Steam no longer loads on my iMac. It does it's usual search for an update when you launch it, and the goes to the 'Connecting Steam Account' screen where it will sit until you force quit. If you leave it for 3 to 4 hours it will eventually tell you: *'Could not connect to Steam Network. This could be due to a problem with your Internet connection, or with the Steam network. Please visit* [*www.steampowered.com*](http://www.steampowered.com) *for more info'.* My internet is 100mbps connected via Ethernet so the problem doesn't lie there. And when I check the Steam website there's never an issue with the servers either. Things I've tried to fix this issue include: * Uninstall/Reinstall Steam (many times!) * Cleared Steam cache * Ensured I have the most up-to-date Steam install file (I do) * Updated my Mac OS to the latest version (Now on Monterey 12.4, but the exact same issue was happening with the old Mac OS anyway) * Launched Steam with bluetooth off (Read this solved other issues of Steam not loading, no luck here though) Really not sure what to do at this point, and any suggestions of what else to try would be greatly appreciated!


Similar issue on windows. Updating when launched takes a long time, then connecting steam account takes forever(?) until force quit. I never let it try to connect for hours, but it did actually open the store+friends window once after \~20 minutes of waiting; I restarted steam well over 20 times right now. It all started when I was afk for more than an hour and my steam+friends were disconnected without reconnecting; I first tried forcing a reconnect by manually changing visibility to Online, Away, Offline without success. Things I've tried to fix this issue include: * check internet connection, which is fine * close battlenet (which is my only other game platform and overlay program running in background; no discord, overwolf or similar), restart steam 2+ times, open battlenet (which connects and opens fine), restart steam 10+ times * restart steam more than 20 times, including admin-launched tskmgr forcequit/check if anything steam-y is still running in processes * soft-reinstall steam including appdata ​ UPDATE: kinda solved it by moving steam (not the games) to a different drive


I am trying to share my library with another user on my computer. We both have steam accounts and have logged into steam on the computer. We both have steam guard active. When i check the box under the family sharing tab, it says there are no local accounts available. However, when i do the same process on my friends account on my pc, my account suddenly appears as an available local account to share with. What am I doing wrong? Edit: Resolved. Idk what happened. Wasnt working last night and then i booted up Steam today and the account popped up 💁‍♂️


Unsure if its this but yesterday was maintenance day in the evening(usually around like 4pm pacific but later depending on your actual location so could have been evening for you) so its possible if you tried it around the time of doing maintenance that would by why it didnt work then but does now after the maintenance was over.


I'm trying to install Knockout City and Deceit, but it gives me the "Play Now" button on the store page, which attempts to launch the game that is not in my library. It never prompts me to download and install and doesn't add it to my library. I've tried clearing the cache and reinstalling Steam completely. I tried a few other free to play games that are not in my library and they also do not work


A few days ago i reinstalled windows on my pc because it was getting pretty laggy when i was running some specific games, after getting a clean w10 i installed steam, lost ark and played a few hours ​ the next day i noticed **my friend list wasnt connecting**, didnt pay attention because i usually dont speak to people, that day i tried to **check the store and i was only getting a black screen from it**, didnt know why, tried to check it on the web site but **steam wasnt loading either** ***(as you can see on the 2 pic)*** i reinstalled my windows 10 again and this time steam wont event update because (simply speculating) it can not access to the servers **it gives me the error from the 3**ª **picture**, tried to access to the steam website from my phone (with the wifi of the house, the exact same ISP i am using) and works just fine, its just my pc for some reason that wont load steam i dont know what to do, i have a tons of games on my steam and now im on my vacations so i really really want to play some games specific games now that i have free time ​ IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT COULD BE HAPPENING SOME ADVICES WOULD BE REALLY USEFUL TO ME, steam just doesnt load properly, if i wait on the page like 5-10 minutes it would load like on a html basic state where only show fonts **(like in the first picture)** ​ PD: the error says **"steam needs to be online to update. please confirm your network connection and try again" 3ª picture** 1ª: [https://i.imgur.com/MTDHZIc.png](https://i.imgur.com/MTDHZIc.png) 2ª: [https://i.imgur.com/R5lKrKw.png](https://i.imgur.com/R5lKrKw.png) 3ª: https://i.imgur.com/oBNDfh8.png


I tried to input a number in Steam Mobile Authenticator, it says I have a bad phone number. To be specific I'm from Philippines and it is a Smart 5G sim card.


Why does World of Final Fantasy say it'll take 2 months to install at 11.4 GB game? Never had I had any games state it'll take months to install, all my background processes are closed and ended, my internet is great, and whule I am installing to an external hdd no other game I have installed on it that are bigger than thay game said it'll take months, and I installed ARK: Survival Evolved. Can anyone gelp me figure out why it's saying months?


It is likely already downloaded so no more use of the internet, so your internet speed is irrelevant. The other aspect is the decompression and patching/install of which use your disk and processor and will definitely be slower going to an external drive. As for why 2 months? More then likely it was just unfortunate timing on the average time or ping of disk speed and wont actually take that long. The thing with disk speed and processor is the speed is going to fluctuate much more then internet speed depending on files its working with, how big, how many etc... so most of it might go quickly but one file may go slow and that might be the file where it shows the how long remaining during and yeah it wont be correct as a result. Interesting video about progress bars which while not referencing Steam specifically applies to steam based on how they do files : [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnLZFRylbs](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnLZFRylbs) So basically the progress bar and timers especially when it concerns decompression and install stage aren't going to be totally reliable.


Ok thank you, just hope you're correct and it gets done tomorrow because I am streaming the game in a couple days Edit: So I went back in to see what's going on and it's now saying Missing Downloaded Files, and when I try to uninstall to maybe start it back up again, it takes ages to uninstall. I feel like something is up and either this game is bigger than it says or something is corrupted


Hey there, I had this same issue with my external HDD the other day also. I don't know if you've already resolved the issue, but I ended up having to reformat my hard drive because steam ended up causing some bad sectors on my drive. Everything works normal now


Dude my account got hacked and when I got it back my rust and cargo where banned😑


Every single time I try to upload artwork—no matter the file size, no matter the file type, no matter the links or lack thereof in the description—I get the same error. Sorry! An error occurred while processing your request: *There was a problem uploading the file. Please try again in a little while.* Is anyone else experiencing this problem? On another computer (PC), all I get is "There was a problem processing your request." Is there any way to verify what could be causing this error on my end?


i got a vanila visa gift card and i do not know how to add it to my steam account


Are you trying to pay with the card directly for an item or add it as Steam wallet funds? Paying directly you just check out and enter the details like a VISA card. Wallet funds you just add funds and check out like VISA. Note: you should register the card first and the card should tell you how to do that but once thats done it just operates like a visa card.


adding funds and i registered it already


I really hate this is happening the game that I've just been struggling to download which is almost 95% before I slept went back to 16% aaaaaaaaaaa is there a way to fix this pls help this is fucking stupid as hell


Well, the problem is that when I try to get into my steam acc I get the msg that I'm gonna get sent a code from steam guard into my email and it is not sent, I have tried everything on the main page of steam that suggests solutions and still, no code does anyone know what to do? I have looked on the web and the solution was that they email steam but steam doesn't look at emails anymore. Does anyone have a solution? I just want to play Elden Ring :(


can i play a steam game past 2 hours after I've requested a refund or will that make me ineligible for one?


