It's also all about how your wifi and signals are set up. Yes, SD doesn't have wifi 6, but if you're running in a clean 5ghz channel at 80mhz width, you can get pretty good speeds. For me, for example, I had to get a router that supports DFS channels because in my Apt there were so many other wifi networks around finding a clean channel was difficult. Since I've done that, things have been more consistent. It also happens to be wifi 6 (coming from a wifi 5 router) which helps devices that support it. I only had a few things not support the DFS channels, and they were older Google home devices.


My bad I though SD had WiFi 6 😶


I really wish it did as I do a lot game streaming and WiFi 6 let's you push the bitrate. My GPD Win Max has AX and it does make things better.


I am having trouble seeing the difference between 50mbps 800p vs 150mbps 800p my deck. Could be a limitation of my old GPU (Vega64) or the tool (moonlight/sunshine).


You'd still get the same speeds unless your AP can do 160Mhz so you aren't losing anything there


I thought it did too! It connected fine to my Wifi 6 network. I didn't think most of my non-wifi 6 devices could see/connect to it.


> a router that supports DFS channels I thought routers legally have to auto-reconfigure away from DFS at times due to airspace restrictions or something? Does yours ignore that, or do you just not live in an area where it would happen?


It depends on the area. A router that supports 160 mhz width HAS to use DFS, since there's not enough channel space to do that. 160 Uses channels 36-64. I have mine set to 64 and the other radio set to 100. When I tried to set the higher one to like 116 it wouldn't do it, so I assume it saw radar there. It's the Archer AX11000 for reference.


Hmm interesting. Wonder if there's a firmware hack to bypass that protection.


Not worth it, they can and will easy track you if you interfere with the wireless spectrum. Especially when very few people would be using those channels.




^ Don't do this


Yes there is and it's worth it, fuck the FCC


But I’m only getting a download of 90MB/s in steam. /S Edit: sorry before I get replied back to the hell I spawned from I know 90MBs is 720mbs the above is /s and will now mark it as such


90 MB/s is 754 Mbps... oh I see


Should have added /s but yeah you pass the test ;)


How did you get 754 by multiplying 90 by 8?


90*8.388608 It's how the website did it, I didn't calculate this myself lol


What website? There's exactly 8 bits in a byte.


This website right here, your honour https://www.gigacalculator.com/converters/convert-mbps-to-mb.php I am sorry if it isn't accurate.


It looks like what it's doing is converting from Mb/s to MiB/s, rather than Mb/s to MB/s. There's a subtle but important difference between the two - 1 MB is 10^6 (1,000,000) bytes, whereas 1 MiB is 2^20 (1,048,576) bytes. All OSes that I know of report storage with the 2^10x definitions (even Windows, despite omitting the 'i'), but storage is sold with the 10^3x definitions. Off-hand, I'm not sure which is more common for transfer speeds, but I suspect it depends on where you're getting the information from. tl;dr: Bytes are tricksy but website is wrong EDIT: Fixed the amount of bytes in 1 MiB (had the amount for GiB instead)


Yeah, this tricked me. I started questioning everything I knew. But it definitely looks like that website is doing some goofy math. It shouldn't even matter whether you're using Mb to MB or Mib to MiB, it should still be a factor of 8, so you're right, they're definitely converting between them without telling the user.


base10 only has a place in storage as those fuckers like to inflate their sizes by representing it in base10. Everything else should always use base2 to avoid confusing people.


Everything should use base 10 to comply with the international system of units. The base 2 units are a case of IT boomers redefining existing words to mean something slightly different to what they meant for decades before. If your usecase actually warrants measuring in base 2 units, then you should just use the correct units (MiB, GiB, etc) to avoid confusion rather than insisting on using the metric prefixes in an incorrect way.


@katalliaan passes the test with a distinction! Well done. ;)👍


For those familiar with the IBM convention and JEDEC standard, it is converting from decimal megabits to binary megabytes.


90 \* 8 \* 1024 \* 1024?


