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Yeah she will. Its a physical item thats why theres no gift option


Tha k you for the quick reply. Placing my order now.


Virtually anyone who likes gaming will love the Deck.


And if they don't! Taksie backsies!


If they don't just resell it. I see them for astronomical prices on Facebook marketplace.


Wow, getting downvoted by all the salty people without decks lol. If everyone wants the right to repair, the right to install what we want, the right to modify the device, then how do you not support the right to resell? It's a freedom everyone has, and if you order a deck for yourself and don't want it, it's a great way to recoup your losses. People who think reselling is scalping are brain dead. Did I scalp my old car when I bought a new one? Did I scalp my old PC to a friend? Did I scalp my old games at my local used game store? No, I resold. Scalping is buying an excess number of units, creating artificial scarcity, then reselling at huge mark-ups. If you bitch about someone selling their steam deck you had better not ever sell or trade in your car, otherwise you become a scalper yourself based on your logic.


haha getting hated for the truth, altough by the time you get it theres a good chance resale price will be back to msrp if not lower


I recently got my 64 gb model and the internal drive is already filled with emudeck games


Most people use an SD card for emu deck. Save that SSD for your big game that needs max performance.


Yea my sd is coming Sunday and I mostly play indies anyway


And use retroarch!


emudeck can launch libretro cores, there's no need to set up RA


The 64gb ssd is about as fast as an sd card anyway 😅




I regret not getting a 256gb purely because shaders and compatadata folders can eat up your 64gb internal, you made the right choice




You bought a 50$ SSD for 130$? Does not compute


Can they be moved to sdcard?




This is exactly what happened to me. Dropped in a $40 Kioxia SSD and never looked back.


Yep when I found out the pre compiled shaders had to use internal storage I was really glad I’d gone for the 256


🥲 At least i can install as many roms as i want haha


I reserved the 64gb to do that. I’m not sure about the antiglare but I thought of just getting an antiglare screen protector which should give the same effect as the 512gb.


The antiglare screens are showing issues that look like bubbles but just need a hard cleaning with alcohol. A screen protector probably a better choice atm


No it’s not a hard cleaning, is UV curing that they need. The adhesive didn’t cure properly from the models that came out during ramped up production. Sitting the screen in direct sunlight for 15 to 30 minutes, or infer a UV lamp (they’re dirt cheap) before the bubble happens fixes the issue. Once the bubble happens, same thing as long as you don’t wait too long, but you have to press the screen down with a microfiber cloth first and press out any bubbles.


I just reserved my 1tb 2230 from microcenter for my 64gb deck that should be fedexed tomorrow. Going to make the drive to get the m2 in the morning. 109 for 1tb made me happy


Or better yet a 2tb. 2tb nvme drives of that size are really easy to find at reasonable prices. Like I think it's 80 bucks iirc. I also wish I did that as I'm probably going to do that anyways at some point and throw the 250 gig one in the trash.


In the right formfactor though? Remeber, this isn't a standard nvme it needs to be a 2230


Ooh I saw a picture of it and it looked standard damn


I played Elden Ring on high setting around 45 FPS with an SD card in the deck 😳


Yeah that’s pretty good and elden ring is pretty well optimized, some games aren’t made like that


Seems you can take the back cover off and easily replace the internal SSD! May want to look into this!


I opened and and added a 512 SSD. It was easy


Many, definitely. Although a lot of people don't like handheld gaming. Personally, I love handheld gaming more than gaming on a PC or TV, so the steam deck fits me perfectly.


I agree I love this thing but I had to offload the emulators even tho they ran great just feels smoother without them I just got my Odin Lite so I’ll use that for emulators for now on (Don’t get me wrong tho the steam deck can definitely handle it all tho)


Hope she enjoys, props to you for the awesome gift.


Hello dad, it’s me your long lost child.


Want to go bowling?


If you buy me a 512gb steam deck sure.


Whoa whoa dad what are you doing here?


Thanks for being an awesome parent.


Nice, I pre-ordered on two steam accounts and sold one steam deck at msrp to my friend whowas looking into getting one recently.


Best dad ever goes to this guy!!!


Yeah it's no problem. I ordered mine in the first wave and gave it to a friend. Now I'm using his Q3 order.


