r/thelastofus2 goes private after a user is exposed having faked death threats from YouTube creators

r/thelastofus2 goes private after a user is exposed having faked death threats from YouTube creators




It's been deleted. What did they say?


Basically saying their sub did nothing wrong and basically indirectly encouraging the harassment.


God they're really buying into their own bullshit


check it out it's really sad https://www.reveddit.com/v/Games/comments/oqrvxd/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/h6dh5kg/


I'm always confused by reddit users (and in this case a mod?) going with "you're on reddit" as an insult. I see this quite a bit. Do they forget they're also using reddit?


Famous tactics of insecure childish bullies, hit your target with your most confusing and dumb insults, that will leave them questioning and perplexed how that even was an insult


I don't get how this tactic works. It usually just makes me laugh at them.


but when you're dumb as fuck it's **devastating**, that's why they think it's such a good weapon


Not surprising since their mod team is complicit in all this. It goes past one bad actor. They and their sub need to be banned.


That mod and entire sub are such children lmao. Makes me glad I had to buy the game a second time. Gotta give good old Neil Cuckmann and his team more money.


Expose in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF9HLsPFfCw Edit to add: [Here's](https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/oqrvxd/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/h6dh5kg/) one of the users fighting a losing fight. Is it implied that they know the user from the video?


~~Does anyone have a summary?~~ EDIT: So far at the halfway point, the things that led to the user being caught is that he used back ticks " ` " instead of regular one's in both his replies, and the poor censorship of the user supposedly messaging him led to his account, which also used the back ticks. He had a google play profile linked on the fake account as well. The supposed death threaten-er and the supposed victim were also both Slavic, and had a Google AdSense account. Oopsy The Last of EDIT: Part II: The fake victim escalated by emailing them saying he was going to contact the Polish authorities, the fake account was also a polish person, once they revealed they had one of the usernames (he was refusing to send them the uncensored screenshots), he deleted the fake profiles, his own profile, his google playstore account, and actually deactivated his own personal email that had his full name attached.


Youtube channel makes a video about TLOU2 and how much they liked it. /r/thelastofus2 spends a year calling her a bitch and saying mean things about her and spreading misinformation about her videos She finally claps back once on twitter in the mildest way possible A guy makes up getting death threats from her fans and maybe even her The subreddit gets all up in arms and dude makes up more death threats In the end they find out that dude sent all of these to themselves after investigating


And none of these pathetic scumbags will learn or grow or reflect on this experience in a positive light. They will only deepen their unsubstantiated misogynistic vitriol. I'm sure some of them will start a discord or something (if they don't already have one) and coordinate additional attacks on GR youtube channel and twitter.


Sub just came out of quarantine and mods are already trying to play the [victims ](https://redd.it/oqztv8)


That stickied post is hilarious: “I apologized for all the terrible things even though I clearly didn’t mean it and he didn’t want to keep talking to me! We were right all along, what a meanie!” And locks all comments across the subreddit lmao


The OP of that thread is showed as deleted, dude deleted his fucking account after posting this. Also jesus christ, > I just want to say thank you GFR, you went through a lot of harassment for which we apologized for despite having nothing to do with it, and now you're doing to us exactly what you hated being done to you, in the end I don't know if anyone will even believe me, but I know for a fact that we did everything we could to clear their names (such as adding them to the auto mod and manually removing any posts that slipped past the auto mod) and we tried our best to de-escalate the situation and that's what matters the most, we never intended for it to go this way. One of your users got nailed to the fucking wall by his own bullshit. A bunch of you sided with them instead of verifying and double checking the truth. GFR has had to put up with this crap for months on end and finally did a vid only because they had proof someone was trying to defame them for personal gain. Which ***you morons tried to use.*** I think they earned the right to make this video and I think you need to just admit your fault and stop trying to pretend you're an innocent victim. edit: Jesus christ, the guy deleted his account.


