>We know Wit is guided by fortune. Is he leaving for other world’s during this time. Maybe to Scadrial to give Wax the coin? From WoBs Sanderson has said that Era 2 takes place between the first and second half of Stormlight so probably not. But until he canonizes exactly when it would be possible. But he's not gone for very long. >It’s possible that the Ghostbloods could be stockpiling perfect Gemstones to transport to other worlds Yeah! Although I doubt it's just them. Anyone who knew enough would likely be stockpiling those which would end up weeding them out of the gemstones in circulation. I'm sure Skybreakers over the years would've grabbed enough to have some good ones for example. >Did the coin Hoid give to Wax a favor to Harmony? I doubt it. Harmony could've just told Wax that the Soverign was Kelsier if he'd wanted Wax to know he was alive. I think Wit was working more against Kelsier than for Harmony at that moment. >Unpopular opinion but I really agree with a lot of Lirin’s point of view. Fighting isn’t always the answer Lirin's position isn't that it isn't always the answer, his position is that it's never the answer. That's where you get into trouble as while I like the idea of pacifism too, there are situations that are helped by violence I think. Most of Kaladin's violent actions fall into that category. >The more I read of the fused, the more I fear an adaptation will take away their most important qualities: individual patterns, tones, height. It will be almost impossible to use tones in a live action adaptation or indicates a different skin pattern for every radiant I don't know I think you could keep the patterns and height pretty easily. And then for tones I think it might be a bit understated, but if you look at the work many movie composers have done such as in Star Wars where different characters have their themes that flow through the narrative. I think it would be tough to do well, but someone like John Williams or Hans Zimmer could do a great job bringing that to life. But would definitely be something that could be minimized or left out which would be a shame. >Reading about Eshonai now, after her death just compounds on the grief and sense of loss. She was one of my favorite characters. Yeah that was such a good ending for her but so sad! :(


It’s also stated the honorspren collect perfect gemstones. They seem to have a collection. And the honorspren are led by the one herald forgot his name but he was there when they captured BDM. So I’d wager he’s kept a stockpile ready to go to war




Harmony doesn't want wax to have the coin. . . Neither dose thadicar . . . It's wit just messing with them. . . Also the era 2 books happen after ROW.


>The puns aren’t that funny and they’re not meant to be. They are distracting which is their function. THIIIISSSSSSSS! Ohmystormingshartplate I wish any given person who complains about Shallan's "wittiness" would understand this is the exact root of all of it. The very Vorin expectation of this catty feminine word game and Shallan doing exactly what Jasnah accuses her of in their first handful of interactions. She says the first thing that comes to mind whether it's genuinely witty or just the worst pun. Not because she's trying to be funny but because it keeps her from having time to think. And I think her humor improves as the books go on, but some of it is still just genuinely not meant to be funny. And presumably Szeth's light-bending gemstone he turned over is anti-voidlight and therefore the *cause* of the explosion in Navani's lab because she told her ardents to try and move voidlight into Szeth's gemstone. It's probably destroyed.


>Unpopular opinion but I really agree with a lot of Lirin's point of view. Fighting isn't always the answer That is not really that Unpopular. it is contentious but I would say about 25-33% of the readers agree with you. I am one of them. I think the windrunners 5th Ideal will be to "become protection" which is to protect while causing as little harm as possible. This includes harm to enemies. My hot take: The ideals of the radiants are very ontological. They are not even entirely moral, and quite often they are contradictory. I disagree with a lot of the 'big picture' stuff that the Radiants espouse. Dalinar is a war criminal and deserves to rot in a jail cell. But he is 'improving' so we have to give him a chance. Ehlokar perpetuates an unjust war of vengeace, sacrificing thousands of his own soldiers because he is petty and angry. But he wanted to be a better leader so all is forgiven. Taravangian assassinated a few kings and took power for himself to try to save the world in the face of literal gods. But he is evil because 'journey before destination'. The radiants are quick to forgive... Except when its not convenient (Moash). They are quick to defend save lives, except when its not convenient (It would save more lives if Kaladin sat tight and waited for Dalinar to come back before starting a revolution).


On my second reread I found myself liking Venli a lot more, and the listener chapters in general more interesting. It’s still annoying that it switches back and forth between venli and eshonai pov’s but it’s understandable. Still upset that Navani bonded the sibling, I was really rooting for Rlain or Dabbid.


I think it's less that Vasher failed and more that there was always something else after. So he gave up.


I just read Sixth of the Dusk, I never considered that Mraize's bird could be an Aviar !