There’s not a lot of time to develop on him and get to know more about him and who he is. Part one was finished in a year


I think it's because compared to the other 7 JoJo's,Jonathan is a far more simple hero but still an effective one who serves his role perfectly. One key thing is that Jonathan misses out on 1 key thing that every other JoJo has to an extent: comedy. To an extent,every JoJo has either multiple comedic moments or arcs throughout their parts (like Jotaro,Jolyne and Giorno) or are overall designed to be huge jokers that can occasionally be super serious (examples being Joseph and Part 4 Josuke). Jonathan is just a man on a mission with no time for tomfuckery,he's gotta push everything aside and focus on the bigger picture of his journey without anytime for laughter,which I think works great for the tone of Part 1. I do think Jonathan might have the biggest "Cool Factor" without really trying to have that. Like sure,Jotaro is angsty cool and Giorno is the epic mafia man but in those cases it's clear Araki was purposely trying to make Jotaro and Giorno come across as the typical cool guy. Jonathan on the other hand doesn't really feel like his epic moments are forced,whenever you see him be a badass you just get lost in reading/watching in excitement to see what he does next. I'll always love scenes such as the fight against Tarkus after getting supercharged with Hamon or when Jonathan reached Dio's Castle,entered his chamber and coldly says "Guess who's back from Hell".


cos he died so young. he had great personality and spirit


I mean aside from being nice and wanting justice he isn't as personable as the others


I think it's because he's a more traditional type of hero. All the other JoJos are more morally ambiguous characters. That being said, I do not find Jonathan boring at all. His kind heart and bravery makes him my favorite JoJo


Because he's British?


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he the baseline Jojo


He is just way to pure for the darkness of part 1, even Araki said that he made him too pure


5 volumes worth of story: just not long enough to develop as much as the rest


Classic hero with no flaws makes him unrelatable. Other jojos are allowed to be funny/silly, assholes, or masturbate in prison which makes them interesting.


Honestly I think Giorno is the least interesting jojo, but that’s just my opinion.


TBH I know people would disagree with me but I think he is way more interesting than people say him to be. However I would prefer Jolyne and Johnny myself I like how he’s mix between Jonathan and Dio however he’s wag more reserved than the other jojos. I think people don’t like that his character was served whole by the start already


I don't dislike him, but here's a few reasons I like the other jojos perhaps a bit more. Joseph---funny and silly. Got to grow old so I know his character well. Jotaro---Clint Eastwood + Batman. Josuke---goofy, more relatable and interesting powers. Giorno---ok he's pretty boring...but awesome fights! Jolyne---first female Jojo. And she faps to the moon. Johnny---having a manga protagonist as a cripple is quite unique. Gappy---mystery.


I don't think he is boring and I find his straightforward and honest personality to be refreshing. However compared to the other Jojos, Jonathan does not possess the same level of fun and depth as Araki write for his later protagonists. I think Araki said in an interview that if he has the opportunity to write Jonathan now, he would write him with more internal weaknesses and flaws. Personally, I think it all comes down to the fact that Jonathan did not get enough time or the opportunity to properly develop as a character. This wasn't neccesarily Araki's fault, but a symptom of how protagonists were written in the 1980s, where the standard of shonen protagonists ertrsupposed to be plain and heroic, nothing more.


Because he's bri*ish, and therefore objectively the worst jojo.


I don't think he's boring but compared to the other JoJos he has the less focus (PB was finished in what? A year) and Araki admitted that Dio was the character he was interested the most in Phantom Blood and he then made Jonathan to be Dio's counterpart. I know Araki also said that if he were to re-do Jonathan he would show more flaws and show the weakness in his heart. I think with Johnny Joestar Araki got to further explore some aspects of Jonathan like his loneliness, his constant misfortune, George preferring his brother more than him (with Jonathan it was Dio, with Johnny it was Nicholas and in a way also Diego), among other things. This all affects Johnny and he has depression and becomes bitter and ultimately it is what drives him to chase after Gyro and wanting to make his karma neutral. Jonathan really remains more of a static character (well he does mature and become less spoiled and childish but we never get to see it happen in the pages of the manga) and although I consider Johnny to be vastly different than Jonathan (Jonathan wouldn't disregard other people's lives afterall) it would have been good to see Jonathan have more of a reaction or long lasting effects when it comes to the stuff that happens to him. I do think Jonathan was a lonely person, especially since Dio alienated everyonne around him and he mentions that Danny and Erina were his only friends. Also the fact that Phantom Blood establishes that Jonathan was willing to let Dio trample all over him and live miserably in his shadow but the moment Dio messes with his loved ones he becomes enraged and defies him. Even in the battle against Dio in the Joestar mansion Jonathan was driven to avenger his father and save Speedwagon, other than that he was ready to die in the fire with Dio. I think some of this is presented as Jonathan being selfless but I think that also shows Jonathan having disregard for himself and possibly low self-esteem. I don't think Araki would revisit Phantom Blood (or do anything with Jonathan because it's clear he's not a character he's that interested in and Johnny in a way was his rewrite of that character) but it would be good if he gave the go ahead to someone to write a story for Phantom Blood or do a manga that further explores who Jonathan is as a character. That said you don't have to make Jonathan less heroic to achieve this, there's stories with Captain America, Superman, and tons of other comic and Anime heroes who strive to do good that are complex and layered. I also think we need more heroes like this because nowadays the world is too jaded.