That post was so disengenuous. >despite having nothing to do with it GFR in their own video shows how the mods not only abetted this behavior, but participated in it! Putting GFR in the auto-mod for removal was too little too late. >now you’re doing to us exactly what you hated being done to you ??????? Your sub gave them endless crap for _months_, and when Shelby finally responded back, one of your users immediately escalated with faked death threats, _and both the mods and regular users rolled with it_. They then made a video showing how it’s super duper likely it’s faked. How is the vitriol your sub actively encourages in any way comparable to GFR exonerating themselves and their fanbase? >and we tried our best to de-escalate the situations and that’s what matters the most ?????? On top of this being a flat lie because, as said, the mods participated and fanned the flames, this isn’t an elementary school science fair. “Tried our best” doesn’t mean much when the folks you’ve been shitting on have been defamed by one of your users and your sub rolled with it. Naturally, the subsequent deletion shows they’re either a coward, or know deep down they’re full of shit.


Some people have a hard time realizing that the wild west times of the internet are almost over. What you harass people, there can be serious consequences. He probably realized that supporting someone that faked death threats to ruin someones reputation wasn't such a smart move and the victims blaming doesn't makes it any better. I really hope that reddit admins will finally ban that hate sub either after GFR reached out to them or after some news outlets will make articles about it minding that several posts regarding this topic reached the Frontpage, this is a likely scenario.


Yeah, he says they had nothing to do with it but his first apology mentions that he called them liars and said the GFR was doing this stuff just to get attention. The dude admitted to provoking his sub by blaming them for stuff that wasn’t true. His whole original apology in the first place was super half assed, as if his mom was making him apologize


B-but they were very "factual" and "objective" in their non-apology. You can tell because they said so themselves. And isn't that the way an apology is supposed to be in the first place? Also they're not apologizing because they had nothing to do with it. Just to make everything very clear. /s


that is so typical of "the bully got punched back" behaviour.


That whole post just reeks of narcissism. >I would like to apologize if calling you guys liers offended you So, not actually apologizing for calling them liers. >Here's me a few hours later apologizing (again) for them misunderstanding our statement Again, not apologizing for the statement. Just apologizing that they ""misunderstood"" the statement. They're one step away from saying "I'm sorry you think you deserve an apology". Idk how someone can be so condescending and then also play the victim card.


I love the line “we apologized for them misunderstanding us” like that is NOT how apologies work oh my god. I really get the sense at least some portion of the mod team is under 15 years of age


Yep.. I fear this is just a pivot for the endless culture war these nutjobs desir


Turns out, they're not actually that good at this whole culture war thing.


Some r/lastofus2 user sends death threats to himself using alt accounts he claimed as Girlfriend Reviews fans and blamed GR for it GR does some sleuthing, notices all the "death threats" use a weird punctuation mark, and manages to track down one of the alt accounts. GR finds out that the alt account and the r/lastofus2 member are both Slavic and have Google Adsense. The r/lastofus2 guy sends GR an email saying he will escalate the issue to Polish authorities if GR doesn't do anything about their fans and the death threats. GR 4D Chesses the shit out of him by asking him to send the usernames of the censored alt accounts. r/lastofus2 guy deletes his alts accounts. GR reveals they know the alt account's username. r/lastofus2 guy deletes all of his accounts. GR posts the screenshots they were able to take of the whole ordeal on Twitter and announces they are making a video explaining the truth but r/thelastofus2 clowns them even more. GR posts the video, which brings us to now. Did my best to summarize, hopefully that explains it to you.


Thanks for the summary, it's both hilarious and sad how this played out.


It was glorious. Some forensic files shit


Having just watched the video, I will oblige. They posted a video saying Last of Us 2 wasn't as bad as people thought it was. The subreddit took great offense at that and seemed to consider it a personal attack on them in particular. One member claimed that their fans were sending them death threats, resulting in the sub sending them death threats in return. Doing some detective work that I won't try to repeat here, they figured out that the person claiming to receive death threats was sending them to himself. He also emailed them threatening them with the police, and when they asked for uncensored screenshots so they could report the harrassers to reddit, he started panicking, deleting the other accounts. When they said they kept records of the other accounts, he deleted his own, and when they revealed they knew what he was doing, he deleted his email too. When they revealed all this, the subreddit decided that they themselves had faked the whole thing for attention and were still the bad guys. As of the video posting, the mods where were encouraging all this, finally decided to stop this.