If you are refunding a game why do you want to keep playing it? Unless its like bought prior to discount and its now on sale just after you bought it or something. But to answer the question I would stop playing while the refund processes unless you do not care if it gets denied if its a game you plan to keep anyways.


My account were hacked and when i got it back i had VAC in CS:GO


I just picked up FIFA 22 on Steam but both my controllers are flicking between all the buttons when I get into the game. I am not having this issue with any other game. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting my controllers, moving the mouse, windowed/borderless/fullscreen. However, I'm still getting the same issue. [Example 1](https://imgur.com/a/ATGA7Ko) [Example 2](https://imgur.com/a/ClkdArT) It doesn't flick between the other menu buttons this much but if I try and move it by one, it will jump past two menu buttons, for example.


I had a lightning strike last week that took out my steam link, router and cable modem. I bought another steam link on eBay, and I can’t get that one to work either, on my TV or monitor via HDMI. * I have tried 2x links and power cords * I have the Ethernet, usb controller, HDMI cord and power cord all plugged in I get no display and the green Ethernet light for both links isn’t coming on. Am I missing a step? Any ideas?


Is there a Steam tag for low-end computers?


I had a few trading cards from Dead Estate that I really liked, but now when I checked my cards they were replaced with other cards, and 2 of them were duplicates, while my original 6 cards weren't (atleast not that I remember).


I'm trying to re-enable the prompt that prevents you from unlocking your computer through steam link (I'm using the iphone app). Basically, what this unresolved thread from a few years ago was trying to do. I uninstalled and reinstalled steam - didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled the steam link app - also didn't work, and was the only thing steam support suggested I try. Anyone know how I can turn that pop up window back on? https://steamcommunity.com/app/353380/discussions/0/1728701877479644514/ edit: I think I fixed it: regedit -> Valve -> Steam -> SecureDesktop -> InputEnabled , change that from 1 to a 0.


I've been trying to connect my steam account to the steam website but it always says *There have been too many login failures from your network in a short time period. Please wait and try again later.* I tried using a different web browser but it still says the same thing and my internet should be strong enough as I'm able to use other websites with little to no lag


Try clearing browser cache


Very dumb question as I Never game - just saw trailer for "Stray" game and very interested. I have a surface pro 8 i5 and am wondering - can I play this game when it comes out fine? I have no idea about specs and saw it has "minimum" requirements on steam's website but no idea if mine meet it.


I'm trying to launch ace combat 7 and every time i click play it pop up the window saying 'synchronising steam cloud' then stops launching, not getting an error message or anything, it just stops. i have verified the integrity, even reinstalled and still the same issue, other games load just fine! any advice on where to go next?


I have gotten emails in chinese from steam and someone have bought 50 dollars worth of currency on the game lost ark from an unknown card. I cant change anything on my account because i need to verify the card that was used but its not mine. Someone please help.


You are going to have to contact support. Nobody here can help with an account recovery or payment issue. You will need to recover your account and change password and such and steam can help with the recovery of the account. If you already have account access then ASAP change Steam password. email password, scan for viruses etc... as you need to secure the account before doing anything else.


In big picture mode, how do I keep scrolling through a list? In non big picture mode, when I scroll down to the maximum bottom of the page, it would load more items but not in big picture mode. When I scroll down through my wishlist in big picture mode, it would only show the 28th item before it wouldn't show any more but I have about 125 items in the wishlist. Same thing happens in the store. It shows maybe the 37th last item but refuses to load more or let me scroll down more.


How do you disable the color change for xbox elite series 2 controllers on steam. Yes, I know you can just uninstall the drivers for the extended configuration but that would also remove the paddle customization functionality. Also I tested a bunch of colors with different contrasts and saturation and it never got to the same white as it should be without the drivers


Hey, can someone give me an advice please? I spend LOTS of momey on steam, but a few days ago, i topped my wallet up two times, trough skrill, and the first time, the topup didn't appear on the balance, so i topped up again, tought it just needs to refresh, now, after a few days, and a few tickets, nothing changed, but, they just tell me to contact skrill, BUT skrill confirmed, that STEAM recieved my money, but steam doesn't listen, and just closes my tickets, saying "we gabe you all info we can", and i am here, paid money, but it never appeared in the wallet balance...i can't just let it go, i spent thousands on steam in just the last two weeks! Please someone help me, or give me an advice! Thank you! ( i have proof of it, if you need it, DM me.)


My friend is currently trying to download a free game, and whenever they press play it flashes, but doesnt download, they've tried restarting their pc, and restarting and running steam in administrator mode. What should they do?


Same problem I’m having


hello, I don't frequent reddit often but I figured I'd ask about a problem that I'm currently having. I'm trying to install Apex Legends on Steam, however, the game in the store says "play now" and every time I press the button, it prompts like it's going to launch the game, but then doesn't actually launch the game. I originally had it on origin, but due to the fact that the service has in my case been faulty and unreliable, I decided to switch to steam, and uninstalled the game, and launcher. This could be the reason, but I have tried everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to try and get it to launch, or install. It's also not an issue to do with hardware, as everything is compatible with the base game requirements (and more than, in fact.) I'm hoping that someone can help me with this problem!


Can't download any demos. Clicking on the "Download" button just refreshes the store page. Any fix for this?


I have heard that "Tell Me Why" is currently free on steam. However, when I go to visit the store page, it is making me pay $19.99. Does anyone else have this issue? ​ [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1180660/Tell\_Me\_Why/](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1180660/Tell_Me_Why/) ​ [https://i.imgur.com/n71Do7A.png](https://i.imgur.com/n71Do7A.png)


Same issue here.


So today I checked again and the discount worked for some reason. Try again and maybe it works for you too?


Just got contacted by someone claiming to be from valve through steam chat saying they were about to reboot my account losing everything in my inventory. They even sent me an email that looked like it was from steam but sent from a gmail account. It was crazy I couldnt block communication from them and then they started threating to delete things from certain games I logged into one of them and saw nothing missing but then they started sending me screenshots of my steam profile page. They deleted my avatar and background even my profile name so it showed up as just my accuount number. I quickly went and started to change my password and they even messaged me saying that that woulndt help. Finally did and I havent heard from them since but man was it scary. Anyone else had this happen? Submitted and reported the account but still waiting to hear back from actual steam support.


Can't get steam pages to load at all right now. Just trying to buy the Sunbreak DLC before I go to work today man :/


Hey look... I have a LOT of problems.... Hope you can solve em...... 1 steam deleted my wishlist 2 on "Is this game relevant to you" it says to open steam or sign in and when sign in it says "error problem connecting to the steam servers" (this is happening to me for 3-4 days or so...) 3 when I go to see my profile it doesn't show me the games I have recently played.... 4 from here and down are all about the steam app.... : When I open it it doesn't show me my games but only my reviews. When I slide that menu thingy it doesn't show my profile pic and the steam guard doesn't show me anything (I had enabled but stopped it recently) Pls tell me how to fix these... Do the steam summer sales have to do anything with it????