You can go into Steam settings via Desktop Mode and on Downloads enable Mbps. If that's what you're used to.


Correct. However so many people get this confused you could argue Mbps should be the default as that is what ISP's advertise their connection speeds in.


I would argue ISPs should change to MB/s as MB (or MiB) is what people are used to measure their storage and file sizes in, and having individual bits or less than a full byte is pretty much never useful anyway. But bigger numbers = better marketing, so obviously they won't.


Mbps vs MBps. 90MBps is 720Mbps. 8 bits per byte. Capital B is for byte, small b is for bit.


You also pass the test ;)


Yes, but capital M could be mega or mebi.


No, because mebi is written as Mi, not M.




It's supposed to be written like that. But if it was MiB to Mib it would still be multiplied by 8. It would only make a difference if it was MiB to Mb. Which would be completely stupid.




For real though, steam servers offer some great bandwidth.


WiFi speeds on Deck are fine. Most games are heavily compressed on Steam to reduce download bandwidth from servers and decompression is limited by the processor. For me download speeds mostly don't exceed 50-60 MB/s which is fine to me. Most people don't even have Internet that fast.


Yeah, I also have 50-60 M... Oh wait, why is that capitalized differently? And why is my download speed so slow? Damn Steam Deck! /s


Yeah 50-60 MB/s is wild to me. I remember back in a day I got 0.5 MB/S download speeds. Today, I'm up to 11 MB/S . I can't imagine how fast your speed is, mine already feels lightning fast compared to what I had before.


On my main PC I can download with about 120-130 MB/s so even a game like GTA5 (100GB) is like 10 minutes or less. But at this point processors matter much. My roommate for example can't exceed 70 MB/s on his i7 6700k because the processor can't keep up with decompression. And BTW this is on WiFi with 2.5GbE to the router and WiFi6.


Yeah, that's insane speeds to me. My PC is directly connected to Ethernet and I only get 11 MB/s. My processor is an i7 8700k, so I'm not too worried about that there. This whole time I thought my 11MB/s was so fast :D


Before I got the Internet upgrade I horded all of my games on a HDD in the PC, now I just keep the frequently played games installed and download them if I need them especially with limited SSD space.


11 ist still fast. Currently i have max 9 but before i moved i had 25 on battlenet. Cant remember how fast it was on steam tho


I have a 6700k and regularly download over 100MB/s.


about 3 years ago I lived somewhere that only has about 1.5 mbps download and .5mbps upload - it is still that way there today. today I live somewhere with 1000mbps up and down. sometimes more. It's crazy being able to "just" download a game I want to play without dedicating either a full 24-72 hours to it or having to drive to the nearest big city with my laptop to a starbucks or lan cafe and downloading a bunch of stuff there.


Oh yeah for sure. I never drove somewhere with better WiFi to download stuff, I always just left my PC on overnight.


About 3 years ago I lived in a dorm and the Internet was so bad that it sometimes took me 30-40 min to download a .pdf file sent in an email. So yeah, I know that feeling.


The other day I did a speed test on my 5g phone in an area that actually had good reception. It didn't hit advertised 1Gbps speeds, but I was blown away when I read the amount of data it downloaded for the test: 680 MB. I essentially had just downloaded an entire CD of garbage on a whim in just a few seconds to run a pointless speed test. Having grown up with dialup, yeah that was a bit shocking.


Yeah! It's crazy how far technology has progressed in such a short time. I was born in 2000, so dial up was a little before my time. All of the game systems I grew up on didn't really require Internet either. I don't think I really remember using the internet until I was like 10 or 11.


I have gigabit and even when hard wired steam can't saturate it. I think their servers might be limiting on their end.


When my internet speed went up, so did my CPU utilization when installing Steam games.


> Most games are heavily compressed on Steam to reduce download bandwidth from servers and decompression is limited by the processor. That 30GB Apex Legends patch on Tuesday was brutal - didn't take long to download but the decompression took forever.


