The Continuing Adventures of Max Rebo Singstar: Yub Nub An HD Remake of the Japanese Star Wars NES game


Fire whoever was responsible for cutting Yub Nub, if the person no longer works for Lucas Film rehire him just to fire him


I believe his name begins with G and ends with eorge Lucas.


There's only one thing I have my heart set on: I make that Star Wars 1313 computer game about crime on the lower levels of Coruscant into a gritty Disney+ show.


People love cancelled projects, if it’s not released it cant let you down!


Like how the most popular player on a bad football team is the backup QB.


Giants fans are skeptical of this.


*Washington fan* You guys have backup QB's?


Maybe try the backup’s backup…?


Nope, he sucked too


People say this, but the truth is the back up is popular on good teams that are underperforming. Bad teams are just bad teams.


The truth about 1313, had it been released, it would have been just an average to below average cover shooter. Case in point: The Force Unleashed. I remember being hyped up by all the tech showcases and physics demos, and stuff. What ended up being released though was a average arcade style beat-em-up


That game was fun as hell though. As unrealistic as it may seem bringing down that star destroyer was one of the most badass things I’ve ever done in a Star Wars video game


I want to see level 1 so badly


I would want anything set in Coruscant at this point.


Are you using Star Wars to forget about the Colts?


I feel like that’s probably a former Eagles fan more than anything Edit: well account made a year ago so maybe not haha


Any self respecting eagles fan who had a pro-Carson wentz Reddit name would have left that account in the past. Go birds


Oh boy gotta love running into an NFCE rival randomly on Reddit. Go Cowboys ;)


Hopefully we'll get some in the Andor serie


and make a series tie-in game to go with it


Nope. I have a better idea. Let’s set it on Tatooine again!


Tatoonie is too over used. They should create a new desert planet to set it on so it’s a totally new adventure


I’m thinking like a hybrid between tatooine and jakku would be perfect.


Sir you are an absolute madman… and I love it!!!


I hope we get off that planet one day. Good lord


You might already be aware, but [Star Wars: Underworld](https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Underworld) was the working title of a cancelled series featuring exactly that--a noir-style show set in the Coruscant Underworld.


Can we do a *Monkey Island* show too? In the style of CMI?


Star Wars Holiday Special 2 Dyad: A Star Wars Love Story A Wookiee foreign language film with no subtitles


A foreign language Wookie film would be next level amazing. Maybe do it in black and white like Roma?


Oh yea def an art house film.


Kashyyyk Collection


Fuck it, holiday special 2, 3, 4


Dude I laughed out loud at this, thank you! 😂


Holiday special sounds like a good idea


They already made a holiday special 2


Three TV series: Wraith Squadron, Bacta War, Starfighters of Adumar.


Great minds [think alike](https://old.reddit.com/r/StarWars/comments/s1gb1s/you_become_head_of_lucasfilm_what_are_your_first/hs85p49/?context=3)


Truly some of the best Star Wars. I just want one show where you never see a lightsaber.


I want a show that is pure lightsabers not just about pilots


Andor comes to mind


I live in hope


Shows are built on hope (Between the username and flair, you may not like that.)


Yub yub commander.


Good, our first Kettch of the day


You win!


Thrawn trylogy Battlefront 3 And story of Maul before TPM


I need Battlefront 3


I hate how EA squandered their opportunity on Battlefront. 1 was ok. 2 was shit at start then turned out to be ok but definitely needs balancing. If they do another I feel they would’ve worked out most of the kinks but it’s EA so they would definitely screw it up somehow


I felt like by the end 2 was a great game


Pandemic should make remake


Me too. Since I played it on psp I wish I can play in more advanced version


1. Old Republic series spanning many seasons covering the Revan saga. 2. Grevious prequel one off season covering his warrior life leading up to how he ended up being a robot. 3. A Coruscant political drama, don’t mind when it’s set or what the story is but it would be complex and backstabby with lots of people trying to take control of the senate. I would leave any skywalker saga connections well alone, besides where Grevious’ story finishes up.


I'd make a movie or series about the transition of general Grievous from a Kaleesh to a cyborg and how him and Dooku trained etc...