I think it all has to do with the summer sale...it all was going well before the event, the moment the summer sale started I had to exit steam from the task manager and tried to reopen it...it took a while tho. And I was surprised that my wishlist didn't show as if it's been deleted...there is another problem with loading games pages, steam does open individual game pages but when I tried to go to specific categories for example RPG the page doesn't load at all. I signed out a few times but the problem still occurs. The last problem I'm facing is when I try to go to my "account details"...it doesnt load at all but only says there is a problem with connecting to the servers or somthing similar.


I can’t see the steam store on my account, but when I sign out I’m able to see it. It’s only happened today and it’s really confusing


Same here. Eveyrthing works fine if i'm not logged in. But if i try to check steam main page in the client or browser (while logged in) its just a blank page. :C


Let us filter spam guides for the love of...


Are region locks temporary? Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is apparently banned in all South Asia and East Asia countries. I really wanna pay and get the game legally but is there legit no way at all? No keys work? VPN?


Region locks generally aren't temporary but it would depend on the reason I suppose. Usually its a government thing and so a region may have a special version or just no version if the devs and publisher didnt want to take the time to create one that met certain requires to release in that country or region.


Nah, Apparently MGR revengeance devs thought Asia wouldn't like pc games. Lmao Konami dissapoints me again. A Japanese company thinks Asia won't play a anime style game. Alright Konami sure thing , hope you go bankrupt.


My game won’t open and I did everything the support page told me to


I was listening some music on youtube music in the overlay and when i closed the tab the music didn't stop, and when i closed the game i saw the java script cofirm error and pressed ok and the music stopped? so what's this error?


Every time I go to the Steam website @ https://store.steampowered.com/ I log in, and tick "Remember me on this computer", but Steam never remembers. The browser is not deleting cookies on exit, this only happens on the Steam website. Is it just broken and everyone has the same problem? If not, any ideas?


When i connect my controller, steam keeps disconnecting and reconnecting it every few seconds and the LED on it is going crazy and i get spam popups in the bottom right. please help, it didnt do this before.


update: shouted at my pc and performed percussive maintenance and it work now


Hey guys. I'm currently looking to purchase Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, but the game is region locked in the country I currently live in. I live in Malaysia and the game isn't purchasable where I live, you can't even find it in the store catalogues. I thought about buying the game with an alt on a VPN and gifting it to myself but a couple of google searches quickly convinced me not to. I would really like to play this game, does anyone has a solution for me to acquire the game legally? (and not from some shady key website?)


i've been trying to post this as a question but the sub rules keep removing it... if anyone can help, that'd be great. Thanks!


Help, the *Enable Steam Cloud synchronization* box cannot be unchecked... I go into Settings > Cloud > uncheck *Enable Steam Cloud syncrhonization for applications which support it*, but when the client is restarted the option is always re-checked. Any ideas on how to fix? EDIT: As far as I can tell, this is the only setting that is not honored on a client restart.


so earlier today i noticed whenever i opened the steam client, it would stay open momentarily but then suddenly freeze and not respond. tried restarting my pc but the issue persisted; realized gmod was trying to update but kept being interrupted by the steam crash. i eventually gave up and reinstalled steam (kept all of my games cus they're on my external drive), and it worked at first - but then the gmod update froze at 80% and steam stopped responding again. now it's back to the same problem whenever i open the client anyone have some advice here? genuinely at a loss on what to do because idk whether this is a problem with my pc or with steam


Why doesn’t steam do 2fa for buying things in steam market? Today I log on and realize all the funds on my account ( $138 ) was gone, checked everything and saw that someone that somehow had access to my account bought a shitty usp skin from himself to give himself the money from my account. I know the money is already gone but why can’t there be an option to have 2fa on for steam market items? Btw I do have steam guard on for account, and I reset all my passwords. BTW: I did make a ticket through steam support, just wondering why they can’t do 2fa for market items and also how people can still get into my account when I have 2fa ( I’m not ratted ).


Can anyone tell me how much mobile data does streaming my steam library to my phone take?


I'ma tell u in few hrs


How does steam download games? Something I noticed, is that even though I have a fairly stable 600 Mbps, Steam is stuck at 8 MBps, but is absolutely killing the connection (web pages can't load basically) - although only for me. Is Steam putting a strain on something in me -> router connection, that does not affect other WiFi users (as internet speed would)? I noticed, that if I start downloading FF14, I get over 50 MBps (so using 400 Mbps of my internet), but as soon as I allow Steam to download, that 50 MBps goes to 0, and Steam gets it's own 8 MBps. Browser barely works, pages can't load, internet is basically dead, even though when it comes to speed, I'm only utilizing about 10% of the speed, in contrast to FF14 using more like 60-70% (and also not killing the connection like Steam does). Is something else that is hidden being utilized at 100% that's causing the connection to be slow? I have a good M.2 SSD so it shouldn't be disk related (also, browser connection is really slow as well which shouldn't be affected by the disk I believe)


I tried to login to my steam account today, and the username I had chosen does not exist anymore. The email does not exist anymore in the steam database. All of my Steam Purchase emails are gone. I have no idea what to do, as all of steam's stolen account help is just recovering a password. I was having the same issues with my alt steam account but it stopped happening. It has been \~10 minutes and my main account is still unfindable. If possible, please help!


Basically I’m a duel citizen (Australian and Turkish) I live in both countries got a house in both but I spend more time in Australia. My question is will I get in trouble if I leave my steam region as turkey since it is cheaper.


I think your main issues would be with payments and steam wallet codes as well as gifts and region locked third party keys. 1. Steam wallet codes being currency locked so like a card purchased in AUD wont redeem on a Turkish account and vice versa so that may stop you from being able to purchase and redeem cards from friends etc... if they dont buy the ones matching your stores region. 2. Other payment method since the store only changes regions if you have a payment method from that country(besides a wallet code) but will change if you try to make a payment with the other regions card. So depending on how you handle banking and credit card or w/e you may be stuck using only one countries card and bank account on your account. 3. Gifts could also be an issue as you can not send a gift if the price difference is more then like 5% cheaper for the sender so this could block you or steam friends from sending stuff since turkish prices are almost always going to hit that threshold compared to australian prices so cant gift cross those regions.


Payments not a issue I’ve got a card here in turkey, I’m only here once every 2 years at this point but it doesn’t seem would be an issue


I cannot purchase an expansion game for Far Cry 4 called Overrun, because Steam won't recognize I already own the game and it's listed in my library. Is there a way to make it see that I already have the game so I can purchase the expansion while it's on sale? I'm also worried support won't get back to me before the sale ends so any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks everyone.


Maybe a silly question but you actually own it on Steam yourself right? Games can be in a library for reasons besides ownership such as free to play weekend, family sharing(although the game being uplay probably isnt family sharable), added as non steam game, EA games can be added because of EA Play sub(i know doesnt apply here but just saying). Any of those would mean you cant buy the dlc for yourself through Steam as Steam wouldnt recognize that YOU own it rather then it being a license through another means. As far as potentially not hearing back before the sale that shouldnt be too bad since the Summer sale is so close like 3 weeks away(20 days iirc for when it should start) so at worst you resolve the issues then its on sale again in a few weeks and can buy it then.


