I’ll bet most of them can, just ask. The more smug one is, the more bonus points for gatekeeping one will earn.


A student of mine was wearing a greenday shirt, i was like sweet! What’s your favorite song? She then replied what are you talking about, turns out she didnt even know it was a band….


Is it so wrong to love the concept of a green day?


I guess not!


I did that a few days ago to my nephew and his friends and they went straight to there phone lol,


Yeah, a guy I work with (23) said he loved nirvana but he only knew 2 songs. We ended up drinking until 3am as I showed him entire discographies and told the history of certain events pertaining to nirvana. It’s all good, and I’m happy he knows a lot more about the band, the songs and the history. His new favourite song is moist vagina. Let people be people, and if they’re curious don’t be an ass and show them how cool you really are. A lot of the stuff I learned was from older people showing me when I was young, do the same my man!


They don't understand that Nirvana on the mainstream music scene from hairbands etc to a whole new style of rock ,fyi rap isn't included in this comment NO IM NOT RACIST! Its just rap is a whole different thing then rock,metal, GRUNGE. The same thing happened with rap to but I'm not positive in my rap history. I Listen to both music but I only can listen to music from 2003 and under ,I wore one of my GG Allin and the murder junkies shirts a bit ago and nobody knows who they were .


You’re so “pick me”. It’s really gross


HOLY SHIT! your SOOOOO cool man. Still living in the early 2000s and before and immediately counting off music made after 2003. There are some phenomenal bands who are new to the scene and are just as good as the older bands that you’ve written off. Also, your nephew and his friend are ONE instance of this (not to mention wearing a shirt with a band logo is called FASHION). When I was 15 I could name off more songs by led zeppelin, nirvana, the doors, AC/DC and kiss than either of my parents, whom of which are STILL huge fans and lived through their music making years. How about next time u show them some songs and the discographies instead of trying to seem like a superior to them, cuz u don’t, u just seem like a know-it-all


The racist wasn't towards you but sometimes people can be stupid


Bragging about a gg Allin shirt is actually stupid


to where phone


I've met some Gen xers who wear their shirts and can't name more than three songs. You'd be surprised, some of those Gen z people might be real fans.


Good chance to share with them "how fire" hearing tracks from nevermind on the radio was when they first "dropped".


They were so "far out" and "groovy" the first time, right?


Was pretty "bodacious" and "tubular"


not sure what's lamer, this kind of post or the "only old music is good" kind. Hating on people for liking stuff, I mean, there are so are many better things to hate on. Like, for instance, people who always include their url with their posts. [darkarps.com](https://darkarps.com)


The kids can't win man, they're stupid if they listen to new music and they're posers if they listen to old music


Who gives a shit, get a life you old turd


Hehe that gave me a good chuckle. Old turd, an oldy but a goodie 😂


Treat it as an opportunity to tell them you like the band, too. Even if they are wearing the shirt because it's a trendy hand-me-down, they might still discover the music through hearing your appreciation for it.


We should let Gen Z enjoy terrible bands if that's what they want to do.


Scathing, I like it


Please name one good Gen Z band




Because I’m trying to turn your mom on to new things. Bitch still listening to Alanis Morrisette when we fuckin


Should definitely focus on finding the clitoris before worrying about what music little kids listen to. Unless... Oh. Oh no.


“And I’m here to remind you Of the mess I made on your mothers face You you you oughta know” Sorry, I interrupted you talking about your mom’s clit. Continue


Who cares


Dude grow up.


Can you blame them? They have angst. Everbody has angst.


Is this satire?


Honestly, encourage them and let the music live on. They may have learned about it from their parents, and look, I’d rather that than some of the crap circulating nowadays!


Hyperpop is/was the new punk! Not in the way it sounds but in the energy and DGAF attitude


GenX here and our gen Z kids have been listening to Nirvana their whole lives.


C'mon now.. entertain them


I feel stupid.. and contagious..


Who gives a fuck, you don't own the enjoyment rights to anything


You need a hobby


Jeez, reflect on yourself for a sec….You’ve turned into one of those “back in my day!” people. Anyone who truly enjoys Nirvanna wouldn’t stop someone from enjoying their music or style.


You've probably seen me wear one if you're bitching, I have 2 or 3 Nirvana tees and want a tattoo. I'm 21. Personally my favorite album by them is the MTV Unplugged album, favourite song is Plateau. Shocking to hear but sometimes people LIKE music that's older than them... I know a girl who's 34 and she's never heard of Motley Crue, Poison, or Joan Jett. Meanwhile I saw all 3 (and Def Leppard) a couple of weeks ago. You're just a judgemental prick


Haha guys look I'm so insecure about my age that I need to gatekeep one of the most popular grung bands in the 80s. Fucking grow up dude. And for the record, most of em will know


My 13 year old loves Nirvana and can play almost all of Nevermind on guitar. Curt Cobain died when I was 4... they were before millennials time... and I loved them too. Good music is good music. Time doesn't change that.


What does it really matter? If they want to wear the shirt, it's not hurting anyone.