AX would be helpful when you a streaming games. It's a great feature if you have a beefy PC. I do a lot of streaming on my deck and previously on Win Max.


I'm pretty sure the 50-60 MB/s limit is when downloading to the SD card and that is just the Write speed limit of those. In the download tab i can regularly see the downloadspeed getting capped by the disk speed.


Tried it with the SSD and 59 MB/s was the highest that I got. The drive does not show as maxed but the CPU got to about 100% at times, so pretty sure its the CPU for most downloads.


I was slow until I hooked up to 5ghz.


Hey question, does your thumb sick sensors work with the covers on them? Thanks!


Mine do, but I'd imagine it varies from cap to cap, how thick they are, exactly what material they're made of, etc.


Dang. Alright! If you don't mind me asking, what brand did you go with?


[These](https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079811C49) are the ones I have, [they do also make ones for joycons too](https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skull-Co-Joystick-Nintendo-Controller/dp/B071FMCLZ7) so probably best to try them instead. I rate them pretty highly though, the rubber is by far the grippiest I've ever experienced on an analogue stick, caps or not. I'd wager the extended ones probably don't work with the capsense though.


My WiFi speed is fine when it's connected but I have to manually reconnect it every time I wake the SD from sleep and it always takes a couple of attempts incorrectly telling me the password is wrong before it connects, it's really getting on my nerves. I disabled the WiFi power saving thing but it made no difference, don't know what else to do, no other devices have any issues.


Wifi isn't slow (for me) - Wifi 5GHz was incredibly buggy (for me). Steam Remote Play would always disconnect almost immediately when trying to stream over 5GHz. It would even disconnect constantly just in the menus - particularly noticeable in desktop mode. It was *only* on 5GHz and the Deck was the *only* device in my home to have that issue. That is, until just recently - I don't remember what I did (definitely wiped the device and reinstalled/patched SteamOS from scratch, but I don't think that fixed it initially). I think it ended up being something in my (Netgear Nighthawk R7800) router's settings. It works great now.


Yeah I have that same issue with (I assume) the 5GHz connection dropping a lot. Unfortunately comcast locks down their gateway routers so I can’t really fiddle with splitting the bands into separate connections.


Try enabling developer settings and turning off wifi power management. I was having connection issues on 5GHz and slow(60mbps) speeds compared to other devices until I turned it off. Now it's pretty stable and I'm back up to my normal 450mbps speeds over wifi.


Slow? I swear my Steam Deck has had the best download speeds of any handheld device I've used.


My Steam Deck's wifi performance is amazing compared to my Nintendo Switch so no complaints here. Game downloads practically reach the max write speed possible.


Agree 👍


wifi tests are meaningless, it's usually capping the a/b/g/n/ac spec or your isp cap(if you have slow internet)


Obviously it caps your max internet speed. Mine is 1gb (in theory) but even so, I've red ppl recommending ethernet for faster download because wifi is too slow. That I don't agree.


So true, people confuse the point of a speed test. It's not to test how fast you can connect to a given service, that's obviously dictated by the service provider. A speed test is a test of capability, if you get 700 Mbps to ookla, and only 150 Mbps to Steam, then you know it's not your network limiting you, it's steam. If the number matches you're getting 100 Mbps to Ookla and 100 Mbps to steam, there's a good chance that your network is limiting your connection. It's a part of troubleshooting theory, rarely can you tell everything you need to know from one test, but one test will almost always lead you to another, until ultimately you reach your conclusion.


Couldn’t it also be if you have the 64GB eMMC or if you’re installing to an even slower microSD card that the write speed is slower than your Wi-Fi?


Yeah, perfect suggestion, I think emmc caps out around 300 MBps, so if your network was faster than that, and steam was serving you faster, that could definitely become the bottle neck. There are so many factors involved here and there are random write speed tests you can do in Linux, though I don't know one off the top of my head, usually my Linux tinkering is on raspberry pi's or enterprise grade servers, the former has it built in, and the latter isn't a concern lol. Edit: fixed speed


Speeds are in the MB not Mbps, the eMMC is probably around 200\~250MB/s read/write.