That answers my question, I guess I can't download a DLC for a game that launches through steam but I did not purchase in steam. It seems like strange business practice to prevent people from purchasing dlc for something regardless of if they own it, where it came from, etc.


I'm sorry I forgot to thank you for your response, appreciate it.


I'm honestly very angry that SEA racists can openly display their sinophobia, but when I display my antisemitism my profile name is banned. This is absurd and is nothing but double-standards.


**What is the Immediate thing to do after login into a scam 3rd party?** I recently got baited into logging into a scam 3rd party site. I immediately changed the password. What else can I do to make sure my steam account is safe? I also would like to know how to check the log history or what 3rd party sites I'm currently logged into using steam.


Enable 2FA/steam guard if you dont already use that. If you used the same password elsewhere, change those too.


So I had to backup and restore my games After I finish restoring them it's okay to delete the backup folder right??


If i buy a bundle with a game with a DLC if i refund the game does it refund the DLC too?


Yes, bundles are considered as single package, you can't refund only part of the bundle.


Why aren't my NAS drives visible on Steam? I've mapped them and set it for Full Access to Everyone but my Steam doesn't see it when trying to add it. My Windows on the same PC sees it fine I tried launching Steam as administrator but its the same


I have a strange problem with steam family sharing. I want to share only some games with my son, so i went in to the sharing options, selected the games etc. But on his account all of my games are visible and not only those i have selected to share. I double checked that the "share only selected" option is enabled. How do I fix this?


\[REMOTE PLAY\] Flickering problem with task bar and partially screen Hi, guys. I'm using this tool to play from laptop with Intel UHD 600 to desktop gaming PC with RX 5700 XT. Updated all drivers on Windows 11 of both. How can solve it? So annoying. Thanks a lot. Regards.


How can i stream my steam library to my phone without being on the same network as my PC?


My SteamGuard codes aren't working and now for two days, I cannot log into Steam due to 'too many failed attempts.' People said to set the time on the PC and phone set to automatically synced with the internet but that doesn't work either.


I was gifted 🎁 Mass Effect by my girlfriend during a sale (sale is arbitrary) and a CD key was never generated. I jumped through the hoops of verifying the integrity of files twice, browsing local files, checking emails, and uninstall/reinstall, restarting bootstrap, restarting system, etc... No avail. Steam has buried their contact for customer support. I'm left to lament to a wall. I'm thinking I should move out to analog gaming where tangible access to copies of the things I purchased are available at the moment of purchase. Is this end game Steam? Have they succumb to EA level of customer support? This isn't good business practice.


It shouldnt need a CD Key if purchased directly. Normally the new EA games link directly to Origin and do not ask for or require a key. EA stopped using keys for their Steam games back with like Jedi fallen order release and removed the key options for older games shortly after they added EA Play to Steam as people were abusing the key generation to either keep the games past the end of the sub or to sell the keys and profit off EA Play. If it still isnt working you probably need to contact EA NOT Valve. If you must contact Valve you can very easily go help -> Steam support -> games,software or if the game is in recent played and then click on the title and then go through some prompts


Why is my disk usage so slow? I use sdd but its still slow, and when I check my disk almost isnt benig used


I recently downloaded Resident Evil 4 on steam but whenever I try to boot up the game nothing happens, but my computer plays sound like its in the game menu but I can't see anything it just stays on my desktop. If anyone knows a fix it would be greatly appreciated I just want too see Leon once more.


My Steam account is in the worst situation right now. So I was unable to login due to my dad shutting down my Windows PC instead of hibernating it. I was signed out of Steam that time and I needed my Steam Mobile Authenticator for it. There's just another BIG problem... The phone I linked my account to now has a dead battery and I am waiting for it to be fixed, otherwise my Steam account is simply dead. Hell, I don't even know my recovery code. Until I regain access to my phone (an old one btw), I have no other option when it comes to logging in to my Steam account, since the options Steam Support gave me to remove the authenticator trace back to the phone number SMS, and again, I don't have access to my phone. Should I just hope for the best and wait for the phone's battery to be fixed so I can login to Steam again and switch the currently linked phone to a new one? If I lose the data in the phone it's basically over...




Every time I boot up Steam, Borderlands 2, Half Life 2, Portal, and Portal 2 always appear in the Download section as if they just finished updating. This has been going on for about 2 months. They don't seem to be actually updating or causing any issues. I thought it might be due to Valve doing updates for Steam Deck, but I can't find anything. Is this happening to anyone else?


Almost certainly shader precaching but sometimes something may update on Steam that may require an update without the game actually updating anything.


Even though it's been happening everyday for 2 months


How can i hide that i'm in vr on steam? game details are set to private, but it still shows up on my profile, and i'm not tryin to broadcast to everyone that i'm in, there's a vr badge next to my name, and it displays that i'm in vr when a friend looks at my profile,


I download Civilization 6: Platinum Edition today, I don't usually download games that often and this is one of my first few I've downloaded on this account. Everything seems normal... then, the download speed goes from 50 mb/s to 200 b/s(?????). As i watch, it gradually gets lower and lower, going to a whopping 1 b/s (yay). I exit steam, come back in, nothing happens. So I decide to pause it. This is what I get: "Downloads are disabled because steam is in offline mode." How the fuck do I get it off offline mode. My internet connection is actually pretty good, and it was downloading fine a minute ago. So I turn off steam again, and try to turn it back on. Nothing happens. ???????? I try again. Same thing. Do some research on the problem, and I can't find anything that relates to my issue. The only thing is related to steam not turning on. I go to task manager, and attempt to shut down the background tasks to help it reload, but the tasks are not reacting to me ending them, so I can't shut steam down. So, I restart my laptop to hopefully stop the issue. I turn on steam... So far so good. Continue downloading... Nice, it's back to 50/mb. 3 minutes later, i fucking see that its back to 10 b/s. what the actual fuck So then, I do the only thing I can think of... I uninstall steam and delete every game I had downloaded from steam :(. I come across a few other weird issues but nothing that I couldn't solve. I redownload steam, and boom! I have solved one issue. Steam turns on consistently now. I retry downloading Civilization 6, and boom, now it doesn't even start at 50 m/b, I just see it at 300 k/b. As I watch helplessly, the download speed goes back down to bytes. Is there anyway to fix this?


I have done some research and apparently a game called "Spacewar" is being used to pirate games on steam and ever since I started library sharing with my brother when I play stardew sometimes it says I am playing spacewar then shuts the app down after a little while of playing, I'm getting concerned. Please help I've never pirated a game in my life!


My friend was accidentally reported by fraud and had written proof that the one who reported said it was an accident and they tried fixing it. Then took to discord with admin who was slightly rude in voice call and even hung up on her times. She has bad anxiety too so this whole thing really was hard on her. Shouldn't the written response from the reporter stating it was a mistake enough to clear this entire thing up? Screenshots and dm's: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ofIEq4_xgprYrzn9ixjGZWQkq4utARvn1zks8T8o894/edit?usp=sharing


That is a scam. Anybody using discord to provide Steam Support should automatically set off red flags but sadly they continue using this method since it keeps working. Nobody is going to get in trouble for accidental reports if they didnt actually do something wrong and Valve wont use discord to communicate when they have a perfectly functional Steam ticket system, Steam email, Steam chat(even this would be a last resort). If your friend hasnt provided them any info and retains control of account then block and report those people and change password on Steam and of course any info she gave them as far as passwords as precautions.


