Grand Inquisitor's "I lived bitch" face lmaooo


Vader and him were taunting Reva like it was an Arkham game death screen


I was expecting a scissor cut like he did to Dooku.


Vader and Quizzy being besties is so funny


His *”goodbye, Grand Inquisitor”* was ice.


every line he says is fucking fire and ice I swear to god. Say what you will about his design but Rupert Friend is BRINGING IT.


Once we saw him in action (and with yellowed eyes), I had no problem with how the live-action version of the character was designed.


Goddamnit we could've had him enter using the helicopter from above for this.


With Flight of the Valkyries playing.


That would have been so campy........... and I would have absolutely fucking loved it.


Somehow the Grand Inqusitor retur... oh wait this makes sense


Cloning stomachs. Dark science departments. Secrets only the Sith Inquisitori know.


Grand Inquisitor wins the biggest bitch of the evening award. His face as he waltzed back in was too much, loved it


That “goodbye, Grand Inquisitor” was just too perfect


>Walks in >Says "I lived, bitch" >Refuses to elaborate >Leaves


Mane came in with Real Housewives reunion show vibes 😂


Oh a new wall of names for someone to breakdown lol


Jedi Master Glup Shitto survived order 66 😭😭😭😭




And his padawan Yu'r M'oom


The Clones failed to kill Yu'r M'oom because of her massive size


Vader: “I lied.”


"I lied, as I have from the very beginning." ^ One of my favorite Vader lines, and it's such a niche one. It's really the line delivery that makes it. I can *hear* JEJ or whoever voiced him in TFU saying it.


Matt Sloan voiced him in that game.


Damn that order 66 flashback with Anakin/Vader killing the younglings.


Really hammers home how wild it was that he goes from 'Good Guy' to murdering kids when he decides to change sides.


I'm surprised they filmed that. Not even RotS did that.


Watching Vader hold off Reva’s lightsaber with just the force is awesome.


as soon as i saw the ship taking off in vaders sight i was thinking PLSS PLS PLSSS MAKE IT CRASH successfully.


Not just crash, mfer tore in open. That was very nice


Vader standing over Reva with dual red lightsabers was dope.


Had massive Dooku flagship vibes.


I was half expecting the crossed sabers


Vader's force pull of the whole ship was spectacular and the ship being a bluff was so clever too hahaha. Imagine the tension in the second ship as they waited for the first ship to "land" lol


I’m seriously curious about everyone’s reaction in the second ship the moment when it can take off.


Grand Inquisitor waltzing in was just beautiful "Goodbye Grand Inquisitor" lmao


That's not even the best imo. The best part for me was Vader staying there watching the banter lmao It was like he and the GI were two bully friends or drinking buddies and Vader was like "Hahahahahaha good one, bro. Show the bitch" inside the helmet


"Dude give me your Grand Inquisitor pin, the look on her face when you come in and take it away will be so worth it trust me"


Rupert Friend is so creepy and menacing in this role. Say what you will about his design but i’m loving his portrayal of the character.


The way Vader was just ripping that ship apart with the force was crazy


Force Unleashed but live action


Obi-Wan using the Clone Wars stalling tactic again lmao. We love a consistant king


The only thing missing was him getting the shit beaten out of him


Also missing: him and Reva sitting down for tea.


"Let's discuss the terms of surrender." ... and also commit a myriad of war crimes in the process, like feigning surrender.


This is why he’s known as the Negotiator


I'm just picturing one of the stormtroopers muttering that to himself while Obi Wan and Reva are discussing light treason five feet away from an entire platoon.


Only way this episode could've been better is with a whorm loathsom flashback to draw stalling comparisons. He's always been the master of trolling.


Anyone else detect a bit of sass in Vader's movements when he fought Reva?


He was so angry about Kenobi escaping that he was like fuck it, I NEED someone to go ham on right now. Reva is just a toy for his aggression in that scene


This is why I don't mind that he didn't finish her, he literally doesn't give af and is more concerned about Kenobi


He absolutely was toying with her


Dude didn’t even ignite his saber for half the fight, he was showing off for the grand inquisitor watching in the back


He didn't ignite his saber period. Used hers against her the whole time


Man even split her saber and gave her half to fight with.


"Here, to give you even a modicum of a chance to *graze* me."


Wasn't even his saber when he ignited it, man did not care at all about Reva just took half her saber and destroyed her


damn, that entire scene was perfect. goes to show that he still utilized Obi-wans advice. he mirrored what Obi-Wan did to him during that training duel.