One thing to clarify. The post that started this drama to begin with cited a video that wasn’t even about TLOU2. The video was a review about a completely different game. But because everyone in that sub takes things as a personal attack, they MADE it about TLOU2. “Look at how they gave this game a bad review, *it’s like they want to make everything look worse than TLOU2.*” So a video that had NOTHING to do with them, or the game they hate, was twisted to seem like a personal attack against haters of the game. It’s really stupid and bizarre. Lol


That entire subreddit is a bruh moment


To be fair TLOU part 2 was actually decent. I thought it was going to be garbage after the leaks but it actually wasn’t terrible. Voice acting was incredible, game physics were amazing, and the graphics were awesome. Storyline was the only real issue, and it wasn’t even a terrible storyline. I’m prepared for the hive mind to downvote this, but I actually had fun playing and I liked the characters on both sides of the story.


"The hivemind" largely considers your opinion quite reasonable, fwiw. Critics, journalists, award givers, and casual fans all had positive things to say about TLOU2. It's actually the winningest game of all time, having the most cumulative GOTY awards across all known/scored publications and ceremonies, and was also the winningest game ever at TGA in terms of most awards won by a single game in a given year. It got a lot of review bombs from coordinated campaigns, largely directed by trolls who never even played the game (many of whom didn't even read the leaks, which were misleading and incomplete). But among people who actually played the game, in neutral communities, the consensus seems to be that it did a lot of things very well, with pretty much the only somewhat divisive element being the story, which some people loved, some liked, and others found wanting. And for the record, no game is universally liked. I'm not saying anyone who actually played the game and disliked it is wrong, or that their opinion is invalid. Neither did Girlfriend Reviews. But it is undeniable that this game was assaulted by a large contingent of bad faith actors. And /r/thelastofus2 is one of the hubs where those people gathered, and for some reason, continued to gather for over a year after the game they disliked had been out. MOVE ON, ASSHOLES.


Yeah I heard people were trashing the game before it even released


The game basically got trashed because the female lead has defined muscles instead of waifu noodle arms. That's the unironic gist of it all.


Not even, it's just culture war stuff. People hated the game before it came out, because they assumed there was a trans person in it. All of the criticism from culture warriors is bad-faith with people retro-fitting "reasons" to hate it as they go. And I mean, I didn't really care for the game either even though I wanted to like it, but at least I played the thing before forming my opinion on it.


Well, there actually WAS a trans person in it, but hilariously it wasn't even the character they thought it was.


Oh yeah it's all bad faith


TLOU2 is also the PS4-PS5 game with the highest completion rate, going by the percentage of players who got the trophy for finishing the campaign—not too shabby for a 25-30 hour survival horror game. The creative director got promoted to co-president of the studio (while still keeping his role as director) and HBO is making a TV adaptation with high production values. By every imaginable metric the game was wildly successful and a feather in Druckmann and Naughty Dog’s caps… But if you only paid attention to what the haters say, it was secretly a failure that sigle-handedly killed the TLOU franchise.


> with pretty much the only somewhat divisive element being the story, which some people loved, some liked, and others found wanting. and it would seem that most of the people who found the story wanting did so, because they didn't jive with the sort of central twist, which is - admittedly - pretty tough. This isn't why that sub is complaining though. Most are homophobes in various degrees of denial.


I love the detective work in this, it would be such a fun story if it wasn't about a cretin harassing people over a video game.


"*Why do people hate Gamers?*" Exhibits A through fucking Infinity, you twatgoblins!


I didn't know about these two before all this, now I'm a fan! I hope a lot of other people are like me, and see how charming these folks are & give them an infusion viewers. It'd be nice for them to get a boon from all of this nonsense.


Enjoy all the videos! They are great


They're pretty entertaining.


Girlfriend Reviews is so much good content and wholesome. I can’t believe they are getting ‘hate’ lately


Really interesting perspective too and might help people get significant others into gaming since it's written from pov of someone watching and not playing. buT ShES jUST a MOuTHPiecE


Goddamn that was a thorough investigation. Props to GFR for how they handled that situation. Seriously thats a very level headed response, despite the effect that it no doubt had on their mental health.


Goddamn I felt I was watching a CSI episode


I know right, excellent detective work...I didn't want the video to end.


Wow, GirlfriendReviews handled that *perfectly*. What a shithole that sub is.


Yeah, they are a really easy channel to like. I'm guessing being called "girlfrend reviews" already left a bad taste in some of the people from that sub anyway...you know, because she's just a mouthpiece.


Wait until they find out what Troy Baker does for a living


Voice acts?


