I still cant believe it.

I still cant believe it.


Holy. Shit. I never thought I'd see the day. I'll actually get to play God of War now.


And on PC you can play God of War as Master Chief!


And his son Mario.


"My name is my name"


Nah that's where Nintendo fans draw the line , don't talk about Nintendo. They're watching. They're everywhere.


*Cease and Desist intensifies*


Voiced by Chris Pratt


“It’s me, Amario”


Or play Halo as Kratos


Really nice game. I love more people is having the chance to try it now that is comming to PC.


I almost bought a console for that. Glad i waited.


and u will experience how overrated it is, lol


I thought so, too but I got downvoted to shit on /r/patientgamers for mentioning it. They made like a God of War version of a Souls game minus the numerous boss fights and actual difficulty. The combat system was pretty much the same and as a bonus it had the runic system where you might skip the combat system entirely, by simply blowing your magical uber attacks and everything just dies. It was a valid strategy even for those valkyrie fights. Except maybe for the chief valkyrie. I know that the previous God of War games were nothing like the latest, but at least the boss fights were always something grand, brutal and it made you feel powerful.. maybe even menacing. The first fight with the Stranger felt great, but the rest were pretty lackluster. GoW wasn't a bad game but I wouldn't say a it's great one, too. If anything I enjoyed the story, gameplay and world of Ghost of Tsushima way more and that's normally not my type of game. Anyway, it's good that they're bringing it to Steam. At least now more people can enjoy it (or not).


I thought it was a good thing to give you an option? If you want to make a runic build, which the game gives you option for with gears and all, that’s by design. It doesn’t take anything away from the game but rather enhance it. Also, if the game feels too easy that you are complaining about not needing to rely on combat, perhaps crank up the difficulty to Give Me God of War.


> They made like a God of War version of a Souls game minus the numerous boss fights and actual difficulty. Do you work for IGN? iTs LiKe DaRkSoUlS. Counter Strike is like if Dark Souls had guns, team play and no fantasy elements. Very unforgiving if you don't know what you're doing.


Sadly Nintendo would never


Because then people wouldn't have a reason to buy their inferior hardware, other than portability & multiplayer I guess




The doom and nightmare for Nintendo


It can emulate nintendo games as well! Even more of a reason for nintendo to be worried.


Well... Let's keep it on the down low. No need for Nintendo to find some loop hole in a law that's 120 year old to stop us from emulating roms. God forbid they force proof on users if they own the title.


I mean, steamdeck is basically just a portable pc right? Not sure what they could do about it.


Take down every rom site in an aggressive move to squash online distribution, followed by lobbying to ban the use of emulators and get those taken off the internet as well.


Sounds like a job for r/datahoarder


So business as usual at Nintendo? Lol


Just set up a site based out of some rogue country with no extradition and distribute out from there?


If they could go after emulators they would have done so already. There is a legal precedent against that, or at the very least it isn't as much of a threat to Nintendo atm to fight that.


What ? Are they gonna track use 24/7 checking if we're downloading roms ? They can take down rom downloading sites all they want but if you strike one down, a thousand more shall take its place.


And I will be using it all (as long there's no ads). Nintendo deserves no money.


People still use rom sites when Archive.org exists?


As if laws for digital stuff ever stopped us.


3DS and DS emulators make me happy.. Honestly getting a capture card for either is a hassle if you are a streamer so emulation is the best choice imo lol


Yuzu doesn't work as well as you might think on that hardware. Some games work wonderfully (like Smash Ultimate) and some not so much. Plus, there is no multiplayer and it might take a very long time for it to be added The Steam Deck is amazing but I don't think it's going to be as big as the Switch


I'm pretty sure some games like metroid dread will work fine with yuzu. Only one way to test it out is to get the actual device on hand. But even if yuzu doesn't work, theres many more emulators like the Wii U which should work better than yuzu, and games like legend of zelda: botw will be amazing.


Nah, Metroid Dread works perfectly. I got a Ryzen 7 4700U which is similar hardware, and it runs beautifully except for the occasional crash. It'll run fine on the Deck Ironically I've had a terrible experience with Cemu, I can't get it past 20FPS on BotW. I'm on Windows and supposedly it's better on Linux but I didn't think it was worth dual booting just for emulators that I rarely play


Can you play smash ultimate online on yuzu? I own the game but Nintendo's garbage online makes it impossible to play so I might just switch (heh)


You can play smash on ryujinx if I'm not mistaken, with their own multiplayer. You can only play it with other people on ryujinx so you have to find some friends or look on the ryujinx's discord server and arrange a game there. Yuzu doesn't have this feature (AFAIK) so you need to use ryujinx. There is no way you can play on the official nintendo servers without a switch.