Yes but the actual steam support ticket had her dm on discord which is what confused me since any time I used supportmit was throught the site or email, also her qcc is actually pending ban rn


I cant pretend to know all how they do it but some of it is things like once they have gained access to account they can change profile info to make account appear private or write in a ban thingy on the profile info to make it appear deleted or banned etc... Also some imagery like support tickets and fake credential certifications is likely photoshop editing or similar. Also creating accounts with the same display name and profile pictures/backgrounds is possible as well since display names aren't required to be unique just the account name is but profiles do not show account names. This scam has been prevalent for at least a few years and is still heavily used unfortunately but even if it werent the scammers would find another option. [https://afkgaming.com/esports/guide/look-out-for-the-i-accidentally-reported-you-steam-scam#:\~:text=The%20fake%20Steam%20admin%20may%20show%20you%20a,send%20you%20edited%20screenshots%20of%20your%20upcocoming%20ban](https://afkgaming.com/esports/guide/look-out-for-the-i-accidentally-reported-you-steam-scam#:~:text=The%20fake%20Steam%20admin%20may%20show%20you%20a,send%20you%20edited%20screenshots%20of%20your%20upcocoming%20ban). [https://blog.malwarebytes.com/scams/2021/03/steam-users-dont-fall-for-the-i-accidentally-reported-you-scam/](https://blog.malwarebytes.com/scams/2021/03/steam-users-dont-fall-for-the-i-accidentally-reported-you-scam/)


It was my account and I cant login at all.


If they have access to the account then step 1 would be to recover it after you ensure you secure your email and computer(scanned for viruses). [https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/3944-4D89-1B3E-27DE](https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/3944-4D89-1B3E-27DE) Also not providing them any further details is an absolute must and if possible contact Steam friends that you may be able to outside of Steam just to let them know you do not control the account atm as the scammer may target them as well. Good Luck and hopefully you can get the account back as its definitely not something Valve hasn't seen before since even on this subreddit its pretty common to hear people asking about this scam or if its a scam type of thing. You weren't the first and won't be the last to get caught up in it.


I've tried earlier and none came up as mine.


Someone completely stole my account, changed email and made a purchase with a credit card same day (obviously can't use that shit) no clue what to do. Checked steam support, they want me to use the email it was changed to for some insane fucking reason. I have no idea what to do.


[https://i.imgur.com/XjnwDVX.png](https://i.imgur.com/XjnwDVX.png) first time seeing it, should I ignore it?


Hope this is the correct place to ask this question - My Steam Deck is finally available to ship and I just paid for it. Is there some sort of tracking number or anything to know when it will arrive?


Disclaimer: I havent ordered hardware from Steam yet myself as my Deck isnt due until Q3. That said I would assume you will get an email with shipping and likely includes tracking once the product has actually shipped. If you just paid today then it likely wont ship for another 1-2 business days and you should get tracking info once that happens since atm your order is just placed but no shipping progress has begun. Valve(or a contractor) still has to pick the item, package the item, print a shipping label(which will supply the tracking info), and give item to the carrier to ship it. If that still doesnt answer the question I imagine the folks over at r/SteamDeck can answer it since plenty of folks on that subreddit have their decks and so would know about shipping and hardware and steam deck related questions.


Sounds good to me. Just don’t want it sitting outside for long. Thanks


I didn’t get my shipping notification for 4 business days. Ordered Thursday, notified Tuesday, received Thursday. From the 19 May batch.


Okay, thanks


Sonic all stars racing transformed crashing on boot


Hey all, Today I decided to download Rouge company through steam and at first the game launched as normal. After taking a break I decided to hop back on the game and was met with this error message and I can't find a solution to fix it. Here's a picture of the [error message ](https://imgur.com/a/K3z1mR9) Anyways, I have tried verifying the game files but it didn't work and I have tried deleting the game and reinstalling it. When this didn't work I deleted all the files for the game manually and then tried to reinstall the game again but of course this didn't work. I then tried to download the game through epic games and unfortunately I got the same message. So far I haven't found a way to fix it and I was hoping to get some help with figuring this out. I have never had this kind of thing happen before. Today was in fact the first time I downloaded the game after playing it on xbox. Hopefully I can figure this out! Edit: I played Cusine Royale or whatever the game is called now and the game didn't close properly last time I played before I Uninstalled it. I think that the anti cheat is still running or something for Cuisine Royale because I looked up the error message and was told to try and delete EasyAntiCheat.sys and it will create another one once I start up the game but when I tried to delete it I get message saying "The action can't be completed because the file is open in another program" so I believe that this is why I can't launch the game anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please and thank you. Thank you!


I'm trying to setup Steamguard so that it will prompt me on new computer logins. However currently when I switch between my laptop and PC it will always ask me for steamguard entry. Is there a way to change this setting so it only prompts on NEW computer logins?




Its hard to say any exact odds since there are WAAAAAAAAAAY too many variables. Level every 10 adds a slightly higher odds and then all the other factors like eligible games totals, which games, how many others may be eligible for that game, how many people actually craft that games badge, etc...


I am trying to download RaceRoom and I keep getting an error (missing file privileges) I’ve done it all. igfxEM in not in my processes to end, I changed region, I cleared download cache, ive granted admin access and list goes on of things I’ve tried. Can someone pls help?


I’ve gotten stuck. I’ve obtains a bunch of DLC (thanks, Humble) and yet nothing will install. Steam accepts the codes, but then when it goes to download, it says Steam failed to install [the DLC name] (app configuration unavailable). How does one go about fixing this (on a Mac)? Are my DLC gone forever? (I did only put in 3/maybe 17) Thanks in advance for any help


I mean they arent "gone" as they are still tied to the account. You just cant install them for some reason. As far as the install issue it might be better asking in the particular game subreddit or Steam discussion etc... to get more personalized help with the game(s) in question.


My Series X controller (brand new) has some issues with recognizing certain buttons during Remote Play, mostly the Start button. I'm using the controller connected to a fire stick as my desktop is too far away, and in Remote Play the start button does nothing when pressed. I'm unable to map it in the Steam Link controller setup menu because when I get to the Start binding I hit Start and it kicks me back to the Steam Link main menu. It also will not allow me to bind it to a button other than Start. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! :)


A friend of mine was victim of a Gift Card Scam, is there a way to report the scammers without knowing their Account? We do have the Gift Cards keys.


I just got banned on DBD. If i ask Steam to remove it from my account then rebuy it, can i play it as a new account? If not then can i buy DBD on a different account and family share it to my main account? I just don’t want to switch between multiple accounts, it’s confusing.


No you would need to buy it from a new account for sure. Removing the game doesnt remove the ban or it would be way too easy to avoid bans. ​ Unsure on family sharing from the new account to your primary but is it even family sharable? I assume you mean dead by daylight and its not uncommon for a multiplayer competitive game to block family sharing as people use it to avoid bans. Also even if family sharing did work just know if you got banned again while playing the family shared copy it would ban the game from the account that owns it as well.