Oof, thank you for pointing that out, I fixed it. Which would mean, it's unlikely your internet was faster, unless someone was running 10 Gbps


I work at ISP... If you only knew how hard is to make people understand that you can't control every single thing happening on the internet, that you only give them access to it and there might be problems on the other side where they are trying to connect...


Ok but a lot of ISPs have poor provisioning and poor peering and speed tests are often whitelisted. Speed tests wont show these issues. You should probably get 80+% of your max speed when downloading from Steam, their CDN is very reliably fast.


Worked for AT&T DSL back in the day for a few years, I get it fam, I feel your pain.


Half my day is spent looking at customer's IT showing screens of ookla that they're not getting "full speed" and then showing them the prov plan and asking for a test at the RAD instead of whichever employee's computer the screen is from. We provide the connection to the building, not your employees, that's on you guys. Oh and the nearly hourly "can't reach site X" "well, you're using the live chat option from a computer so unless you're on a hotspot or alternative connection...."


That massively depends on the user's WiFI infrastructure, doesn't it? The Deck isn't the only variable in WiFi performance.


Isn't that OP's point? It's not the Deck that's capping you out.


Yes very much so. But I've seen some posts (mostly around the beginning of availability) of people saying the Deck's WiFi module must be bad because downloads are slow.


Fair enough! I imagine a lot of those were people connecting to a 5Ghz WiFi network from the other side of a wall…


I can confirm that using a usb c ethernet port to my mesh wifi router (not the main one connected to the modem) did not result in a significant boost to my steam download, I'd say it was a wash and I'd rather have the power plugged in.


I heard that cpu is bottlenecks the download aswell


Yes its possible due to decompression. If you look at some of LinusTechTips videos where they are downloading from a lancache you can see the amd epyc cpu at its knees downloading a game from steam due to all the decompression it is doing. So steam download speeds are dependent on a lot of things including the game itself since some use more aggressive compression than others.


strange, my SD can't get above the 30-40 MB PR sek but my desktop gets 100-110 on steam (more when interacting with my nextclod) and 1 of my laptop's can get to around the 80 MB when doing speed tests. this makes me think there might be different WiFi chips in the deck's


>MB PR sek Was this typed with speech to text?


Yeah, the internet I use says 50Mb/s … but in actual use… the max is only 6.3Mb/s!!!


Did you just mix up bits and bytes? Just asking.


I'm 100% sure he mixed them up, since math adds up. Man if that's the actual speed, downloading at 6Mb/s...which is less the a MB/s...a week to download any AAA game.


My bet is 6 megabyte per second and that's just above 2 hours for a 50 GB game. Not bad at all.


Yeah 6megs a second is decent.


Which is very confusing always.


I so wish steam would default to megabits for their download speed. The number of times I've had to correct peope that megabytes are 8x bigger than megabits...


Yes indeed!


I had insanely slow speeds on Wi-Fi and Ethernet through a USB-C hub when I first got mine. Did some digging and figured out it was an issue with PiHole. Disabled it and it increased my speed by 50x


That means nothing for downloading games. The issues people had were within steam for server connection speed with the deck. I had to follow a tututorial to fix mine I was getting 500mbps on the browser but still only 5 to 10MBps downloads. Now I get 30 to 40 MBps steam downloads.


Steam always downloads at my max speed on pc and on deck.


Which tutorial did you do? I got mine yesterday and started downloading my games and it stopped working over wifi and I had to hardwire in to finish it to


Interesting, never had slow games dl. Was it a long time ago? I received my SD 2 weeks ago.


It was 3 weeks ago so not that long ago


Capitalization makes a big difference here. Mbps is Megabits per second. MBps is Megabytes per second. A byte is eight bits.


Exactly....think you are the one reading it wrong I wrote it correctly


What was the tutorial? I've had the same problem.


