When are they going tell him he has a sister though?


I'm seriously fascinated with how Omega will fit into Boba and Din's plots.




Only after they kiss. This is the way.


But isn’t omega every clones sister?


Well yes she is. But how many are left? Only a couple as far as I know.


I think the problem is that a lot of people were expecting a show about Boba Fett just kicking ass and taking names. Instead we're getting a look at his personal introspection, how and why he has changed and grown. Personally I'm really enjoying the show and am hopeful it won't just be a one season miniseries.


I think this is exactly what it is. I think there’s a huge chunk of a vocal part of the fan base that won’t watch something like Clone Wars but have a ton of opinions on how these legacy characters “should” be handled. I’m loving seeing Boba develop as a character rising from the ashes and realizing he needs to earn respect and win loyalty to establish his kingdom.


It would probably be received better if the pacing wasn’t a snail pace


I don't mind the pacing, but the episode lengths are a joke. For a show with only 7 episodes none of them should be under 50 mins. I have the same issue with the Mandalorian, we are getting super short seasons (7-10 compaired to a traditional 20-25) those episodes shouldn't be short. If we are going to get short episodes than it needs to be a 20 episode season.


25 episode seasons are long gone and never coming back. Especially on streaming platforms. They only existed to sell ad slots on networks and shows would literally just pad the plot lines to accommodate that. It’s totally unnecessary.


The point you're missing is episode length. I am fine with modern seasons being around 10 episodes long... But those episodes should be an hour long (and for most shows that's the norm). The problem here is we have the more modern short season but they are still making stupidly short episodes like the season is long.


My guess is that the story is too short to accommodate 20 hours of television. The story is small, and drawing it out would make the intense moments less impactful.


At the same time, they have to make a certain number of episodes to fill out the disneyplus release schedule, because that's how they keep people from unsubscribing.


We're talking about ten hours, not twenty. If they can make the story fill ten hours of content than it shouldn't be made.


Yep. Also a great way to run a show into the ground. There's a reason we do short seasons here in the UK.


Almost no streaming series do 20-25 episode seasons. That’s strictly a network TV practice, and even there it’s becoming less common.


Correct, 8-10 episodes that are an hour long have become the norm and that's fine. That's the problem here, shows that had 20-30 episodes had 20-30 min episodes. So with modern 10 episodes seasons we actually get the same amount of show as we would have gotten with a traditional season But with Star Wars we are getting the modern season length and the older episode length. If they are going to do the short modern season length it's not ok to have short episodes.


I don't mind the episode lengths at all. I'd rather them be the right length to tell the story needed than have to inject it with filler scenes and fluff to make it up to the hour mark. Same with the season length, lets be real a 25 episode season would run the show into the ground with mindless filler scenes.


I never said it needed to be 25 episodes, only that if they are going to do the modern 10 episode format than the episode lengths need to be consistently at the 50+ min mark. Waiting a YEAR for a show to be released and its only seven 20-30min episodes is a freaking joke. There is no reason they cannot have CONSISTANT episode times and have the show have a fleshed out story


I enjoy the show but I think flashbacks in general make things anticlimactic and sometimes confusing. I feel like just going chronologically might have been better.


Mandalorian had even slower pacing in the starting episodes.


Mando also benefited from much more variety with a new location most episodes and was much more focused


This latest episode could easily have been the first. Everything before now could have been told in shorter flashbacks in the following episodes, or just plain never shown.


For long time fans we are so happy to have the gaps filled, I do not want another Mando series, I very much prefer this


I think his whole model of respect and fairness is naive and it's going to bite him in the ass. You don't run criminal enterprises with "respect", you do it with fear and violence, being a nice guy only gets you killed. I hope we see him become a sort of anti-hero rather than Disney put up this, "in criminal enterprises people can be controlled with happy thoughts of fairness!" nonsense because it comes off as corny.


I mean.. I feel like there is a clear balance of respect and fairness, but he isn't afraid to terrify you. The problem is, we as the viewer never think he will go very far. For example the dinner with the other second leaders, the rancor scares them but we as viewers know he ain't feeding anyone to him so it sort of lowers the drama and the stakes, but not for those sector leaders they are pissing their pants


Yeah he needs to be more terrifying or intense. I think the assassin is right.. his time with the tuskins made him soft which is odd considering how hardcore they are.


