I found them out in freshman year of high school. They originally released my demons on SoundCloud, before transmissions came out. I’ve been listening to them since the very beginning, now I’m 23. Never thought I’d see them get to where they are now, but I’m stoked they’re as big as they are


Same story for me, except my best friend found it and recommended it to me while we were playing Battlefield 3. Didn't they publish on youtube and soundcloud at roughly the same time?


Yeah, Spotify wasn’t popping off as much back then so SoundCloud and YouTube were the where they dropped it. Fun time


Some five or so years ago, my younger sister (who has rather similar taste in music as I do) told me to give My Demons a listen, as it might be right up my alley. I found it alright, but it didn't really sweep me off my feet. Then I gave the rest of the album as well as Vessels a chance, and the more I listened to their songs, more I realized that they're like nothing I ever heard before. I've been hooked ever since, and very soon they became my favorite band by far. It seemed to me that all the music I ever listened in my life was priming me for Starset, and here I finally felt at home.


"they're like nothing I ever heard before. I've been hooked ever since, and very soon they became my favorite band by far. It seemed to me that all the music I ever listened in my life was priming me for Starset, and here I finally felt at home." I feel every bit of this. Very well said, thank you.


YouTube music rabbit hole. No regrets.


My friend was constantly referencing their songs and one day sent My Demons to the rest of my friends and I and asked us to listen. And that song became all I listened to for like weeks until I found Die for You, lol. Then I pretty much listened to those two exclusively until I listened to Dark on Me. I eventually listened to the whole track set, it’s just when I find something I tend to stick with it since it’s in my comfort zone lmao.


I remember randomly seeing that popular My Demons lyric video with like 300 million views and listened to the song like once. Months later iGhost by MNQN randomly came on my Spotify radio and from there I really got into MNQN. Then I found out the singer was the lead of a way more popular rock band, so from there on I looked more into it and I was like “hey this is the band of that one popular song I listened to awhile ago!” From there on I slowly listened to more and more Starset songs and the more I got into it the more I fell in love with their music. It’s been unlike any band I’ve ever listened to. I regret not digging deeper when I first heard My Demons all that time ago!


I saw them live in Wisconsin in like 2015 at a music festival. They were on a side stage but pretty much stole the show.


I found them through the first 2 arknights PVs, of which used monster and unbecoming; i proceeded to only listen to those two songs for the entire day.


Deployed to Afghanistan back in 2014-2015. One of the Air Force guys attached to my unit and I started talking about music. He recommended a band from his area (from Columbus). First song he played was Dark on me followed by My Demons. I started to download Transmissions that day. After about 24 hours of really slow internet, it downloaded. The rest of the deployment I had it playing. I've been a fan since almost the beginning. It's been awesome to see them grow especially the background lore. From the early days of the anonymous forum trying to figure out the lore to now it being fleshed out with more coming.


I went to the Fort Rock festival in Ft. Myers in 2015 to do some band photography for a music site; Starset was already onstage when I got in and I just remember thinking ‘whoah, that’s different,’ and made a note on my phone of the name and some of the lyrics I could hear over the crowd. I had to get over to another stage so I couldn’t watch very long and eventually completely forgot to look them up. It wasn’t until some months later when My Demons was playing on the local rock station and I immediately recognized it from the show. Been hooked ever since.


My brother introduced me to STARSET as well. We were just chilling, I was playing a game and he was just skipping through his playlist, and played Monster. at the time, it had recently gotten released as a single. I liked it, and a few days/weeks(?) later, I asked what the song/band was. He told me, I looked them up that night, saw Die For You, clicked it and listened to it for 6-7 hours straight. literally. I’ve pretty much been hooked ever since, and now I am definitely the biggest STARSET fan in the house. 😂


I heard My Demons on the radio at the time when it was their only song out (I was 13). I listened to just that for about a year without caring if there was more and then "discovered" Transmissions in 2015.


