Poor Shotzi. She was stuck trying to salvage something out of Ronda. And here they made her look like a total chump.


I'm wondering who this is on. The E put all their eggs in the Ronda basket well before she was camera ready in any way, but Ronda's progress and overall rasslin skill are pretty low. Her timing and showmanship feel rushed and choppy. I'll give her a pass on the mic cuz even Roman took forever to find his footing there. Is she really putting that many butts in seats still?


Crowd definitely warming up to Emma, I think I saw atleast 2 people cheering this time.


This episode was really solid! Smackdown is so much better without LA Knight, Maximum Male Models, and Shit Row.


Two outta three.


I don't know why Lacey Evans doing Marine training with a full face of make up is so funny to me.


Return with no crowd reaction are so sad and a bit embarassing


bruh what was that sheamus promo lmaoo


He's gonna put a smile on "Sam's" face. Honestly I had no idea what he was talking about lol


Solo definitely heard Roman and Heyman talking some shit about Sami or something. Really think if the Bloodline do turn on Sami that he’ll stand by him and fight against his family.


Did I missed some segment with Roman? When did you catched this?


I hope this Lacey series works for her. She's got a lot of promise and is likely legitimately the true most dangerous woman on the roster (I'll leave it to others to debate a sports champion like Rhonda vs a trained combat/MP vet). Hopefully with a concisitent creative push behind her, they can build something with her.


If they book her like the most dangerous woman on the roster that'll be fun.


her versus Rhonda "You were trained to win. I was trained to kill." It's a pretty easy story I think.


Definitely, and a very good one if Lacey is portrayed as the face tough woman veteran whoa tired of Ronda's shit.


That's the one thing.. keeping her face...she can veer into heel easily being a southern patriotic white woman...getting rid of the word "nasties" from her vocabulary...unless she has a gang of multicutural hype women she calls "her nasties"...but it's kinda been done.


That creative decision was certainly something. Poor Evans was wasted doing dumbass shit like that. Make her female Bobby Lashley dammit


If you haven't before.. look at this cartoon: https://botchedspot.com/blog/comic/sassy-southern-belle/


Lmao I like to think that's exactly how Vince made creative decisions later on


Shayna winning the royal rumble and beating ronda rousey for the smackdown championship at wrestlemania will be so cool!


Both are boring as shit, that would be a horrible match. On the other hand, Rhea winning and beating Bianca for it at mania would be awesome.


I’m hoping they do Bianca vs Ronda to unify the women’s title and then Ronda leaves after and doesn’t come back. Introduce a midcard womens title and throw it in a 8 woman ladder match with Becky, Charlotte, Bayley, Liv etc. to make it feel big and give them all something to do and I’m happy.


I don’t see in any world how that match would be big enough to be worthy of a Wrestlemania programme especially for one of the main Women’s titles. The crowd would be dead as they have never cared much about Shayna and the promos would be awful. The whole thing would be boring. Also, Becky needs to be in a big program for Mania as she is the most popular and over star in the whole division. Her vs Ronda is the only match that makes sense.


Becky's getting that spot, sorry to burst your bubble.


Shayna better be the face in that feud.


Hands down. No other way to do it


I liked that Shayna didn't have a stupid shocked face whenever each run in's music hit, she was just annoyed that she couldn't break arms in peace.


Yeah.. I caught that too. was great!


Bayley: " Sit down with your dumb hat! " I LIKE THAT HAT


Smackdown was good as usual. My thoughts: 1- The crowd was fucking dead, they barely reacted to anything which made some things feel flat. 2-Im not sure where they are going with the Lacey Evan military gimmick 2.0. Im sceptical about this but i will wait before judging. 3- Main Event wasn't clicking for me. I don't know if the wrestlers lacked chemistry or cohesion but something was missing. Even Zelina seemed off on commentary. Maybe i was expecting too much. 4- Bloodline stuff at the start was great as usual. Jey Uso embracing Sami in the team is nice developpement. Can't wait for the dynamic when Tribal Chief is back. I like the Sheamus vs Sami match. 5- I found Emma to be better than her last apparence. Match was fun even if there was no crowd reaction. Shayna really looked like a badass boss heel here. Im happy they are recreating her NXT aura. 6- I never liked Teagon Knox on NXT, im not into this comeback. Her moveset is boring, she lacks charisma and she'injury prone.


Anyone else think the Bray Wyatt thing is boring now?? It’s been 2 months. He hasn’t wrestled. Nothing has developed really. There used to be hype and all this mysteries about the clues. Now nothing is even shared. The hype is killed and they need to get it back


They need to get him fucking up big names, even if he's just injecting himself into other feuds. If you compare it to weekly TV, you can't give him a multi episode arc languishing in a low-mid card feud. If you're playing the slow burn for whatever they're gonna reveal, you need to give him a "monster of the week" kind of plot where his story can advance whole also establishing himself as a threat


Bray Wyatt was always boring


It's a slow burn with a side of extra slow lol


It's Bray Wyatt. It always gets boring with him because it never concludes or goes anywhere exciting, or anywhere at all. Same old mumbo-jumbo. The novelty wore off this gimmick extra quick as it peaked on night one.


