Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. r/Conservative reacts. Several comments are hidden. Mods set thread to Flaired Users Only

Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. r/Conservative reacts. Several comments are hidden. Mods set thread to Flaired Users Only


> This didn't age well https://i.imgur.com/EErwS7f.jpg No it did not


Archived before he deletes: https://web.archive.org/web/20210330235724/https://twitter.com/mattgaetz/status/1375094924882874375 https://web.archive.org/web/20210330235758/https://twitter.com/mattgaetz/status/1161062269641474049


Ouch. Especially the second one.


>[Deal. I want Gaetzgate.](https://i.imgur.com/5aCXNJy.png)


I believe Reddit has settled on Pizzagaetz.


yeah this is way better


I really hate the ~~trend~~ well established practice to call every scandal some variation of [noun]gate. This gategate must be ended!


Thought you might enjoy [Watergategate](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB9JgxhXW5w)


I still say we use Pizza-Gaetz


Those tweets. Oh God. Karma is a mean drunk.


his description actually starts with 'Florida Man.' mfw


*He knew he had committed federal sex crimes when he tweeted that shit.* That's how you know he's never had a single problem in his life that his rich dad couldn't make go away.


I guess Larry Kroger was Gaetz's favorite movie character. Context: [Animal House - Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_House#Plot)


The second one is just so ouch that I don't have much to say about it, but given the timing he gave to Carlson, wasn't the FBI involved in a blackmail investigation when the first was tweeted out? His statements here are just bizzare. There is an audience that'll believe whatever he says, but why not just release a 2-3 sentence statement vaguely blaming the "deep state" and shut the fuck up of you're him.


Cause he’s a rich daddy’s boy whose never had to suffer any consequences. Dad made a bunch of DUIs go away and Matt still got elected to congress. This might be the first time ever one of his fuck ups has sticking power.


He tried to get Tucker to go along with his story about the dinner they had and Tucker was like, “I don’t remember that at all” lol. Carlson was like you’re about to crash and burn and you’re not bringing me with you.


Ah yes, the 'plausible deniability' of taking an anti-government position




Nope, he doesn't get to own it. Now it has to be called PedoAssholeDaddysBoyGate.


Pizzagaetz is my favorite


Do I even want to read why he said no? This type of shit is usually a no brainer but there always be that one person who just wants to be an asshole


I believe the reasoning was that it came with increased government watch and laws and gaetz said he was voted by his constituents to try to make the government smaller. Dumb reasoning but it is what it is.


>isn’t this the same sub that was convinced the election was stolen despite producing no evidence? It’s getting so hard to keep track of when evidence is needed and when to just believe what is being said. And he's probably banned. He's not even wrong.


There is a lot to hate about that subreddit but it really does my head in that every accusation against democrats or the left or black lives matter not only get believed no matter how extreme and out of touch of reality they get hundreds of comments Anything attacking Conservatives would be lucky to get a fraction of the attention and is often locked or not posted at all


Every time there is a conservative scandal there is usually a thread that seems unusually level headed about it that is left up until they can figure out their talking points. Original thread is deleted, new thread with the right source is posted as flaired users only and is flooded with the talking points. My guess is the new thread will heavily feature comments about Cuomo.


Which, you know, screw him too. My biggest gripe with conservatives (aside from the bigotry, racism, white nationalism, religious fear mongering, misogyny, etc) is that they cannot grasp that I can scrutinize my own party! Just because I identify as a Democrat doesn't mean I can't hold Democrats accountable when they do shit like this, or even just propose a policy I disagree with. Conservatives on the other hand, you either agree with every single thing the right says or you don't agree that it's wrong and any evidence that says so is a lie...




The ultimate snowflakes need their safe space.


Why else would that subreddit need a "flaired users only" feature? They seriously think they're getting attacked and have to deal with the same shit that r/BlackPeopleTwitter has to deal with


Being against child rape is anti-conservative, go figure.


In this same vein, they always say the Clintons had Epstein killed without any hint of irony that Trump was buds with him too. They insist his relationship with Epstein was purely professional when there are videos of them partying together, talking about women with Trump even noting Epstein likes them “on the younger side,” and wishing his wife and trafficking partner well in prison. I and I think most non-conservatives agree that if Clinton and/or Trump were involved in any of that Epstein nastiness, they deserve punishment. I don’t give a shit about your politics - if you’re a pedo, you’re scum. But Trump is infallible so it’s always “yeah Clinton is terrible but Trumps relationship with Epstein was all above board!” Drives me crazy.