Look it up on Google you will find it. It's on this reddit too. I don't remember what all but you have to go into the settings to enable develop options and mess with the power mamangement for wifi. Once I did that it was fine then I could adjust it back to normal.


id assume those who are complaining have slow wifi. Just a thought.


Once it gets online I don't have any problems, but the wifi basically never connects smoothly. Almost every time I wake from sleep I have to toggle wifi to reconnect. Fortunately I'm playing a single-player game so I usually just don't bother.


I was getting 45MB/s while downloading games through steam on my 5ghz wifi when I had my steam deck so I don't see why you would complain about that :D


My download speed is incredible on steam deck




Does the steamOS natively support browsers or is that a Linux/windows reskin?


Its SteamOS Desktop mode


*sits silently with 30Mbps internet connection*




680 here mesh wifi 6 though


Mine disconnects but In no way is it slow, faster than my laptop on Ethernet even


It's is very fast. Too bad it keeps losing connectivity every 3 minutes tho...


The problem is the connection strength. I got a highend german modem/router (Fritzbox 6690) and I always get 5/5 connection on every device when I am in my bedroom even my switch (sold it today though cause deck is 100 times better). In my bedroom I get only 2/5 wlan connection on my deck. It sucks when you try to stream your ps5 games to your deck or even stream your pc games. I literally have to go to my living room where my ps5 and router are located. Ffs 🥲. I love this device but I was correct when I said 5-6 months ago that it needs wifi 6. everyone downvoted me 😂 Edit: getting like 200-300mbit in my bedroom and 800 in my living room. My room is literally on the other side of the living room‘s wall Streaming is great in living room but „stutters“ in my bedroom. (2.5Gbit between my pc and the router, 1Gbit between my ps5 and router).


I don't get why you're having this issue. I do in home streaming all the time and have an Asus router for it. On 5ghz the deck gets the same kind of wifi coverage that I get on my phone, switch, and tablet. Maybe this is a channels thing? I do have the bandwidth on my 5ghz wifi limited so I can get longer range but that impacts all devices the same way. Never had any issues streaming through moonlight though in fairness that's the only method I've tried.


I have it too. Have a $400 router with a separate $200 WAP setup. No other device has any issue connecting at distance to my WAP. But my steamdeck will struggle when it’s 6 feet away through just a single wall, my body, and the couch. If I hold it up so my body and couch aren’t in the way, it manages fine, but otherwise it drops to like -73dBm (35% signal according to steamdeck) and has poor connection which is terrible. Here is a picture for reference: https://i.imgur.com/T9E3NCl_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand


I'm really curious as to why. It must have something to do with a setting (like how the Nvidia shield struggles if you have DFS channels enabled) because on my 5ghz network I have good connectivity all around my house and backyard, I just have one router too that sits in the opposite corner of the house from where the backyard is.


Omg same dude


it might be the wifi signal's cardioid shape. You might just be in a dead zone in your bedroom. Maybe adjusting your antennas on your router would help.


The WiFi of the Deck is absolutely phenomenal. Compare that shit to any console of current or last generations. Leaps and bounds ahead of any of those.


Imagine thinking the issue with wifi is speed and not signal stability/noise.


Mine only gets 100mb becsuse it won't connect to my 5ghz router for some reason.


mine connects to my 5ghz router without issues.


We are wifi 6 at home, it made real change.


SD doesn’t use wifi 6


I would imagine that the router they got now vs before has a stronger/more reliable signal, converting into major gains for them regardless if wifi 6 or not. There are multitudes of explanations, such as not having a MIMO capable router, having a single band/shitty router,etc.


Though so, my bad. 😕 I guess my router is better now. For instance I have the same speed with my WiFi 6 smartphone.


Use a DFS channel and set bandwidth to 160Mhz. Only way to saturate a gigabit internet on WiFi, so long as the client also supports 160Mhz (most probably don't)


I had to disable the 2.4 network on my router to force it onto the 5. Couldn't see an option in the SD settings.