This sub has two times a week where the delivery info gets updated


Somebody’s Christmas is going to be fun


Although, I'm not sure you'd be able to buy another one for yourself with your same account if you also want one... I think it's one per account to try to stop scalpers. Could always use her account if you want one later on I guess.


You can. I placed a reservation immediately after paying for mine and just received purchase email today, although I'll be cancelling because I asked almost everyone I know and no one wanted it at msrp.


You can order more than one, I’m on my second one


Make sure she signs into the device first so she gets the digital keyboard and other image stuff on her account.. Unless she wants someone else to get the cool digital items, also you can use multiple accounts on the Steam Deck btw!


True, but some companies (like Amazon) will tie your devices to your account unless you select a gift option. For example, if you buy a kindle it will already come signed into your Amazon account. Of course you can use it on other accounts, but most people don’t wanna open someone else’s gift to sign out of their account first lol. Not the most outrageous expectation.


I bought a kindle for me from my account and it did not do this


I think hes asking because if you buy an Amazon Echo, you CAN buy it as a gift, and it arrives pre-linked to your account. He might be wondering if its the same here.


My deck was a gift from someone else too. Can confirm.


What if I log into my steam account to buy it? Would my husband still be able to log in with his steam account?


But he wants to gift it to her though. What don't you understand about that.


He can gift it to her by using her shipping address. It's a physical item, the gift option is for sending digital items such as games to another steam account. Not a physical location.


But the gift option would have been easier.


There would fundamentally be no difference, unless you're suggesting they let you gift Deck orders to other accounts and have them input their own address afterwards? Because that'd be a cool idea tbh


Yes, like when you order from amazon.


Yes. She just have to log in with her account.


Yes, she will just need to put in her steam account when she boots it up. Did this for my best friends birthday. Ordered on my account not as gift and he was able to put in his steam account info on it and it worked like a charm.


Thank you for the info Ps is you need anymore friends, just let me know lol.


And if you need another daughter, I'm your guy








Bruh bruh b-b-bruh bruh bruh bruh bruhhhhh






I feel like you meant people to take this as you being her daughter even though youre a dude, but this comes across as you having sex to conceive a daughter




A friend of mine has both his and his daughter's account added on the Deck. It's multi-user compatible, you can switch between accounts on the fly.


I need frens


Also, when she has it, enable family sharing on your account. Add your account to her deck (you don’t have to use it more than once) as well as hers and then she can request access to your library. Any games in your library that support it will be playable. There might be a caveat that she and you can’t both play your library at the same time on different devices but I’m unsure on that. I won’t know until the one I’ve bought for my wife turns up, hopefully before Xmas.


I'm all but certain you are right; unless something has changed recently that I'm not aware of, you can only use family share to play games on one device at a time. In my experience, if someone else is playing one of my shared games and I start playing a game on my device, it gives them a few minutes (I think 5) to clue up their game session before ultimately kicking them off.


Thanks for confirming. It's a bit of an annoying quirk, but I'll take it as better than nothing. At least if I'm not about, or maybe I'm doing something else entirely then she can play one of my games. We don't have a huge amount of crossover in what we like to play anyway so it won't take too long before she builds up her own library, but at least it means there's something there for day one.


Damn. You’re a good friend!


How are Valve able to detect stolen Decks, when it seems anyone can just log into one? I thought it would be locked to your account?


Certain code on the deck which is unique per, I’m guessing soon as you report it as stolen that code gets blocked / blocks connection to internet etc makes it a pricey doorstop


Unless your report it as stolen, they don’t. If you report it as stolen then they can go by the serial number. Steam deck lets you sign in and out of profiles like a console. My girlfriends and my profile are both on the deck and you can swap between each pretty easily. It would be pretty dumb to lock it to one account.


Understood, thanks for clarifying!


Thats not Valve's job, Its just a computer.


What's a computer?


Hey its me ur daughter


"Dad I moved to another state so send it to this address.."


Knew this comment gonna be here, still chuckled


You’re a good dad 👊🏽👍🏽


Damn wanna adopt a grown man in his 30s?


From one dad to another, you are awesome! Will be doing this eventually once my little girl grows older :) (of course with probably newer tech haha)


With a SteamDeck 2 Ep 2? Because we all know there will never be an SteamDeck 3.