The party of (psuedo) facts and (flawed) logic.


If you haven't seen the interview Gaetz just did with Tucker Carlson, I definitely recommend it. Dude is guilty as fuck.


Yeah, this seems very much like someone trying to get ahead of it.


It's like news... to the max!


Favorite part is Tucker saying I don’t remember that dinner with gaetz and his date


In my personal opinion "I'm not the only person who is on screen right now that was falsely accused of a horrible sex act" takes the crown. I really want to know went through Tuckers mind in that moment.


That moment convinced me that Tucker like, totally unhooks his face from his brain to retain that blank, derp ‘listening’ look he always has because he did not visibly react to that at all. It was almost impressive.


Only John Stewart can prod Tucker.


That one Dutch historian got Tucker to absolutely lose his shit.


John Oliver's whole segment on Tucker was enlightening, hilarious, and brutal in exposing his bullshit.


It was very much the unsubtle threat Gaetz tried to pull with Michael Cohen. "Defend me on this on I start signal boosting stuff"


In the context, it sure seemed like Gaetz was sending a message because he felt like Tucker wasn’t defending him enough. That seemed like a real “defend me better or I’ll fuck up your world” comment.


He actually Said that?


Gaetz said that, [in this clip](https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1377058722942496769). I just wonder how I feels when your interview-partner goes: 'You know how it feels, fellow alleged sex offender.'




"just a covfefe boy!"


It was quite a weird strategy of Gaetz to try and bring Carlson down with him.


Especially since, despite being a talk show host, Carlson is a lot more powerful in that sphere than Gaetz is.


"was Matt gaetz working with antifa all along? What would that even mean for the party? If he was a disgusting pervert AND an infiltrator? He seemed to have been taking masking pretty seriously *shows that pic from when gaetz wore a full face breaking bad respirator in congress*"




Oh god I *love* how he's dragging Tucker Carlson into this. And Carlson is like "I don't remember anything". I'm sure he regrets inviting Gaetz.


It feels like Gaetz is the nouveau riche of sex with minors/trafficking, and all the old money sex traffickers have gone to ground and they’re worried this dumb young loudmouth is gonna fuck up their vibe. Like he’s that friend in high school where you’re all stealthily smoking behind the bleachers and he comes up all excited “HEY GUYS! Can I HIT THAT JOINT?!?” No Matt, you can’t because Jimmy just swallowed it because Coach Barnes obviously just heard your loud, dumb ass and he’s on his way over here and we’re probably all going to get suspended. Except in this case the joint is an underaged child and I hope dumbass gets the whole group caught. Is the GOP really that bad at keeping their nefariousness on the DL, or do they just not care? It’s gotta be a combination of both. Edit: first ever gold- thank you!


They generally don't get punished for their wrongdoings. As other people have pointed out, the left generally holds their own accountable, where the right will deny, deny, deny if anyone on their side is caught doing something bad. How many times would they deny the shit Trump said on video in front of a live audience? We likely could have video of him fucking a 12 year old and people on /r/conservative would deny it was real. They will jump at anything someone made up with no evidence when it "implicates" the other side, but stick their heads in the sand when it comes to their own.


>We likely could have video of him fucking a 12 year old and people on [/r/conservative](https://www.reddit.com/r/conservative) would deny it was real. They'd watch that tape and, without missing a beat, say "this is exactly what Biden does to kids anyway." That or just turn it all back to abortion.




I can't think of any part of that that isn't quotable




Did that dude just say he said he went down to his local FBI store?


Yeah that REALLY stood out to me and seems very deliberate. Women are casually called girls until they're in their 30's or beyond.


Guilty. Of every crime in history. Forward and back.


Omg my sides. Dude is acting so guilty.




"17 year old **woman**" is pretty damning language for someone who wasn't trafficking/sexually involved with a 17 year old.


It's how you control the narrative. 19 year old *boy* 22 year old *girl* 17 year old *woman* Using certain terms elicits certain responses in people. He says "*17 year old woman*" knowing most people will just equate woman with adult. It's not just him. Anybody pressing a certain emotion in a story uses these depending on what they want you to think.