Yeah, I assumed that official servers wouldn't work, I'm just looking for a way to practice online, if I have to matchmake on discord that's fine. Thanks for the info, I'll look into ryujinx.


Not really. Most of Nintendo's customers are people, who don't even know, what emulation is. Also Steam Deck is not able to emulate Switch games in acceptable quality.


Steam machines were supposed to outcompete consoles. I wouldn't hold my breath for steamdeck to win against switch any time soon


I dont think steamdeck is competing against switch in a same way steam machines were. But yea in units sold it will most likely "lose" to switch.


Inferior hardware that they make a profit on no less. I think a lot of people forget that Sony and MS usually sell consoles at a loss and recoup that lost money in game sales. Nintendo is basically the only company that has always made money on hardware.


I read in another comment that this isn't true anymore for the PS5?


I haven't looked at this console generation but it's been pretty much true in every gen up until current gen. Edit: just looked into it and Sony claims it only makes a profit on the disc based model. Which makes sense to me it's identical to the $400 model but with a cheap Blu-Ray drive thrown in for $100 more.


Which makes sense - they make a cut on every sale for the digital only model, since the people with the digital only model can only buy from them. With the disc model people can buy used games. Even then I'm sure their profit margins are nowhere near Nintendos huge Switch profit margins.


PS4 was profitable within half a year. And even prior it just took the sale of a controller or a game to break even.


They don’t make money on consoles AT LAUNCH. Shortly after launch once manufacturing improves and cost to produce continually go down, Sony and MS make profit on each console sold. The “they only make money on game sales and subs” is misinformation that needs to die since it only applies to them for a very short amount of time in an 8 year console lifecycle, but let’s them ride the idea that they’re poor companies that only make money from licensing fees


It wasn't always this though. You can read that Sony lost millions on the PS3 hardware, Microsoft never made a profit on the OG Xbox over it's full lifespan. Yes maybe it's different today but saying it waa always a myth is untrue


And yet they still charge $60 for breath of the wild digitally. Because it’s one of 3 games worth getting a switch for yet it’s 4 years old.


Steam link will exist soon. The switch only has exclusives over the other systems, nothing else imo


Both daemon x machina, and monster hunter stories 2 are on PC, with MHrise coming out on PC next year


And Bravely Default 2, and Project Octopath and some more But none of those are Nintendo first party titles


Hopefully, Platinum Games releases Astral Chain on PC.


ehhhh Monster Hunter Stories is in phones too, the sequel is in pc since launch iirc and we already had a main MH game in Steam and not in a nintendo console, not really a Nintendo exclusive imo


Rise is switch exclusive? I think what you're getting at is a *first party* exclusive like metroid


I thought the post was about the main/biggest entrance of a first party exclusive of one those consoles getting to steam and the comment was most likely about the big Nintedo exclusives, MHW is the biggest entrance in the MH series and is not in a Nintendo console, Rise is a switch exclusive just like rise of the tomb raider was an xbox exclusive since we knew it was gonna release in PC shortly after the announcement in Switch. The game is great but not an important Nintendo exclusive.


In that case, yeah, there aren't any first party titles on PC, having said that, I think Nintendo knows how many emulators and jailbroken consoles are out there, and that might factor into why that is


That's a reason to be on PC, not a reason to not be there. Its already been very thoroughly proven that piracy is a service problem. Why would I buy inferior Nintendo hardware when I can play something like Breath of the Wild on PC through emulation and get a better experience? The only reason to get an NS anymore is the first party exclusives. Which is the real reason why they'll never come to PC - it would hurt NS sales badly, especially once the Deck comes out.




Yuzu and Cemu?


True BUT I just started the emulation of Metroid Dread on my PC and it runs better then the original Switch version. BY the way its an awesome game if you like metroidvanias. Nice thing about Nintendo consoles being so low power is that it also makes them easier to emulate too.


Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo actually makes a profit on each console sold. So obviously they want you to buy their console to play their game. And they make Money both times.


I never thought Sony would do it to this extent to be honest.


Nintendo just needs to make like a virtual console for steam where they can sell roms officially but I don't think Nintendo would do that


Nintendo doesn't even sell roms on their own consoles, why would they on PC or anywhere else (no switch online does not count and even before they had sparse releases even of their own titles that they could have just thrown on there for some bucks without any problems)




have you ever heard of Pokemmo? It might not be exactly what your looking for, and I haven't really played much of it...it's free with the only drawback being that you need a ROM of an original Pokemon game (I used Pokemon Black for the DS, which I uhhh... *acquired*)


BlueStacks kinda works


psss.. im playing metriod on my pc rn. switch is emulated


Mainly due to how they rely on idiot nostalgic fans to rake in their money


It would be great if they could do the series.


