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We received one of them at my job in Gulfport. We were pretty freaked out. Crazzzy!


I did but mine was in Spanish for some reason.


This person is taking that 2000 year old game of telephone very seriously


I was at a fwb place in Tampa a few years back and his mail came with a note in it printed by a neighbor who saw some kids attacking animals and killing them right in their yards just leaving body’s of cats everywhere in the neighborhood. The note was a warning of a cat serial killer and suggested we put all pets inside after dark


I got a letter supposedly from a random jehovah witness in my neighborhood a few years ago. They didn't like my hijab so they were trying to offer "guidance"


Jehovah's Witnesses can't go door to door due to covid so they send letters instead.


Connie better not be killing cats or we will throw hands 👊👊


Please email me full copies of both pages. [email protected] I will research this for you.


What do you hope to find out?


Yo I got one too! Right after we moved it. Freaked me out.


Yes. Congrats on your new house.


Yes! I got one of these a year ago. Freaking nutty


Clerk of court search brings up some interesting stuff.


Is this Connie Martin the stalker?


My guess is yes. Also has charges related to not having a license for cats, cats at large, and feeding stray cats.


Connie Martin is obviously a nut job who has literally nothing better to do. Trash it. Put the time and effort she put into that stupid letter into the garbage, where it belongs.


Please don't take my cat with you, i love hervtoo much.


So, if something were to happen to Connie all the cats in St Pete would be gone? Tempting...


I seen this before and know what to do. Throw that letter in trash bin. Lock all your doors at night. Keep a loaded pistol & flashlight on nightstand. I never read mail and always do the other 2 things.


At least she has good handwriting


This might be someone who is having a full blown psychosis or manic episode. They probably need to seek help. I feel sorry for ppl who actually have these illnesses and can’t get the adequate medical help because our medical system is so flawed.


Yes, from Connie Martin exactly. I took that evil and lit it on fire. Good riddance


I’ve gotten a few similar letters in NE St Pete.


Word salad.




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Write an even less coherent letter and send it back


That would be epic


Might be a Zodiac code here


Take your cats and leave, connie. 😂


Well fuck you Connie, you can't have my cat when you die.


Serial killer handwriting


Holy shit Connie. Spaces are a thing.


ALL the cats? That's a shame.


I used to get JW letters and then two of their young men broke the screen of my storm door when they knocked..now I get no letters or visits and my door is still broken.


I’ve gotten 3-4 letters in 2 years (same zip code as yours). It blows my mind that they take the time to hand write these, just for me to chuckle and throw them in the trash.


JW used to come to my house. There is a Hall up the street. They'd leave their pamphlets. I accidentally answered the door one day. I nicely said I'm not interested nor will I ever be. Told them to have a nice Saturday and shut the door. They never came back, no flyers or anything. I appreciate they accepted my boundary.


Happy Cake Day!


Thank you!


It's a jehovahs witness letter. I get them too since I'm near one of their kingdom halls.


Serious question, what is a jehovas witness letter, and how do you know this is one of them?


The ones I get are handwritten, with similar writing to the letter pictured. Different Bible verses and stuff. Sometimes it'll have a leaflet with their kingdom hall info.


No, it's crazy, but it's not cultish, there's a difference. JWs would have splattered the page with their idol, JW.ORG I say this as someone who spent my first 31 years stuck in that religion/cult/high control group


This is not a normal JW tactic lmao


Connie is off her meds


In this lady’s mind god is angry at sin and has enough magical power that he is going to raise an evil army to inflict violence on all the non-believers. Yet this god is weak enough to not just miracle the sinners out of existence instantly? And this god chooses Connie Martin as his messenger instead of snapping his god fingers and sending an instant message directly to everyone via a floating cherub or whatever would be an undeniable messenger customized to that person? Instead he sends Connie Martin and the proof it really is god is that cats will disappear whenever she gets around to dying. This shit is more convoluted and ridiculous than a dungeons and dragons campaign put together by a middle schooler.


Same shit the Holy Roller asshole out every Saturday in Vinoy Park with a microphone/amp/speaker preaching anti-gay/burn in he'll speech to people trying to enjoy a quite scenic walk. From conversation with him, he stated Jesus came to him in vision (twice) telling him to build an army for Jesus. Dude needs to be on meds; he a few steps away from full on Y'all-Queda behavior.


Needs more gelatinous cubes


I have received mail like this. It gets opened. I recognize it’s not for me. I rip it in half and place in the bin. Problem solved. I treat it as junk.


That’s some very good penmanship, at least


I moved here from Alabama to get away from shit like this 7 years ago. In the entire time I lived in Alabama, never did I see something as insane as this. I haven't received a letter myself (I have a PO Box) but it's disheartening and frankly terrifying that sentiments like this are growing stronger in this community. I'm starting to feel unsafe with my partner and we live downtown in st pete! Where are we supposed to go, Fort Lauderdale?! I certainly hope not because I love this little city with all my heart, but I will not live somewhere that I don't feel safe.


We’ve been here 8 years and my wife and I always feel safe in DTSP. Don’t let this quack scare you, she’s in the minority! The loudest people are the always the weakest ones.


And people say I'M a crazy cat lady.


Poor thing.


Oh fantastic, me and connie share the same zip code. Someone got an address so I can be aware?


you’re next for getting a letter


It's like the stalker lottery bruh


Word salad!


Got one of those as well! Back in June. I kept it for reference in case some nut job came around. It looked handwritten. Super weird.


It may not be, but this could be Jehovah’s witnesses, as they practice letter writing sans address.


I was gonna say the same. I received something similar a few years back and found out it was JW.


They also used to write letters like this when I lived in Colorado. Minus the cats and that St. Pete/Gulfport would be the first place of God's vengeance. Personally of all the places God would cast his wrath on, South Pinellas would seem pretty low on my list. I would probably be more upset with Washington DC if I were God.


Hear hear!




I saw this too but don’t know what it means


apparently she was accused of stalking. Assuming that it's the same person.


God makes her do these things


We’ve gotten one in North Kenwood. Reported it to the police and the officer said she had someone else on hold calling about the same letter.


and? What came of it? What’d the police say?


Probably nothing it's not illegal to be a nut job if you mention God while doing it


The Watcher Season 2: Don’t Fuck With Cats


I've gotten one of these in DTSP! Just threw it in the recycling bin lmao


Ok, Connie 🙄


Looks nutty. if the letter was placed in your mailbox, that's a crime. Give this to the police. Hope they can send someone to do a wellness check. Or at least stop her from doing this shit again.


Lock her up! Throw the book at her for her crimes!


That manic episode though


Or even schizo, with delusions of grandeur, who knows


Watch your Cats Yall


We’ve gotten these before. This lady has been saying for years that she’s gonna be raptured with all the kitty cats. The first time we saw one we thought someone was threatening us and a few years later, someone in line for voting showed us another like “look at this crazy letter I received”.


How does she have the time to hand write all of these letters


I've gotten them in tarpon springs before.