They're making a joke that if they hate the idea of GFR allegedly being her boyfriend's mouthpiece, then Troy Baker literally just reading other people's scripts for a living should really upset them


I see. Thank you.


And that whole thing is especially ironic considering the entire channel is basically just her taking the stereotypical roll of “girlfriend who watched bf play video games” which is what most of those incels want in the first place. (No hate meant to the channel they are great)


It has actually changed a bit from that. Now the girlfriend actually does play some of the games. I haven’t watched some of their more recent videos (last one I saw was their Persona 5 review) but she actually does stream now. I also remember her playing games like Doom and Animal Crossing for their videos. Overall it’s just a wholesome channel


They want to have a girlfriend who does that. They don't like it when women are in relationships with other men. Not so much irony as self-centered bullshit.


That is indeed one of the things they claimed.


That subreddit is actually slightly worse than KotakuInAction which should tell you all you need to know about them, it's a far-right shithole which should've been nuked more than a year ago. There's so much open racism and antisemitism going on in that subreddit.


Not a coincidence that it's [number 3](https://subredditstats.com/subreddit-user-overlaps/thelastofus2) in subreddit-user overlap


4th is saltierthancrait lol, those dudes sure love spending time talking about things they don’t like.


TBF, its a lot easier than having a personality.


Wow, what a useful site. The top 20 subreddits that overlap with kotakuinaction are look *exactly* like what you expect.


Hoooooly shit. I really only tip my toe in that subreddit when I do any "bad faith user comment inspection" or it shows up in top minds, or here. I just watched the video someone else linked (here again for ease: [Girlfriend Reviews vs r/TheLastOfUs2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF9HLsPFfCw)) and I think it is *incredibly* important to realize the level of harassment and abuse those creators were subjected to by the people there. Like, its all fun and funny to point and laugh at the woman haters over there but its easy to lose track of the real world ramifications. Side note, my guess over them flip flopping between private and not (the shitty subreddit in question) is because bullies cannot STAND their own fragrance. I'd bet that every time it goes public again redditors are streaming in to laugh and make fun of them. Also, hey admins, nuke the sub. Like, at this point its more your fault than theirs.


It's very similar to the growth of incels on Reddit. It was really funny to point and laugh at them until they started killing people. Mental instabilities manifesting on the internet are not as isolated or contained as we think.


Finally, holy shit.


People dedicating so much time to a form of entertainment they DON'T like is never healthy. The people attracted to that type of content are probably the type of people most don't want to associate with. In a weird way it might be cathartic for them finding others like themselves, maybe making up for something they're missing.


Not even “a form of entertainment” but a specific expression of that form.


Long story short: people who are offended by the game because of its content, and can't criticize said content without sounding like bigots so they nitpick everything they can without using the words 'Jew', 'Gay', 'Minorities', 'Gun Rights', 'Trans', etc. It's basically GamerGate 2.0


It is not about a piece of entertainment for them. It is about "homosexual propaganda" as they would call it. This is a classic example of actual fake news (from before Trump hijacked that term)


How political it was could not be overstated. One thread would have them complaining that people call them bigots for simply not liking the game, the next thread would have open slurs and constant complaints that LGBT characters exist in the game


man, i just heard about all this today. i always assumed that it was a fan sub, not a bunch of dork ass losers jacking each other off.


Na the regular last of us sub is the fan sub. r/tlou2 is a bunch of gamer gate cunts talking about how much they hate the lgbtq community.


That sub is set to private now. Reminds me of /r/the_Donald community. So lame, imagine if these people put all this energy into something good for the world.


looks like r/tlou2 has been banned now for spam. EDIT: /r/tlou2 and /r/thelastofus2 are different subs. Same problem happened elsewhere in the thread talking about /r/KotakuInAction and typed out /r/kia Don't use acronyms if you're talking about subreddits, it's just confusing.


And even underneath that I'm sure a bunch of them were upset that this coming-of-age story with a very young girl took away their sexualisation fantasies, when her love interests turned out to be other women...