I'm just waiting for the episode where they reveal he's Luke's mother.


Mark Hamill’s alt account confirmed


This!!! This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. I didn’t understand why people thought Boba was “out of character” when in Clone Wars he acts pretty much the same but younger, rash, and edgy lol. I thought the show was doing a pretty good job showcasing exactly what his moral compass was and how it was shaped even more during his time with the Sand People.


Yeah I think the show itself is a bit slow, where general audience was expecting fast paced action. The character seems to be exactly what they set up with the clone wars, taking his next steps after literally being eaten alive trying to make the life he has left worth more than just hunting that next bounty. I think a lot of people who didn't watch Clone Wars just expected Boba Fett to be 110% badass all the time, like the John Wick of Star Wars. Because he is portrayed that way a bit in the original trilogy. I think these next 3 episodes will be more action focused, sounds like a trip to Mandalore is happening next episode and then a big war with the Pykes. Interested to see when Fennec drops the sister bomb on him.


I agree with this, and I think that people don't like it because it doesn't align with their personal head canon. As usual, people are wrong.


You mean to tell me Dave Filoni knows what he’s doing and is being consistent? Color me shocked.


Plus its only season one. I love about 99% of what Filoni has touched over the years but one thing that I feel is reoccurring is every season 1 from Clone Wars, Rebels, Mando, Resistance and now Boba is the weakest and just takes some time to get rolling. Just my humble opinion.


Agreed. I think people were expecting the cold, ruthless Boba from the Bounty hunter wars and the rest of the old EU. This Boba, however, is acting exactly the way he did in the Clone wars.


Honestly my issue isn't that there's too little action (we have at least one, often mediocre action bit each episode after all) or lack of ruthlessness but more the (lack of) characterisation of him and many of the other plot points. I'd be absolutely fine with a Boba that's all about justice as a ruler (heck I grew up with the pre-prequels "Sheriff Boba" version)but I haven't gotten that from him so far - tbh most of especially the first 3 episodes just made him seem mildly clueless about the whole Daimyo thing and generally pretty bland. Fennec looks more competent in it all but is otherwise similarly less developed - it was nice to flesh both of them out a bit last episode but imo still very little, very late. The villains to me have an even worse track record - we've cycled through the majordomo, the major and two Hutts now, all barely developed to now jump to the Pykes whose built-up has also been pretty eh - if the grand reveal is them having killed the Tusken that's not a deep or huge twist. I barely know or care about these guys so far. I'm curious where they go with it all but I'm certainly much less gripped then I was by Mando, Grogu and their villains at this point.


I age with a lot of what you say. I don’t think the pykes will be the final enemy. They used to worked for the Shadow Collective, the Shadow Collective evolved into Crimson Dawn, and Crimson Dawn worked for the Empire. I think it’s all leading back to Moff Gideon & Thrawn.


Maybe but honestly to me that wouldn't be a good thing - we've started with the majordomo, then gone to the major, then to the Hutts and now the Pykes as villains, each barely developed or given room to grow. I'd prefer them building up one villain so their defeat can be enjoyed. Squeezing ever more dolls into this matryoshka isn't going to make them prettier. Solo imo had that problem as well so I'm hoping they save Thrawn for the Ahsoka or new Republic series.


I can’t disagree with that. I’m pretty much okay with anything but it’d always be better if what they gave us was truly brilliant instead of okay.


Yeah honestly I don't hate or even particularly mind BoBF so far it's just also not catching much of my interest. Feels carried by the big name too much if anything, makes me a bit cautious for Kenobi - Visions and Mando were my preferred D+ projects so far and more created in a vacuum


I think it’s a combination of the flashbacks draining narrative momentum (which I think they do in most fiction, not just here) and Boba himself seeming a little dull witted (a result of him trying to grow as a person & get out of his comfort zone, but it ends up feeling phlegmatic to me).