What you can do (at least that's what I've been doing for many years) if you have the option is splitting the 2.4 and 5ghz into two different networks. This works great and if you happen to have a device that can't connect to a 5ghz network you still have the 2.4 that is usable.


Thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can do that.


This is probably the answer. I've had to do this a few times over the years.


I just looked this up the other day a lot of routers do this by default now automatically switching between 2.4 and 5ghz bands to make connections more reliable, in reality it just becomes an inconvenience that lowers your speed and sometimes devices stick with 2.4 even when 5ghz is fully stable.


Only 100mb... Lucky you.


To be fair, it is perfectly sufficient which is why I haven't taken more steps to address it. However, I have xcloud gamepass and I have been reluctant to set it up on steamdeck because of this issue.


I’m have the same issue, even with new password it just wasn’t connecting to my 5g


Have you tried changing your 5ghz WiFi channel?


Change it in what way, thanks?


Try channel 36 or 40. They are common bands, and often crowded but will at least rule out the channel being the issue. You should also make sure jumbo frames is off, if it’s still not working, try resetting the setting on your router. You could have changed something that doesn’t play nice that isn’t on by default. There are tons of router options that look awesome and promise the world but can cause lots of issues.


BTW you must try similar grips (I took from my switch) I put on the sticks. Wouldn't play without now.


But then you can't use the touch sensitivity on the stick to turn on gyro


Actually It works with it 🙂 (didn't expect that though)


Sticks are so tall as they are now. Adding more height isn't ideal for people with small hands like me. I really we wish it was joycon like we can replace. Sigh


Honestly I don't think I have big hands (I'm 175cm tall). And the added thickness is minimal. It is more a question of grip and precision in the move. 🤔


Can you link the grips? This is the only console where I feel like I need them.


Apparently, any that are designed for joycons fit fine. Makes sense, the ones I use that are designed for PS4 sticks are slightly too big so I use part of a rubber band running around the inner rims to stop them from wobbling about or twisting.


Does the joystick grips not interfere with touch sensor for activating gyro aiming and the such?


Steam downloads are bottlenecked by the CPU.


Really? 😳 (writing speed too consequently?)


Yes. My Steam download speed increased tremendously when I upgraded from an Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 to a Ryzen 9 5900X. This is only noticeable if you have a fast connection tho (I have a 1 Gbit/s connection). SSD writing speed shouldn't be an issue in most cases.


Steam downloads are heavily compressed. CPU needs to decompress them.


Thx for clarification 👍


Mine on the 512gb is fast.


Disk speed has nothing to do with WiFi speed.


Disk size\*


What about disk smell?


mmhhh, someone should study that... I volunteer, but I need a deck!


Mine is but that's because my router is old. I should get a new one next week. What I¡ve ordered and hasn't arrived yet was my micro sd card.


Wifi is pretty fast on it dowloading


All the speed tests show my SD getting about 10% of what my phone would get for Wi-Fi. Fast shows my phone getting 430Mbps and my SD got about 45Mbps. Luckily I don’t really play online at all but it’s definitely significantly slower than what I’m used to.


That's weird 🤔 No confusion with bites & bytes here as well?


I went to the exact same website you did both on my phone and my SD lol so I don’t think that there’s any weirdness there


The results are consistent? WiFi is so versatile.


It’s weird for me, for things like downloads it’s almost as fast as my PlayStation but when it comes to games like FFXIV it has random lag spikes


I live in rural UK, lucky to get above 0.2mbps. Can't even run videos at 720p without them loading every 2 seconds


Sorry for you. Same at my parents place. Hopefully I'll be better soon.


Mine are the same as my normal Wifi. Which is to say pretty bad, but I have the best in my area so I can only hope. But so far I’ve had no issues with Wifi on Deck.


I only get 12mb/s download with 1.2gbit downstream via Speedtest.


The other thing which can theoretically be a bottleneck is the storage you are writing to, downloading to a SD card you may likely not see your full download speed as I believe steam installs as it's downloading, meaning you would be limited by the write speed of the card


slow? i wish i could be part of the group of people able to complain about 740mbps being slow.... in my town we have FTTC (70mbps on ethernet ....)