I'm having an issue where I must have deleted DayZ files at somepoint, however, steam still seems to think it exists. In the launcher it gives me the option to play the game and also to uninstall, both do nothing. I'd like to reinstall but have no idea how to make steam realise I need to install it. Any Ideas please?


Have you tried verifying the game files (right click on the game in library -> properties -> local files)?


I switched steam guard to steam authenticator and now i can no longer access the shared library. Not downloaded games are gone and downloaded games request buying it. it doesnt even give me the option to request access again like it did when something similar happened before. This is also not an univesal issue since he can access mine just fine. it is likely that the switch was not the cause but it happened at the same time


Usually when you do something like that it locks you out of the community market and such and just community stuff so maybe that includes family sharing from others until its unlocked again after like 7 or 15 days(I forget what the lockout periods are for various actions)


Yeah, but that's just for doing it from not protected at all. I changed it because I wanted to trade a bit and it worked(even though it said I had a lockout period and the docs telling me there is no penalty), so I excluded the option from the reasons in my head.


So i was just watching movies quietly while scrolling on my steam library and then i realized one of my games wasn't here so i searchhed it nothing so i paused my movie and i realized there was reversed notes on top of strange whisper saying things like "were gonna get you out of here" ect so i was like did i left youtube on and this video showed up and no so i checked were the sound came from and it was from steam so i searched if it was like a video from the community content and no so by fear i just stopped steam and relaunched it and my game was here no sound nothing... if you're asking this is not some kind of creepy pasta its real and i just want someone to tell me if this is normal.


Steam unable to play an EA game bought on Epic So I’m a first time PC owner trying to get some gaming going. I bought Jedi:Fallen Order on Epic to then find out I have to download it via Origin and then I added it to Steam for my controller settings. But when I try to play the game in Steam, it says it’s running but nothing is happening. I’ll click “Stop” and it’ll even ask me if I want to exit the game and that unsaved game data will be lost. If I open it via Origins, it runs fine (but my controller doesn’t). Running windows 10 and everything seems updated. Any help would be appreciated!


Figured it out! I added the wrong .exe file. Instead of starwarsfallenorder I had to add SwGame-Win64-Shipping which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and clearly something I gotta learn


I can't seem to be able to download Destiny 2. On the Destiny 2 steam page I have an option that says "Play Destiny 2" with a price box that says "Free To Play" and a green button that just says "Play Game" but when I click on it, it just refreshes the page and doesn't add Destiny 2 to my library or start a download. How can I play the free version of Destiny 2, I can't seem to be able to 'buy' it. Update: Still not working, I am able to view it in my library by going through Steam Support for D2, but when I click Install it literally just takes me to the store page without doing anything. Also have more than enough storage space for the game.


So I have tried to download Perfect Tower 2 but for some reason whenever I click play game, nothing happens(I get pop up but I can't read what it says fast enough and after that, I get sent to the top of the page). I changed the download server, repaired the install folder, restarted both steam and PC, booted up steam in the admin role and nothing helped. Any advice on how to proceed?


i'm having a bizarre issue where Steam won't refresh by itself. For instance, if a friend logs on, I don't see them appear on my friends list until after I log off and log back on. Same for when they join or leave a game, message me, etc. This also goes for all of the main Steam tabs. The Library tab for instance will become unresponsive (basically it looks normal but none of the buttons are interactive) unless I switch to Shop then back to Library. It's really weird, I have tried reinstalling to no avail. Anyone have a similar issue on win11? I already know no one will respond to this message but this sub doesn't allow tech support threads.


Hello, while the situation is okay-ish now, I'm rather stressed because a person just sold 42 items from my inventory. While I find no help from Steam Support, I need to know how this person could access my account when every time I log in to a device I need a confirmation code via email? Secondly, you would suggest that they had my email which could not be the case because on my phone no new login in Google was done which we all know is almost instant for the simplest of Logins. After selling the items he bought 12 items from an account which I'm guessing is where he gathered the funds and does whatever with them. I got steam guard and after I purchased an item no notification was done. Changed the password on everything I own and I have not clicked on any links or whatever because I'm rather cautious when it comes to internet stuff. If anyone can explain how this was done, ah yes the emails from steam purchases and sellings were all sent at the same time so around 45 emails immediately all in Chinese. The last logins were done in China but the account whom which the guy bought the items was in Romania.


How do I rotate an analog stick to 90 degrees? Basically I want to swap the horizontal and the vertical axes. I want to look left when I move the stick up etc. (don't judge me :D) The game itself doesn't have such settings. I am using a PS5 and a PS4 controllers.


Would Dualsense or Dualshock be better for Elden Ring and maybe some other games?


I was going to rebuy GTA5 on steam because its better than epic games store. The cheapest edition was 15 dollars. Today i rechecked it and that version is gone. The cheapest version is 45 dollars now and i'm definitely not getting it for that price. I checked other storefronts and it didn't have this problem. Does this normally happen or are they planning something for like the steam summer sale?


I recently upgraded from a GTX 970 to a RTX 3060 and ever since my game keeps freezing for a split second and random times, it is especially noticable in Deathmatch as it happens every couple seconds. What I already tried: \- Reinstalling Game \-Verifiying game files \-Beta Builds \-Updating NVIDIA Drivers \-Changing some ingame-settings (texture- streaming/filtering, multicore rendering) \-Changing Nvidia settings to performance or turning on/off low latency etc. \-DDU NVIDIA Drivers Maybe it has something to do with audio drivers, I dont know at the moment I am kind of lost as I feel like I tried everything, it cant be the graphics card as other games do not have any stutter issues. I am thankful for any help or tip.


How can I disable Controller Config for a non-Steam game I've added to the client? For a Steam game I can just select browse configs - disabled but no such option appears for my non-Steam games.


I purchased a piece of software (MorphvoxPRO) off of Steam yesterday evening to use with future streams (cost $50, may I add). I tried to use it last night for a few hours, but it kept desyncing and wouldn't work (despite having a good audio setup). I sent a refund request after attempting to fix the issue myself, and they told me today that they cannot issue the refund because my "gameplay" was over 2 hours. However, the 4 hours that I was on it, were me trying to fix the faulty product that they were selling on their platform. I just sent them another refund request and explained the issue further. I am hoping for the best, but am expecting the same result. I don't wish to look into fixing the software as it has just been too much of a headache at this point. I just want to get a refund (to my Steam wallet, which would just go right back to Steam anyway). Has anyone had any issues like this? If so, are there any tricks to help get the refund to go through, or a way to contact Steam in another way to get them to look into more? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I bought DmC: Devil May Cry Complete Pack for $9.99 in April 28. But now humble is offering DMC in the Capcom Bundle for $20. It comes with many more games that I want. Can I possibly refund the DmC I bought for $9.99? I never downloaded or launched the game. The 14 day period has ended though.


is there a way to see steam hardware survey's primary screen **size**? i know that is one of the stats they collected when submitting their survey, but is the result shown somewhere?