Yup. I first had it pointed out in white vs black situations (eg, black teens = thugs, Trump sons = boys), but it's very much applicable here. It's crazy how much little changes to language can elicit such changes, and how easy it is to not notice


"He had a bad day."


"underage woman"


= child lol I hate that too


To quote myself: >It's like Gaetz hired and then fired a lawyer in the 30 minutes before he went on air.


That lawyers name? Jack Daniels.


Kinda felt like a veiled threat. Like either y’all get behind me or I’m dragging you all down.


Didn't he like threaten Cohen on Twitter too, when Cohen threatened to testify against trump?


Very fitting that the pizzagate conservatives warned us about turns out to be pizzagaetz


Aka: projection


It’s always projection. If the GQP says that Joe Biden is a child fucker, we all know that means they are talking about Trump.


> Only when we see actual, real evidence; until then, it is just unsubstantiated rumor mongering done for political purposes. Nothing more. Unless it's a rumoured laptop owned by Hunter Biden.


Or evidence of wide spread vote fraud.


It's out there dO YouR OWn rEaSeArCh!!!!


Or allegations of widespread electoral fraud that somehow only cheated on the presidential race and not in any of the other elections taking place


Last week /r/conservative posters were slithering their way into SRD to tell everyone how bad pedophiles were [after their sub went private temporarily](https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/mcjtsp/and_were_back_with_good_news/) and now they're defending them. We live in a simulation




Is it just me or does Matt Gaetz totally look like the rapist in 13 reasons why?


I said something to a friend about how Gaetz has this just incredibly bizarre life and nothing about it makes sense, except for him being investigated for sex crimes which makes perfect sense. I think we all kind of raised our eyebrows when we all found out about Nestor but I feel like given this revelation it's somehow even weirder, and it's also something that I have yet to see adequately explained and not like, hand-waved away like it's not a completely insane situation.


It makes sense if you are rich kid that's been shielded from accountability your whole life.


he looks like the rapist from Family Guy to me


You have to be _this_ conservative for pedophilia to be okay


No child diddling for commies!


flaired users only


Conservatives when a conservative is a pedophile: Lalala we can't hear you! Cancel culture is evil! Conservatives when a trans woman associates with pedophiles: See! This is what we warned you about! We must band together and use social media to have them fired and shamed! **EDIT:** For anyone saying I am defending Aimee: No you stupid fuckface. I am pointing out that conservatives only care about stopping pedophiles when those pedophiles aren't their political allies. And they only complain about cancel culture when their allies are being cancelled.




> "I'm normally pretty leftist but" Man, nothing annoys me more than the whole pretending not to be conservative while pushing conservative talking points BS. There was just a thread yesterday about the NBA that quickly devolved into people getting upset about players' social stances. Somebody made a comment saying "I don't agree with the 'shut up and play' people, but all the political opinions made me stop watching." As though saying "I won't watch until you stop voicing your opinions" was *at all* a different statement from "shut up and play"


Was this the https://www.reddit.com/r/sports/comments/mg2c97/nearly_half_of_americans_changed_sports_viewing/ thread? Because that one also was pretty awful about it. And going back to what the user above said >Caring about women's sports when it's to try to drive a wedge on LGBT Thinking about how much they attacked trans kids being active in sports especially womens sports vs the complete disregard and mockery of womens leagues here https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/mefufa/most_tv_completely_ignores_womens_sports_a_30year/


On a side note, what happened to dankmemes I swear they were once left leaning


Coordinated brigading: https://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/md4hpo/asian_reddit_users_share_their_experiences_of/gs8e0ab/?context=3


Every meme sub or website eventually becomes a breeding ground for far right bigots. They love to hide messages inside of their memes.


Every space on the internet becomes a breeding ground for bigots if you let them stick around. They spread their shit as far as they can.


the "let's all relax our standards and be non-pc for the sake of humor" tends to benefit right wing nutjobs as pretend racism is the "I promise I won't cum in your mouth" of real racism, see also 4chan's evolution from the early 00s to today.


I’d throw r moderatepolitics on that list as well. It’s a place for right-wingers to pretend to some standard of rationality and civility, but really it’s just a place to concern troll and whitewash the same old bigotry and false narratives that the right has clung to for centuries. The giveaway is in the fact that the “moderate” in “moderatepolitics” does not reflect the positions held, but the *expression* of those politics. So there’s no problem with *politely* suggesting horrible things, but you will be banned for reacting to those things impolitely. The good news though, is that it’s still small and niche enough that one can actually still impact and influence the conversation by commenting and participating.


