I wish I had bought the bigger one because valve has some shader cache clearing issues

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Whoops! You're meme/sh#tpost didn't quite make the cut! Or maybe we've seen one like it before? In the best interest of the community, only a select number of memes/sh*tpost's will be permitted onto the sub. Feel free to try again with a better attempt! Apologies for the inconvenience. If you feel your "Meme/Sh*tpost" content should have it's own dedicated post, please contact the r/steamdeck mod team via mod mail for consideration. Note: Mods make FINAL decision. No exceptions. And please let's not beat a dead cow. We've seen it all (or have we?). Funny or bust! Thank you! /


You can tell it's a meme because the actual 64GB Steam Deck ships with 15-25% used for the OS.


If it would ship with Windows like Asus Rog does then it will be 50-75% full or more I remember setting up a Windows 10 VM with 60gb space... It used up 55GB after installing one Office application together with Windows 10


Then you run updates... Usually, it's the winsxs folder that's the big rock to break down. MS [has a way](https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/clean-up-the-winsxs-folder?view=windows-11) to reduce it if it hasn't already. Still, it's 2023. The days of doing much on a regularly-patched Windows on a single 64gb drive are nearing their end.


I wouldn't buy anything less than 256gb laptops for my users.


Yep standard user can easily eat a 128gb. We used to install a lot of 128gb’s when SSD’s were just starting to become the norm and when 256’s were still expensive and we’d get a lot of calls about full disks a year or two later. 256gb is still reasonable but we’re starting to suggest 16GB / 500gb where possible.


Aye, even on a 256GB Windows System you can get back like 20GB or more with Disk Cleanup and deleting old versions of updates every few months.


> If it would ship with Windows like Asus Rog does then it will be 50-75% full or more To be fair, the ROG base model is 512gb if I recall correctly, but I get your point.


A lot of the problem there is installing any Office application tends to install **all** the Office applications. It installs as a package to allow loading of files, even if it's only putting the basics on there.


Why do people in linux communities insist on pretending windows is still a behemoth? They offer different versions. Some as small as 15gb.... love the deck. But this misinformation being regurgitated in the deck echo chamber is insane


Actually win11 only uses 20-25 GB of storage. No idea why your Installation takes 32-48 GB of storage. Maybe you Set a large pagefile and Client that against the Windows install?? On a 256gb drive (which only has about 219gb of actually usable space) you have left 194gb after install ing Windows. So 25gb size But you can also install a custom stripped down Version that only takes 8GB in size. Search for "Tiny11"


User was describing installation on a virtual machine, which is technically possible for windows 11 but requires some registry fuckery and is questionably worth it because then you would be running Windows 11.


What about it requires you to mess with the registry? That sounds ridiculous


When I did it, which was a good few months ago it was to get around the TPM requirement and something about a processor check that win 11 was doing that also stopped the installation. And yes I mean installation, you had to get into the registry editor before/during installation of the OS. Maybe they've released a VM compatible version since, but that's how I worked around it to get it to work.


Ya, that was only for the early days. I have a number of Win11 VMs running right now and none needed any weird modification.


When I tested our Win11 deployment last year I only had to tick the TPM checkmark in the hyperv settings. Everything else worked out of the box. Not sure how other hypervisors handle it, but I'm sure they all support Win11 pretty reliably at this point.


Funny, I can get a windows 10 install on less than 20 gbs of space, with updates


I remember installing Windows 10 on a 16gb flash drive. It went very fast full to unusable. I wonder how long your install survived


I was able to install windows 10 on a 24GB MSATA SSD. This is not a joke.


I've seen windows take up over 100 GB. We ended up just reimaging the computer because the drive was 256 and most everything was stored on OneDrive.


Lol this sub and it’s obsession with the Ally is unbelievable


In this case it's not about the Ally as much as Windows, which it ships with.


PEOPLE WANT WINDOWS!! Nobody wants the Linux OS. Why do you think so many people install windows on the deck anyway?