I had some long ass homework in my first year of highschool, I just played some random playlist, and the playlist contained both My demons and Let it die


I started listening to Blind Channel after their Eurovision contest. Eventually, this made me hear Trials, among songs from other artists, in a random Spotify mix. I decided to broaden my music taste and randomly chose Starset. Best decision of my life (and Trials turned out to be one of my least favorite Starset songs)


One of my friends showed me the band before he stepped out of my life.. When we didn't talk all I could was listen to a symphony of feelings. I loved him and now he's gone, wants nothing to do with me. Feels like Faultline. My feelings are like Something Wicked, He never saw what I saw in him such as other worlds then these. I know it will never be the same but maybe that's what makes it more meaningful. He shared such a great band and I hope to one day go to a concert. Idk If anyone else is like this but music isn't just a coping mechanism, it's the meaning of life. The lyrics speak to my soul in a way I can not explain; fills the void he left inside me..


Certainly the most poetic response. Thaks for leaving a comment!


They were an opener for Breaking Benjamin this year and I had honestly not heard their music. I went in not knowing what to expect and left the show thinking they were the best band that night.


I do find Starset quite good to be honest! /j


This may sound stupid, but I got recommended a My Demons music [video](https://youtu.be/03vCzyju1dg) about a monster from Godzilla and I liked the song so much I decided to check out the band.


My Demons on Kerrang Radio


Opened for BB in 2015


Bro recommended them. I initially dismissed cuz I wasn't into whatever he was into, but then my best friend also recommended them, so I gave them a chance. This was when Transmissions was still fresh.


Heard Antigravity on my Spotify discover playlist and got mildly into them, got really obsessed when Spotify again pushed *Vessels 2.0* to me when it was new.


I discovered them through some AMV videos. It was it has begun and antigravity and I was interested. Then I discovered My demons and I was hooked. Then I started to see the astronomy symbolism and I was obsessed. I love astronomy. I love rock. I love techno/electronic music. Starset combines all of that and atop of that, they give meaning in their lyrics. Great band.


Fiske Planetarium performance


I was watching a yt channel that was playing short clips of songs (i don't remember what channel bc i unsubed) and one of the vids had My Demons on it. I liked the song and listened to it fully. After a while Spotify recommended INFECTED to me in weekly recommendations. I liked it, too and few months later, in september if i remember correctly, i went trough their discography. And now i'm here


Listening to random music on YouTube back in 2018.


If I remember correctly, a night core YouTuber posted an edit with My Demons on it, and down the rabbit hole I went


Went to see Fuel in El Paso, and Starset not only opened, but completely stole the show


AMV with My Demons as the bg sound. Then the rest is history


Right before monster came out, I found My Demons on some random guys google play public playlist lmao. Good find.


My Demons amv my sister showed me. Never regretted it.


not that long ago, probably a bit more than a year, but not that long ago, im pretty sure I was looking on yt music random play, and I found earthrise, continued to listen to only that song for like 3 months, and then found their other work




I think it was late 2014 or early 2015. I was searching for *Big Hero 6* AMVs on YouTube, and I came across one of "My Demons", and I thought it was "Demons" from Imagine Dragons, so I clicked on it. I immediately knew it wasn't the same song, but damn did it slap! My next song was "Carnivore", and I listen to whole *Transmissions* album by the time I was a freshmen in high school (which was only a few months after I discovered the first song).


I was driving to one of my grad school classes in November 2013 listening to SiriusXM Octane. My Demons came on right after I finished getting gas. I legitimately could not leave the parking lot because while it was playing because the song brought me to tears. After I got home I immediately started searching the internet for anything about them, found Carnivore but nothing else. Kept checking online for any info about new songs/album announcements. The rest is history lol


Heard my demons in an anime AMV on youtube when i was a teenager lol


In fourth grade, we had Chromebooks and we're allowed to listen to music on YouTube, a very problematic thing I know. I was listening to Make A Move from Icon For Hire and saw My Demons recommended. I'm now a freshman in college and been listening ever since! Starset has helped me cope with a lot of crazy things and gave me a bigger interest in space and science. If it wasn't for COVID I would have been at a NASA camp that summer making my roommates listen to Starset.


Back in CoD days FaZe Spratt used Carnivore, Halo, It has begun and My Demons on both Example 4 & 5. Followed them ever since with some gaps in between.


My ex listened to a few songs off of Transmissions back when that came out, and I got into them too based off of those songs. It's been cool getting to follow them through every album release since then and seeing how they grow and change. I've loved every album.