For conservatives it's all about a modern version of divine right of kings, basically: if you're rich or a Republican politician, you can do no wrong and kids should be so lucky as to get pumped full of your spunk. If you're at the bottom of the hierarchy, you should instead know your place. If we don't let the people at the top of the pyramid do whatever they want, they might not shower us with the greatness only they can provide. Plus, maybe the whole social order would collapse and we couldn't look down on poor and colored people anymore.


I think the more direct motivation is simply this: If the rich aren’t allowed to get away with things and abuse/exploit others, what’s the motivation to become rich? I think for a lot of people, the fantasy of winning the lottery or striking it rich isn’t “no more stress over bills or healthcare”, but “now I can make those motherfuckers pay”, with “those motherfuckers” being whatever combination of past rivals, competitors, real/perceived bullies, and/or despised groups they personally hate.


I think it’s the rich and powerful should be able to decide for themselves if they’re gonna be good or bad If good, then we shouldn’t interfere with them so that they can keep doing good If bad, we shouldn’t interfere with them because it will just make them do worse. Our systems will stop them from doing too much wrong (it won’t), and if it doesn’t stop them, then the system doesn’t work and we need more good individuals to make things better


In this mindset, sexual violence isn't really a crime when the perp is a white, cishet, conservative western guy, ideally middle or upper class--at worst it's Boys Being Boys, at best it's just one of the rightful perks of having social clout. It's only a crime when anyone else does it, because then then it's savage üntermenschen not knowing their place, and damaging the property of their betters


The best part about that was how they seem to have assumed we would defend her as "one of our own". Conservatives don't seem to understand that it isn't normal to defend pedophilia for political gain.


They have an endless victim mentality that stems from the fear that they would be treated as poorly as they treat others if they didn't have any political power.


Right, but they knew in their hearts that when it was "their guy" they'd go to any length to defend him so of course they expected the same from "the other side" without really realizing what an insular bubble "their side" is or what a vast and variably motivated spectrum "the other side" actually consists of. They can't imagine any reason that people in their out-group wouldn't get along with each-other because the in-group vs out-group mentality is all that drives them and is the only model for inter-personal conflict that they can imagine. This is why their "culture war" nonsense has been ramping up so hard lately and already been such a consistent thing to harp on for decades now; they've backed themselves into a corner where everything they don't like is actually part of the *same* giant monolith that is always working against them and against which they too must always work.


They want evidence because these stories are "often faked." Funny how there's plenty of evidence on Jim Jordan yet they don't give a damn. They only care if it's a Democrat, and they don't care if there's no evidence when it's a Democrat. Bunch of hypocrites.


These stories are “often faked” **by them** - it’s basically all Jacob Wohl does.


Wtf is Wohl doing nowadays? I remember when he would tweet about actually nuking Iran but he was booted off.


It would appear he is fighting both criminal and civil trials. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/judge-refuses-to-let-jacob-wohl-delay-his-civil-case-until-his-criminal-prosecutions-are-over/


Imagine being such an uninteresting douchebag that the only things worth mentioning in your graphic under bar is the generic “entrepreneur” label and who you support politically. What a fucking tool.


I still laugh at that “press conference” wohl and Burkman gave where burkmans fly was open the entire time lol


Funny how conservatives all say that biden is a pedophile (for sniffing his daughter I think?) while ignoring all those photos of trump with Epstein and trump.


Also the incredibly creepy pics of him and ivanka.


The sub that is convinced the election was stolen despite no proof of that fact are not rushing to judgment when it comes to the sexual abuse of a minor. Priorities!


>Hunter Biden has videos of him with underage girls. Some relevance. Why do they keep insisting that there is so much evidence of his wrongdoings, but nobody can ever actually find any of it?


The original NY Post article didn't say a single thing about videos of Hunter with underage girls. That bit of fiction only started spreading after everyone laughed off the absurdity of Giuliani's laptop story.


I can't believe he got away with that bullshit too.


The wheels of justice turn very slowly but methodically, especially during an administration transition and *especially* especially when we're in the middle of a pandemic and everything has to be done via video chat.


Also, the Post is a yet another piece of shit Murdoch rag.


power to declasify information... oddly chooses not to declassify it... it disappears... deepfake detected... republicans completely ignore it.