Exactly. No one owns Nirvana or any band, especially fans and music snobs. Let people wear what they want. Gatekeeping ruins it for everyone.


I didn’t realize gen z were all deaf….


Honestly stfu


Are you a grown man that's so insecure you feel the need to gatekeep younger generations from enjoying older music because it makes you feel better than a teenager? Okay


I've listened to a shitload of Nirvana, but I doubt I can name 5 songs accurately. Maybe let other people enjoy stuff and not be a prick about it.


Anyone that didn't help the roadies setup the amps for there mtv live acoustic set has no business wearing a nirvana shirt. If you helped Courtney wipe down the shotgun you can also wear a shirt


bro ur embarrassing our generation, stop


I lived it and couldn’t tell you. I had fun and wasn’t a bitch about it.


Are you actually complaining about this? Buy a diary and go touch some grass


Can you tell me why that’s important to you? Is their a reason you’re gatekeeping both clothing and music? Does it matter? Why does it matter to you?


Username checks out


Are you gatekeeping shirts now?


Gstekeeping is stupid and pointless.


Who cares? Why do they need to memorize homework to wear a shirt?


Cope harder


Oh you’re a fan of t shirts? Name five of their albums


Exact same thing as millennials wearing Zeppelin and Stones tees.


You know how many gen x'ers had Hendrix posters and Zepplin shirts lol. Like this is anything new. Go back 30 years or so and ask all the kids with Grateful Dead shirts how many songs they know haha.


Someone once did this to me when I was wearing a lil uzi vert tee. This was 2018 and uzi was super popular so I just answered the name of the 2 released albums at the time. I then asked the questioner to name a single NASA space shuttle or crewed mission as he was wearing a NASA tee... he was dumbfound. I gave him a hint of Apollo 11... still could not answer. Be carful or the tables might turn on you one day lol. Also check out the song Beans by Kurt Cobain . Only true fans know it.


What if they actually like the band, I was born in 02 and grew up on nirvana Alice in chains and pearl jam it’s good music despite being long older than me, if you wanted to know my favourite songs it would land under, drain you, milk it, dumb, marigold, turnaround


Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Heart Shaped Box, The Man Who Sold The World, All Apologies.


Smells like teen spirit.


Who cares?




I was once given a band shirt from a band I have never been into and probably can't name more than one song of theirs. However, the design wasn't offensive and the shirt provided the expected protection from the elements. Why wouldn't I wear it? It's just a shirt.


Don't gatekeep , that's lame.


Found the creepy gatekeeping uncle.


Saw a young girl wearing a nirvana shirt the other day. Asked her who was the lead singer. She said Dave Groll…


Too be fair atleast she knew he was in the band, as well as the fact he’s a vocalist in another band .


This is such an old rhetoric. get over it. who gives a fuck if teens are wearing band shirts


You'd be amazed at all the songs my teenage daughters know - and they know \_all the words\_. Songs I've heard a million times and I don't know the words. They know Nirvana better than I do and I grew up in the same town as Nirvana did. (Used to work just a few blocks from Kurt Cobain's mom's house)


If they can't answer, will you give me a gold medal?


There’s no song threshold required to be a fan of a band, just so you know.


Who cares? You’re not cool just because you do lol. Grow up.


Is it outrageous to think that kids learn about good old bands from their parents, and like them? I'll die listening to Zeppelin, but I was born In '88


It happened with Millenials too. Most people who wore The Misfits, or Dead Kennedys Merch thought they were just clothing lines from hot topic in the early to mid 2000s.


Cry more boomer


You mean Gen Xer


I mean, have you seen the nirvana shirt with the smiley face and xs for eyes ? I’d rock it even not knowing what nirvana was. People like you make the world suck


Your complacency will be the death of you. You only think old music is good and write off anything new SPECIFICALLY cuz it’s new. That’s such a close minded and honestly very right-wing way of thinking “everything from back then is 100% better in EVERY WAY and there is no argument”. This closes you off to new experiences, and more importantly your just disregarding the progress we make for things over the years.


Reddit equivalent of “bet you can’t name 5 songs”. Thought this was just a running joke lol didn’t think people actually cared. I wear zeppelin and PF shirts and listen to entire albums. I was born in the 90’s. Chill TF out. Besides even if they can’t, why would you care? Nirvana’s trash. Whiny little grunge band. Bet you like the foo fighters too.


lmao boomers these days


? Nirvana is timeless and many gen z listen to them regularly


boomers carrying cell phones, I bet if you asked them to name 5 apps every cell phone comes with, think they could tell you??? Lol


Lol that's what I said yesterday lol


Lemme guess, you found Nirvana a few months ago, heard 7 of their songs and are now pissed off at "posers" who didn't put in their mandatory minimum effort before donning the shirt? FFS.


Leave people alone


You keep that gate, keep it as hard as you can, because if you can't ... anarchy, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... MASS HYSTERIA!


Ugh, I hate this gatekeeping bands stuff. I'm not good with names, especially with Spotify so sometimes I don't remember the names of certain songs, doesn't mean I don't know that artist or the song, just means I have a crap memory for names.