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One of the funniest bits I ever saw in wrestling was Kamala trying to pin someone on WWF's 80's show (or early 90's). He knocked over his opponent and stared at DiBiase, his manager at the time. And DiBiase was screaming at Kalama to pin the guy. So, Kamala goes for the pin. Unfortunately, his opponent is laying down face first and the ref isn't counting. Again, looks for directions and DiBiase is miming the 'roll over' hand signals. Kamala rolls his opponent a full 360 and goes for the pin again. I was dying. He managed to use a pretty crummy gimmick to get some laughs. He had some funny in-ring hijinks, but that was the one that stuck in my head.


I'm guessing that was when he came back in the 90s, before his babyface turn. I believe his 80s WWF run was before DiBiase joined as The Million Dollar Man.


Kamala was INCREDIBLY funny. There are a few backstage outtakes of him making people corpse effortlessly


I don't remember him ever being managed by DiBiase. But that was a pretty common spot for Kamala, the "doesn't know how to pin a guy because he's an African savage" bit.


You're correct. The poster is wrong...and in this age of misinformation and nobody giving a fuck...now he, and the hundreds that upvoted him, all think they're correct.


Either he was thinking of Harvey Whippleman or it was some other weird scenario. Dibiase was certainly around during kamala's 90s run, but he wasn't a manager yet.


> Unfortunately, his opponent is laying down face first and the ref isn't counting. Only Wardlow is allowed to pin opponents who are face down.


*Cameron has entered the chat*


***COUNT IT!!!!!!!*** *^^^^^^^count ^^^^^^^what?*


This happened?


Not in a normal match. In his 20 on 1 match against the security guards, several were pinned while face down.


From what I remember, he did this a few times with Harvey Wippleman as manager and..then Slick "the Dr of Style"..if that is his real name..saved him?


What do Freddie Blassie, Friday, the Wizard, Kim Chee, Harvey Wippleman, and Reverend Slick all have in common? They all managed Kamala in the WWF, however Ted DiBiase did not.


Rest in peace.


The PYT Express (Koko B Ware and Norvell Austin) and Kamala both got their start in CWA/Memphis about the same time, it's nice to see them still keeping in touch and helping each other out (this vid obvs taken before 2020) RIP Kamala.


If I had to take a guess, I'd say it's probably mid-2010s.




Birdman coming through in the clutch. This kind of upgrade can mean the world opens back up. RIP


Koko will forever be in my stable of boys


It's annoying that lots of people shit on Koko being in the hof but even if he wasnt your type of wrestler dude did entertain people and is a kind hearted fellow.


Honestly, he was arguably one of the better workers of the era and probably could've transitioned to the modern era quite smoothly.


I don't think kamala gets the credit he deserved. Yes, there was a problem to the character, but he played the part to his fullest and for so long. He also protected the business by not breaking character which is incredible to think about. I sat front row at a wwf show once when I was a kid. He stood in front of me, licked his lips and smacked his belly. I don't know how to explain it but the look on his face and in his eyes, you believed it.


Forgive my ignorance, what was the problem to the Kamala gimmick?


African savage trope. Stereotypically stupid, violent, cannibalistic, basically closer to an animal than human. It's straight out of British colonial propaganda literature of the Scramble for Africa era.


You said it much more eloquently than I could have. Plus the fact the gimmick originated in the deep south. He must have heard every horrible word in the book. And he was a self professed mama's boy.


He was really one of a kind; his portrayal stood out among other similar ‘savage headhunter’ gimmicks over the years, and was up there with Abdullah the Butcher for a time in the 80s as a top traveling monster heel. Abby even went out of his way to prevent him from working in Japan and Puerto Rico, which is a shame. From all accounts, James Harris deserved better. My only caveat with the Kamala character is I felt he went the comedic routine a bit too much, especially during his WWF return in the 90s. He lost a bit of the fear factor with the audience after awhile, and they of course dropped the ball when they tried to turn him face. I’m not sure what caused him to split WCW so soon after he joined the Dungeon of Doom, but I was looking forward to what they were gonna do with him in ‘95, aside from losing to Hogan. If he isn’t in the HOF, he absolutely should be.props to Koko for helping out his friend at the time!


I think a gimmick like kamala was made for the territory days. Bring him in to feud with the top face, then move along. Once he was exposed for a long period of time, the character starts to lose something. Which is why they tried to change things up with a face turn or comedy or fear of caskets. But as the business evolved, the character made even less sense.


Amazing. RIP Kamala.


Top tier legend in my book


Class Act Koko


For some reason I thought Koko B Ware passed away years ago ​ ...it was Junkyard Dog that I was thinking of.


Kamala passed a couple years ago as well


Yeah same, I just didn't want to be disrespectful. I genuinely thought I googled him a few times and saw a death date on his wiki page. I must have misremembered. Hope he's managing okay.


I googled him once I saw this thread and saw he was just hospitalized for an unknown reason the other day.


Yeah I think it's why a lot of people are talking about him lately. Hope he's doing okay.


One time when I was a little kid, we were outside and my dad goes, "look James, do you see that guy?" And I said yes, and he said "do you know who that is?" And I said no. And he said, with this awed look on his face, "that's Junkyard Dog from WWF!" I didn't know if that was true or not but after I got older, I read more about JYD and it turned out it really was him and his family lived on the same street as we did! I'll never forget that look of shock and awe on my dad's face lol


Perhaps the confusion also partly comes from the news report of Koko talking about his parrot Frankie dying in a house fire a few years back (it was 2001, but the story was being posted here only a few years ago).


hearing kamala sing here reminds me of one of the [funniest moments on bryan and vinny when they played one of his songs](https://youtu.be/En1UQHMxTpU?t=547)


Push It & Pull It will never not make me smile.


love it, thanks for sharing


that's a true friend. rest in peace kamala


They had Kim Chee wait outside with Frankie.


Koko and Kamala came up together in the Memphis territory.


Kamala should’ve been in the hall of fame years ago.


I read the title wrong and was expecting Koko B. Ware giving Kamala an Electric Chair in some kind of weird 80's wrestling segment


I'll just say that when I think of old school WWE, like before raw existed, when I think of people on their roster Kamala is in the probably top five. Such a larger than life figure. I feel so awful that he has died of things that wouldn't kill him if he had basic European healthcare. fuck the USA


When I was a kid I legit thought Kamala was a crazy tribal dude. Dude sold that gimmick!




Diabetes complications.


Two absolute legends of my childhood.




He'll always be Sugar Bear Harris to me but RIP Kamala. I hope you're slapping your belly in heaven.


You mean he doesn't just have Frankie fly his friends everywhere? kinda like Squawks from DKC. That's how I've always imagined it.


WWE never inducted him into Hall of Fame.


I'd love to watch a movie about his life with him narrating. What a wholesome voice. RIP