I’ve been abusing Ginger Island for my ancient fruit farming but this.. this is much more beautiful ✨


I let me wife take over the island while I planted on our farm, I hadn't been there in a long while, but when I went the entire thing was pineapples, just pineapples as far as the eye could see with over 999 in the chest there. Luckily they are one of the best wines in the game so I was pumped even if it looked completely chaotic.


On my current farm, I decided to keep going after reaching perfection instead of starting a new farm as I've done before. I converted all of Ginger Island to Pineapples, with a few Ancient Fruit around the edge. Based on my experience, I'm sure your Island farm looks great.


Which map are you on? I'm considering doing this with my 4-corners map, because I love it so much.


I'm on Four Corners, too. It's my favorite farm type for sure.


Better than Standard? Is that just because it doesn't have those awkward pools?


The Four Corners farm actually has four ponds instead of two, but they are a bit easier to work around. That's not really a factor. What I like: * I don't have to build fences. I put my animals in one of the quadrants and they more or less stay in that area. On my current farm, I ended up having to build a couple of gates, but it wasn't too bad. There were even advantages. * The mini-quarry gives a steady stream of ores from day 1. By the time the mines open, I already have the furnace recipe. * The recurring stump is less exciting, but it does mean fewer trips to the Secret Woods. * The quadrants each end up having their own purpose, especially the crop quadrant and the animal quadrant. And all without any fences or paths needed to block them off myself. I've played it enough that I now have a layout I like pretty well. I tweak some things on each farm and keep the things I like for the next time. One of the reasons I played past perfection this time is that I had some things I wanted to try out. Post-perfection, I have lots of resources and no time pressure, so if it doesn't work out it's no big deal. One of the things I tried didn't work out, so I tore it up and tried something else.


I did the same thing as your wife on my ginger island… it’s literally all pineapples


I like this idea! Especially for co-op, so everyone gets a farm and splits the work :O


I use to optimise everything too but now I'm more on the decorative side


How long does it take you to decorate? I've tried several times but easily lose focus


It depends, this one took me like 30 minutes irl to make a "prototype" and then 1 month in game to make everything grow ! I do everything on stream and get help from my viewers so it is a bit easier I guess


How cool! I'll have to check out your stream sometime :)


That’s how I’ve started to play as well! I’ve realized I play a save much longer and have more fun if I just chill and do what I want instead of optimizing my game to make the most profit.


This is the way. I was playing multiplayer with a buddy that super maximizes and he said that our farm was his nicest ever and he kinda liked not having just rows of optimized strawberries everywhere. I kept trying to tell him to just slow down and do it at whatever kind of pace he wanted but he just wouldn’t listen until he saw it in person.


With Automate, I have tons of ancient fruit growing, plus some of the continual harvest crops. I also have beehives because I can grow fairy rose all year long. I can go there any time, but now I only go when I need to acquire something.


Is automate a mod?


Yes. And it's totally worth it, you just have to be a bit careful with any chests next to machines. Oh you didn't want all your wood turned into coal? Don't put the kiln right next to your wood chest. I learned that lesson the hard way.


Actually, you can set up rules to manage a lot of automatic behaviors. I tend to go the basic route, though, because I’m lazy (hence Automate).


Ok, yeah, but same, I don't want to have to go configure a bunch of stuff, especially cuz I probably will want to turn a bunch of wood into coal at some point. So I just don't put the kiln right near my main resource chest. Same with ores and the smelters. I need to keep enough to make bombs, I'll just yeet half my stack to the other box when I run out of bars.


I actually don't make coal. I just buy it to save time. In early game I get it from the mines.


Yep, one of the best mods out there. Between that and the ChestAnywhere mod (I think that’s the name), I can move whatever from any chest to any other chest. So, my crops get harvested by Junimos (and mods for the island and the greenhouse) and I move them to chests for wine, jams, whatever. Finished products get sold, gifted, or used. I can do all of my menial stuff in a few minutes without ever leaving the house. This leaves the rest of the day to plant crops, re-design, fish, talk with townsfolk, and do the mines. It’s great!


I'm right there with you... My GI farm is just a large square of ancient fruit, and I'm embarrassed now. Luckily I produce more fruit than I use for processing... So I think I have enough padding for a redesign! I know what I'll be doing tonight!


This orchard is definitely beautiful but yeah, I also have nothing but like a 180 ancient fruit plants growing on mine >>


Same lol


Silly question: do fences decay on the island if you have the golden clock on your farm?


They do not. It affects the island farm just the same as it does the one back home.


Thank you, I appreciate it!


That's a really great question but I don't know :( Hard wood fences can stay like 4 years so it's not a big deal


wow such a nice design. no doubt. you have managed it so well.


thank you ♥ Simple things can be beautiful


Hippity Hoppity, your design is now my property


Sweet. When I'm done min-maxing my main account, I'm gonna make my entire ginger island into a gorgeous banana tree orchard. Love aesthetics like this.


i feel like the og farm is for money and profit and the ginger is purely decor and making it look nice


Honestly kind of the opposite in my opinion, ginger island makes me millions in ancient fruit wine, It’s hard to get nearly that much money on the regular farm


I'm actually playing with the Expanded Mod and decided to decorate everything, but I still did a lot of profit (30M within 6 years)


Can someone who played PC when 1.5 came out confirm: does your farm transition seamlessly? I've been waiting for the android release of 1.5 for what feels like years and I'm afraid of hitting the decorative phase and investing in a farm that I'll need to replace when it finally drops.


Yes, I had no issues transitioning my farm.


Good to know... now I just need to fight the paranoia about that holding true for the android port. Chucklefish getting cut out has me worried about the transition.