Chill out. I was saying that mentioning the Ally in this context makes sense because the topic was the OS that these computers ship with. Why are you getting worked up over Windows of all things? It's kind of a weird hill to die on.


I didn't really address your claim that "PEOPLE WANT WINDOWS!!1!" I don't think that's true. I think people want their games and apps to work. I don't think many people have a desire for Windows specifically, there's just no other way to get certain anti-cheat and DRM functioning. There are relatively few qualities to recommend Windows itself. Most of its advantages come from its virtual monopoly on the consumer and enterprise markets. The OS itself is bloated, kinda buggy, and uses an obtuse and unwieldy registry system that often causes more problems than it solves. Windows also lags behind other OSes in UX features to a degree that would sink it utterly had Microsoft not captured the market with anti-competitive practices. If you want Windows, you're welcome to it. Vive la difference. But don't go applying your own preferences as some sort of universal verity that you shout at people. Most people don't want or like Windows, they want their shit to work. That's it.


Thats like crying because you can not run the newest Halo with Anti cheat on your Nintendo Switch. But this time the vendor (Valve) cares and fixes everything to make the game runnable on Steam Deck so the devs have zero effort to do. Its weird how people are strongly biased as soon as you can install Windows on it.


Not comparable at all


"so many" I see maybe under 5% of users having windows or dual boot... Just because you do it does not mean it is the norm


Lol I literally installed Chimera OS on my Aya Neo straight out of the box. I definitely prefer Linux over Windows


How’s your experience with Chimera so far? I was toying with the idea of trying it or Garuda on my Steam Deck. Does it give you full access to the pacman package system otb?


I see no reason to install Chimera OS on a Steam Deck when you can just run SteamOS. I cannot speak on pacman, but it is immutable just like SteamOS, so I figure you do not get full access.


What a lie. So you chose to have limited access to your game library?


Oh no, I can't play Tembo the Badass Elephant...


Can’t play anything that has its own launcher and/or a anti-cheat.


Its not even about the ally at all, i just gave an example that there also is a handheld device which ships Windows. The ally is good but the OS is just... Basic and restricted because Microsoft wants to. You can literally decide nothing on Windows and it will forever look boring and will forever have bugs you cannot fix. While on the other Hand, on Linux you can make everything possible. Like for example, people made .exe runnable natively on Linux which Windows cant even do with older .exe files from XP or they also cant run Linux apps and so on. Also you can't do Million other things on Windows.


Everyday there’s a post complaining that the steam deck can’t run games that have their own launcher, also posts complaining about the anti-cheat we all know about. Paying 650$ for a device that doesn’t even let you play your games without dual booting windows. But everyone always has something to say about the Ally.


Or the “made with mematic”


I highly suggest https://github.com/mcarlucci/decky-storage-cleaner


Really want to install this but my 64 steam deck now won't let me boot desktop mode. Fucking caches man. I've tried reverting to a previous version but no joy. When I complete a couple of games I'm gonna factory reset


When you uninstall games, now, it also removes their shader and cache information. It may keep some save files, but it gets rid of all the major stuff. The main issue is that's not retroactive, so shaders that exist for games you've already previously uninstalled have no way to be removed automatically.


For $50 you can get a 512gb ssd. Best upgrade I’ve done.


Yeah, think I'm going to have to. Did you have to wipe/reset before installing it? Thanks


you can store caches on the SD card and link the folder back to the folders for steam. i did it and havent had issues for months. havent had to worry about space since then


Get an SD card pronto. You can move data into it outside of Desktop mode. That should give you some breathing room.


Thanks! I've already got a micro SD card, and was downloading and deleting games before the cache update. How do you move the cache data without desktop mode? I've already cleared the internal storage in the storage settings, but no joy


I don't have my Steam Deck on me but if I remember correctly you use the settings/menu button and it's under storage.


Try putting another Linux on a USB stick and booting into that USB to manually delete a couple of files. Still, it is quite odd that desktop mode won't open.


Probably has family view on. It won't let me boot to desktop when my family view is on, and it won't let me go into settings either.