You can easily emulate all of them, though. If your PC can handle GoW4, it can handle the PlayStation emulators You can even apply graphical enhancements and as well as like Reshade


Idk how well rpcs3 emulates them but the psp and ps2 entries will for sure run well


Yeah but a professional remaster would be really cool. They could make it a collection.


I've tried them years ago and they were buggy as hell.


If you tried them years ago, then you tried them at a time when the state of emulation was much, much worse.


Emulator development starts off slow (*lot* of time before they can get even one frame from the menu on the screen), but after that it really speeds up. Even if you had tried it one year ago it would've been a considerably different experience.


Yeah, it's been at least 5 years since I tried. Maybe it's time to check out RPCS3 again.


I'd like to say you can also play Bayonetta on Steam (current Nintendo exclusive franchise) but first Bayonetta wasn't Nintendo exclusive so... it's a "yesn't" I guess.


Also Wonderful 101 was originally published by Nintendo on the Wii U before the remaster came out so there’s that too


I'm still waiting 😞


Please also port Bloodborne, please pleaseee


For real, I've wanted to play BB forever but never saw it as a reason to buy a PS. Note to From Software: If you port BB, give us the DeS Remaster, please :)


The date Bloodborne releases on PC will become a personal holiday for me. Every year on that date I'll boot it up and get my ass kicked by Kos again.


Fuck me that would be sweet.


Ghost of Tsushima next


Heck yeah!


I hope we get to see the Shadow Of the Colossus Remake on pc


Xbox is Microsoft. Windows is Microsoft. Also Halo was on PC back in the Early 2000s. Also also metal gear solid was on PC back in the day too. But back then they didn't really have their heads up their asses as they do today.


I mean you can play many/most newer xbox games (through microsoft store) on pc nowadays right?


Yup. Most Xbox games nowadays, especially the ones on GamePass (which I will for the foreseeable future recommend it any chance I get), are playable on console or PC, with cross saves and crossplay for some multiplayer games.


Uncharted 1-3 now please


Spiderman for me. Grew up on those games.


I don’t think Sony wants to deal with the PS3 architecture ever again


Remasters already exist, Bluepoint made them on PS4 and added additional features like speedrunning, friendslist leaderboards, brutal difficulty (which is garbage and was not playtested). Wouldn’t be hard to port that over.


I don't care how old the games are, those are a must play for every gamer


Nope I would not say so, even looking at trailers they bored me to death. I also never had fun playing any Tomb Raider games. Imo there is no games in existence that 'every gamer needs to have played' because it's all subjective and preference


All I want is the Spider Man game on Steam. Oh and also Shadow of the Colossus


Yeah that's great an' all but CAN WE GET FUGGIN BLOODBORNE PLEASE


Finally it's happening. Now fingers crossed for Spider-Man.


Yes pls


I don't get why people are saying "finally" sony has been doing this already, they wait a few years and eventually release some games on pc.


I think it's because they haven't been so blatant about until now, sure Horizon and Days Gone were ported, however those were IPs created during the PS4, now Sony is porting games with IPs that have histories all the way back on the PS3 and PS2. If they are willing to port Uncharted 4 and God of War, it shows that with enough demand any PlayStation game may get ported, not just games with recently made IPs.


Bloodborne waiting room


i will be waiting,waiting until the flame die


Illusory wall ahead.


Ghost of Tsushima and Spiderman are left and I'll be incredibly happy if that happens


Spider Man is still the ONLY reason left I use my Ps4 Pro as anything more than a BD player. But boy what a player;)


Cry Epic, steam doesn't need to pay anything


Surely if it wasn’t for fortnite they’d be bankrupt by now, ‘cause they are losing billions on the free games they offer. Plus the apple lawsuit I would imagine. All because they want to bypass the 30%, despite making billions previously on iOS. Greedy greedy company


I dont even think its greed anymore, Tim Sweeney is just insane, there is no way a sane person can lack self-awareness to the level he does.


He's got a huge ego/superhero problem. He's also just a lot more anti-Steam that he let it seem. Anything to contradict or criticize them. His latest one is "I don't like crypto stuff on my store". Then Steam bans NFT related games and such. Now this weasel is saying "wow Steam bad, WE AT EPIG welcome crypto".


They are overflowing on China money from Tecent.