An Assassin’s Creed style Jedi game An animated Indiana Jones series An animated series about the Jedi Order set a couple decades before ep 1 that leads up the the Skywalker saga


Assassin's Creed style game would make for some good light saber combat


Jedi: Fallen Order has some good free-running and acrobatics.


The final fight was better than anything Assassins creed has done for combat.


Ah, I wouldn't know too much about Assassin's Creed, I've only played the first two with Altair and Ezio. The puzzles were pretty fun in both, and I was happy to see puzzles with Force powers in Jedi: Fallen Order.


Where one planet had 90% of the puzzles! 😂 I’m looking at you Zeffo! But so much fun using the force to navigate throughout the world.


Best SW game since the KotORs.


Better yet: a FOR HONOR style Jedi game.


Too bad they didnt do the lightsaber event last year


Forgot Lucasfilm had properties other than Star Wars


Lucasfilm owns the intellectual property, but they don’t own all the distribution rights. That’s why we only see Star Wars projects. Indiana Jones’ distribution rights are owned by Paramount.


From what I could find, Paramount has the distribution rights.


Paramount, that's right. I'll edit my post.


Oh my god I’d love and animated Indy series.


Assasins creed open world (or really just KOTOR) BUT with For Honor swordplay. The darks souls/sekiro/jedi fallen order fighting is great with the parry system but For Honor swordplay mixed with the movement from assasins creed/fallen order would be great for star wars. Actually using the control stick to block saber attacks on each side would be so awesome. (Mordhau already has mods for something like this) And force controls like “force unleashed”. 3rd person so we can see the outfits. Finding crystals like kotor to build sabers. I want duel, single and shafts. :)


Oh yeah I forgot that we can do stuff that’s not Star Wars it’s honestly easy to forget that’s not all Lucasfilm is, honestly I think I’d actually release willow, and have an open world Indiana Jones game but I think an open world Star Wars game, like star citizen or no man’s sky would be my first priority


I had a very similar idea for an Assassin Creed game but it would follow a Mandalorian and you upgrade his armor throughout the game (like the dagger in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey)


> An animated series about the Jedi Order set a couple decades before Ep 1 that leads up to the Skywalker Saga So, a High Republic show.


No. A couple decades is much shorter than a couple centuries. We could see younger versions of the Jedi we see in ep 1. The rise of Palpatine, fall of Dooku. Obi-Wan becoming Qui-Gon’s apprentice. That’s very different from what we are seeing in the High Republic.


I think this would be a really high potential area to explore, with proper casting. Unfortunately, the prequels soured a lot of people’s opinions on politics in Star Wars, when outside of the movies, it is really quite interesting. A show that follows the trajectory of the Plagueis novel I think would do really well. I’d really want it in live action though.


We need something like Star Wars version of "What if?", What if Dooku was never a sith, What if Vader turned and escaped Death Star II. Could be awesome.


A show centered around Coruscant after the fall of the republic A show about hondo and the fall of his crime syndicate in-between clone wars and rebels A clone wars video game with multiple playable characters including Jedi and patawans like Ahsoka and clone troopers like Rex


They should make another lego clone wars game for the last half of the clone wars


I would buy that in a second


I love Hondo but he works so much better as a supporting character that can play off other characters we know. His random appearances glues it all together. I don't know if a show fully focused on him would be good. I think it would get old very fast :/


Hey though, number two is lit! Hondo played by Johnny Depp? Totally something I’d watch.


The Book of TK-421


The sequel to Star Wars Republic Commando


I'm surprised this comment is so low.


* Knights of the Old Republic: Part 1 * Knights of the Old Republic: Part 2 * Knights of the Old Republic: Part 3


1. A TV series that closely adapts the Darth Plaguies Novel probably around 8-10 episodes 2. A Borderlands Style, 4 player coop looter shooter set in the star wars universe. The playable characters would be 4-6 Bounty Hunters with unique abilities and skill trees. Game would be set a few years after either Return of the Jedi or Revenge of the Sith. 3. A film which is a sequel to Solo. But instead of Han being the main character, Qi'ra is and we see her taking a leader role in crimson dawn and would show us how maul ended up on malachor in Star Wars rebels.


re: The video game. That would be totally awesome, and definitely set it just post RotJ. Maybe have the loot be focused on weapon parts for crafting purposes, give it that Star Wars every-thing-is-custom feel.