His my favorite so no i do not think his boring, they are building to him going off the deep end while also trying to fight whatever is inside him.


Prince Puma defeats King Cuerno who was alone after DJ Zema Ion and Rosita were tossed from ringside.


Triple H should start showing some vignettes for these returns. The only pop Tegan got was in her knees. Give Tegan some promo time after this. Don't just throw her out to do matches like Candice with zero promos and backstory.


He's basically reassembling the Black and Gold NXT on the main roster. Problem is a lot of the live audiences didn't watch it. But I could see Sanity, Bronson Reed, Regal, returning eventually. Maybe reforming The Way sans Austin


Yea if there’s one thing HHH is blinded by it’s his own black and gold success. He’s thinking all these people are stars. The casual fan doesn’t know these people. Give some background first on some before just returning them and expecting a huge response.


Lmao so true though. These shocking returns are not it. And she returns on FS1 where 1/3 of your audience will be watching????? Paul you are screwing a lot of things up.


> The only pop Tegan got was in her knees. Bro that’s *cold* 💀💀💀


Right? Best joke on this sub in very long time and I like Tegan! She seems like a nice person....but bland and boring wrestler and due to her injuries she moves slower than new PC recruits.




One of the biggest flight risks to push based on her glass knees.


How about instead of trying to force Lacey Evans down are throats, they push Xia li instead ?


Nah I like Lacey Evans.


Pinup Lacey was great, not interested in anything else


Lacey was on tv?


yup, a promo that she's gone back to boot camp, back to basics they trying to relaunch her


Isn't this her like 13th relaunch


yup, it's time for the secret weapon i guess XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn51OEK-L3M


Ohhh missed half the show didn’t see that on Twitter thanks


I support a Xia Li push. Hell I’d be content with her just being on TV




Smeel Mainly? Can you Read the Cards ok Rocky?


How was the crowd? People said the crowd was so shit


Crowd had no reaction for tegan. Stood there silent


yea sadly most are casuals who dont watch nxt, i know she was on the MR for a cup of coffee but wrestling fans can have short memories got to build them up sometimes for returns


Even her MR run was mostly backstage segments that didn’t even air on tv


Triple H is really doing all he can to make the WWE2k22 roster accurate again lmao


Tegan Nox tonight. William Regal next. Matt Cardona on the horizon. After that, is anyone else coming back under the Helmsley Regime or is that gonna be it for a while? Do you guys feel this latest makeover will result in success for Lacey Evans… or is she gonna end up right back where she started once all the vignettes are over? If I had to guess, Wyatt will only wrestle 10 matches per year under his new contract. Gotta keep his body fresh so that he can move on to Hollywood once his wresting career ends.


>If I had to guess, Wyatt will only wrestle 10 matches per year under his new contract. Gotta keep his body fresh so that he can move on to Hollywood once his wresting career ends. I'd be completely fine with Wyatt being a manager/face of a stable that wrestles a couple of times a year as I feel that's always been his best role as it keeps him out of the title picture and allows him to a) Be Creative and B) Not fed to bigger stars because managment know that he'll always be over (Or at least have the tools to get himself over again) As it seems SANiTY is *potentially* coming back in some form, putting them under Bray and them loose on the Tag Division (Especially if we're getting Face Uso's, Could go up against the Brutes too) and giving Nikki Cross a run at people like Becky, Bianca and Alexa could be a really good Mid-Card Stable


Alexa is absolutely coming back to Bray and will likely shift to Smackdown at next year’s draft. We have heard rumblings about the Wyatt6 for a long time now so putting Sanity with Bray and Alexa would be a good start. I would be excited to see a tag team of Dark Alexa and Sanity Nikki moving forward because frankly, the Kai/Sky team doesn’t make much sense to me… but that’s a topic for another day.


SAniTy seems to be reforming.


Bronson Reed will be returning soon.


Rico did it for America🇺🇸


Ronda's next program will be with Racquel? Probably through the Rumble


Probably she’s from Texas


Battle of the charisma vacuums.


Atleast Raquel is awesome in ring


And forced smiles


How did Sami lie to the Bloodline?


Jey asked him if he was talking to someone outside the locker room. He lied and said no. Jey knew this was untrue because he heard the whole conversation before he came out. He either didn't tell the chief about it or lied to him too. I forget which. Jey said something like "chief said he'd seen enough" so he let it go.


At Survivor Series Sami told Roman that owens did speak to him, and that he only didn't tell Jey because the Usos had the war games advantage match later in the night and he didn't want it to distract him.


Plus Sami didn't speak to Owens. Owens spoke to Sami. I don't think they framed it that way though haha


They did at War Games when Sami told Roman that Kevin came up and talked to him and he listened.