She’s holding a thermal detonator!!!


that’s a rock!


And you just made a clicking noise with your mouth


No I didn't.


I love that even force users recognize "ah fuck, force nothing, that shit will literally obliterate me in a second". Makes Jabbas reaction of just LAUGHING at one even more badass


Before this show I always struggled to picture Hayden as Vader in the OT. This series has really made me feel that they are the same character. Love it.


This really has been the most delightfully jarring part of the show for me. For years, many in the fandom have chosen to see Vader and Anakin as two separate entities. And this wasn't helped by the fact that Vader seems to want to see himself as separate from Anakin. However, this series just reinforces the fact that, no, Anakin is Vader.


Vader is just Anakin desperate to lie to himself who he really is, in the prequels as a worse person than he thought and in the original trilogy a more loving person than he wants to believe. I always thought a crucial point is that Anakin didn't become Vader from nowhere, a lot of these traits of Vader have always been in Anakin.


> For years, many in the fandom have chosen to see Vader and Anakin as two separate entities. And this wasn't helped by the fact that Vader seems to want to see himself as separate from Anakin. And in the original trilogy, Obi-Wan insists on treating them as separate entities.


Yeah, but now it's becoming clear that some of that is Obi-Wan's own denial about just how bad Anakin is. And he was trying to shield Luke from the truth to get him to kill Anakin.


Well, I mean, originally it's because they *were* different and Lucas needed to explain why they *weren't* different suddenly (because he was just kind of making it all up as he went along), but yeah, we've definitely gotten a lot more information to add perspective to it over time, which reframes it as Obi-Wan having to see them as separate people so that he wasn't too crushed by how badly he failed Anakin.


the whole ep during Anakins Jedi Knight trial, anakin is obsessed with defeating obi wan and ultimately fails, and Obi wan tells him as long as he is blinded by his need for victory, he will always be a padawan. I think they’re setting this up to be the reason why Vader tells obi wan “when I left you I was just a learner, now I am the master” through the clone wars and the films, up to even now, he’s still always had the obsession to win and conquer everything. I’m pretty sure his fight with Obi wan next episode is where he learns that lesson and it’ll set up his line for a new hope


I thought it was very clever how they portrayed him as 'but the learner'.


Obi-Wan rejects Vaders "now I am the master"-line in ANH though.


Which adds to it. Vader in A New Hope doesn't *need* to beat Kenobi like he did in this episode. But he has the chance, and is letting him know. Kenobi rejects that idea, because Vader *can't* beat him. It shows that Vader is ultimately unchanging, incapable of flexibility. Much like the scene with Maul. Obi-Wan knew exactly what was going to happen before it did. Because Maul was the same man Obi-Wan met in 32 BBY.


Yup. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" remember. That's the nature of the dark side, it makes you cold and inflexible while giving you a lot of extra power.


And also, he never truly defeats Ben! In A New Hope Ben lets him strike him down, so Vader never really was able to get that definitive one-up over him.


Vader’s force pull of the space freighter reminded me so much of Starkiller in The Force Unleashed.


He literally ripped that ship like it was toilet paper


it's SO funny to me that luke is literally sleeping peacefully in his bed, no thoughts head empty, while his sister is being chased across the galaxy by their insane father


Not to worry, Luke wil be chased in due time. Gotta get his sleep in now.


Considering that Leia got to be a Princess of Alderaan and Luke got shoved onto Sand Planet, I'd say he's due a little break on this one.


Please don't hurt him 😭


Nah I think he’s gonna die next episode


Reva with spider legs when?


You can really hear Ewan McGregor attempting to channel Alec Guinness's voice in this episode




Stan Inquisitors checking in.


RIP Tala


I really liked her, didn’t expect her to make it out though.


I knew they would rogue one her, but I didn’t want it to happen she was a surprisingly good character. And NED-B got K2SO’d


Is getting stabbed in the midsection with a lightsaber anything more than an inconvenience at this point?


Qui-gon really got the short end on that one.


The lesson Obi-Wan taught Anakin was basically the same lesson Luke was showing Grogu in Book of Boba Fett with the frog. So consumed by a single solitary goal that you lose focus of everything else around you. Which is why Luke force lifted all the frogs in the area.


Anakin storming the temple during Order 66 flashbacks, small parts but I'll take whatever I can get


I liked that it was from a child's perspective


Those Order 66 supercut people on youtube are surely having a field day right now.