For that second one: YES. TAKE MY MONEY


Explore the story of Darth Plagueis and Palpatine. Show how Palpatine became a powerful Sith Lord and make Plagueis a sympathetic character (or as sympathetic as a Sith could be. I haven’t read the Plagueis book so if this is the plot of the book then let me know).


Sort of what I was thinking as well. Seeing a young Palpatine in a Plagueis series would be really cool.


I just don’t want Palpatine to be made into a sympathetic character. He’s pure evil and needs to remain that way. That’s why I said have Plagueis be the character the audience grows attached to, like give him someone he cares about that he uses the Force to save (like what was said in Ep.3)


Base it on the book by Lucenio, they maintain his diabolical nature throughout, he wasn't corrupted, he was born for this


In the book he actually only has one person that he truly cares about… And then Plageuis makes him murder him and Palpatine does it without flinching. So it would actually play right into Palpatine being pure evil.




If I remember right he was evil before even becoming a Sith.


Let’s fast track this thing


Or Plaguesis learns the way to save people using the force, and the night before he goes to save the person he loves with his new power Palpatine kills him.


With a parallel story line of Dooku training Qui-Gon.


That would be a cool film or series


Make it after the style of Gotham. Have palpatine be like Oswald, where he is undeniably evil and disgusting but the audience still roots for him.


I agree. I’d say keep his charisma (like how he acted in the Prequels), but also show his brutal nature. Don’t shy away from showing his sadism, his lack of empathy for others, and his ruthlessness toward those who oppose him. Basically what you said, have him act like how he does in the films but played by a younger actor.


If you want evil with charisma, and someone the audience can root for, make young Palpatine Tom Hiddleston


That is exactly who I would want to play young Palpatine! He could poll the role off perfectly!


Book is amazing. Plagueis is da man! It would make an amazing movie.


- Rogue Squadron TV series (based off the comics and books) - Wraith Squadron TV series (based off the books) concluding in a crossover movie for *Starfighters of Adumar* - Original Thrawn trilogy series I'm a simple man


I am just hoping this happens as well. The X-Wing series was/are great!


Sign me in


This is the way. You could build MCU level continuity around all that too.


Or… you could call this the Legends Revival project or something, and stuff others (animated YJK and JJK, etc) in too! Looks like two more slots just opened up…


I'd make a follow up film for Solo, a movie based on Obi-wan, and a high budget show (with hour long episodes) that takes place maybe a couple hundred years prior to the PT. Maybe I'd look into the possibility of making a film or show based on Padmé, as an excuse to get more Natalie Portman in my life (lol), but that might be pretty difficult.


I would love a follow up for Solo. That movie was one of my favorites!


A show about Vader from the ending of revenge of the Sith to a New Hope. Open world Star War GAME like Star Citizens


Rogue Squadron movie based on Legends storyline Revan series on Disney+ Jedi Purge series focusing on Vader and Palpatine as they hunt down remaining Jedi post Ep III


Revan needs a trilogy or a really long series. The linger the better


I don't disagree. Ten episodes of a single season could give you a trilogy worth of time. TV lends itself to more in-depth storytelling, so a multi-season series could go deep.


Tv series: "Order 66". Follows the lifes of the younglings that escaped the attack in the jedi temple. It stars the day after the attack.


If it stars or even features Gungi, Byph, Zatt, Petro, those guys I would be beyond happy.


1. Once LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (finally) comes out, another LEGO game covering the shows. All of Clone Wars, Rebels, Mandalorian, Bad Batch, etc. 2. The full animated Clone Wars Arc of "Dark Disciple" we never got. 3. Jedi Fallen Order live action series. What happens after the game.


Lego Star Wars shows addition


Genndy Tartakovsky (the guy who did the 2D Clone Wars). Doesn't matter what. He gets free rein on any Star Wars character/property he wants. I don't have a 2 & 3. Edit- rein/reign.