I used to hate watch America's Got Talent and participate in the live threads to shit on the show. I love watching different variety acts, but the way the show is packaged is just absolutely terrible. So it was kind of fun to make fun of the ridiculous sob stories and general fakery in the show. One common complaint there, that I have as well, is that so many of the acts come from other countries. The entire premise of the show being that they road trip across the US and showcase the best acts. Now I don't mean immigrants that live here that I'd complain about, they're just as American as I am, but they now fly in the acts that win the ____'s Got Talent in all the other countries that have it, or just straight up famous people from other countries that aren't well known in the US, and make up new sob story packages for them. You'll see the judges acting as though they have no idea who someone is that won a series they judged in another country. You'll see singers with multiple hit albums and Christmas musical specials in other countries on there crying about how they were stuck in life and their child convinced them to chase their dream to sing for an audience so they're trying it out on AGT. I quit the sub when I started seeing those valid complaints shifting towards actual hatred and racism. I understand how it happens, but it was weird to see happening over a few seasons of the show. The tone was changing from "How dumb is it that they're pretending this famous group is poor and struggling!" to "They only have this group because the of Hollywood (((producers)))." I remember calling out one of the triple parentheses comments that was upvoted and got replies defending it from people that I think genuinely had no idea what it meant. I tagged the people making those types of racist comments and they would be there every week making complaints about the show with varying degrees of bigotry in them. If it got an immediate negative response they'd delete and repost it toned down a little a bit until it was well received. I don't think the AGT sub is going to turn in a straight up racist shithole subreddit, but it was very interesting to watch those people doing their best to shift the tone in that direction in every episode discussion. I've never seen it happening in real time like that before. But as someone who didn't like the show itself but still enjoyed some elements of it enough to watch, it was really fun to participate there and roast it. I get the appeal, and I see how a group that once loved a thing turns into a group of vile people that exist solely to hate on it in its entirety as people either notice the tone shifts and bail or don't notice an acclimated to it without realizing they're being radicalized.


They had red panda on the show, who’s already been performing NBA halftime shows for years and is beloved in the NBA community. Amateurism on that show is a myth


I get that they disliked the game, but how can someone spend so much energy shitting on it still? It's been a year. Don't they have anything better to do?


>Don’t they have anything better to do? Narrator: “The answer was, in fact, *no*”


The sub was created over 8 years ago, so my guess they've been circlejerking each other for 8 years fantasizing about whatever the game is about. They must feel that they wasted 8 years of their lives? Or something.


I believe someone was squatting on the sub when the sequel was announced to be in development and it wasn't used till the game was released. Then you can see what happened next as the head mod wasn't active that the sub devolved into a shit hole.


Part 2 was announced in 2016. If the sub was created over 8 years ago then it was created before part 2 was announced. Edit: To be clear, I wasn't trying to imply anything by my comment. Just clarifying since I saw a few comments saying the sub was created when part 2 was announced.


Yeah but it’s not out of the question that many people suspected a sequel would come after the first ones success. Like the guy above said, someone probably just sat on it till it was announced. I think the hate began even before the game came out due to the major plot leaks and some people quite literally just never moved on


You know the answer.


How embarrassing.


The fact that their video came out so long ago...that the game itself came out so long ago...and they're still mad. Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is fucking cringetopia


I just looked it up and the game came out June 2020. Holy fucking shit, imagine spending over a year pissed off at a fucking product. An inanimate object that has done zero harm to you. These people live in perpetual hate, it's not about a game anymore, they just *need* to fucking hate something. And idk about y'all, but it's depressing to me that so many teenagers are growing up with so so much hatred in this age.


They hated it before it even came out, details of the game were leaked earlier that year. It’s been about a year and a half I believe.


Reddit has been responsible for some of the most embarrassing things on the internet, holy shit We did it reddit!


A real Reddit moment.


Remember when our top men tracked down the Boston bomber?


Would love to see a “where are they now” highlighting some of the most prominent sleuths from that clusterfuck


Internet hall of shame should be a thing. On second thought maybe not, it would probably be full by an hour. There's just too many raging lackwits, hateful troglodytes and basement apes.




Theyre still on reddit and still jump to conclusions because they didn't learn a damn thing from before. Even though it was literally their fault.


That’s pretty much peak Reddit cringe.




Garbage ass sub reddit. It’s okay to not like the game.. but that sub is crossing the line to straight up lunacy.