Honestly glad it was just small glimpses instead of some "epic badass" scene tbh


True, though I’m not sure how you can make a badass scene out of Anakin murdering children


That flashback fight is all I'm going to be able to think about until next week


Right? It was beautiful fresh new content.


I saw elements of the Mustafar duel between them, I love poetry.


Plus that move where he strikes the saber three times. Anakin does that in TCW, Vader does that in episode 3 of this series and Luke does that in ROTJ.


He does that while fighting Ventress in the old Gendy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series as well!




Episode V: The Mullet Strikes Back


Gotta say, I didn't have any money on this Star Wars story's "join me, and together we can..." speech being given by Obi-wan to an Inquisitor.


Anakin scenes


Flashbacks? Vincent, we happy? :)


Oh, we happy.


lmao the disrespect in that Vader vs Reva fight was off the charts


Mercilessly put her to shame then had his homie Grand Inquisitor pop in just to go “you got knocked the FUCK out”


That sparring flashback is pre-ATOC, the lightsaber Anakin used was the one he lost on Geonosis in the droid factory!! Ugh so great to see Hayden again! Edit: He also still has both of his normal arms lol


God damn Vader didn't even move when fighting Reva that just shows you how little effort he put in


I want more Rupert Friend Inquisitor. I just love the way he delivers his lines, he's so sassy! "Goodbye, Grand inquisitor." That was *brutal*


hes such a prick i love it like the way he said "revenge does wonders for the will to live dont you think" was so bitchy


Vader and the grand inquisitor are such menaces lmao


Considering half the fandom thought The Grand Inquisitor was dead, wouldn't that make him a Phantom Menace?


I love what they did with the Clone Wars era sparring with Obi-Wan and Anakin. A scene like that in the actual prequel Attack of the Clones movie would've been great.


It’s pre AOTC, he still has his hand.


Love the fact that Vader was just fucking with Reva the entire fight. Glad they didn’t pull some 180 shit like she ever stood a chance. Also him slowing down the wii remote steering wheel was pretty hip.


Cal Kestis moment..they nailed this episode ngl😂


Something that Canon understands is that Vader is absurdly power. The top of the top tier force users. Interestingly, I think they’re using him as a baseline now because Obi-wan’s force push also effected a lot of storm troopers. Which I’m happy about. Vader should be intimidating and Obi-wan should be one of the very few people in the galaxy capable of fighting him.


It's fun watching Obi-Wan come back into his own. For only having six episodes to play with they're doing a fairly good job of him going from "gotta hide, none of that jedi shit" to being who he was in ANH.


One of the things about Disney era Star Wars that Legends never did well. Making Vader a near unstoppable badass.


Legends tried to give credence to characters skills/power by having them fight Vader, and live. Which overtime eventually diminished how imposing Vader was supposed to be. Disney Star Wars has consistently maintained the fact that Vader is so far beyond everyone that he doesn’t even have a visible health bar when you fight him. He’s not a boss, *he’s a force of nature*.


Vader is a chad. He pulled down that massive ship, and toyed with Reva like she was a joke lmao, good choreography as well. ​ You can tell the budget went into these last two episodes, can't wait to see the rematch next episode.


I loved seeing vader bring down the ship, for me it paralleled yoda bringing the ship up on dagobah. Yoda is asked if the dark side is stronger, but yoda says no. Here we see vader bring back a much bigger ship that is active with an engine, showing that anger is stronger in power, but they still get away because of intelligence. I loved it. And it was badass


>anger is stronger in power I think it's just easier. To achieve that as a light side user you'd have to be spectacularly serene. Not anyone can do that.


Its what yoda said, its quicker and easier etc


For a second there I thought Vader was gonna decapitate Reva the same way he did to Doku


same i did too


This is the only community where I know the slaughter of children is gonna generate some memes!


Oh flashbacks


r/starwars in meltdown as Grand Inquisitor returns


You mean there were more episodes pass number 2!?!


Somehow, Grand Inquisitor returned…




"The will to live" is certainly a very important thing in Star Wars. It can kill people if they lost it and it can cure them from being mortally wounded if it's very strong. Too bad Qui Gon didn't know about this back in the day.


Pasadena Anakin flashbacks. Grand Inquisitor is back. But most importantly, Vader ripping that ship to shreds with the force.


Pasadena Anakin


How did I mistype prequels that badly


I want more prequel flashbacks, and I know I shouldn't.