I'm sure you've heard it 100 times, but upgrading to an SSD isn't very tough to do and IMO very worth it. The only issue I had was a single stripped screw which I was able to get out using some elbow greese (i.e. just pushing down really hard when turning). My technical experience before attempting the upgrade myself was popping in some extra RAM into my desktop and swapping in a GPU upgrade, both of which are just opening the side and plugging in.


To be fair, a gpu upgrade might mean you have to run more cables through your desktop, because your previous gpu might have been only using one 8 pin, where gpus nowadays use more. That at least requires understanding your gpus specs at the very least, and understanding what connector does what


## [GitHub - scawp/Steam-Deck.Shader-Cache-Killer: Script to Purge The Steam Decks Shader Cache](https://github.com/scawp/Steam-Deck.Shader-Cache-Killer) ##


The hero of the thread


Thank you :) I'll test this out later!


When will the update that will supposedly half the shader caches release for the stable version?


That’s suppose to come with the 3.5 update, but that’s not even in beta yet so probably in a couple of months ?


I thought the 3.5 release was in beta? Saw another user post an image of the saturation slider that’s coming with it.


It is in the preview channel, the beta is still in the 3.4.8 I believe. So the 3.5 update will need to move to beta first. That’s why I think it is still a couple of months away.


Couple of months???? Ffs It better be worth it I'm not upgrading the SSD because of the dbrand on my deck and the potential risks in the long term if I were to do it myself 😂. If they seriously half it then that's like 15gb free storage crazy


The 3.5 update is suppose to be one of the biggest updates yet, so yeah it I’ll be worth it. Also I understand about the dbrand skin. I have a skin in my 15” laptop and the screw holes were not aligned so I had to make new ones. Thankfully it doesn’t look bad and they are at the bottom so no one see them when I’m using it , but the steam deck’s back is very noticeable.


The next update also brings some pretty big graphics performance improvements as well as a major improvement to the way the system handles SMT (the thing that lets 2 threads run on a single core) that should improve multithreading performance and reduce stuttering that was caused by the way it used to handle multithreading (this will be especially useful for sim games and emulated games). It should also bring the major UI update to the steam deck, which has been really neat on my desktop so far.


1. buy cheap version 2. upgrade cheap version with own nvme 3. ??? 4. save a lot of money


Literally what I did, saved myself about £200


Got mine during the 1 year anniversary sale ($CDN), $449 (regular $499) 64GB Steam Deck + $58 512GB SSD vs $749 (regular $819) 512GB Steam Deck. 30 minutes of watching a YouTube video and following along to save $250.




Memory Express! [It's actually even cheaper right now ](https://www.pc-canada.com/item/solidigm-512-gb-p41-plus-series-nvme-m-2-2230-pcie-4-0-ssd-pci-express/ssdpfpnu512gz01)($53) and the 1TB is $105. No issues so far, nice and smooth.






Spent $400 on my Steam Deck and $104 on my 1TB Nvme, so I spent a total of $504. The 256GB version is $529 and the 512GB version is $649. Also the Nvme is double the speed of the 512GB version...kinda (2500MB/s VS 4500MB/s, although the SD maxes out at 3500MB/s) I also got an external Nvme enclosure for $11 for the 64 GB drive, which I've been using to transfer files easily from my PC, SD and my phone. Only thing is some virtual items I don't care about, and the etched glass which I also don't care about (and if you do care, screen protectors are there). So unless you're that scared of opening the Deck and changing it out, you're getting ripped off pretty bad to be honest. But if you want to support Valve more, go ahead.


I got a 512 NVME for 20 bucks. So even then you can quadruple the storage for 20 bucks.


For me, in UK, it was; £314 for SteamDeck (in 10% sale) £99 for 1tb WD 2230 £40 for 512Gb Samsung Evo Select SD card £453 for 1.5Tb Steam Deck vs £569 for 512Gb Steam Deck. A decent saving for 3x the capacity!