Is there a way to parse my entire Steam library into an Excel/Google Sheets-readable format? I don't mean "licenses" or "purchases" (since that'd include things like Humble Bundles and some package deals), but actual games.


No download screen?? So I just bought two new games and when I click the Install button, a box comes up with nothing on it and just looks glitched with only a ‘cancel’ at the top left obscuring some writing beneath it. I cant download the games because of this. I have enough storage, so that isn’t the problem. Anybody have this happen before? Like you can’t download games cause the option won’t even come up when you try? I don’t know if this makes sense… i’ve never seen anything like it before but i just simply can’t download games because it won’t let me - the download screen that would normally appear is just not there when i click install… please let me know a solution for this asap i would rlly appreciate it as i do not want to refund these games


(Windows 10, x64) I cannot open steam, it tells me "Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again". Then when I somehow do open it, it tells me error 101, that I have no internet connection when I do. So I tried looking up a few youtube videos and online guides, and I can't seem to find a solution, I have already tried 1. Running as administrator 2. Adding the " -TCP" line to the target under properties 3. going into comand prompt and trying the different netsh options 4. getting rid of firewall 5. uninstalling (even under different disks) a few times 6. reseting cache options and history in steam settings 7. restarting the computer a few times 8. restarting steam many times (even as administrator) 9. turning off my antivirus I feel like at this point I have tried everything. I have noticed that I had still some steam connection a few days ago, but whenever I wanted to wishlist games, it would not allow me to log in (even though it told me I was online and showed me friends who were loging on (now it doesn't even)). I also had the issue when say playing Elden ring, I would always be kicked out of a co-op midfights so not sure if that was related to this issue already but if so then it started around April and I just did not think it would be this serious. Then today, I tried to download an update to a game, and it was not downloading, so I tried to go see if it was the game's problem or if it was my computer, I went back to elden ring, connected into co-op fine, so I thought it wasn't on my end, but decided to redownload steam from there as well. Well it did not help. ​ I really do not know how to fix this issue, I need some help with it


Does Steam know about intel macs versus Apple Silicon macs? Do developers of games released on the mac have the option of including both intel and arm executables? Will the steam client know which to use on any given mac? Assuming the answer is "no" to all these questions, is such support planned for the future?


I'm stumped by this one. For no reason that I can determine, Steam has suddenly stopped working properly for me on my laptop. All of the pages on the app (Windows 10) load as barebones web content that is text only, with missing images, backgrounds, etc. The only page not affected seems to be the Library page. Steam also cannot connect to the friends network and warns it's unreachable. But steam is making a connection to the web. I am able to update games, and even download new ones from my library. The Steam cloud is also saving and updating my save games. And then it gets weirder. The same thing is happening in Google Chrome, but only for the steam website. All other webpages and content load just fine. But Steam loads perfectly fine on other web browsers such as MS Edge and Firefox. Things I have tried so far.... Deleting the web caches on both Steam and Chrome. Disabling all anti-virus, banner blockers, Ublock, etc, Attempting to connect from a different network. Clicking the padlock before the web address to make sure it's secure with a valid certificate. Has anyone experienced of heard of something like this before? Steam is continuing to work just fine on my Desktop, only my laptop seems to be affected. This problem just started Tuesday night, and I don't remember any patches or updates on Steam or Windows. The only thing I've updated recently is Vortex for Nexusmods. I'm unsure what to try next, or exactly where the problem lies since it's affecting both a browser and the app?


Good new folks, I fixed it with a combination of two things. 1) Goto C:\\Users\\Your name here\\AppData\\Local\\Steam\\htmlcache and delete the entire htmlcache folder. Do not use or rely on the option in steam settings to clear the cache. 2) Run "steam://flushconfig" in the command prompt window. This will start steam, and once you login, manually flush the downloads cache. It will tell you that it's doing this, and that you will need to login again once it's done. This worked for me. The problem it seems, was a bad web certificate called "DST Root CA X3" I'm not sure what caused this problem, but I suspect it may have had something to do with a failed update to GoG launcher/store earlier in the week. This is only my speculation, I have no proof. Things are working again, I'm happy. Posting what I did to fix it in case someone else comes looking for this solution. Good luck!


So I just downloaded my first game via steam (automation). I paid for it and downloaded it, but it won't verify. It verifes, and when it reaches 100%, it says the download is paused. When I click "resume", it just starts verifying from the beginning. Did anyone else have this issue? How did you fix it? I just really want to play that game already.


Is there any way to get pop-up notifications for comments like you do for friend activity or is it always silent?


A few months ago I got 50$ I can spend per month so I decided to by a few games. I had bout 4 games and for some reason a 5th payment snuck in and I contacted apple support (it was a apple card) and they resolved the problem. Now my steam account says it is restricted and can't buy anything. 1 why is their a 5th transaction when 4 where made (The 5th was not even listed as steam but a star) 2. if the transaction was made by steam then why


i'm trying to get into [partner.steamgames.com](https://partner.steamgames.com) to work on my nextFest stuff. I'm unable to connect. Is everyone experiencing this?


Apparently, there were connection problems yesterday, but it's back on now.


No controller (ps5, xbox etc) work with any steam games. Controller works fine in windows and even in steam interface. Just stops working when a game is started up. Tried googling the issue but the help is generic and not useful.


Post got deleted so I'll try here Using somebody else's account because I don't have one. A Steam Administrator deleted my account because I wouldn't pay him 100$. I'm not entirely sure what to do because I believe I lost over 1000$ in game's and I don't know who to report this to. edit: friend said they got their account back!


I ordered my Steam Deck on December 26th 2021 and 6th months later have gotten absolutely nothing. I paid the $5 to create a "reservation" but still 6 months later and no notification, no email, nothing. When can I expect my Steam Deck to arrive? I've been waiting and waiting but still nothing. Is anyone familiar with the process of getting their hands on a steam deck? Because it's been months and months and I've still gotten no response. Help please?


I was making a guide, but when I was trying to open up an image (or gif) to place in the image tray, it takes a long time to do it and get itself in order. After all that waiting, I am finally able to put the image (or gif) in it and upload it in the image tray for guide editing. Also, the art software that I am currently using didn't shut down during this whole ordeal. It continue as though nothing was wrong. Edit: I think I fixed it, all that I needed to do was delete the Steam cache.


I forgot my password, and tried to make a new one. So I get to the email part, but it says I didn't put the captcha in. But there literally is no captcha anywhere


can i refund my ea play subscription when i just bought it and have not played games in it?


I dont think ea play is refundable.


I cant access my family shared games, they wont show up I've tried reauthorizing my acc but nothing i do works




Steam won’t let me claim free games on the market? I keep trying to click the “play now” button but Steam won’t let me, I even tried on my mobile app and Steam doesn’t even allow the feature it’s blocked off, is something wrong?


Steam suddenly asked for a password and said it changed, put my password and said it was incorrect Restarted my pc and everything was okay. Wtf happened?


Using steam share I am trying to access Hand of Fate 2, but it keeps on saying content is still encrypted. This does not happen on any other game and I have tried restarting steam, clearing download cache, installing on another drive, changing date/time. Anyone know a solution?