Yes wifi is slow, my series S at the same distance gets 300mbps when the deck barely achieves 50mbps, but that is not the worst issue, the unstable wifi is ! Constantly losing the connection to the router when no other device has this issue.


I am not having any issues either. I get the full amount my wifi is capable of.


Because the wifi is slow. At this point I'm pretty sure some of the units have a bad adapter. But it also has to do with whether y our router is shit or not. I have no doubt if I had an ethernet port on my usb-c hub Id be getting 1 Gbps.


my wifi setup is dogwater but my sd has pretty decent latency over it. I usually just plug in to my dock with ethernet to download games though


Gives me hope. Seen some complaining of slow download and thankfully must be a them issue.


There's definitely something strange with the Deck, when I first got it, it absolutely refused to get on the 5 GHz network and was stuck on the 2.4 GHz network, despite me having a pretty modern Wi-Fi 6 setup, with my Galaxy S21 Ultra easily maxing speeds, plus I have a 1 Gbps fiber connection. I ended up playing around with the Steam Deck power saving settings, moving Wi-Fi channels, changing Wi-Fi channel bandwidth back and forth, and it finally started getting on the 5 GHz network. I now hit 50-60 MB/s pretty regularly which is significantly better than how things were out of the box, but compared to everything else I own, the Deck still has some polishing issues for a perfect "out of the box" experience.


It’s not slow if you have a good connection. Unfortunately the 5G antenna range is pretty poor.


I can't use my 5GHz Wifi with the Deck, for some reason, no matter what I tried (channels switching, disabling power saving feature in the developer menu, having two separate SSIDs), the steam deck always disconnects like 20 seconds after being connected. I tried once to download with the 5GHz one and got 50/55MB/s speed but getting disconnected right after a few seconds. I have to rely on my 2.4GHz which can't go over 7MB/s, pretty much painful when you have to download a 50+ GBs game with additional shader cache.


This happens on my wife's windows laptop and occasionally my phone. Never fully traced the issue by I got a wifi 6 router and the problem disappeared.


My box has a router included to it, so bad that it is having issue with the Deck :(, might see for another alternative. I'm planning on buying a usb-c hub with an Ethernet port at least to have it connected to internet while docked, but yeah, i still wish I could connect to a 5Ghz network when i'm not at my house.


Even if your box has a wifi built in, you can still buy your own wifi router, and disable your box's wifi. Just another option.


The docks should have Ethernet right? A welcome addition I imagine to most people. (Can’t comment on the speeds as I don’t have mine yet! Doubt they’re slow?)


That depends if it's testing from your modem to the internet or from your device to the internet


I test out at 520mbps but my WIRED download speed will start at like 30-40 MB/s and drop down to 1MB/s and it will stay at 1 for the rest of the time that I am on my deck. I've seen posts where people are saying the same thing. Apparently it is a DNS server issue but im too stupid to fix those. Something about getting rid of a bad DNS. Some people also got slow download speeds from the download cap being at 0 so they had to set it to some crazy high number to get it to work, but that didn't work for a few people either.


My experience with my unit is not slowness, but less coverage than my phone or even my switch ...which in a sense it translates to slower speed / latency sometimes if you are far from the access point.


My wifi speeds on deck are ~~10Mbit~~ connection error.


I find that the WiFi itself is typical, but game downloads are much slower than on desktop.


For me it’s more wifi stability and range, where most of my devices have 0 problems connecting to my router, the steam deck is always having difficulties and disconnecting every once in a while. On top of that, my 5G network is hidden ( and i want it that way) and as soon as it disconnects from it, it completely forgets it exists, which is annoying… anyway, a lot of potential for improvement, for me it feels the SD is still suuuuuper fresh, but I’m confident Valve will eventually get there. Still enjoying the crap out of my SD


Wish I could get Internet that fast


One day for sure 🤞