Awesome 😎


TBH, the etched screen is pretty nice


People say “but screen protector” but I’ve yet to see a screen protector that doesn’t just look blurry.


Look harder.


I hate to break it to you champ, but when you increase the distance (as a screen protector does) between the LCD and etching/texturing, image quality is reduced.


>but when you increase the distance (as a screen protector does) That's dogshit copuium of needlessly spending another $200


I mean it's not at all, you're just apparently either too ignorant or too stubborn to understand. And why would I be "coping" over $200? I always preorder the top spec on launch day of whatever tech I'm buying and I've yet to ever regret doing that. At the end of the day, I'm very fortunate to be in the position where $200 doesn't really matter to me. ​ Edit: Lol, he blocked me. Proves my point.




Buys 1tb for silly price, 2 months later 2tb for that price and 1tb for cheap....


Just done this - bought the 64Gb version, just installed a 1Tb SSD. Took my time, process took about 30 mins (wanted to re-use all the shieldings). It's currently installing my games - nice to have no limits now!


Yeah, I got a 256gb SSD for $20. Worth it.


Got me the 512gb deck for $480 with about 20ims of work. Best decision I've made in a bit.


5.Strip screws 6.Cry


Literally what I did


I got the 256gb version. Its probably not hard to replace at all, but every time I go at portable electronics, something gets broken by my clumsiness.


I would but honestly I really don't want to go through the process of taking it apart and putting it back together. I'd rather just use my SD card like I am now


Obviously it's yours to do as you please, but it definitely sounds scarier than it is. Similar to "building a computer" which sounds impressive to others but in reality is just like building a Lego set, follow a guide and put pieces where they belong. If you do it slightly carefully, it has minimal risk to the deck itself.


Funny because I've built a computer for myself every 2 or so years for the past 6 years, and then a few more for friends and family - it's not a new concept, it's just uncomfortable with something as different as the deck


If you've ever upgraded laptops (even the smaller laptops like the Thinkpad X series) and such, you'd find that the deck is literally no different at all. I understand the form factor against a computer is quite different but once you also work with laptops, it's basically the same given the similarities in form factors here.


I followed an ifixit tutorial and did it in 10 minutes. Also replaced the thermal paste while it was open


This is the way.




I have the 64gb version I don't have any problems, because There's a cool trick to save space, move your shaders to sd card and create a link folder to there original location


CryoUtils has a feature to do this automatically.


i'm mean, if they don't want to install cryoutuls, ``` mv *shader_folder* *your_sdcard* ln -s *new_shader_folder* *old_shader_folder ```


Thanks for sharing the command. I know some people aren’t very comfortable with the command line but this is great if you don’t want to install anything.


Btw, you can do the same by drag'n'drop in the file manager (Dolphin). It'll open a context menu offering to move, copy, or link the file/folder. The link option will create a symlink just like ln -s.


I Didn't know that, thank you i will try it now, maybe it will save me more space🦥


I also do this with my 64GB deck.


You can move shader cache on SD card Huge difference since i did it on my 64gb Deck 👌


I did that with cryoutilities and got terrible performance in elden ring, strange considering I have shadercache on my sd card for emulators and I don’t see the same issues


why would emulated games use as many shaders as a modern open world game


Because emulation is different from native games. Modern emulation will create pretty sizeable shader caches.


proton ≠ native


Proton is much closer to native than it is to emulation though


yep, wine ,that's what proton uses, literally means "Wine Is Not an Emulator" WINE, iemulated windows can't run the calculator, emulations is incredibly hard, ps2 emulator can't run in my laptop with ryzen 7, that's the level of hard


> "Wine Isn't aN Emulator" Minor nitpick: It's actually "Wine Is Not an Emulator"


Wine has nothing to do with DXVK


Their point still stands.


Proton doesn't make the games run on a different CPU architecture, they're still native.


what does shaders have to do with the CPU?