ISB detective style show based on empire era coruscaunt, Plagueis: A star wars story, Star Wars in universe Wildlife Documentary, A Revan trilogy based on his initial fall to the darkside and the Mandalorian Wars


1. Clone Wars style animated show about Luke, Han, and Leia post ROTJ. Get Mark Hamill to choice luke, run for 7-10 seasons, covering New Republic to Jedi temple, ending with Ben leaving and Luke going into hiding. 2. Young Qui-Gon series showing his off the rails spiritual discoveries and adventures as Dookus apprentice. 3. A Disney+ limited series following Finn post ROS. Discovering his force power, Rey training him, and dealing with all the people stolen by the First Order.


This is the sort of stuff I'd like to see, the first especially for enhancing and hopefully fixing many people's complaints with Luke's decision, much as TCW did for Anakin's fall. Plus, we have 0 material after ROS so something would be nice Finn: A Star Wars Story?


Something to move the Universe forward. Aside from the new trilogy everything takes place in the past. What about a story of factions at war for power now that the First Order and the New Republic are gone. What if Rey, Finn, and Poe all sided with different factions. No one is good, no one is evil. Each have their own thoughts on how the galaxy should be ran and governed.


I'd just resurrect whatever the more than a decade old Star Wars Battlefront 3 was supposed to be for the sake of curiosity. It seemed ambitious.


A KOTOR film trilogy. A long-running Dark forces/Jedi knight tv series and an R-rated Darth bane film trilogy.


1. Canonical version of Old Republic. Movie series with Revan, Bastila, Meetra, etc. 2. Disney+ shows to help flesh this period out All of that could take 10-20 years if done correctly, which would lead to… 3. Episodes 10-12 or whatever you wanna call it. Something cohesively written that brings back the ST characters…Rey, Poe, Finn, etc…and gives them something truly worthy to fight against. The actors would be the right age for it. Rey could have taught Broom Boy and others. It would be what the ST should have been for the OT characters if it wasn’t such a mess.


They have a lot of potential using Old Republic story into live action


gotta have a Ben Solo revive as well, get him stuck out of the force limbo he is in.


Wouldn't mind seeing those characters come back but done well, in a movie with a good script. Great actors, great potential, bad writing.


Darth Bane trilogy directed by Chris Nolan scored by Hans Zimmer.


As long as he talks normally.


Hell yes!


Thrawn trilogy Dark Forces film. Kyle Katarn will be a Scariff survivor. Ace Azzameen mini series titled “X-Wing Alliance” using the events of the game (the family missions especially) as a template.


I want to see Kyle Katarn in so bad in a TV Show or something. Great Charater :)


Jar Jar Binks adventures trilogy


Jar Jar's Bizarre Adventure


Messa messa trilogy


*Meessa Messy Trilogy


It's not a story the Jedi would tell you


1. First Mandalorian Civil War series with Obi-Wan and Satine being lovestruck teenagers with Qui-Gon as their exhausted caretaker. 2. Adventures of Anakin and Obi-Wan between Episodes 1 and 2 3. Mace Windu survives his fall and hunts Vader/Anakin having given in to the dark temptations of Vapaad to survive.


I would tell the tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise.


Old Republic trilogy.


1. Q’ira/Crimson Dawn series 2. Doctor Aphra series 3. Adventures of Poe Dameron/Zorii Bliss/Babu Frik post-sequel trilogy movie


We all need more Babu Frik in our lives.


Hoth horror film,clone mocumentary and a rebel found footage film


Adventures of R2 tv-show


I believe that’s called Star Wars: The complete saga


The old republic movie trilogy Gritty stormtroopers series following their perspective of war Vader series about what he did post ROTS and his beginning in the empire


1. Disney+ series loosely based on the Sith Warrior/Inquisitor storylines from The Old Republic 2. Hire a studio to make a Skyrim style game that features a multitude of planets/occupations/factions 3. Thrawn: A Star Wars Story.


I don't think it'd be easy to make a Dooku thing Christopher Lee has been out of the acting industry for a little while


I'd restore the theatrical editions of the OT and re-release them on streaming and blu ray/uhd. Then I'd bask in the admiration of the fan base as they declare me the saviour of the universe.


I want a Dooku series involving Qui-Gon, a series about a stormtrooper located on Endor, and a Plagueis movie.