Hello everyone, reposting here since my post got deleted. So, I hard reset my cpu because I was having issues but I did the "keep files" option. Now when I sign back in & boot up steam, it says I have to reinstall & download the games. But in my storage I still have tons of gbs used up from all my games. Should I delete all my old files within the steam folder on my PC? I don't want to lose my saved settings/data but I definitely don't want to accidently download all these games twice on my PC. I won't have enough space to do it. When I looked it up online on steam it says to simply redownload the game & it should recognize my files already installed. But I'm currently downloading DS3 again & it looks like it's fully redownloading all 23.83 GBs. Thank you all in advance. I hope I explained that well.


Normally when you point it at the correct folder as part of the install it will start by trying to locate existing files and once it locates those it usually will locate the entire contents of the folder although it may still have an update or something depending on when you make the switch if the game released a new update. Last time I did something like that and upgraded my PC but kept same hard drives I just tried to download a small game on that library and it reconnected to the entire contents of the library once it was pointed back to the library.


For some reason i lose internet connection when opening most of my games, please help me fix this


Hello, I have this overlay-counter thingy in some Games and I dont know how it was activated. It's a fps counter with Play time counter togerher in the top left PLZ help


OK so I was getting the game sea of thieves through a family share friends account. I downloaded it played it and then my wife bought it so she could play it to. I family share with both my wife and the account I downloaded it initially from. But now I can Only play Sea of thieves through my wife’s account and not the initial account. This means I cannot play with my wife even though she bought the game so that we could play together. Couldn’t find an answer via Internet search. Hope y’all can help


Look up using SFS-Select. Steam family share select is what that is and it will let you select which library the game is being shared from.


So today I sat down to play some Gmod, and it said I had an Account alert. I thought that was funny, because I haven't done anything wrong on any games and have kept my account clean since I made it. It says this: This account may have been accessed by someone else. Steam Support suspects your account may have been accessed by someone else. We are temporarily restricting modifications to this account as a security precaution. Please contact Steam Support so we can assist you. This account will have restricted functionality until the owner has regained access. Purchasing, gifting, trading, cd-key activation, playing online on VAC enabled game servers, and Steam Community access have been disabled. I have contacted support 4 times, I'm about to call them and I've changed my password and signed out of all accounts. I figured that would be enough, and that I could finally just get on with my friends. Nope. "You do not own this game, please sign into the correct account". Any tips on what I should do about this? More details: Someone bought $50 worth of Lost Ark currency, and then refunded it. The email I got is in either Japanese or Chinese. I can provide a screenshot if needed. I've never bought anything on Lost ark, I haven't even played the game!


Support doesnt have a phone number and also you say it was just today that you had the alert. Have you at all given time for support to actually read and reply to your tickets when you say you have contacted them 4 times or just keep making new ones in hopes of jumping the line for support? Removing a restriction can take some time even if you regained access since changing a password alone isnt going to unlock it or somebody else in control of the account would just do that anytime they get locked out and then log back in with the new password they made. Support is going to want to ensure its actually the account owner having regained access before they remove it hence asking for being contacted.


How to stop Steam from flashing the icon on the Windows taskbar whenever I get a message? I have tried all the options available in the settings but the problem persists. Thanks


Im not sure its possible. Heck it may not even be a Steam thing but a Windows thing where an icon flashes when there is activity on it such as a new chat message. I suppose depending on what you are doing you could go invisible on Steam or just close it if you were not using it and didnt want to receive messages.


My wife and I own a dedicated VR PC with a Valve index. We also each own our own gaming PCs. When we want to use VR games, we use the VR PC with my Steam account because I used it to buy all the games. However, when my wife plays VR, I get booted out of games on my gaming PC. What is the best way to be able to play all the VR games on the VR PC without all this conflict? Should we create a third account and use it as family sharing? Is there a better option?


My Steam account won't let play with more than one controller I have 2 controllers, one DS4 and dual Sense. When I want to play games like Rocket League in Split screen mode or Tekken 7 versus mode with another player locally, I just can't do it with my account something in my controller config got broken, and the problem occurs no matter the PC I am login in with my account. I recently tried account of friend and the problem resolved using that account, but it's not my account in the end and it was just for testing, so it is problem with my Steam account/big picture mode/ Steam cloud I want to know if it's possible to complete reset the controllers settings in my account so I can finally play with more than one controller. Basically, While my Steam account does recognize both controllers simultaneously and they are connected and turned on, only one controller inputs works at the time, and it does not recognize them as separate controllers. By using other account, the problem gone, but when I use my personal Steam account it's back again. If you need more details I will gladly provide more.


Are Steam okay with purchases made while on vacation? I'll be on vacation during the Summer Sale, and I have some wishlisted games I'd like to get, but I'm not sure if Steam are okay with that, since as far as I know they have some issues with purchasing in different regions to where you normally live. I'd be purchasing using a card from my home country (currently stored in my account).


Yeah that shouldnt be an issue to purchase games while away. Valve knows people go on vacations and such. Its one thing to continue to abuse a region by not changing region if you move permanently or using a VPN into a location and another situation entirely to just purchase games while away on a short term holiday. Note that unless the place you are going uses the same currency as your account then Steam wallet codes purchased on vacation may not work but paying with your bank card shouldnt be an issue.


I am trying to log into steam on a new laptop but it asks me for a code that it says is getting sent to my email. I have checked my email and it is the correct one but I am not receiving the email. I then tried getting the app so that I could get the code through that instead but it also takes a code sent to my email to log in. If you need more information just ask. Edit: I figured it out


Bad download speeds, but only on steam. My download speed will be great on other services such as battle.net or epic games, But on steam it just sucks. Ill have a good 30 mbps on other services, but on steam i get [this](https://imgur.com/a/KHlcUZA). How can i fix this?


1. That image doesnt show enough IMO. It needs to show the numbers under that graph to really know since it may be fully downloaded or may be needing to do a large patching job and without seeing the download and install size bar its hard to give an exact answer to this particular game/update. 2. Steam downloads compressed files unlike those other services and compressed files use a users processor(CPU) and disk and disk speed (green line = disk speed) to decompress the files so its not all about just having the fastest internet but you need a good CPU and installing the game on a faster processing disk(Ie SSD vs HDD) to reduce the skipping and maintain a faster speed. 3. Even with a faster disk or cpu it still may skip sometimes depending on the game and its file management where maybe it has to change some existing file before it can download a new one so that may be where you have a gap. Then when its fully downloaded the patch or game(download size) so it shows 0 internet speed it may not yet be playable since it still has to decompress and install the new files and change existing ones(install size). As far as why Steam handles files this way well for one they handle a much higher download server load at any one point then a service like battlenet or even epic so they have to balance that out otherwise it would just bog everybody down. Plus putting more reliant on the end users system then the internet download has the benefit of downloads being smaller for the end users so a 50gb game for example may only download like 35gb or so of compressed files before expanding on the users systems when it unpacks.


Can I buy a game in a browser, but then log into steam client and download it?


As long as its the same account then yeah its just tied to your account even if purchased on like a browser or the Steam phone app etc...


Internet forums say to launch a game once before going offline. Do they mean "launch it once even if you've owned it for a while and have launched it many times before," or do they mean "launch it once if it's new so Steam knows you own it?"