I would trust CA and the folks he picks more than Chucklefish.


if you place a chest and keg behind the trees with the automate mod you can auto harvest and make wine without travelling every 3 days to there, i return once per season to gather my fruit and wine and bring it back to base


Oh wow, I never tried automate mod but it looks really cool


Works on every tree (e.g sap maker, oak resin, fruit trees), ovens, fish ponds, cheesemakers and so on, basically everything that has an in/output. Beehouses, fish traps, everything.


This makes me want to use an actual mod.


Also if you use the chest anywhere mod then you don't have to go there to get stuff out of the chests, you can get it all from chests on your og farm


looveee the addition of the grass. it really adds depth to the layout


that's my thing ahah, grass everywhere


That looks awesome! I especially like the Top with the Stone Paths surrounded by Gras and Fences~


Very nice! I’ve been using my ginger home as starfruit farm until i can get enough ancient fruit seeds to swap it over to


I love this!! I usually use ginger island for coffee/cooking ingredients but I love this design and might have to steal it lol!!


I love it!


Love this! 😍


This looks so good!!


Very cute!


This looks super nice and cozy!






so original! i love it :)


This looks really great! Taking some inspo for sure


I love your design!


Can you get hay from scything grass on the island? Does it spread?


You can but it doesn't spread


I honestly gave up on an orchard in my main area as it just does not work well at all.I may try again when 1.5 comes out for mobile


Wow, what year is this? It couldn't be fast to get all those banana and mango trees in there.


Year 6 but I think banana trees are here since year 3 or 4, I actually got lucky with dragon tooth (my record is 9 in a day!)


nice, I remember really struggling to get dragon teeth. It's a nice orchard.


I love this! Beautiful! My island farm does not look like this 😂


This is my dream. You actually made it


Gorgeous! Love the addition of the grass to give it a lush vibe. Do all of the fruit trees continuously produce on Ginger Island? I thought it was permanently set to "Summer".


Yep, there are actually no seasons on Ginger Island


Omg this is so smart




this… this is smart. i like this idea. i’ve been lost on what to do w this space and this is great!!


Glad I could help. Just make sure you have the recipe for Fairy Dust and plenty of diamonds from some crystalariums. (diamonds are part of the recipe).


absolutely! i’ve already got the recipe and plenty of diamonds fortunately. i was just lost on how to farm fairy roses lol. thank you! 🙏


No problem. Just out of curiosity, do you play on pc with mods?


unfortunately not :( switch player. i wanna get it on PC though! this is the only game i’ve been interested in modding honestly


I'd definitely say its worth a buy just to try it modded. The tractor mod is worth its real life weight in gold.


Question: how do you balance both farms? It really seems like a lot.


What do you mean by balance ?


It's working both farms really time consuming? Do you have time for anything else?


I actually have 2 other farms because I play on Expanded Mod ! But I don't work on them at the same time


Am I the only one who hasn't done anything to this farm other than growing taro roots and pineapple for quest?


You are giving me ideas


omg the dream!!




This looks so aesthetically pleasing holy....


Simple things can be beautiful ♥




How to get rid of all the fiber on the Island Farm? It Destroys my Pineapples all the time


Fences work great


I must confess, that a lot of my farm is populated with fruit trees. The greenhouse too. The animals have a large fenced in area with grass and fruit trees (24), there a few dotted around the farm singly (5) a row next to the greenhouse (15) and in the green house there are ten of them. I developed and obsession with them (clearly) and now they're iridium level and I don't want to let them go. EDIT: ginger island also had about twenty, but I never go there so I chopped them down (and regretted it)


I loooove fruit trees too, I even did a giant orchard on Grampleton Fields (Expanded Mod)


Okay, I’ve been on the wiki, but HOW do I get to ginger island?? I’m on year 3 summer last day as of writing this and haven’t figured it out. I’m on Xbox does that screw anything up? I don’t think it should but I have no clue


Okay, so I just got access to it on the Switch: finish the community centre, and then you should get a letter from Willy that the backdoor to his shop is open to you. Go there, tripped the cutscene, and you can repair his boat (5 Iridium Bars, 5 Batteries, 200 Hardwood iirc) and you get access. Dunno how long or what you do for the farm once there, probably attached to the golden nuts, but I'm still collecting them.


OH SHIT!!! I JUST got that letter like two days ago irl and forgot because I got a FLOOD of mail from basically every villager at once


Complete the community center/Joja warehouse, Willy will send you a letter telling you he unlocked the backroom of his shop, there you have to fix his boat to go to Ginger Island.


wow this is beautiful






one day this will be me… once i actually get organized


Small step after small step and you'll get there


ooookaaaaaay i definitely need to step my game up.


I've never even seen Ginger Island before


Do you play on 1.5 ?


Oh yes. I played before 1.5 and then as it happened (movie theatre, trash bear, desert trading cart, etc...) But I never saw the new character guy or the island. Then I started a new game a few months ago, am in year 2 Fall and I cant wait to see all the stuff I haven't seen! Edit: I play on my phone.


Unfortunately 1.5 content isn't available on mobile platforms yet but ConcernedApe is working on it!


Very pretty! I optimized mine for honey. Very low effort and decent returns at a cadence where you only have to check every 5 days.




Very pretty :)


my first thought was 'oh pretty colours', then shortly followed by, 'and it's lesbian flavored!!'


I’m still kinda new to the game, but is it just me or those fruits look way too god for this game.


i keep hearing about this ginger island where is it how do i get there


Do you play on 1.5 ?


no idea but i just got the game a month or 2 ago so probably


If you play on pc or switch, you are on 1.5 ! So just keep playing and you'll discover ginger island eventually


what are the perks of it?


There is a looot of content here


I want ginger island in mobile 😭