At what point should I grow my military?

At what point should I grow my military?


A few ways to grow your naval cap is technologies, anchorages on starbases, and strongholds on planets. Something I personally do is after setting up my choke points with defensive starbases I dedicate 1 or 2 of my starbases to trade (depending on empire size. I usually play tall so 1 is enough for me) and the rest of my starbases become anchorages. I think this is the main way a lot of fleet cap, until fortress habitats take over, is generated but I could be wrong. As for when to start building up your military, I try to keep my military up to par with my naval cap, or at least as much as my economy can support without tanking too hard.


Ah thats what I thought. Im going to fortify my chokepoints then and start pumping anchorages. Thank you very much


I recommend using the hangar bays if you have them, if not use the gun ones. As a note though, until you get the FTL inhibitor technology then enemy fleet can just move around your Starbase ignoring it completely, having a fleet in the system with your Starbase is best. Try to lure the enemy fleet into the Starbase first then engage with your fleet. If it looks like the enemy is just skipping the system then engage with your fleet and hope they move close enough to the center that the Starbase helps as well.


The Target Uplink Computer is very important for that too, if you can tech rush that & strike craft then a few hangar defence platforms plus the starbase module can hold off enemies extremely well in early game, especially with the Unyielding tree.


As soon as a neighbouring empire has a negative opinion of you, and as soon as you can afford it. If another empire borders you, has a negative opinion of you and have a stronger navy, they *will* attack you, the only question is when. You can prevent that by making them not hate you. Unless you play as a genocidal empire, you can send envoys to other empires to improve your relations with them, and sign a non-aggression pact. In most cases, they won't attack you if they like you enough and they might even guarantee your independence. They're also less likely to attack you if your fleet is at least equivalent in strength to theirs (with the latest DLC, you'll have to spy on them to find that out). Getting allies via defensive packs also helps. That said, no matter what neighbours you have, it's wise to build starbases on chokepoints near your borders, blocking the way to your empire's core. Even with a weaker fleet, you can keep your ships to a system next to a fortified starbase, wait for the enemy to engage it and swoop in to tip the scales (this strategy has saved me a lot of times). Mind you, starbases are more like meatshields than actual defenses, and even fleets with less strength can take them out, so only see them as obstacles. One last thing: watch your fleet upkeep and try not to go beyond your naval capacity. Fleet upkeep is expensive and going over your naval capacity will make it even more so, which can cripple your economy fast. You can get more naval capacity from techs, starbase anchorages and strongholds on planets (a good strategy is turning small planets on chokepoints near your borders to fortress worlds with many strongholds. Soldier pops increase your naval capacity and can delay an invading fleet for months or even years).


Claiming, corvette rushing and landing armies on your neighbour's capital by 2220 has always been the best strategy. There are multiple discussions and descriptions of it. Pick supremacy tree first. Get your fleets to 30 corvettes, engage enemy fleet in first battle at your chokepoint with fortress to get an edge. You can use envoys improving relations, deals and pacts to keep all neighbours happy and survive with 3 starting corvettes. In that case you can postpone all the way till the moment when you can make x-battleships. Fleet of 10 of them will crush any normal AI. Its cost is about 15k of alloys, so you probably should have about 200 monthly alloys income. Early war is strictly better for how many additional pops you get. Later war is lazier, if you don't want to micromanage.