Cemu had a 3gb cache for botw and only 500mb shader cache for elden ring so I dunno


I have and it just re-downloads them to the main drive before I play


So you have to make a folder with the same name as the shader cache folder on your micro sd and then “link” it to where the folder would be in your Steam deck and then it works fine. I’ve done this for months with no problems and it’s easy to set up. Also 64 GB gang


same. mine still has 11gb to 9gb, unless i download a new game and it defaults putting its shadercache in the 64gb.


I responded to the other comment in this chain, you have to link the new folder with the same name to the spot the other folder should be in and delete the original shader cache folder


The shader cache is so annoyi byng. I seriously had 8gb free on my SSD and it magically goes to 3gb left all because of the stupid shader caches. The damn thing downloads every time I turn it on. Then a few hours later it downloads more! You just downloaded gigs already!! Why are you downloading more?????? The new steam deck update that is supposed to reduce the shader caches can't come soon enough!!!


Do we have an estimated release date of that update yet?


>You just downloaded gigs already!! Why are you downloading more?????? ~~It will usually update based on where you are in the game. It should reach maximum size when you hit the last area of that particular game.~~ Looks like I was mistaken. See: [https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/13qdiwo/comment/jlhg4wy/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/13qdiwo/comment/jlhg4wy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Uhh, no, it's not based on where you are in the game. It's based on how far anyone has been in the game. The pipeline states are recorded from anyone playing through Steam (separated by OS and GPU vendor, probably) and then that crowd-sourced data is used to generate the shader caches for download.


Ah, interesting. I'll edit my comment. Do you have any links where I can find more info on that?


I don't know if there's a nice write-up of how all of it works unfortunately, but at least here's the repo for the Vulkan layer that makes it possible: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Fossilize/#fossilize The relevant bullet point from the readme would be: > - Serialize state in application once, replay on N devices to build up VkPipelineCache objects without having to run application. Then there's the [patch notes](https://store.steampowered.com/oldnews/35534) that originally added the feature to Steam: > - New feature: Shader Pre-Caching. Whenever possible, depending on hardware and driver support, Steam can download pre-compiled shaders for your specific video card. This reduces load times and in-game stuttering during the first few launches of OpenGL- and Vulkan-based games on supported hardware. This feature may use a small amount of additional bandwidth as Steam uploads and analyzes a shader usage report after each run of the game. The feature can be disabled via a new entry in the Settings dialog. The most concise explanation is probably in the Steam settings themselves, which reads: > Shader Pre-Caching allows Steam to download pre-compiled GPU shaders matching your system configuration. This allows Vulkan and OpenGL games to load faster and improves framerate stability during gameplay. > > If enabled, Steam will collect shaders from your system when needed. Enabling this feature may slightly increase disk and bandwidth usage.


> The new steam deck update that is supposed to reduce the shader caches can't come soon enough!!! it's gonna be a big ass update, be patient lol, better a delayed update than an update that look like the the last of us pc port in the first day


I just upgraded my 64gb to a 1TB. World of difference


936GB difference!


I have the 64gb version with a 512gb sd card, cant really sense that I need to upgrade the SSD, have Witcher 3, Arkham knight, Shadow of War, Disco Elysium, Skyrim and Stardew valley installed and over 100GB free space on sd card and over 20gb free on SSD.


you can also use cryoutilities to move the shader cache to SD card.


I second this. I have all of my emulators installed on the 64 gb and all of my games installed on sd. I have around 10 gb left even after using cryo.


I didn't realize people were actually using the 64gb. I thought we all replaced the SSD day one


I replaced it on day 3 because I got my SD before the ssd showed up lol


Download Storage Cleaner on Decky, make sure to delete shaders right before you uninstall a game and you should be set.


Steam now also deletes the shader cache when you uninstall games. But users might still have cache folders lying around from before Valve made that change.


I bought cheaper one then buy a 512 card for games, so far it’s run fine!


I bought the 64 and install and 512 gb no big deal really easy and cheaper


Just buy a Corsair MP600 Mini and replace the 64GB with a 1TB, it isn't difficult to do


Give @mcarlucci some love. He made the plugin


Also I have placed my shaders in my micro SD card and used that one linux feature whenever it needed it it would route to my SD card. It's the only way I save storage to use Cryoutilities.


