Pretty sure it's been like that for a long time.


You've been missing out for a while. It was there when I started playing a few years ago. You always find new gems


You can do WHAT?!?! Oh. Oh my god. I've never felt so violent in my life. 100+ hours in this game, shuffling my inventory around 40 times an hour, so much time meticulously planning the most efficient inventory format. @ConcernedApe, turn your location on for just a second, I just wanna chat...........




... how do you do it without tab? lol


constantly opening the inventory screen to hand-shuffle items to the top row so i can use them 🤦‍♂️


Oh, geez. That's worse than I thought. I was imagining there being a way to swap rows from the menu.


Yeah I was 86 hours in and I would carefully plan my hot bar to be able to harvest and move stuff into the “next step” and then have to put all my tools back up. Slipped and hit tab once and just about threw my keyboard lol


I know right?? I'd achieved Perfection before I learned of this trick, but I can't imagine going back to life before it. Small difference, huge impact


It was added in 1.4 I think. Prior to that, PC users just had to use a controller (because for some reason it had a controller button, but no keyboard button) or just do the old inventory shuffle all. The. Time.


This is good to know! I figured out how to do it on switch and didn’t even think there might be a button for it on PC!


On PC the mouse scroll wheel cycles through the items. I don't think it scrolls to the next row