Well who knows. Tech advancement has always surprised us - I still can’t believe I am holding a pc as a handheld :)


I'm no expert, but I think this was a reference to the fact that valve never makes a 3rd game in a franchise. TF2, Portal 2, HL2...


You are probably correct I was referring to tech in general Each invention came from a different individual/company And at each stage such inventions inspired other inventions. So be it SD 3 or other new tech, as long as I get my daughter something awesome I will be a happy dad :D


Steam deck: Gaben. The version where you strap the whole unit to your head.


Well there is steamOS 3...


Yep, any steam account can log in, it's a PC


The answer to every question on here: “yes, its a pc”.


Yes your daughter can log into her steam account. The steam deck isn’t bound to your account


They don't link accounts to devices like Amazon does for Kindles when you buy a Kindle you can link your account automatically to a Kindle, so when you get it your profile is already on it. Valve/Steam does not load any user accounts onto Steam Decks at this time, so if you buy it for yourself then gift it to your daughter it will have no user account info on it. She will just login as normal and it will be a fully functional Steam Deck for her.


Steam decks aren’t linked to accounts, they’re basically just computers. If you wanted you could even put multiple accounts on it.


I have a friend who ordered it for himself initially. I preordered well after him. His turn came up and he changed his mind and asked if I wanted to buy it off him. I did and he merely gave the package to me. Upon opening it isn’t tied to any account or anything.


You're an epic parent! Would you be interested in adopting a 30 year old man?


Yeah, I bought mine with my GF's steam account and use my account on it. Worst case is that she got all the steam points lol.


Damn it! Didn’t think about this lol are steam points useful?


I mean to buy keyboard skins for the deck or like emojis for steam chat. I haven't used any points yet tho lol. It depends on the person I suppose


Ohhh, so it’s not like Nintendo etc where you use points for games? I will be new to steam when my deck comes I’m sorry for the questions haha! Extremely curious and thank you for answering


Lol yeah the points really aren't useful lol no problemo my dude


You can buy skins for your Steam deck system, keyboard or personalize your Steam account with them. And unlock Steam stickers to sent in your messages. There was a one time option to use them in a similar way Nintendo does, but I have not seen that in years.


Yeah you’re good. You can put multiple accounts on it. It’s not tied to the account you reserved on


yeah dude, it's a full computer.


You are fine and if you buy it, it is not locked to any account. You lo into your account when you first start it up. So you daughter will just use her account.


That’s so nice 🥺 I hope she likes it!


Yes you just log in with it.


How long of a wait was it for you? Im curious about fulfillment turnaround times.


I ordered July 8. US 512 version


Ordered 4 days earlier than you. 256GB EU - got email 5 days ago.


I ordered in early July and got my available email today.


Yes she will be able to use it. The Steam Deck does not come with your account linked to it so just hand her the box and let her go to town downloading her library on her new toy.


My friends reservation came up before mine and he didn't want it anymore. He bought it and gave it to me. No problems at all. I logged in and got all the regular stuff, everything was fine.


I wondered the same thing, the only thing that's account-bound is the skins for keyboard and steam profile, these are claimed by logging in on a steam deck and can only be claimed once. As long as you don't log in first and claim them then it's fine. The deck doesn't ship logged in or anything.


She can log in on her account, but since the purchase is made on your account, you will get the 60k or so points to spend in the points shop which is just for profile customization and emotes (and not really a big deal)


Yes, you can sign in with any steam account, also you can have multiple accounts on it.


Yes. I think I can read between the lines on your question, you are asking if the deck that arrives is automaticaly and permenantly attached to the account that pays for it. Not it is not. Having said that. I have seen a lot of evidence that if your Deck gets stolen and you contact Steam they can lock it out the Steam store.


yea definitely. she’ll sign her account onto it


Yeah, on the initial setup it'll ask you to log into whatever account you use, so she should be good to go 👍 You sound like an awesome parent btw


You can literally wipe the whole system and install your own OS on it. So yes.


Yes when you get it the device. You log in on any account you want like on PC


Why wouldn't it? They are not going to pre-login for her as NOBODY other than her should know the password.