This is one of the best episodes of the season and a good example of short runtimes being absolutely fine if an episode is well paced. To get the negatives out of the way first - I wish Chow wouldn’t use SO much shaky cam, there are so many profound moments in the show that feel undercut by it. The score was a little bland but my expectations for that are minimal now. But boy, the positives! I love that the main flashback sequence blended fan-service whilst serving the story too - we get a slice of Anakin’s arrogance, Obi-Wan’s level headedness, and a beautiful moment of their friendship that we didn’t get to see in AotC. It’s good to see how Kenobi, Vader, and Reva all embodied the various ‘points’ of that lesson throughout the episode. I’m surprised it’s a pre-AotC flashback but hey, no problem with it. Reva using Obi-Wan as bait to hunt Vader himself makes so much sense. Her exchange with Kenobi was wonderfully written (and man, those Order 66 flashbacks!), I’m glad the show brings up the guilt Obi-Wan feels over Anakin’s fall, and Reva’s resentment that he didn’t come to save the younglings adds an interesting angle to it also. Vader decimating the decoy ship and Reva was just awesome, Reva being left for dead is a very eye-for-an-eye form of revenge from the Grand Inquisitor, but that’s no surprise. Tala and NED-B’s deaths hit really hard too - she was one of the standout characters from the show. Overall, I’m very excited for the finale, and this episode was much better than the previous one. Can’t wait to see bits of Anakin behind Vader’s mask during the final duel. Counting the Bloodline novel, this is now twice that a hologram from Bail Organa has thrown a spanner in the works lol


I FUCKING KNEW IT, Reva is after both Kenobi and Vader


She's playing both sides so that she always comes out on top


Those flashbacks were awesome, happy to see Hayden have some scenes. Also, Vader was absolutely terrifying, and I love how angry he was with pulling down the ship! Vader using the broken saber was an awesome moment, and I don’t think we have seen him use two sabers since he became Vader, even in the comics. Also Grand Inquisitor’s sass about them using her was perfect!


This was the strongest episode of the series by far. My main gripe is that it needs some of the classic themes woven into the soundtrack, it would make some of the major moments more impactful imo. A fantastic episode though!


Was expecting Vader’s theme several times there.


The soundtrack really does have "ROYALTY FREE Star Wars Type Music Free Download IN DESCRIPTION" vibes


Looks like youngling slaughtering is back on the menu boys!


How do these people get off Planet with a lightsaber stab right through you


Too angry to die


Yup. It’s consistent with the dark side.


Maul has entered the chat


Depends where it stabs remember lightsabers if they were real would be one of the greatest medical tools in the world bc they literally caterize the wound or whatever the word is when its basically healed so say they just got stabbed in the shoulder or upper body long as it doesnt pierce a organ they should be able to recover a little from it


It just hit me, Vader tells Reva "He was clever to use you against me." A callback to Ani accusing Obi of using Padme against him. Vader stills has that burning rage thinking that Obi manipulated his love and contributing to her death. It isn't just Obi dismembering and burning him to the edge of death he still sees Obi as a manipulator and liar.


Damn, that makes this even more depressing and I wasn't sure that was possible.


Brooo. Are you fucking kidding me with these flashbacks? Just about shit myself. Fuck.


Ewan's Jedi Mullet my beloved.


Vader didn't even bother. With his own lightsaber, lol. Good flashbacks.


Thought the choreography when Vader fought Reva was really good - Vader dusted her


>when Vader fought Vader


Grand Inquisitor: ayo I mentioned how I lived from a saber to the stomach solely because of revenge right? So… like shouldn’t we make sure she’s dead? Vader: nah bro we good lmao


Vader couldnt give less of a fuck about reva


I feel like Vader likes it that she wants to kill him. It’s fun for him, a challenge. So he doesn’t kill her


I don't think he cares at this point. He doesn't think there's anything she could do. He doesn't know about the boy. Even if she survives he can just kick her ass again or he probably is so confident they put the fear of god for lack of a better term in her that there's no way she'll come crawling back.


Yeah Vader doesn’t care. And honestly he’s right not to care. Reva’s cunning and dangerous, but he’s so far above her.


That line Snoke has about Hux comes to mind - "A cur's weakness, if properly manipulated, can be a sharp tool." She's just a means to an end. It doesn't matter one way or the other anymore. He exploited her weakness already. He's still the dark Lord of the Sith and she's back in the dirt if she survives again is irrelevant.