You guys can disagree with me all you want but I feel as though what he's TRYING to do is just. But what he ACTUALLY does is just causing more of an inconvenience to all of us. The epic games launcher is shitty and they're not putting the effort into it. I don't want steam to have 0 competitors, that's fucking dangerous. At the same time I don't want epic stealing exclusives that force me to use their launcher that barely works. I literally am trying to play Subnautica on there and it's stuttering like hell, only to find out steam has a beta version that's fixed. What he did to Apple went great, ultimately giving developers more of a cut. But holy shit is the epic games launcher just so goddamn bad it makes him look like the bad guy.


Respectable take


As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Honestly they could instead of the buying exclusives, just made a decent store and made games 5-10 bucks cheaper and ate the cost people would be praising them to high heavens.


Steam has competition. It always had competition. GOG, itch.io, Origin, Uconnect, battle.net. All of them, combined, never had a significant dent on Steam's market share for plenty of reasons, one of them being Valve never, not ONCE, used their market leader position to strong arm developers into exclusivity, or any other anti-consumer practices. Valve encourages developers to publish on other storefronts, allows developers to sell game keys directly to consumers and take 0% cut of those sales, among many other things that make it the best digital store for both developers and consumers alike. Also you have a very simplistic, naive, and completely wrong take of what Epic is, and is trying to do. Tim Sweeney is a liar, if you look hard enough, you can easily find he is an unbalanced individual who is brilliant as a programmer, but completely clueless as a person and a socially awkward person. He was caught lying in court, more than once, during the Apple case and Epic won nothing significant in that lawsuit - developers didn't get a better cut, it changed how that cut is handled and it can be less than what it was, but Apple did this before the lawsuit. Epic wanted special treatment by using their own payment method and bypass Apple's ToS, and not give them a cent, basically using THEIR service for free. Epic had a publicity stunt ready to go against Apple before they got kicked out of the iOS store for breaking their rules, acting in bad faith. Epic shot themselves in the foot by going against Apple. They lost the significant parts of the lawsuit, Apple now has to allow alternative payment methods, but THEY STILL collect their cut. Epic is now locked from the iOS store, meaning their Fortnite users are shit out of luck, and their developer account is locked also, meaning no Unreal engine updates, including to other developers games, all because Epic wanted to make more money. They left other developers in a very bad situation. They don't care about them, that is all propaganda, bullshit they repeat to the public, and they don't care about their customers either, they care about money and nothing else. Why do you think they're store is so shitty? The 12% cut can only do so much and is not enough, it will never be enough to be profitable for them. If it had remotely the same features as Steam they had to actually invest in their platform and spend money on it, increasing their cut, and ultimately put to rest their whole angle of "it's better for developers". How is their cause "just"? All they want, all Tim wants is line their own pockets. They dont care about anyone else but themselves. This is the same company that completely abandoned PC game development and called PC players pirates, and went console only. Valve made the digital PC market what it is today and suddenly Epic, wants a piece of the pie by bullying their way to the market with anti-consumer practices, and without putting in the work, while painting themselves as the good guys, and most of the uninformed public and Fortnite kiddies, actually believes them. Sweeney is a snake oil salesman, and Epic wants to be a monopoly. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.


You support Apple creating a closed computer ecosystem where anyone who wants to sell software pays them 30%? Fuck Apple


Yeah, I support it. They make the damn closed computer ecosystem, you're still getting 70% profit, its not the end of the world.


If you don’t like it, don’t make apps/games for macOS. There are alternatives. Apple make the hardware and software, they can do what they want. Also…. And this annoys me…. Who DOESNT charge 30%?


Not really that big of a deal, my dude. Just pay 30% to apple for the platform they're providing you for your software


isnt GOW also available on epic


Yeah but who cares lul


>isnt GOW also available on epic Yes it is. But this is Steam subreddit so you gotta hate other launcher for internet validity points.


Do you see one complaint about EGS that isn't valid? People aren't complaining about nothing my guy.


>Do you see one complaint about EGS that isn't valid? Sure they are. But this is a Steam subreddit. There is a separate subreddit for that purpose r/fuckepic. You can go there and join the circlejerk with the other clowns. But keep this subreddit clean of EGS.


I KNEW IT!!! *Falls of chair, toupee flying off* I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN!


Still want bloodborne tho. But am extremely happy we got god of war on steam!


Pc gaming has grown so much in the last decade, it only makes sense they do this


And by "now" they mean in three months.


I finally left the idea of buying a console (games are like 1/4 of a monthly salary in my shithole) and this happens lmao. Thanks Jesus


Now do Final Fantasy Tactics PSX Remastered 4K Ultimate Edition, Square Enix!