I was looking for the music of an anime in 2014 and stumbled across an AMV with My Demons. More precisely, a Nightcore version. Then I searched for the artist and got hooked.


Like most bands I like till this day, anime music videos.


My dad was listening to My Demons in the car then I started listening to them




About 8 years ago I was listening to the band Red's pandora radio channel and heard Starset and immediately fell in love!


Was really into Anime Music Videos in like 2016 and found this AMV of My Demons. Instantly fell in love with the song and listened to Carnivore and It Has Begun then too. I only ever listened to those 3 songs by them but then in 2019 when I was just listening to spotify on my playstation while playing Call of Duty I got an ad of like new metal music where they play a bit of the song and then say the band and title. It played the opening riff of Manifest and I was like "This sounds pretty good" then it said "Manifest by Starset" and I was like "Hey I know that band" so I brought up Divisions and listened to the whole album then a couple days later I was playing Call of Duty with my now girlfriend and we were in a discord call and i just queued up every Starset song in the Rhythm bot and we listened to every song and ever since that day Starset has been our favorite band. Crazy how so many events from your past can link to be one of the greatest things of your life.


Forza horizon 4, racing with satellite on the game's radio hit different


A website called Gnod. You type in things you like, and it gives you suggestions.


I had YouTube playing music while I was cleaning and "It Has Begun" started playing. Been listening to Starset ever since


Anime music videos in 5th grade. I'm surprised not many others relate


Back when Transmissions first came out (Maybe a little before), I heard “My Demons” on my local butt rock station the one day I happened to be listening. Looked into the rest of their stuff after I got home. Been a fan ever since.


My husband is a big fan and he got us tickets to see them in concert last year so I listened to their music almost nonstop to get ready for it. They were amazing live. They’ve become one of my favorite bands now.


YouTube recommended baby XD Legit how I found most of my fav artists


*I will run along tonight...*


My brother showed me their music, but I wasn’t interested until I heard Trials on the radio when the album dropped in 2019


i heard a nightcore version of My Demons in an MLP speedpaint years ago. I wish there was a cooler story but there isn't lol. I truly got into Starset when HORIZONS came out, then I listened to all the other songs.


That lyric video that was in everyone’s recommended a few years back.


Monster on the radio in like 2017


I don't find them, they find me


I liked All Good Things and then saw they were doing a concert with STARSET in Dallas, so I was like “cool! I have a starset song in my playlist, should I listen to more?” Here I am, a changed man.


Spotify Daily Mix. Mostly listen to movie OSTs like Hans Zimmer (yes, I'm the weird kid in class), J-rock, and Ani-songs. Starset's connection to Arknights and their "cinematic" style must have worked with the algorithm that day.


I saw Shinedown in 2016 and they announced a show for 2017. I didn't wanted to go because I just saw them, but a friend convinced me to go. The opening band wasn't it for me. Starset came up next, they where a special guest and I was blown away and fell in love with them right there, seconds after they started to play. Next day I ordered Transmissions, Vessels and Vessels 2.0 on vinyl.


I discovered them 4 years ago when I was looking for an intro music to my D&D campaign. My demons showed up in youtube and I liked it. I explored their YouTube channel and clicked on a song called “Other Worlds Than These” (which is one of my favourite songs nowadays) and instantly fell for the group.


Star Wars AMVs when I was 16


I was listening to Linkin Park after Chester Bennington passed away and My Demons came on during auto play


Funnily enough the reason my brother recommended starset to me was because I'd been listening to a lot of linkin Park and my mom thought it was a bad influence.


So I was browsing YouTube Music while listening to Fall Out Boy (in 2019) and then I found My Demons. It was nice. I entered the artist (starset) and listened to Carnivore, Trials, etc. Then I started doing research on Starset lore and making a poster with them. Then Horizons appeared. I loved it. Now I'm a big fan of the Starset goat 🐐


Ugh I can't remember very well but I think that I found em on YouTube when I was looking for a GMV tribute and My Demons was the the first one that I came across, it was around 2013/14(?) and the views were in the hundreds but in that moment I really hoped that they would become more popular "This cannot go unnoticed, it is just too good to be ignored" and a year went by I think and their videos were seen by thousands and later it reached a million so I was like "I watched that group grow and become famous".


