And, don't forget, wr got to see life of non "advanced" people like Cassian own people on kenari, even more than in the mandalorian episode with the at-st and the raider. I particularly like the inclusion of those "lost boys" kinda people since it shows how the galaxy is vast snd wide and not everyone isnpart of it in the same way! Also the implication that they are either descendant of the original inhabitants of the mining colony, whose parents died out a la Fallout's Little Lamplight or, even worse, have been left behind when the colony was evacuated.


Loved the guy who’s job it is to ring the big bell, just humming to himself and wearing his little earmuffs


this and the warning/intimidation chimes of the trailer were so great. i had completely forgotten about them until they came up in the episode and it was still really fucking cool


I know what you mean. Generally I love to pick up details like this as well. But in this case I was constantly taken out of the immersion by the "normal" stuff. Takeaway noodles, old guy with mustache and hat in space bus, socks, police station ... stuff like this didnt work for me in Andor. I will rewatch the episodes soon and then have a second thought about it but the first view was tough for me.


ah yes, things that totally wouldnt exist in star wars.


I’ve seen a few comments about the socks and I’m genuinely curious, did you think socks didn’t exist in SW before this?


I bet he flipped when he saw the winter jackets in Hoth.


if that were the case, then holy fuck I would not want to be a soldier stationed on Hoth


socks, the idea that people wouldnt think of creating a to go box for food and a police station of all things..lmao