1) maul show or movie 2) darth bane movie or show 3) darth Plagueis movie or show


I think Maul got enough screen time in TCW and Rebels, I agree with the other 2 though.


A Revan series featuring the HK assassin units, a pod racing series following the career of someone on Jabba’s racing team(part sopranos, part speed racer), and a Republic Commando mini series of four rangers that question every step they take.


I would love to learn more about some Republic Commandos. It would be cool if we could get some first person action with these Commandos during their combat.


1.) live action KOTOR 2.) a sitcom about imperial blue collar workers at the Rothana shipyards. 3.) Ewok Christmas special (for my kids) 😉


KOTOR show. Dr. Aphra show.


A Princess Leia show


Bounty hunters, Jedis, smugglers


Darth Maul series showing the rise of Crimson Dawn, Cad Bane series that shows his time during the reign of the Empire, and a live action KOTOR adaptation


1. A remake of Revenge of The Sith with additions from the novel and better dialogue and acting with the same cast. 2. A remake of Kotor 2 with the cut content in mind. 3. A Star Wars game with fast paced, free flow combat but with support for multiple dueling Forms and methods.(want to go full on Vader and walk slowly to the enemy or do you want to constantly jump around? You can do that!) It would be an Inquisitor game where you play as the weakest and most mentally disturbed(and amnesiac) imperial inquisitor, trying to climb your way through the ranks while also trying to find out about your messed up past. There would be many Inquisitors(some being main supporting characters) who you could meet and interact with. They could teach you new methods or saber forms or help you with a mission *if you pay them credits, knowledge or do a task for them or even help them with something* . The game would be very dark as it explores the main character's messed up head along with The Inquisitor's past lives.


1. A palpatine book series focused on his rise to power, his experiance training under Darth Plagius, how he killed his family and his studies in the ancient sith and what he thought about them. 2. A new Star Wars game where you play as a smuggler during the rise of the empire, you have to make deliveries to different planets and areas whilst maintaining and customising your ship and upgrading your wepon and armour. Also the ending would be affected by who you would mainly smuggle for, wether it be for crime syndicates for easy money or the rebellion for higher quality resources. 3. Give Finn and movie or a series about his growth as a Jedi, have him explore old jedi temples, and learn about the force and have him uncover some great mystery about an ancient sith lord who was active during the days of the old republic which he faces off against.


A movie focusing on Vader’s hunt for the last Jedis and his development between ROTS and ANH (couldn’t decide whether or not to include Starkiller though) A movie, eventual trilogy or similar, about the Old Republic, with Keanu Reeves starring as Revan (assuming I have the power to do so). An open-world Star Wars video game with tons of planets to explore and a choice of becoming a Jedi, Sith or bounty hunter, basically whatever you feel like in the universe (ambitious project but what the hell, you asked what I would make). Edit: Don’t know about story for the open world game either. Pretty popular opinions I know, but it’s what I want 🤷‍♂️


1. Rogue Squadron series 2. The early days of the Jedi 3. Full length movie from the perspective of a storm trooper (think Band of Brothers: just a bunch of poor kids that really don't have a choice, but the "rebels" keep killing their friends)


Nice try Kathleen Kennedy!


A remaster of the original trilogy without George's updates


Revan Rakatan empire The Wookie Easter Special


A mockumentary series set in an as yet unseen business on Coruscant. A show about the queen of Naboo’s handmaidens. A horror film of some kind.


Series: I'd like to see something around darth plagueis and palpatine. Game: something that would give me the jedi Knight dark forces 2 vibes. Man, that was such a great game (at that time)!


jar jar 10 year series + movies


1. A Yoda mini series. 2. Tales of the Bounty Hunters. Can take from the book and or make it an ongoing series spanning all era's introducing old and new characters. 3. Episode 10. One final movie to end the Skywalker saga.


A re-release of the OT 1977-83 version. I announce the holiday special is canon. Nothing else.