Funny enough I just took a peek at it yesterday, thinking it was just generally about tlou2. It was really dedicated to critcism (and not in the neutral sense of the word) of tlou2. They even pinned a megathread with like 200 links to people who criticized the game lol. As someone who loved the game, it was actually useful to see what people who didn't like have to say about it. Reading one of those posts just made me feel like I didn't miss much in skipping over all the hate. It was something along the lines of "the story doesn't work towards delivering a clear message that revenge is bad" as one of the reasons why the story sucks lol. I wonder what that person thinks about Waiting for Godot or Cormac McCarthy's The Road.


Users of that sub were the source of a staggering number of vile death and rape threats, extremely transphobic content, hatred and brigading on a daily basis. Good riddance. If only they were IP banned.


the mod in that sub is so embarrassing. also so typical the mod instantly goes to playing victim mode.


[Good reminder that /r/thelastofus2 is full of nazis](https://old.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/hnlor3/is_abby_worse_than_hitler_rthelastofus2_weighs_in/fxd0hiw/)


As I wrote [in a different SRD thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/okveo0/rthelastofus2_goes_to_war_against_a_female/h5b8fe4/) last week, r/TheLastOfUs2 is what you get when you combine PCGaming with T_D, KotakuInAction and Incel. It's just constant racism, antisemitism, transphobia, misogyny and harassment. * [Some examples.](https://www.reddit.com/r/AgainstHateSubreddits/search?q=r%2Fthelastofus2&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=all) I really hope this will get that shitty far-right subreddit permanently shut down for good.




Love how I immediately stumbled upon a post encouraging and celebrating trans people killing themselves that apparently is a-okay with reddit since reporting it only gives me an automated response that there's nothing wrong with it. I have nothing but contempt for people in charge of this website.


I always wonder, when people like this consider something not "forced diversity" (if ever). Where is the line? What is okay and not forced?


After seeing how the mods responded to the original issue, this was a smart play on their part. Looks like that whole community sucked.


HAHA holy shit. >We restricted the sub because we are there to talk about TLOU franchise, not two youtubers One of the mods unironically saying *this* when [5 out of their last 7 posts for TWO WEEKS](https://i.imgur.com/oenPrfq.png) have been about exactly these two youtubers in question. You can't make this shit up, too damn funny!


If anyone wants to track the ongoing Drama [the sub is back and a mod just posted "their side of the story."](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oqztv8/my_personal_experience_on_the_entire_situation/) The thread is already locked so no comments or anything good but you can sure it will be a catalyst for more popcorn.


Let me get this straight, GFR publicly states that this person was a fraud and they have proof, and the mod's response was to call them attention seeking liars, and now the mod is wondering why they don't come to him directly when they have a problem?


Funny. They made themselves as the victims despite the fact that they also participated in it. Why would anyone want to cooperate with someone who essentially fanned the fires?


yes, reddit mods tend to think they are very important. but a majority of the internet have never heard of that sub, the only reason gfr heard about it is because users from there were harassing them


Corresponding video can be found [here](https://youtu.be/OF9HLsPFfCw). Tlou2 was always a hateful cesspit but I seriously hope this time the sub gets taken down.


I dont know these YouTubers but damn that was some good detective work from them


If you have even a casual interest in video games you will love their content. They’re genuinely some of the nicest people in that space and their meme game is on point.


Yeah I have a gaming PC and switch but my nice and nephew took over my xbox and never had a PS. I wanted to play last of us really badly when TLOU came out that I nearly bought a PS, but couldn't justify the price for 1 game haha. Might have to check them out


Seems like the subreddit is no longer private. Edit: private again.


Schrodinger's subreddit.


But in this case we actually know it’s just a box filled with flaccid hate peen no matter private or public. There is no maybe


They shrank the corners of the box, made them look soft


I saw the video on YouTube and went straight to reddit for the popcorn. I'm so hyped for this for some reason lol


Because its a sub dedicated to the hatred of a videogame that came out over a fucking year ago. Won awards and had its run on the internet. But they just CONTINUED and obsessed over it. It's refreshing to see that kind of hate get destroyed. It's not healthy for anyone in that sub. ​ Now r/Kotakuinaction please.


Somebody else believing it to be good only made them more angry


🦀🦀🦀thelastofus2 subreddit is dead🦀🦀🦀


At last, r/gamingcirclejerk has won.


The only time r/Gamingcirclejerk loses are two days after someone finds a new template.


20 minutes till a new template, awesome!


Been part of gamingcirclejerk since before the last of us 2 dropped, kinda funny to see now


They'll always have Don Cheadle and Todd "Buy Skyrim" Howard.