~~The dog ate my homework~~The USPS stole my USB stick with the videos


It's like a game of telephone. These stories get spread around and people add little details.


Librul dogs keep eating their evidence after it gets lost in the mail.


Major is the best operative for the deepstate.


It's in the Frazzle Drip end credits


Damn. I always leave before the mid-credits stinger.




The Derp State Cinematic Qniverse is gonna be *lit*.


"no dude, UPS lost it, i swear it was totally real" - Tucker Carlson


*what do you mean make a backup before sending or just emailing... *


Man, that blind laptop repairman sure is terrible at his job if he couldn't backup the damning footage from Hunter Biden's laptop that be most certainly saw.


“I swear that I had those those secret hunter biden videos but my dog ate them”


"We totes got them back boys, but we're just *too nice* to pursue this any further."


I feel like the projection machine these dudes run has taught me that don junior has to have some INSANE SHIT in his closet for how much they want Hunter Biden to go down for.


Because if you lie enough, people will believe you. It's like election fraud conspiracies. I know guys who swear up and down that the "saw" it happen, but still can't produce a shred of evidence.


It’s easier to say a lie than disprove it.


I mean, is Hunter Biden being elected to office or given a nepotistic appointment, because if so I see the relevance to talking about him. No evidence, but relevance I guess. But I thought it was Mango Mussolini who put his kids in charge of shit they were wildly unqualified for despite being unelected and possibly shitty?


[Don't forget the orangelings used those positions for personal gain.](https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/09/22/ivankas-trademark-requests-were-fast-tracked-in-china-after-trump-was-elected/)


Even if there was proof of that then I think most "libs" would want Hunter prosecuted too. They seem to think this is some mad dunk.


Imma be honest guys, I first heard about this news from this post and totally thought it was going to be his "son".


Oh that's not far behind you know it


I wonder if this 17 year old situation was just a compromise to get him on something but not worse stuff. The Nestor situation is fucked up, and so is his connection with Joel Greenberg.


I feel so bad for that kid. Even if it’s just Gaetz “raising” him, having to live with that man is a sentence.


I get all these shitheads confused because I’m not paying that close attention to them at all times and I was like “is this the guy who has that “son” he’s definitely fucking” and lo and behold


For anyone OOTL: His Cuban houseboy "helper" "adopted son" was 12 years old when "adopted" and his ex was 12 years old when her brother (the houseboy "helper" "adopted son") was born (Matt Gaetz was 18) https://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/mcqhqz/utheclumsy1_summarizes_the_two_possibilities_of/


[How did we miss the signs?](https://twitter.com/mattgaetz/status/1161062269641474049?s=19)


Reminded me of the SNL R. Kelly parody: > I gave y’all trapped in the closet. Feeling on your booty. Age ain’t nothing but a number. And so many other clues!


"I thought we were supposed to be the open minded ones?" Aww, kiddo. I got heavily downvoted over there when they were talking about Ted Cruz filming the immigrant detention centers, saying hadn't they called it political theater when AOC did it. Someone said that the left was always hypocritical, and when I asked shouldn't being less hypocritical than them something to aim for, I got heavily downvoted again.


The reply is killing me. >" Y'all". Lol okay. >Don't mix up open minded and accepting. I am incredibly open minded, but I am not particularly accepting. Some are the opposite; others are both or neither. Like... I just think you’re not open minded buddy lmao


Translation: “I listen to other opinions before dismissing them out of hand.”


> I thought we were supposed to be the open minded ones? *flaired users only*


>" Don't mix up open minded and accepting. I am incredibly open minded, but I am not particularly accepting. Some are the opposite; others are both or neither. " The mental acrobatics are astounding.


It's like they know how to apply critical thinking skills but choose not to. They understand context and nuance but apply it to the wrong things. They are 100% of the reason why using your work computer to mine bitcoin is prohibited and why it's specifically mentioned in your company's rules.


Wait, this is about a different teenager than the male one who secretly lives with him?


When you put it like that


Maybe he's Batman?


