I made an outdoors play pen for my Pengling.

I made an outdoors play pen for my Pengling.


He looks so f*cking traumatised, what have you done


They trapped him with ghost objects


Hes going to have friends shortly! It's Version 1 haha.


You think that’s bad I used a grav trap to catch my food early game and the penguins would eat it so I made a bio reactor and threw the babies in it. That’s what they get for stealing my food


The green solution to all your energy needs.


I didn’t even give them the sweet release of death they will just spend their days in my life pod storage


Ah ofc, you let them destroy themselves by using their isolated thoughts


My pengling pen is a little smaller... and powers my base...


bioreactor? nah cant be, only a MONSTER would do that/ aka everyone on this sub but me and a few others ;-;


I started playing for the first time recently, and I looked up what the best source of fuel was for my bioreactor. And let me tell you that my jaw hit the floor when I saw the Pengling on the top of this list. I couldn't bring myself to do it...so Noot Fish it is.


I’m pretty sure the root pustules are intended to be the best source of bioreactor fuel.


Ohh really? I'll have to try those! Finding several Noot Fish takes up a lot of time. Thank you for this info!


Noot fish is the best name for a fish ever


If you cook a noot fish in a fabricator the description says "it's nootritious"


Also says “it does noot taste good.”


I think that when you combine the noot fish with salt or mabye it's the other way around


omg it does? Thats awesome


It’s pretty neat, is it noot?


noot fish


It's not though? Penglings are worth 210, same as a boney spinefish... Best is roots at 700, lowest is preston leaves at 70. 210 is like 6th from the bottom.. Even fever peppers are 270 each and you can get enough to power two reactors with just two planted pots of them put adjacent to said reactors. Really no reason to burn penglings besides being edgy.


It's like r/shitrimworldsays is leaking, but is less self aware


You think they'd figure out the joke was stale by now seeing as its always the top comment *every* time anyone mentions a pengling. *Always* followed up by "you monster" of some sort. But no that just encourages people to parrot it for karma more.


I didnt even intentionally copy someones comment, thats just what I was gonna say lol. kinda like how ppl put cutefish in the bioreactors in original subnautica.


Not your fault if youre not around much to see the same joke in every other thread. Some people do it intentionally though. No worries.


Here's a sneak peek of /r/ShitRimworldSays using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/ShitRimworldSays/top/?sort=top&t=year) of the year! \#1: [Well you can torture your prisoners in new ways. I cut a guy's dick off and fed it to him. I do question myself sometimes. In a mental break he then tried to rape another prisoner. Problem was the other prisoner was stronger and in turn raped him instead. I shot them both out of obligation](https://np.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/hleodv/another_meme_i_made/fwzlff0/) | [50 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/ShitRimworldSays/comments/ktde71/well_you_can_torture_your_prisoners_in_new_ways_i/) \#2: ["The child was born, immediately went to equip marine armor and then smoke a joint. I guess being a fetus didn't provide much recreation."](https://np.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/m6mnma/i_went_to_check_on_the_child_that_was_just_born/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) | [17 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/ShitRimworldSays/comments/m71jnq/the_child_was_born_immediately_went_to_equip/) \#3: [Does anyone beat up slaves they want but cannot afford in the early game? I just bought an otherwise healthy Industrious rim with major passions and high (8+) Intellectual, Medical, Construction and Crafting. Original price 1575 Silver, After I beat the shit out of him with a gun butt, 330 silver.](https://np.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/kqrmhe/early_game_slaver_exploit/) | [17 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/ShitRimworldSays/comments/kqtm9l/does_anyone_beat_up_slaves_they_want_but_cannot/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| [^^Contact ^^me](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| [^^Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| [^^Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/joo7mb/blacklist_viii/)


Oh wow, I'll have to use those instead! Then the list I saw was either inaccurate/outdated or just someone trolling. Thank you!


No problem. For a second I suspected you might be the one trolling people with false info. Trying to trick people into murdering penglings lol


Haha definitely not! I'm just a very new player trying to learn the ropes. And I genuinely thought the Penglings were the highest source of fuel until everyone on here told me otherwise XD


Well happy to save you mental anguish of that. People joke but in 3 years time when they suddenly wake up at night surrounded by the ghosts of hundred of penglings, they’ll wish they were more optimal in below-zero. :)


The penglings I could take, but you leave the poor nooters be


I can't fit them in my bioreactor, too full of root pustules


Solar panel gang




Do people really use bioreactors in this game? The nuclear reactor is so easy to get compared to the original and comes with a whole set of rods too.


I currently have two solar panels and a bio and that's enough to run everything. It's hardly Satisfactory.


Tbh, i refused to use nuclear because of reasons that don’t actually matter for gameplay. Which is the danger caused by a reactor being destroyed. My base is near (but not actually in its range) a rather dangerous leviathan plus nuclear just feels unsafe to leave unattended.




Happi cake


I cannot for the life of me find the habitat builder in the post-reset BZ. It’s making me so mad lol


I remember that in the twisty bridges, there's a straight compartment and I think it has a window on the end? Very near that is where I found it.


Any idea where in twisty bridges? It’s quite a large place yk?


Just pulled it up in game lol, about 340 meters from the life pod, 100 down. There's a kelp forest between the pod and the bridges, and if you follow the edge of that southward you should find it easily.


near where the floating platform/diving cage + sparking wire is. Below that (not directly below), nearby is a tiny abandoned base you can swim into on one end.


Remember to look on the floor of the straight compartment! I went here so many times looking for it and never looked down in the search... Was frustrated but happy when I finally got it XD


Delta station has one sitting on top of a box outside one of the quarters


I built it! Thank you I missed that when I was there last


Yeah it took me a while as well. I've already completed the game and I'll tell you that there are several locations where you can find one, you just have to do some exploring.


Woah does it keep them in containment ? That's really cool lol =)


Mine hasn't escaped so far. *shrug* haha. Not sure if with enough time it'll de-spawn or find a way out though.


Imprisoned for his crimes


what a legend


How do you do that


So as it turns out, the unbuilt "blue prints" that you place down come with hit boxes, even though they are not yet constructed. So, I just slapped down a large number of these blue prints in the shape of a pen. I went with the power transfer things in particular because they can be jumped over by the player's character, but it doesn't seem like our little pengling friend can do the same. As for how I captured the pengling? You can just pick them up and place them down like any other movable object.


Wish we could do this with stalkers. I tried spawning them in a zoo I built and they just stand there all facing the same direction :/


adults can be put in there too with one of the cannons. I'm not gonna bother tryna say which one bc I always mix up the names


Yes they can! I also tried putting some fish in there. They just glide around all sad looking though. I'm thinking for pen version 2 I'm going to include a water section.


how would that work?


Not sure! I have some ideas, but need to test them out and see if it's practical or not. But I think the hit boxes of ghost objects give us some room for creativity.


I am going to copy you


The Ghost Fence will not contain Corpus forever


hologram pen




Keep them happy before they go in the bio reactor


Penglings are adorable. It will get lonely all by itself though....


Where are it’s parents? It’s friends? What have you done?!


I made an updated one with friends, parents, more room, and a water section. You should be able to find it in my post history. :)