Knights of the Old Republic movie trilogy Darth Bane movie trilogy Finish the Clone Wars episodes


A Darth Bane trilogy with help from the author Live action clone wars show that shows us events from other Jedi perspective. (Maybe we can have a few episodes with the main characters) A Plagueis film that ties into Phantom menace like how rogue one ties into A New Hope


Probably 3 stand alone movies about long past jedi and sith, their stories are awesome lol


Go 500 years in the future and explore what new force sensitive sects/cults/groups have formed with both the Jedi and Sith having fallen. A diaspora of force users if you will. Obi Wan as a padawan, animated “kids” series. Go waaaaay back and spend some time ruminating on the origins of the Jedi/Sith in the same way Visions brought us some new takes on the Star Wars universe.


1. Shadows of the Empire show. Maybe animated. 2. A Solo sequel 3. Old Republic movie trilogy


1) A clone wars based games starring fives 2) High Republic Show/Movie Trilogy 3) Kotor Show/Movie Trilogy


A trilogy based on the aftermath books


1. Animated show set between TLJ and ROS, filing in the gaps similar to how Clone Wars did for AOTC and ROTS. 2. Live action show set after ROS showing the adventures of Rey, Finn, Chewie, and BB-8 3. First movie in an all-new saga set 100-200 years after ROS. Bonus: animated show about Luke and Lando searching for sith artifacts after ROTJ and the beginning of Luke’s Jedi Academy


Live action rebels TV show, a Jedi academy show where Rey creates a new and improved Jedi order (the show wont be about rey but instead will show new jedi characters.) A fallout style open world game where you pick a faction in the galactic Civil War Era and you can fly to different planets and smuggle, bounty hunt, and help out the rebels or imperials.


Street Fighter style fighting game Post-TROS series about Rey starting the new Jedi Order Logan-style Mace Windu movie contemplating all the flaws in the Jedi Order. He survives the fall but he still dies at the end of it.


Animated heir to the empire trilogy. Stand-alone adaptation of the most beloved legends property. Post rise of skywalker movie (hopefully trilogy) about Rey fighting the grysks. Use this as a way to reboot/reintroduce some NJO characters and themes. Animated shadows of the empire. Preferably traditionally animated. From what I understand, they could fit it into the current canon without too much difficulty.


Padawan: A Star Wars Story Days leading up to the fall of the Jedi Temple. Boosk: Last Days Boosk vs Chewbacca animated short film Finn: FN-2187 Travels the galaxy stopping First Order from rising as well as find homes for the displaced troopers


I'd go back to the very beginning. The origins of the Sith, the Jedi, and the Republic.


Plagueis I, Plagueis II, and then Plagueis III


1. Trilogy of Rey bringing Kylo back from the Force-limbo he’s in. 2. Darth Plagius/Sheev Palpaltine series 3. Darth Vader/Starkiller series


A Revan tv series, an animated show set in the sequel timeline to fill in story gaps, and a movie like Rogue One that fills in the Bothans getting the plans for the second death star


Thrawn trilogy Battlefront 3 A grand-strategy game similar to Stellaris.


1. Darth Bane series 2. Jedi Knight 3 3. Avengers 4: Darth Vader strikes back


A mini series about a troubled bounty hunter in the dark underworld of coruscant. When he is forced to pursue a bounty on a rogue Jedi and go deeper into the Coruscant than ever before (very much like apocalypse now.) A film about a murder occurring at the Jedi temple. When a young Mace Windu investigates he discovers a dangerous conspiracy within the Jedi order. A Star Wars heist film, when a seemingly random group of characters are mysteriously hired by an unknown figure to rob an armed imperial convoy, they soon discover things aren’t what they seem


Star wars 1313, a jabba the Hutt origin story directed by Guillermo del Toro and a star wars focused on rebels and storm troopers directed Neill blomkamp


3D fighting game 1. A Fin Rey movie 2. The return of Mace Windew 3.


Darth Bane Trilogy or a Bane, Revan , & Plagueis movie


Getting rockstar to work on an open world star wars game


Palpatine/Plaguies TV show that adapts the novel. Episodes 10, 11 and 12 (I'm counting this as one) that's set 200-300 years in the future as to distance itself from the Sequels. Empire/Stormtrooper centric show similar to Band of Brothers.


A remake of the cancelled battlefront 3 (the 2008 one) Filoni led Old Republic animated series A new MMO similar to SW Galaxies


The Force Unleashed Trilogy. I know the third one was never made, but there has to have even something in production, right?


What is the stormtrooper one supposed to mean