Just to remind everyone. On March 4th 2020, Matt Gaetze wore a gas mask to the house floor to sign the Coronavirus funding bill. He wore the mask to mock the people worried about what the virus could do to the country and themselves if it got out of hand. At the time he chose to childishly mock Americans who were just lied to about the virus even being real, 11 Americans had already died from the virus, the federal government was on the verge of stealing medical supplies from states, a handful of representatives had used their foreknowledge of the virus for insider trading instead of letting everyone know there was a big issue coming, and we would also be at the start of what would end up being over half a million dead. I'm just saying, Matt Gaetz is an absolute piece of shit of a person, he should in no way be involved with the government, and it's not really unexpected he'd be fucking children.


the amount of dudes crying about hunter biden as if it’s at all relevant to the situation lmfao


Whataboutism at it's finest.


Actual evidence and being investigated by the FBI, an investigation that started under *Trump's* FBI? I sleep A claim that evidence exists that Biden's son is a pedo but for some reason that evidence never was shown to anyone or proven to exist in any way from someone who's currently being sued by at least two people for defemation? Real shit ~conservatives


Had to laugh at the guy unironically saying conservatives are supposed to be open minded. Some people really are dumb.


LMFAO Gaetz accused of being a child fucker - "I'll wait to see the evidence" Trump accused of being a rapist, known associate of Epstein - "Where is the evidence?!?" 2020 election - "I DON'T CARE IF THERE IS ZERO EVIDENCE, BIDEN STOLE THE ELEKSHUN!" January 6th - "I DON'T CARE IF ALL THE EVIDENCE POINTS TO RIGHT WING TERRORISTS, IT WAS ANTIFA!"


I remember january 6th, because I was watching a live feed while surrounded by qanon supporters at work. The entire time, I'm just saying, "*people* are acting crazy." "Who knows what's going on, these people are really mad and theres a lot of tear gas." "Somebodys storming the rafters, that's dumb, it's a gas trap." Before we knew what was going on, my coworkers were saying, "only antifa acts like that" "wow, BLM made it to the capital." "Antifa must have infiltrated the protestors."


With conservatives it is always, ALWAYS, projection


>With conservatives it is always, ALWAYS, projection Examples I've been collecting: * "[Cancel culture!](https://www.reddit.com/r/PoliticalHumor/comments/iowh8a/conservatives_when_claiming_liberals_are_easily/)" and "[~~California~~ Texas triggered sensitive snowflakes!](https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/llci05/outrage_in_radviceanimals_at_a_meme_mocking_texas/gnpds8k/?context=3)" * "politically correct" "culture war" like [censoring Kaepernick](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/22/opinion/colin-kaepernick-nfl.html) or "Freedom Fries" or [Dixie Chicks, or Nike, Starbucks, the NFL, Ford, Gillette, Netflix, Amazon, Hamilton, Nordstrom, K-Cup machines, Yeti, movies, videogames, the press, SNL, award shows, ...they literally tried canceling democracy](https://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/ldec9w/examples_of_republicans_projecting_their_cancel/) * Flag protocol! not on camouflage flag bikinis or thin blue line truck nuts but only [selective outrage at those football games that protest police abuse](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/22/opinion/colin-kaepernick-nfl.html) * "free speech" * "safe space" * "victimhood complex" * "personal accountability" * "law and order" * "silent majority" * "big government" * "wasteful spending" * "welfare queens" and subsidies * "moving goal posts" * "control the narrative" * "too much tribalism" and "politics shouldn't be sports teams" * "cry more" * "pandering" * "outrage culture" * "virtue signalling" * "[identity politics](https://www.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/m1izsz/activist_milo_yiannopoulos_is_now_exgay/gqdx1s6/)" * Using "token minority" [Andy Ngo](https://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/m088vl/extensive_examples_of_conservative_influencer/), [Ian Miles Cheong](https://www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/m0gx12/you_can_still_breathe_idiot/), Wesley Yang, Candace Owens, [Dave Rubin](https://www.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/m33qvp/dave_rubin_admits_that_the_reason_he_hasnt_left/gqmr2pd/), [Milo Yiannopouloss](https://www.reddit.com/r/ToiletPaperUSA/comments/ln1g0c/milo_yiannopouloss_emails_a_cache_of_documents/), [Ben Shapiro](https://www.reddit.com/r/ToiletPaperUSA/comments/ln1sif/turning_point_usa_and_young_americas_foundation/) to "push the narrative" even though they're only doing it as bad faith grifters * "Pro-life" but against children's health programs and parroting Texas hurt feelings talking points about California [despite all the statistics showing California's superiority on "life" and children](https://www.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/m1dt10/city_of_austin_will_defy_texas_governor_and_keep/gqf10ib/?context=3) * siding with billionaires, bullies, the powerful, [police abuse by the state and government overreach](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/h8ufog/spd_riding_a_bike_into_a_protester_then_arresting/futdghx/) which they claim they need guns for but crying about a "police state" because of wearing masks to protect others and save lives, "law and order" when it applies to the poor and disenfranchised but not to white collar crimes or consequences for their actions