A whole lot of reasons, I've had months of discussions about this IRL. 1 People are mostly ashamed of liking a good natured, justice driven, kind hero nowadays. Bonus points for Jonathan because he's even a gentleman, if you use that word in 2022 it's 99.99% guaranteed to be ironic, sarcastic or referring to some meme. Heroes have to be "Nuanced" because otherwise there is no personal bridge to the character, and we now want to see ourselves in the stories we enjoy, not awe inspiring events or representations of virtue, we need to see someone like us or it's meaningless for most people. Beowulf and Grendel are nowhere to be seen. Beowulf has no real world right to be as strong as he is. He doesn't absorb solar radiation, he doesn't reinforce himself with Ki, he's just really fucking strong, shut up is the reason. He splits Grendel down to his sinews (Entire arms basically) with his bare hands because he's strong. He can breathe underwater for unreasonable amounts of time. He beats up monsters with weapons but he's just as fine with his bare hands. 2 Jonathan is anti-relatable to most modern people; he manages through his story to incarnate/ascend an ideal that is routinely the loftiest, most ridiculous 4 year old's discarded dream of integrity and righteousness, to be unequivocally good and strong enough to obtain what he wants through hard work and setting his sights on the right target. Talking to people today feels like this: Most people want to be good, but there is a virtually universal feeling permeating the entire first world that your neighbor can't wait to steal your wife, she secretly doesn't love you and chances are you're going to divorce in 20 years max after you threw your youth away. Being a good person is an impossibly difficult ordeal in 2022. People who work in charity are now suspected of doing so just to gain clout, money, or worse, power in their local area through pretending to be a good person and widening their social net. Parents often do unspeakable damage to their kids with as little as two words too many, so having children, is an ethical issue. Physical strength is universally vilified, the military hated, intelligence is a front for inner deviousness and a rotten character putting on a mask to perform in social spaces. But Jonathan? He gets the most heroic sounding theme, he's got smarts and creativity, muscles bigger than tree trunks, he has a mentor who is willing to sacrifice himself for his student and for the greater good. With his purity of character obtained through effort, he converts some street alley thugs into allies. He never doubts himself, he only ever asks for the strength to go through facing Dio to his father, he doesn't need hope, he doesn't hesitate or ruminate whether what he's doing is wrong. And this is not just due to Dio being the eastern poster boy for fictional evil, but because Jonathan can even tell what's evil. This is because he's a good person, but *GASP* because he's a gentleman. Something that used to mean something good some time ago. Not only is his goodness rewarded, it's rewarded by his own hands. That basically never happens is the sentiment in the real world. 3 Not entertaining. Jonathan is definitely not funny, witty, a trickster, a convoluted thinker, weird or anything like that. All of the above make me think of at least one character whose entire personality is just that trait. Jonathan is a good dude, being a good dude is not entertaining. If you're a person who is inspired by him, or thinks he's a genuine paragon, this isn't an issue. But as I said with (2), most people aren't compatible with Jonathan's brand of personality. 4 Bad complaints. This is an issue of its own, I've read of people taking the events of part 1 to be the result of metaphorical stuff. Jonathan wins not because he's strong as fuck, he wins because he's good and Dio is evil and that's how it works. That's just bad logic, and blindness too, look at Jonathan's arms people. Unfortunately we're past the era of King Arthur where characters win because they are vehicles for meta pedagogical intentions. King Arthur slays 10000 men because he's God's chosen paladin, he has a sacred sword blessed with magical power and God's will. Jonathan wins because he's ripped and uses solar karate. 5 Predictable in a hard to appreciate way. Being a good dude, you can sort of tell what he's gonna do unless he's cooking up something in a fight. Now people are going to say what they want about spoilers, how some don't care and all that crap, but a different issue is having a feeling you know what a character is going to do before they do it based only on circumstancial cues. I 100% believe this is a stupid problem, because every fictional character acts in specific ways unless they're randomised in their actions, as do real people. The thing is that in your favourite series you not only don't care that if you thought for 10 seconds you'd know what they were going to do, you love it! Because you like what they do! And most importantly, if it's an ongoing new series you like, you're too engrossed in it for the most part, drinking it in because *pick your reason* , you don't even think about it. But since Jonathan is unrelatable and not entertaining for most, this is an actual issue for a huge number of people. Not for me, though. I just don't see the kind of Jonathan's character around anymore, paradoxically he's a breath of fresh hair. It's not surprise some of my favourite characters are also Reinhardt, Julius, Emilia and Crusch from Re:Zero. 6 Erina is voiced by Saber so she's a top tier waifu, and people are just jealous.