Vader channeling his inner Sidious against Reva just gracefully stepping out of the way of any lightsaber attacks


This was a Vader fan’s wet dream. Love how they’re essentially blending og, comic, and Fallen Order lore for his power scaling, not to mention the very comic-like introspective moments that remind you who’s actually in that suit. I love it.


Damn Vader was brutal here. Also bet the Grand Inquisitor was dying to give that monologue to Reva. 😂😂😂




Order 66, Young Ani flashbacks, Obi getting smack talked, Vader making a total embarrassment of Reva, Grand MOTHERUCKING INQUISITOR with the revenge sass. Dear god this episode was pure PERFECTION!


Major Crait vibes with this episode. “You can’t win, but there are alternatives to fighting.”


Vader and the GI are such sassy bitches together. I love it.


Honestly every week continues to surprise me with how much I love this show, probably a unpopular opinion but this show probably my favorite live action show so far, which is surprising cause going into it wasn't super excited or interested none of the trailers really managed to get me excited for this


I'll be FUCKED. We finally saw the rest of the "Master Skywalker" youngling scene. Dammit man, I gotta be at my moving job tomorrow at 7 and I already know I'll barely be able to sleep tonight for the hype of this episode. Kid got yownked.


Prequel memers had been waiting for years of Anakin showing them the power of the youngling slayer 9000.


That wasn't the "Master Skywalker" scene, that scene was in the Jedi Council chambers. This was Vader killing some kids in a hallway elsewhere.


Names from the wall (so far) Corwin Shelvay Drake Lo'gaan Tiberus (possibly Anderlock) Roganda Ismaren (was seen in Ep 3) Other phrases on there like "may the force be with you" and "there is no death, there is the force" type stuff Will edit if I clock anymore


Master Glup Shitto!!


"I'm going to need a ladder." Little Leia not even breaking a sweat.


So, like...nobody on Jabiim is even gonna ASK about Wade?


i love how they're explaining that line from vader about how he was but a learner now he is a master from a new hope.


I was not emotionally prepared for seeing AOTC padawan Anakin again. I don’t know what came over me but just seeing him like that, and the whole training sequence just made me super emotional.


Vader holding that ship like Starkiller was cool


Oh look, the Grand Inquisitor lived. Looks like Star Wars fans overreacted again and just needed to be patient this whole time, how shocking and incredibly new this is./s


Wonder if we're going to get an Old Wounds reenactment with Reva taking Maul's place. As Owen foreshadowed in the first episode, "I kill vermin on my farm."


Hahahahha. Would be hilarious to see Owen smoke someone with a blaster.


So it looks like the episodes are fitting thematically with the first 6 Star Wars episodes. I’m not sure about the first two episodes, but the third episode was reminiscent of Obi Wan and Anakin’s fight. Episode 4 was reminiscent of Leia’s rescue on the Death Star. Today’s episode was reminiscent of the escape on Hoth. I loved the episode. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I’ll be a bit disappointed if we don’t see Qui-Gon next week.


Say whatever you will about Disney, and you can probably say a lot, but they have portrayed Vader near perfectly. He’s menacing, he is powerful, and he reads as always having a bit more emotion just barely hidden behind the mask. Anakin was always so emotional, it didn’t just go away, it just got focused. But whenever he sees Ahsoka or Kenobi, he can’t control it.


I laughed out loud when they tricked Vader with the two transports.


i mean it makes sense vader blinded by rage has been shown over and over to make such stupid mistakes lol


Yeah, without the flashbacks it wouldn’t have worked but it was set up well. He’s thwarted always by his blind rage.




Well in this episode we saw Ben as The Negotiator and General Kenobi...and in the next episode we will witness him as THE MASTER JEDI.


Gee I sure hope that Luke kid will be alright.


I'm worried because so far I'm loving this and I feel like I'm gonna wake up tomorrow to everyone hating it lmfao.


Perhaps my favorite thing about the Obi-Wan and Anakin spar is how they stuck to Lucas's stilted dialogue, lol The only difference being that Hayden was allowed to be much more charming here where Anakin's not in hormonal overdrive. Now I'm sure if he'd been able to play as more than a petulant, horny teenager in Episode II he'd have been received differently, if not better by the perceptions and expectations of those hoping for more of a straight-laced rogueish charm. That said, I commend Lucas for sticking to his guns


As far as sacrificial deaths go, Tala’s is up there with Commander Satos in the Star Wars universe


Oh my god, That Clone Wars era sparring session between Anakin and Obi-Wan