To your last paragraph, I've never seen so much collective hate for the poor as from evangelicals in the US. Which I guess makes sense, Jesus had some pretty strong opinions about the poor too But for the life of me I always forget which side he came down on, it's on the tip of my tongue


"Mo' money mo' problems" - Jesus


Can we add on the California Wildfires vs Texas Deep Freeze Power Outage?


I'll tack on the Enron scandal for free!


I love catalogs such as this. Nice 👍


> It's not that hard to keep track. What do they feel good believing? That's the truth Sums it up


How is this fucker not already in jail? HEY! Remember that time him and like 30 other dipshit Republicans broke into SCIF with the express intent of interfering with an investigation into Donald J Trump? Fucking his ass should have been locked up two cunting years ago.


Republicans love pedophelia, what else is new


Funny how the same group that spends so much time "crusading" against pedophilia can't tolerate anyone on their team being under investigation.


>We've got to catch all the pedos in politics and Hollywood! >*Republican politician X is under investigation for child sex crimes* >Well, obviously some children are predators and deserve what happened to them


hiLaRY iS a pEdOpHiLe Matt Gaetz adopted a Latin American teenage boy named Nestor and hid that fact from the public for years. There are no adoption papers proving this, so you’ll just have to take Matt’s word for it. Oh, also, Nestor has a father who is alive and well and claims to have never put him up for adoption. Conservatives don’t bat an eye. This should obviously be fodder for some dumbass q anon conspiracy theories...but no...you people will connect dots that don’t even exist but *this all seems kosher to you*?!?


"Fuck y’all, I deleted my comment cause even HERE y’all are assholes. I thought we were supposed to be the open minded ones?" Oh my god they're becoming self aware


He just hasn't downloaded the new talking points patch. By tomorrow morning he will be full on "the deep state is trying to cancel Matt Gaetz."


*Flaired users only intensifies*


He'll be back tomorrow. He'd erase his own hard drive before becoming self aware


Conservative: become human


More bugs than Cyberpunk


I saw that a few times with a die hard Trump guy at work. We would have a conversation about something political. He'd see my point and say you're right. If it was especially hard to swallow he would end with "they're all corrupt" as in both sides of the isle. the next day it was clear that his hard drive was restored to a previous save


r/Conservative trying to shift the discussion from *alleged* pedophile Matt Gaetz to Hunter Biden is disgusting. Reddit should ban these pedo sympathizers.


I realize it's bad to judge books by their cover when it comes to these things, but is anyone surprised that this Spirit Halloween mask looking motherfucker turned out to be a sex pest?


I hate to get political, but man it gives me a deep sense of schadenfreude seeing the folks that whine about everything being censorship and 1984... not just simply allow a piece of news to make its rounds.


That sub should just be added to the dictionary for the definitions of hypocrite and projection. It's one of the most tightly controlled subs on this website and it's users float around to other subs bitching and moaning about Reddit being a leftist echo chamber and circle jerk. Lol. On my older account that I don't use anymore, I was banned from there without ever having made a post or a comment, but I did make a comment in a sub one of the mods didn't like. I still think about it every now and then and laugh. Free speech! Haha


>the definitions of hypocrite and projection And sociopathy, narcissism, selfishness, nihilism \#patriots \#christian \#wwjd


They are so committed to making Biden out to be a pedophile.


“The kid is not my son”


Oh no! This a different underage person.


"Flaired Users Only" doesn't sound like the free speech they preach about all the time


It's only a free speech violation when i'm the one being "censored".


"whatever you do don't read r politics" is the most conservative boomer thing I've ever heard.


\*Conservative rapes child\* Ughhhh great here come the LIBRULS


>"Y'all". Lol okay. >Don't mix up open minded and accepting. I am incredibly open minded, but I am not particularly accepting. Some are the opposite; others are both or neither. What the FUCK does this even mean? That they understand other people but decide to hate them anyway?


Popcorn tastes good.