A majority of her subs I didn't get things from, but I recently got straight spine results from her, my mother noticed my results. She went from pointing out how my back/spine and hips were slightly curved to saying it was straight. If you feel uneasy from her subs, stay away. I suppose that's your intuition you telling you so.


Yeah they give me a weird vibe so I haven't tried her subs, I try and trust my instincts with that.


I had one bad experience with her and stopped using synergy. This was in 2018 when she was rlly popular but anyways I used her plump lips subliminal and not only were results slow, they made my lips uneven. I flushed as much as I could and used a symmetrical face sub till my lips went back to normal. Idk if 2020 synergy is good but I'm not taking the chance.


You ask me synergy is mind power


Trust me your gut feeling is right. I listened to her subs overnight and I had a nightmare and continuous nosebleeds the whole day.


yes, me! I had bad experience listening here, that why i started my ow channel