True though tbh for me it's more the present day stuff draining the momentum from flashbacks lol Particularly if Boba's original motivation, as revealed in the last episode, is really to built a clan/house from/for the working folk of the criminal underworld like himself the first few episodes feel like an even bigger miss in showcasing this - the gamorreans were super bland side characters, the bikers weren't particularly well developed, heck even Fennec barely got some backstory last ep so to me it just feels like we could've spent a lot more time on Boba pulling together/motivating folks like that rather than all these villain curtain pulls.


I like it. I think alot of the people complain about the pacing, which I understand. I think the pacing is fine. Actually the episodes could be longer and give us more time to appreciate the moment. Similiar to watching A New Hope or playing KotOR.


I was hoping for a real story about a smart, ruthless, but fair Boba Fett. An anti-hero that works outside laws and doesn't care about expectations. We got Star Wars Spy Kids, and the dumbest bounty hunter in history. He has gotten his ass kicked in every episode I've seen, when he wasn't being a moron and letting people like that twi'lek majordomo just dip through a locked door. Boba is stupid in this series, and that is what I find inexcusable.


When did he get his ass kicked? By the Tuskens when he was barely alive? When he was jumped and surrounded by 8 assassins with rayshields? When he was pulled out of a bacta tank semi conscious and almost naked by a fucking wookie? I have some issues with writing in this series so far but people expecting Boba to just walk around beating the shit out of every enemy he faces would be far dumber than anything in the show so far.


Blowing away a speeder gang with his ship isn’t ruthless enough?


This hit the nail on the head right here. Boba was known and feared all across the galaxy, but now he’s just a pushover. And before anyone comes in with “that’s just EU which isn’t canon,” sure, but Disney has already proven they are willing to take parts of the EU and bring them back into the fold. So you have these fans who have grown up with a particular character in Boba Fett and then when he finally gets a show he’s a pushover (for no real reason). It’s jarring and not fun.


Same. I’m not a big Boba Fett fan but yeah, this is whole show has been pretty dumb.


Not as dumb as you and the absolute infantile drivel you continually post.


Also in Dark Disciple he went back to save Ventress when the jail break went wrong


I think Boba Fett is interesting as a character in a meta sense because the perception most people have of Boba Fett is just... not at all in line with how he is portrayed in canon. It's like everyone agreed to just ignore everything Boba Fett does in canon and rewrite it in their heads. People just want the EU Boba where he is King of all bounty hunters and king of all mandalorians but even THAT was way off from what George Lucas intended with the character. Plus I think Book of Boba Fett not being very good doesn't help things.


There’s this increasing trend in these subs to invent a criticism that no one is actually making and then disprove it. It’s like a weird form of gaslighting. The problems you’ve invented aren’t the criticisms being presented. The actual criticisms that are most upvoted are as follows: 1. Boba is completely passive. He just lets things happen to him. It has nothing to do with respect or fear, he’s just sitting there doing nothing at all. 2. Boba is seemingly clueless in the first few episodes. Fennec and his torture droid constantly tells him what he’s supposed to be doing and talking over him. He finally makes actual decisions on his own in episode 4 and lo and behold it’s the best episode so far. 3. He is ruling a criminal empire without allowing any crime. He doesn’t run spice, he doesn’t allow price gouging, and he wants the streets to be safe. This is not a criminal empire, it’s a local police station. The stated premise of the show is the exact opposite of what’s actually happening and it’s confusing. Where is he getting money? What does his territory actually provide as a good and service? Edit: adding in a 4th: 4. Boba sucks at the one thing he’s supposed to be good at: fighting. He’s lost every single battle he’s fought so far. He’s supposedly the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy yet anyone with a stick can kick his ass. I suspect now that he’s “healed” this will change, but going into a show about the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy and then watching him get is ass kicked for 50% of the show is off putting even if it is building up to something. You’ve invented a criticism that you then solve while ignoring the actual criticisms.


Who cares. Does everything these guys do now have to be directly related to The Clone Wars?


“Does everything these characters do have to be connected to their past actions and motivations?” Fixed that for you. Yes.


Considering most of these characters come from or were fleshed out in the clone wars... Yes.