Like that he’s a big ol grampa grumps. Not that hes maniacal manipulative tyrant like Logan


He’s just a salty dog


He specifically mentioned the loud cursing at times.


Didn't we actually heard it live at the season premiere where he was shouting so loud that Fischer Stevans had to give an explanation for it


Who cares lol he can say what he wants


Let the man have his opinion. I mean he’s earned every right to express what he thinks about the role that he will be most remembered by. Srsly what’s up with the Brian Cox hate in this sub? It’s not as if he verbally abused one of his co-workers either. Frankly, I’m a little over people being a little over Brian Cox.


Absolutely. Who can blame him for wanting to "see it through to the end" so to speak? Of course he wanted to feel more of a completion in terms of acting throughout the entire season with the rest of his co-stars. I'm sure those feelings are bleeding over into his feeling of Logan dying too early.


Is there Brian Cox hate here? Luckily I've missed it.


I think this is his ego talking. Dramaturgically, Logan was killed off at the perfect time. Sometimes death is unexpected and not some grand crescendo.


He's a cranky and opinionated old man, which I don't think is a great crime.


Eh 🤷‍♀️ They could’ve killed him off a few episodes later and the show would have worked just as well imo.


FYI - these headlines stem from an interview Brian Cox did with Amol Rajan that airs on BBC2 at 7pm tonight. I’m sure his actual thoughts will be more interesting than these clickbait headlines.


He is an amazing actor but honestly the show got so much better after he died. Everything anyone else did while he was alive felt a bit inconsequential. After he died, everything felt high stakes and like any mistakes or successes the characters made would be their own


Nah. Brian Cox can say what he wants. He’s old as hell and has been awesome in virtually everything I’ve ever seen him in… even that awful Johnny Knoxville movie called “The Ringer”.


Every episode since Logan was killed off has been extremely compelling. We have been able to see how the siblings deal with his death and carry on in a multitude of settings. From Logan and Marcia’s home, to Matsson’s retreat area, to the ATN network’s set on election night, the church and cemetery, all without Logan’s earthly presence. We needed these episodes so we could see how the siblings and the supporting players move on without Logan. I don’t think any episode has felt like filler. It has allowed for just the right amount of time for the intensity to build for the finale. We thank you Brian for giving us such an unforgettable character, but it was time for you to go. And the episode that you did go, had us spellbound!


The interview isn’t as bad as you make out. He just wanted to be in it longer and he applauds Jesse Armstrong as a genius of a writer. He is just old and blunt.


Guys been asked a question and answered it. He's been dead a while and not really spoiled it for anyone. I'm having to think really hard for reasons why this would annoy anyone enough to start a reddit thread on it.


Better than the standard "It was great on set....we were all a family....our Director is a genius." Can we not interview people anymore? What's the point of we shut them down because we don't like their answers. At worst he comes off a bit cranky and self absolved. He's an old actor!


Have you watched the interview? All he said was “I would have done it on ep 5 or 6, that would have been appropriate to me” Then after that he says “it was bold of Jesse & that’s where Jesse’s great, there’s no question he’s a writing genius”


I'll be honest: I haven't really indulged any of these interviews because I think it's all clickbait that's exaggerating and taking this stuff out of context. I just googled this one and I see a bunch of outlets running with the "Brian thinks the twist happened too soon!" business, but right after saying that he says "But I just thought, 'wow', you know, he did it brilliantly. It was a brilliant scene the whole act." There's a whole bunch more where he's praising the series. They ask these questions to get bait the inflammatory headline for the clicks and the ad revenue.


We want people to give honest, non-scripted answers and then we complain when they do. He wanted to keep playing Logan. Of course he did -- it's a once in a lifetime role that made him a huge star. He said so. So what? He's not saying Jesse ruined the show. He acknowledged Jeremy's hard to work with. Said he thinks he could relax and still be a great actor. It was a measured discussion. I don't see much problem with it.


He was likely a little miffed that leaving the season early stood in the way of him being a successful ringer for a lead Emmy, while the two younger actors playing his children will likely both be submitted. I think that's understandable: the show couldn't exist without his performance, and even though he looms over the season it wouldn't be enough for him to qualify.


That’s been my assumption as well, especially as he still submitted as lead even when he was only in 3 out of 10 episodes. That suggests to me that he wouldn’t be happy with winning for anything less than lead and it’s something that really does matter to him, otherwise he could easily have qualified for the supporting or guest star categories instead I imagine he’s slightly annoyed that he was taken out of the season so early and how that hurts his chances next to Jeremy and Kieran


He’s also at an age where he might have just won a blanket “thanks for your service” Emmy for his career, so yeah, I’d be annoyed too.


Who cares dude, honestly? He’s an actor. Not your dad. You people and your parasocial relationships


Counter-opinion. The show hasn’t been the same without Logan. Also, he didn’t *need* to die, that’s a lazy take. The show handled him dying in the best way possible, I agree, but I don’t think the show is better without him.. not even close, imo


I disagree that his character was “killed off too early,” but I understand that the show wouldn’t be the same without him. That could be good or bad, we don’t know. But he would have had to die eventually lol that was the whole point if the show. I don’t interpret it as complaining though, it sounds like he was just giving his opinion. Now with regard to Jeremy Strong, I love his work, and while that New Yorker article was a little harsh, I didn’t interpret that as any of his colleagues or cast mates (including Cox) to be bashing Strong, but more of a difference in their approach. And for some people, how Strong goes about his job might be difficult for people who aren’t method acting and create clashes on set. When it comes to the Succession cast, I’m mostly indifferent towards Cox and don’t really care either way. And to be honest, I probably won’t go out of my way to read an article about him unless its brought to my attention. But with the show wrapping up and Cox being submitted for an Emmy, I imagine he’s going to make the most if his time outside of the late night circuit.


"I was fine with it ultimately" He's not being a prick. He's been asked ten thousand times about this season, ventured a tame and reasonable opinion, expressed his ongoing interesting in being part of the show but ultimately acknowledges that his character left when he did for a good reason. Now you are presumably reading interviews looking to bitch about him. Maybe stop reading them then? It's like someone staring at the sun and complaining their eyes hurt.


Personally I don't think he said anything wrong in the interview. Being disappointed to not be included in the finale of a show you've been such an integral part of seems perfectly valid


The show is called Succession, I was expecting him to die on the very first episode


His take is fine and honest. He’s allowed to talk.


Fuck off


It'd be different if this were someone Nicholas Braun's age. But I can appreciate that Brian Cox has been around for decades and done a bunch of great and not-great work and is at the point in his career where he doesn't feel the need to kowtow to studios or show runners. It's not like his statements are going to hurt viewership of the finale. Hell, I wouldn't have even heard this if I hadn't been on this sub, and I read industry stuff all the time. It's refreshing to hear someone speak honestly. And, in the case of Jeremy Strong--whom I actually feel is a kind hearted dude, regardless of his shtick--maybe the public criticism it will help him reflect on how his process impacts his coworkers.


Brian is just method acting.