Getting a bigger ssd afterwards is cheaper anyway. It’s pretty easy to do too.


Buy this for an upgrade and it’s on sale and better than the 512gb https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQG6JCRP?ref_=cm_sw_r_apin_dp_GGKNPPG2EH1F89JWQZM9


We all wish we had a bigger deck


I hear you Put on cryoutiliries and use it to transfer shaders to sd Also Ask valve to build that in




The reason the 64 GB version exist, is for people to get it and change the SSD right away. It's possible to live with it but you kay need time to time manual cleaning.


I don’t know how anyone expects 64GB to be enough for anything in 2023


The 64GB model can't even hold my modded Skyrim build. I can't imagine wanting to play any modern games on it.


That and some games just don’t perform that well from SD card. You have to install them on SSD to prevent stutters


Fyi using a microsd works great, I notice no difference between loading times or anything, and they do sell 1tb microsd (it’s what I have, along with the 64gb model)


64GB Steam Deck for $399, 2TB M.2 2230 NVMe SSD from amazon for about $300, some DIY work and you have yourself a 2TB Deck for just $699. Update : The drive I got is the Sabrent 2TB Gen 4 SSD. But there are many other choices that are cheaper than that. You can usually get a 2TB drive for around $200.


you can get 2 TB ssds a lot cheaper than that.


You can snag a 512 nvme for about $70 now. You can usually get a 256 for around $40-50. It’s like 8 screws and a 5 min YouTube video.


You bought the right one. Get yourself a 1 or 2 TB 2230 SSD and enjoy all your games on the go for much less!


This is so much a problem, crazy it hasn’t been addressed yet


You could also just turn off shader cashing and it removes them all for you. Cleared a lot of space quickly that way.


If its with emulators, that is not Valves fault.


512gb SSDs are like $50...


I saw this when I'm 5 days old Steam Deck 64 GB User.


Yeah. Sold my steam deck for that very reason. This was before all of the new utility stuff came out. It was too frustrating to deal with.


You bought the smallest storage one obviously you'd have issues


Wasn’t aware of shader cache before purchase. Had an SD card, so I didn’t think it was an issue.


Im honestly really confused by your reasoning here. You sold your steam deck because of shader cache eating up too much memory? You realize this is an issue on PC as well too right? In fact every time you update a graphics driver the system has to build it up again, unlike the steam deck. As well you can pretty easily put the shader cache on an SD card instead.


literally, on windows the OS itself is what, 40gb?


Correct! I’m not trying to be rude just very surprised by the shader cache being the last straw for someone.


Why would that be obvious? Yes, it's much less storage but why would it be obvious that most of the drive gets filled with shaders? When you buy a phone it doesn't lose more than half of its storage on some downloaded stuff in the background, people don't have to know this and it's not obvious for most people. And "you should have spent more money and bought the more expensive device" is not a valid answer.


Same here, got the 64gb, bought a 1tb ssd, and a 512gb microsd card, gonna upgrade the the steamdeck when it arrives.


zShader chache killer is a viable option as well If you’re content to re-download shaders when you need them. Cache killer also good to keep track of shaders+comp data that can build up when moving games to/from the deck.


I never did try Elden Ring, but I had zero problems when I moved all the shader cache for the games I played to the SD card. I did recently upgrade from the 64GB to a 1TB, and it does make life a lot easier (shader cache, compatdata, etc.). But, I waited I believe about six to eight weeks before I made the upgrade. Besides Heroic Game Launcher giving me space issues, I honestly didn’t have any issues. Sorry you’re having problems with Elden Ring. Is it an A2 card? That may have some bearing on shader cache as the A1 card’s write speed is under the max speed of the deck (as I understand it).


Corsair just released the MP600 Mini 1tb m.2 SSD, which should be more readily available than other 2230 ssds. Just buy that and replace the ssd


Just upgrade your ssd and you should be happy.