Gamers are finally dead 😍 We have achieved 1984 🥳🥳🥳 *Dancing in the moonlight*


and they don't even need to lift a finger.


Don cheadle claims yet another soul for his collection


I propose we retire Don Cheadle and choose Shelby as our saviour.


You can't retire god


It's actually don cheadle acting in the video, he's just that good of an actor


The man does it again


Fucking hope so


Gone, reduced to ashes..


One of the mods of TLOU2 [responded ](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/oqrvd6/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/h6e03q6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)to another comment on another post and he sounds deranged as you think.


Can that whole subreddit just get banned already? They're very clearly just a hate group at this point.


They've very clearly been just a hate group from the start. Let's not pretend otherwise.


Seriously. I was excited for tlou2 to come out and I joined that sub. I did not stay long. Man, it was an angry, toxic shit hole of a place. My only worry is tlou sub might get flooded with them, and I like it over there. I worry what that crowd would do to some of the cosplay and fan art posts...


The mods in r/thelastofus removes anything mentioning the other sub. The mods actually don't want to engage in the drama. That sub is for discussions, photos, fan art...there's no toxicity there.


Also the better place to have TLOU 2 discussions? Why there was a sub for different numbered titles in a franchise I'll never understand.


I think it was made to avoid spoilers in the normal sub but it got quickly hijacked because the leaks happened before the normal people played the game


I don't think they will go to /r/thelastofus. There's been a major line in the sand between those two subs. The tlou2 users hate the tlou sub, and the tlou sub mods won't abide that kind of toxicity.


/r/banvideogames was right all along.


And yet video games are not banned Interesting Turning point Gamer


Lol and then going to the sub and see them all getting worked up over [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oqmdj2/the_on_thing_that_this_fandom_twitter_stans_or/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf). No wonder that sub is still going strong when they get fueled by something simple like a comic. They’re also still mourning over Joel’s death and it really gets proportional to the mourning period over an actual human.


Just here to remind those r/Thelastofus2 losers that they're losers. You losers.


Wait, the transphobic and sexist subreddit who sent death threats to voice actors is faking death threats to themselves for sympathy? Really?


https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/comments/oqztv8/my_personal_experience_on_the_entire_situation/ Mods just posted this


Lmao the mod literally cannot fathom a world in which they are not the victim. “They didn’t like my half assed attempt at damage control and non-apology and won’t tell me I’m an amazing human being for doing the bare minimum after I was publicly called out and now I’m getting mean messages from people on Reddit where I’m publicly a mod for this forum so they are just as bad as the user faking death threats and the mods who allowed it to happen uwu”


Lmao the pinned post blames Girlfriend Reviews for them getting shitty modmails. They say "your fans" then just post screenshots of random modmails calling them names. Like, they don't understand that basically all of Reddit hates them lmfaooo


I hope it stays down permanently so I don't have to bear with what those hypocritical bigots have to rant about


That detective work by GFR was fucking amazing. *chefs kiss* It was so satisfying how the pieced it all together, what a great video despite the heavy drama


The user in question was the sharpest bulb in the drawer, when it came to obfuscation.


I love how they are upvoting this "I liked the last of us 2" post to try to put on this facade of being a reasonable friendly subreddit as if it erases all the vile shit on there. Its cute.


My personal favourite post from that sub was someone celebrating Ghost of Tsushima winning the player's choice over TLOU2 by editing the cover art of GoT to have Jin Sakai holding Abby's decapitated head. The submission was titled **"FOR OUR JOEL!!!"** Said user tried to post it to r/Gamingcirclejerk beforehand and got really angry when I removed it in the first five seconds. **Content Warning:** [Here it is](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/776896833204650035/868555943112212550/Abby_Censored.jpg), for your viewing pleasure, consider it one of their finest hours. Kind of encapsulates them perfectly. If nothing else they sure are dedicated.


I think Jin would have really gotten along with Abby, fwiw.


Jin understands the strong bonds of family very well. At the very least he would be sympathetic.


Jin Saki medieval Dom Torreto confirmed.😳


That is so disturbing lol


Remember that that sub exists simply because a female character in a videogame didnt look girly enough.


That's not true. It also exists because a male character has smaller shoulders.