Imagine the mods. Kratos in Halo. Master Chief in God of War (he's already a Spartan). Aloy as Cortana. Nathan Drake as Kratos (Uncharted 4 and TLL are coming early next year). ​ This is completely mental but it's really happening. Playstation, Xbox and PC are now all one platform. ​ Now just wait until Samus, Mario and Link arrive on Steam.


Console market is dying. PC gaming is where it's at now. We have all the games, all the accessories, VR, and its a workstation. MS and Sony are invested in PC gaming and walking away from proprietary hardware.


Now Bloodborne please..


I hope sony and microsoft will release more exclusives on PC, i mainly play on my playstation but i hope one day we'll get past exclusive because no one buys a console for the games, you buy it because your friends play on it and tyou wanna join the fun with them regardless of the console. But that's just my opinion :D hope ya'll are gonna enjoy God Of War!


PC has created a peace treaty between Xbox and Playstation.


In all honesty, exclusivity needs to disappear. I will never buy a console again, but I've always wanted to play Halo, and people tell me to play GoW. Now I can. Is it all the GoW games or just the newest one?


Exclusives are made to sell consoles, they're not going away anytime soon. The only difference is today they finally realized there's no point in trying to force PC gamers to buy a console, because even if they do, they will only play the exclusives and never buy the third party multiplat games that actually make them money through the 30% they take on every sale.


Only the reboot


Damn it. That's dumb.


Hell. Yeah.


ehhh wasn't halo there sinse the beginning?


Halo has been on PC since 2003




Now give us Bloodborne, FFVI remake, and The Last of Us.


I hate my PS4 and love my PC so this was awesome news. Already on my Steam wishlist!


spiderman next pls?


Insane and that none of them took a epic exclusive deal, i bet epic offered them an insane amount and it would probably have driven alot of people there.


They probably crunched the numbers and realised they'd be better off releasing on both. Also I think they're both big enough to not need epics money for exclusivity.


Spider-Man please


Thank god its not on EGS




I remember having a legitimate copy of Halo for windows back in 2008. nothing new.


War is over, peace is now


FF7remake and Uncharted 4 please Edit - Just realized that Uncharted 4 will be there soon


Sadly Nintendo would never


Waiting for spider man now. 🙏


Highly doubt but a man can dream 🙏🙏🙏


Wdym, highly doubt, God of war and uncharted happened


As always, PC masterace.


Nintendo need to do the same. Mainly because their hardware is trash and will soon be won over by the steam deck.


They won’t do it > Mainly because their hardware is trash and will soon be won over by the steam deck.


If you truly believe that Steam Deck will crush the Switch, I don't know what to tell you.


people will buy both consoles so they can play bogh games them say pc is too expensive


Now we need forza on PlayStation and gran Turismo on Xbox


Who downvoted you, good sir. Here, take my upvote


i might be wrong but i heard GOW is coming to EGS ?


I'm sure it'll sell well on Epic... /s


Both probably


Steam too


As a xboxer/nintenoer/pcer i have been waiting for this haha hahahahahaha a aphaglalalaa hahahahahaha my time to take over is now hahahahahahahaha after i have all 4 platform jewels ill be The ultimate being


you used the consoles to enjoy the consoles


Now the important question, will it run on the steam deck?


Almost certainly. The Steam Deck can run Control and Doom Eternal.


Gran Turismo next pls kthx.


What's this? Sony shares like a good little child? I never thought I'd see the day.


This is truly the greatest timeline


Well... it's improving


Like it has and always been,sorry, got to say it, "PC fuckin master race"


I love that the article's title has legitimately in it. Granted you COULD play Halo on PC back in the day but not 2-5.


wasn't 2 on the vista


Halo 2 had a PC release. But is sold like crap because they tried to force Windows Vista on you to play it. (DX10 exclusive). They claimed high and low that the game would be IMPOSSIBLE to run on XP. And when it sold poorly they went "SeE, PeOplE DonT PlAy GaMeS On Pc AnYmOre. We WoN't ReLeAsE HaLo oN PC AnyMorE." Even more insultingly, a few months after release some random guy made a patch to make the game run on XP.


well I can't play God of War 2018 'cause I could never play GoW3 and GoWA before.. I did never own a PS3. I wish they released those there too..


Boy, we've made it to Steam finally. Now all that's missing is the older games from the 2 and 3 days.




Now do bloodborne I beg u


Please Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man 2018, and Miles Morales next.


They are both available on other stores in pc itself but most buy it from steam


I'll take God of War thank you.


3 months from now I’ll have these on a handheld device


Steam deck is going to be off the hook probably even the best handheld on the market for quite a while catching those PC ports.


U wat? Where can I get God of War?


It's coming to Steam.