Don't worry dude, we all want s bigger one as well


move stuff to SD card, I mean that is one of the many reasons why we buy them


Still cheaper to buy the 64gb and upgrade the SSD


My internal drive was full having no hands on it then I used the drive storage decky plug in to remove shader cache for games I don't play at the moment and now I have a whole Windows 11 installation on there lol


Same. I had to drop my CryoUtils swap file down to bare minimum. Compatible 1tb SSDs are 100 quid on Amazon but I don’t have the heart to open her up.


proton files arent cleared and clutter the space too


Tbh I can't play big games on my 512 deck cuz of huge cache sizes and forced auto updates


The Corsair 1TB SSD is like $105


The way it was explained to me before is that all shaders do eventually get cleared out automatically, but they are set on their own maintenance schedule. Therefore uninstalling games which take up a particularly large chunk of space in shader caches won't automatically clear up disk space immediately. But at some point the system *should* wipe them. In that respect I don't think there are any "shader cache clearing issues". I think it's just misunderstood. There is certainly room for improvement on Valve's part in educating owners on how that system works. I had absolutely no clue it was even a thing until after I bought the device. Additionally, there really should be a way to manually clear them out via the settings/manage menu within Steam itself, rather than relying on third-party apps. In the grand scheme of things though the 64GB version of the device is really more for people who intend to upgrade the internal drive themselves and/or use memory cards.


Just install a bigger hard drive or get a really inexpensive micro SD card


Cheapest way to upgrade is to look on eBay for people selling their OEM Steam Deck 512GB SSDs after they upgrade. I bought a 64GB Steam Deck, and upgraded to a Phison OEM 512GB SSDs that I bought on eBay. Then just added a 512GB micro SD for additional storage.


Honestly I've been using my 64gb with a 512gb SD card since November with 0 issues. As others have stated, Shader Cache Killer is your friend and just symlink the compatdata folder over to the SD Card. Any time I delete a game I make sure to clear out the shaders and compatdata too. GRANTED I don't play a whole lot of AAA stuff and this basic level maintenance doesn't faze me.


You can just drag it onto your MicroSD card and link it to your original folder


I still don't understand what shader cache is, why my deck has to constantly download (or maybe it seems like it) for shader cache updates, and why they take up so much room.


I thought my deck was full due to caches but it was actually protons


Wish they shipped it at least with 128gb storage. Really a big issue for those with 64GB model.


I bought the 64 gig, took out the hard drive(?) and put in a 2 terabyte SSD along side a 1 tera sd card.


Sooo... should I get the 64 and upgrade, or is it better to get a bigger one...And upgrade? I am asking as I might order it in next few weeks/ months. 🙊😶


Upgrading requires you to do some risky stuff. I'd just order a bigger one


It's not that bad. I will upgrade anyway so the question is... 64... or bigger, if I will upgrade anyway?


Just get the 64gb one because it's cheaper


Install cryoutilities it automates moving the shader cache to the SD card and deleting the caches of games that are not installed anymore. Using that you really don't need more than 64gb


There is a 3rd party cleaner I use had no issue so far.


We all wish we had a bigger Deck.


I turned the shader cache off months ago (it's an option in Steam in desktop mode), and I haven't noticed any issues.


Buy 512Gb-1tb ssd. Save some cash on 64 model :) I went from 64gb to 1tb. Bought super cheap ssd from aliexpress. Works like charm


a lot of people including myself got the 64gb to save money by installing a 3rd party ssd, its way cheaper. Not sure why anyone would think 64gb is enough even for smaller games.


Linked shader cache on SD card is the move


I just got 512gb and left everything as is. I justified spending the extra US dollars for an upgraded deck because dollars aren't real tangible assets. Our fiat monetary system creates these promissory notes out of thin air and every dollar you save that doesn't outpace the rate of inflation is losing value in the long run. Since the Steam deck has an intrinsic value (fun, enjoyment the ability to play triple A titles etc) I figure I'd rather have an awesome steam deck than any artificial illusions of wealth.