From a buddy who only gave them a listen because of the Vessels artwork


I was in high school and hella depressed and my Spotify was on the “songs similar to ____” and my demons came on and I loved every fuckin second of it so then I went to the artist and listened to more and fell in love with every song then Vessels dropped and I played it on repeat literally every single day


So... Maybe I wasn't the shining example of someone who supports musicians back in the day, but (technically) piracy (I PROMISE I'M BETTER NOW!!!). Time for a nostalgia trip! Right around when TRANSMISSIONS came out, I had been going through my nightcore phase and was downloading entire albums from YouTube. I was eventually led to STARSET due to how popular the "My Demons" nightcore was. I kinda listened to one or two tracks and decided I'll download the album and listen to it later. I listened to it once - MAYBE twice - and then it just sat in my music library for years. Flash forward to 2016, I had been deep into the metal/metalcore/hard rock genres for about two years and finally wanted to go to my first concert. Just so happens that a five band "festival" had been scheduled in the next town over. As I looked at the lineup poster, I recognized a name "STARSET", but I had no idea why. So, I did a bit of research only to realize, "Wait a minute!!! I have this album downloaded from years ago!!" In the following two weeks, I put TRANSMISSIONS on constant rotation even though I wasn't a huge fan of their sound at the time (I just wanted to be prepared for the concert and at least know a couple songs). Then comes the actual concert... And the cringe part... 15 year old me, unbeknownst to my mother who had dropped me off, had 'smuggled' a dress white shirt and black bowtie into the venue and changed into it for the STARSET setlist. I had watched one of their concerts online and, regardless of my opinion on their music at the time, I loved their dedication to theming and lore. Anyways... I was front row, stage right (in front of Ron) and had so much fun! It all kinda spiralled from the point onwards into my current STARSET addiction of today. tl;dr "Oh, look! The stars have aligned and a band I basically only recognize the name of is playing a show right next door in a couple weeks right when I wanna start getting into love music!"


Hey everyone, my story kinda strange, but this random event has introduced me into my all time favorite band ever. I've been listening to some pop song and scrolling through comments on youtube. I found a comment, it was kinda "this song is stollen from here!" and link. I got interested, so i clicked a link, and that was a Starset - Starlight song. After a few times i listened to Starlight, i fell in love with this band. That's it. And when i was sick (it was around january 2022), i've read the Prox Transmissions novel, and that was totaly mindblowing. Can't wait for new songs and books from that awesome guys!


I remember a current friend of mine who was listening to Let it Die (Acoustic) on Spotify and I saw it in his PlayStation profile, I listened to it and really liked it. Then for years I had one Starset song on my playlist, which was Let it Die. I decided to listen to the rest of the music they had released (horizons had just came out) and I fell in love with their music. Really weird I know.


Found it in middle school I think, around 6 or so years ago, when I found 'My Demons.' Probably the best choice I've ever made


Forza Horizon 4 - Satellite is featured in one of the in game radios


I was listening to Demons by Imagine Dragons and Youtube recommended My Demons by Starset after it. They have been my favorite band ever since.


I came across this fan made dragonball super video and it was paired with my demons. Was hooked ever since around 2018 and got my kids into it as well. But for them, what really got them into STARSET was hearing and watching the video for Echo


My demons was used for the intro to a tokyo ghoul parody, Best part of the whole video.


That's my mother after she accidentally discovered a video based on a TV series, Grimm, where My Demons was used. Since that day (somewhere between 8th and 9th grade, 2016-2017) we started to listen their music


I run the Music Choice rock channel all day long except during supper, my children's bed prep, and my daughter's meltdowns. Carnivore and Monster played a lot for a while, but it was the vocalizations in Trials that grabbed my attention and held on tight. I blame that on growing up listening to the Mission Earth (book series) soundtrack by Edgar Winter. Edit: changed "heels" to "held"


Crush made me listen to Dark On Me It was instant love I mean Starset, I got over the crush lol


When I was in college in 2016, someone gave me a bootleg copy of Transmissions


Someone is going through and downvoting everyone for how they discovered Starset lmao


It all started w/the nightcore version of Carnivore.