You could go either way, really. Starting with Lance's death would set a darker tone - that this is a story that contains character deaths and brutal ones at that. If you start by building up the relationships, it'd set a more superhero-y tone. Starting from the 'origin story' for the powers and those first moments learning to become a hero would follow the tropes of superhero comics more closely, and using or subverting the reader's expectations from those tropes could be a tool to use. You could also reorder the scenes sometime after writing them. That's something I do when stuck on a writing dilemma like that. I figure that if I write down more of the story, I'll have a better idea of what tones or themes would be effective in it, and then use that information to fix things in editing.


Just want to let you know, there’s a super hero series called invincible, which sounds pretty close to unstoppable. Might wanna consider that.