God there is truly no greater injustice in human history /s


You’re being sarcastic, but the Hindenburg disaster wouldn’t have happened if the characters in The Last of Us looked more feminine!


Hitler was known to have invaded Poland because of this too


The meteor wiped out the dinosaurs PRECISELY because of somewhat-buff women in a video game. History was irrevocably changed because of the lack of giant boobs in that game.


Make the video viral so that Reddit will finally be forced to close that cesspool of a sub.


Isn't that game pretty old by now? Who the hell still cares? Go outside


fuck you dont even have to go outside play a fucking videogame if you like videogames so much


Over a year after the game’s release and r/thelastofus2 still manages to appear on this subreddit lol


[The video exposing this is currently the top post](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/oqrvd6/a_redditor_on_rthelastofus2_sent_death_threats_to/) on r/videos. Almost the entire comment section is dunking on their subreddit.


The subreddit explanation and apology really reads like a "woops didn't mean to build and enable a shitty community, sorry we got caught" ​ https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastOfUs2/duplicates/oqztv8/my\_personal\_experience\_on\_the\_entire\_situation/


I really liked Last of Us 2


I didn't love it. Let`s exchange some death threats./s


Cool do you want the vague ill beat you down if we meet in person or the over the top gun violence threats?


Hey do yall need someone unrelated to hop on the thread and start talking about how theyre literally the guy from the navy seals copypasta? Lmk


*Random Brie Larson hate*


This comment is low-key great...😂😂🤣


I absolutely love that series. I hope they make a third one.


Why are gamers just always the worst people on the planet?


Because disenfranchised young men are drawn to crowds that understand them. Incels, Gamers, hell even the KKK. Young men who are dissatisfied with their life, dealing with depression, and feel utterly alone are some of the easiest people to manipulate, and a lot of it is because they're either not given proper access to a stable support network or mental health services, or they do have these things but they've been taught their whole lives that using them would make them a 'pussy.'


That sub is the most toxic group of children I've encountered. Homophobic people hiding behind 'i don't like the game'. It's been over a year and they still whine about the game. I called out the admin for promoting toxic behaviour and the manchild banned me


I love Shelby and I enjoy TLOU2. If only more youtubers were like them, the world would be a better place. r/tlou2 is basically an alt right hate sub disguised as a game sub.


When it stops being privated, it'll have a shit ton of memes and posts about Girlfriend Reviews. And the mods will say "well they started it!" And then GR will make another video about it and the subreddit will unironically call them "obsessed" and tell them to let it go. Calling it now.


they're too classy to make a second video on it. no one cares about what those people in that subreddit have to say.


The collective mental illness it takes to be so obsessed over a video game that you hate people who like it to the point you defend people accusing them of fake death threats... jesus


I joined the sub after I finished the game simply because the main sub wasn't allowing memes at the time. The Fat Garalt memes and videos were funny but the sub took a nosedive *fast* and I peaced out after a week. I just wanted to laugh at memes, not scroll through 20 people posting about "Cuckman" and giving him abuse because he killed off a bleeding fictional character in a video game.


Sounds like more than enough reason to nuke the subreddit. I'm sure that the admins will get right on that...


I can't imagine liking/disliking something enough to fabricate a whole weird ass death threats scenario just to bully someone disagrees with you? The sheer amount of effort involved would be prohibitive for me. [Relevant ProZD video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJX4ytfqw6k)


Threads about this keep get deleted from r/games and r/gaming which isn't a great look


That sub is soooo toxic. The video is entertaining and sad to watch. Good for you GFR.


Honestly I just don't get it anymore. I can never understand the obsession with trying to rewrite TLOU2 or whatever. For me, the game's story isn't perfect but after watching the review that GFR, I guess it makes more sense now. Even then, it shouldn't resort to fucking fake death threats. Like god damn it's just a game, let it go. >I just want to say thank you GFR, you went through a lot of harassment for which we apologized for despite having nothing to do with it, and now you're doing to us exactly what you hated being done to you, in the end I don't know if anyone will even believe me, but I know for a fact that we did everything we could to clear their names (such as adding them to the auto mod and manually removing any posts that slipped past the auto mod) and we tried our best to de-escalate the situation and that's what matters the most, we never intended for it to go this way. I find this part hilarious. They allowed this to happen and continue to try to play the victim. Why do they even bother anymore?