Yes this is an annoying aspect of the war system. Even wars over minor things become total wars. It's even worse if your opponent is fighting two wars. In that situation you can end up with an issue where you don't have 100% occupation, their other enemy doesn't have 100% occupation, and so you both sit there forever.


I feel like in this situation there should be - provided the war aims aren't too incompatible - some "join forces" option that combines the two into a single war. Kinda like a temporary, one-war alliance that gives the aggressors the chance to divide the spoils. Maybe make acceptance weighted on how evenly matched the aggressors are: the more unbalanced they are, the less likely that the weaker empire will go for it (because the stronger empire would be more likely to be able to take it all for themselves).


There already is a solution, force the AI to play by the same rules we do.When they get 100% war exhaustion, i should be able to force a victory. But as it is, I can get them to 100% war exhaustion, wait several decades until I am also at 100% and they can suddenly force the war to end


I really don’t get why we’re on a timer to win the war but the AI gets a free pass on their war exhaustion in the mid to late game


Isn't it currently equal? The "war exhaustion timer" is for status quo, not for complete victory. I do not remember a time where the AI refuses a status quo if they have 100% exhaustion. If you reach 100% the AI will enforce a status quo, not their wargoal, so it should be equal, since you can do the same. Enforce a status quo. The problem is that you usually do not want to do that, you want to reach your wargoal, not a status quo. That is the timer you are talking about, isn't it?


I think that they currently play by the same rules. If you reach 100%, they enforce a STATUS QUO, not their wargoal, meaning not a victory from their POV. And I think that if they reach 100% war exhaustion, the option to reach status quo should be there since the opinion modifier for 100% WE is massive. You do not get to force a "victory". You get to force a status quo, the same thing they do when you are at 100%.


I don't know why you can't carve them in two. If all their systems, and all their planets are conquered, that's it. You shouldn't need 100% of everything they have to win your part. You should win your goals on the 50% you do control. I only mean this as the other 50% is controlled by another. They should have 0% say, not 100% say. But you also shouldn't be able to do anything with the 50% you don't control obviously.


Easier solution: Have ALL occupation count towards surrender acceptance, including occupation from separate concurrent wars.


I had this, but with two vassals. One claimed a system. The other occupied it. Stuck in a never ending war until I assimilated one of the vassals.


Yeah, I think this might just be a drawback of the game mechanics attempting to make it a fair fight I've seen a mod that makes opponents not ALL "VICTORY OR DEATH" years ago, but damn I can't find it


Early game the AI sometimes surrenders offensive wars, accepting humiliation if you destroy their fleets. I even took a chokepoint that way once. Is it just weighed differently in a defensive war?


Oh right, when they are the attacker, it does tend to be weighed differently


Humiliation wars don't have a large penalty to acceptance compared to something like forced vassalage.


Can't operate a criminal syndicate if every single one of their planets are turned into asteroid fields.


Criminal syndicate shouldnt be in the game. Or we should get a casus belli to make them a normal megacorp. If i get a criminal syndicate as a neighboor when i play non-xenophobe i instantly restart


I don't: I just make Annihilation of that syndicate as an independent organization my #1 priority.


Yeah but sometimes you play a egalitarian pacifist and conquering a whole empire isnt really rp


Just make an extra ozone layer on their planets, problem solved. No people are killed, no dads can fly away from their family, truly a pacifits egalitarian way.


Dis is da Wey!


if you get status quo the branches should shut down too, I think


True but I also fought a war previously with the same federation to get the syndicate to shut down its branches. They came back.


I would also settle for Status Quo removing only some of the branches instead of all, Like say the Capital system or Sector Capitals.


I would love to see an option to negotiate terms. So when you're close to the end of a war and maybe haven't captured every system you've claimed or something, you can negotiate a surrender where you still get most of what you captured through a trade-like balance system. I'm not sure how much that might help with other casus belli, but some could likely benefit from an option where your original war goal isn't entirely achieved but the target also is maybe a bit better off than if you did go all the way.


Yeah, I had pushed them to 100% exhaustion and at that point their futile hit-n-run could still increase my exhaustion but their acceptance stuck at -97 and wouldn’t budge. Not sure what happened but I finally decided to bomb their capital into oblivion (hard to get an army there) and at some point they went from -97 to accepting without me offering. War still puzzles me in Stellaris.


Total annihilation is the only way to defeat an enemy.


You can now mouse over the "achieve war goals" button in the war screen to see what systems and planets you're missing.


I always attempt to eradicate the syndicates before they go fed level. But the last time I ran into this I just claimed their first three habitable planets and then pinged status quo. Fed weight won out and I crippled their economy. They now work as servants so I'm playing with decadent lifestyle fully funded by criminal xenos.


sry im new to this game, what did you do? im confused?


Instead of winning the war he chose settle status quo. It was accepted by the fed that the syndicate was in.


While also taking control of the syndicates main systems through a claim.


ahh…yeah my dumbass thought of some deep hidden mechanic i didnt know of


not only fed level, but also vassalization. Since paradox decided that for some reason their overlord shield them from the ideology CB, since if you win the war against them, the overlord gets converted, not the corp, making the war completely pointless.


Yah, that's why I've leaned heavier on the abduction and slavery of the species. Followed by progressive planet claims. Erase them from the galaxy and whatnot


This is why I take Colossus Project when I see there's a Criminal Syndicate. They're not getting their worlds back, their worlds burn.


2 Trade Leagues at war. I was part of the Southern Trade Alliance that I started. But the Northern TA wanted war with my mate. It sucked i was playing Tall and I lost one my core systems because both AI war leaders wouldn't call it even though we were both at 100% exhaustion.


Given the shitty situation in Ukraine and middle east. It's quite realistic. Solution? Colossus. I don't even crack planets. It's the simple joy of having total war cause beli. Just make the game easier.


> Given the shitty situation in Ukraine and middle east. It's quite realistic. I disagree. The real world equivalent would be if Russia managed to capture the entirety of Ukraine, but still couldn't make peace.


I highly doubt that won't be the case.


Remember Crimea? If Russia were to completely annex Ukraine the rest of the world wouldn't invade Russia.


Ok that we can agree. But sadly I'm assuming that NATO is willing to continue this war to the last ukrainian. So even if all major cities are captured they would still fund guerrilla style fighters. Or in game terms Russia would only "win" by waiting war attrition reach 100%


Isn't France (and the rest of continental Europe) during WW2 a better analogy, since no countries in the middle east or Ukraine are a part of a military alliance? I do not really see the connection to Ukraine in your example.


My current game has a Criminal Syndicate in it, a game where I am Robots. I can't wait to vassalize them, and have the most obnoxious attack dog in the entire game because they are completely isolated on the southern rim of the Galaxy, like completely on the rim, on a barred spiral map. Under normal circumstances though they are the worst. If I am a normal empire I always try to find a Mega Corp to ally with ASAP just to not have crime spam.


"The former interstellar neighbor known as 'The Giovanni Cartel' is now a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Rexxonia Industries specializing in trans-shipment of goods and personnel, shipping lane protection, and mercenary contractors. We wish to acknowledge our appreciation for the help of our allies the Shelgrak Star-Kingdom, Blorg Comonality, and Ruafio Republican Allegiance, in brokering this leveraged merger." Sincerely, ~ Appia Quartia Tiburon, Senior Executive of Public Relations, Rexxonia Industries


Hover every system with pops and see if it is fully or partly occupied. That’s it most of the time. 3rd party occupations are a temporary problem, you could if necessary declare war on them too.