What a legendary mum/dad


Yup, just bought one for my wife last week, no issues booting it up and getting her setup


Lol I’m just imagining now if this piece of hardware would be account bound holy shit. That will be a great gift.


#Legend You sign into any account on first setup.


Can I be your daughter?


Yes, I bought my friends deck and there was no issue.


Yes. My deck is running both my and my wife's accounts.


What was the timeline for you from deposit until now/purchase? I just made a deposit for my boy….


I reserved one about 2 months ago and just got my email today.


Excellent. Thanks!!!




That makes me wonder: Is a steam account necessary for SteamOS to work? Like, can you at least go in desktop mode without an account? I'm mostly wondering about what would happen if valve goes out of business eventually. Does that mean you'd absolutely need to use another distro to use it?


Yes, I believe it's not linked to your account as she will be able to sign in on her own account. It'll tie whatever account you log in on it.




It is not linked to any account until you login to it once it arrives. Make sure to log into the correct account first for any of the bonus stuff


Yes, but there are digital perks that are added to your account if you buy it on there. There really isn't any way to transfer them to the other account.


Hey it’s me, your other daughter.


Aww that’s so sweet. I wish my parents were more supportive of my gaming. Every time they hear I’ve gotten a new game, they ask me when I’m going to get a “real hobby”




Yes. Indeed she can. Because once you receive it and make your daughter her BFF, all she'll need to do once she gets it is sign into her Steam account during the initial setup. The device itself is not locked to the purchaser's Steam account, only the buying process.


Bought one for my daughter as well! My plan is to hold hold onto it for Xmas. Can't wait to see her reaction.


Common Dad W


Don't forget to have a hidden camera rolling on when she opens it. It'll make a lifelong memory.




You can also set up Steam family sharing on it, to share your game library with hers, and vice versa, just like a normal shared computer. FYI


Yes, they are not tied to an account unless reported stolen :)


Yeah she will, great gift btw, I kinda wish the gift option worked too so people could get one to people across the states or so..


I want to buy one for my daughter as well as she has a lot of games on steam and can use the steam desktop at home for school work. My wife and I have one and it's been a great little system.


Awesome gift! I bet your daughter will really love it!


The greatest gift!






It just means they won't give you a gift wrapping. You'll have to buy that yourself. Got mine the other day and naturally, multiple people at the same time can use it (using "switch account")


Easily... she just needs to sign in her Steam account.


Its no iphone


It's not account locked, it's fine, but on another note, do you want to adopt me 🤭?


You can just buy it for yourself but change the address in the destination.


Oh how cool of you man, hope she enjoy playing on steam deck.


Of course


gosh your daughter is so lucky


Not only can she use her account. If your in a family group. She can play your games on your account for free. And you the games on her account. Magic.


How much was tax and total if u don't mind?


Total was $697


Ok i don't want to sound greedy but i wish my parents would give me such an expensive gift.


You are such a sweet parent ❤️


Yeah she will


Hey it's me


Can you use multiple steam accounts on one? I just assumed it would be no problem for me and the wife to share one. Now I'm curious.


yeah it doesnt come with the account logged in


I had to login to my steam account when I got my one. They come not connected to any steam account from new.


It just has a regular sign in like you would sign into your steam account on pc so you won’t have any issues with that chief.


Yes no problem


These terms are came from selling software in mind, so gifting means that you can transfer the ownership of the software licence to soneone’s account. Which is not applicable for a hardware of course.




I wish my dad loved me this much lmao. You know what, to the old folks home my dad goes!


Yes. She just has to sign in. She could use yours if you even wanted.


Yes you sign into your account on the console it does not come predone


Can confirm, yes and so will you.


Yes. I had to buy mine as a gift using my kids Steam account, because mine kept crashing for some reason on preorder morning. The only thing that sucked is I didn't get all the Steam Points. My kids did :/


Just buy it and ship it on her address. Just like I did with mine with a friend (lost the 64gb reservation cuz cant buy, sold mine so i wont lose it)


It's not linked to your account when you purchase it, you still can sign in on another account. Gift is greyed out because the gift option is for games since it goes through a different system.


Damn, you're a parent.


Is it worth getting the 64 gig system ?