I don’t think you fully understood the tale of Beowulf if you think his heroism was without ironic commentary/ nuance and subversion.


One of my past roommates said Jonathan was his favorite Jojo. Said he was a big fan of the noble, gentlemanly, buff good guys that fights off evil. Same reason All Might is his favorite fictional character of all time. Deep down it’s probably because of the massive schlongs they pack though 😉


He’s most boring by default. Because every other Jojo has more going on in terms of personality. Doesn’t mean you can’t like him. But he’s the most flat and generic of the Jojos.


seriously. he's so much more interesting than j*taro or giorno


... tran protagonist?


Great* I'm sorry


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I think it's just because Jonathan is the first JoJo and he doesn't really get a lot of time to truly develop. Compared to the rest of his family he is a very tame which I think is why people think he comes off as boring.


I think there's a couple of reasons that work against Jonathan being people's number 1 He is the first Jojo, so he gets compared to everyone else first He was the first written JoJo, so Araki was learning and testing the waters with what a hero could be like He was influenced by what else was written at the time, heroes were heroic and bold and selfless with big muscles whereas later JoJo's weren't as such since times and Araki's style changed His story was rather simple really, not hating on it but again comparing it to later ones it was simple


Because he didn't have a stand


His personality could be summed up with just a couple of sentences. Other jojos take whole paragraphs, even essays. Probably because we never had much time with him. He had 3 time skips in 9 episodes, so we really didn't have much time to spend with him in his life.


I love him and I was and still am sad about his death.


His story was really brief and from it, he's just shown as a gentleman of justice. That's great and all but it doesn't stand out that the good guy is a good guy.


Part 1 was super short


There wasn’t much time to get to know him, and a lot of his personality comes from his good willed nature. So there really isn’t much besides to him unlike his counter part who clearly struggles with the morally correct decision, so there’s a lot more to wonder about what he will do and if he’ll help. But with Jonathan it’s just option 1, it’s his duty to help. Personally I think some kind of Au where he’s some kind of vampire hunter would work pretty well, we get more JoJo horror related elements and we get to flesh out the man who set the foot work for the series and family


I made a similar post, there while i have seen peoples giving Jonathan more love than i expected, a good bunch of people explained that to them Jonathan is boring because he's just too perfect and too nice and that he didn't have as much screentime as his descendents, i personally think Jonathan is quite underrated, sure he may not have as much screentime as his descendents but he worked for what we got of him


compared to other jojos he just isnt as cool or unique, but then again he only had 9 episodes to develop compared to the other jojos. this isnt to say hes bad just not as good


Because he was meant to be a paragon trope to a T, and as tastes have shifted to more nuanced characters like Joseph and Jotaro, Johnathan was considered boring in comparison. I still have him as my favorite tho.


3 reasons: A) He's very much a stereotypical "paragon" type character. While that's not a BAD thing, the archetype tends to be less complex than others. B) Screen time. My man has what, 8, 9 episodes? Compared to the other parts, part 1 is SHORT. So there's much less time for his development. C) Stands. Unfortunately, while cool, Hamon lacks the same recognizability/iconic status as Stands do. So the lack of stands in part 1 makes it seem...restricted, in comparison


Honestly, he's one of my favorites because while he's a simple character, he fills the character role perfectly. Jonathan's a spoiled rich kid who becomes a kind hearted, steel fisted gentleman and that's it. There's no need for a bigger arc or anything because Phantom Blood is just a simple story with simple characters.


Probably just because he does not have a stand or any skills that really stand out other than pure strength


Since he is


I like Jonathan, but ultimately due to his "hero" archetype and his short time in the story, there just isn't much to discuss with him. Everything he does is because it's the right thing to do, not because of any outside ideas and biases. ​ For example, with Jotaro you can discuss why he is aloof and why he has to pull away from his family. Giorno's whole character is about finding the good in those who you wouldn't expect. Another "good" character like Josuke is prone to acting out of anger and being goofy, despite his beliefs being similar to Jonathan.