OK, thanks for that correction. I missed some of that part of war games.


they still referencing I think when he lied to Jey about whether he'd been talking to anybody that past night (especially Kevin).


I wonder if everything is slowly burning to Bray destroying everybody at Royal Rumble? XD On top of having to worry about being attacked again in his own home by his own son over the holiday season, now Rey has Karrion Kross after him too! They are trying to relaunch Lacey Evans again. time to invoke Sgt Slaughter perhaps? hehe Damage Ctrl showed up to.....get whupped, it seems. Santos actually lost....i thought they'd have him win. but Ricochet sold it very well the last time Gunther wrecked him so he gonna get to do it again.


What was the crowd looking at/cheering for during the main event? They weren’t looking at the match. It was something offscreen


I think some Bills were in the audience.


there was a dark match later off the air where Riddle, Braun and Liv took on the Legado members sans Santos. maybe somebody was spotted early, i dunno heh


So scarlett didn’t fight?


Ooooooooo Drew/Sheamus tag champs soon?? 🤔


KO/Sami vs the Usos at Wrestlemania, they won't drop the belts beforehand.


I love the Bloodline as much as anyone (☝️), but the one downside of having such a dominant heel faction on top is that it makes things very hard for the faces going up against them. It was tough for KO on Raw and even tougher for Sheamus tonight. It's not that people don't like guys like Sheamus or Drew or KO, but the Bloodline is cool and no one is getting cheered against Sami Zayn right now. Not complaining, just observing. Can't wait to see where this goes. Really enjoyed the twist of Jimmy now becoming the devil on Jey's shoulder when it comes to Sami.


It is a temporary problem but anyone that comes to Sami's aid when the Bloodline finally turns on him will be nuclear hot babyfaces so they just have to grin and bear it for now.


For sure. Sami is already the biggest face in the company, and he's still technically a weasely heel. When the turn finally comes, the heat on the Bloodline and the support for Sami and whoever is with him will be nuclear. All I'm saying is that at this moment, the position of any face challenging the Bloodline is a tough one.


The other side to this argument though is that the babyfaces don’t have to do as much to get cheered. They’re always the underdogs, so the crowd will always be behind them.


I don't think the crowd was behind Sheamus tonight. He seemed at least somewhat annoyed during the "Sami" chants at one point tonight. But the crowd was into the match itself, which is what matters most.


Does anyone have the Uncle Howdy promo from tonight, can’t find it anywhere


I know Damage CTRL just recently regained the titles but I hope Liv and Tegan win the Women's Tag Team Titles soon.


Why? Liv tegan doesn’t even make sense


There aren't any decent Heel teams, so Damage Ctrl would just end up winning them back


I quite enjoyed the flippy flippy match


They made Ricochet big this time, good


Santos is pretty good. I LOVED him in lucha underground but this was my first time seeing him without the mask really. Does anybody else think he really needs to work on his facial expressions? He always looked nervous or something which really didn't fit the character they seemed to be showing in that vignette earlier in the night Great match though


Imho it was because he was there alone, without his people But I believe he should work on his selling tho


He was nervous because his backup was thrown out, no? I thought he was accurately just freaking about not having his lackeys


I agree with what you were seeing from his expressions, but that was a choice for some reason...he's been maskless/Santos for like 2 years in NXT, and that was something I don't remember from his time there.


I don’t see the point of running Ricochet vs Gunther a third time after Gunther beat him for the title and then squashed him in a rematch. He’s clearly just going to get beat again. Legado vs Imperium would’ve been a more interesting feud.


It is too early for both Legado and Imperium to be feuding with each other. They went with Ricochet because he can lose without it hurting him to much. Then GUNTHER can move on to Braun and eventually Sheamus at WrestleMania.


Legado and Imperium are both heels and Legado is not nearly over enough with the main roster crowd to justify that dynamic. They just debuted a few months ago, give them time to develop naturally before they clash this soon.


Yea they botched that


Always said Ricochet should be booked like Steph Curry, his speed and extra flippy nature is like Steph's insane shooting talent. Just a cheat code to winning.


> It would mean everything to him to get his dream match for the Intercontinental Championship vs. Gunther. **Now** they're using the fact that Ricochet's lifelong dream was to win the Intercontinental Championship? **After he's already been Intercontinental Champion?**


Same energy as Theory cashing in for the US title when he was the US champion a couple months prior.


Tbf that one didn’t end well for him. At the hands of the current champion, no less.


Damage CTRL looking like a joke twice a week now. Io, Dakota & Bayley deserve better than this.


I'm not really sure how they looked like a joke here. They handled Liv and Nox just fine and had to be attacked with a kendo stick from behind before they took off.


>Damage CTRL looking like a joke twice a week now. Io, Dakota & Bayley deserve better than this. That's literally the problem, everyone they've feuded with have fans who say those people deserve to be treated better. How do you book everyone strong, it's nearly impossible.


This. Everyone wants his people to do well…


They are there to make everyone else look good. Bayley is probably pretty stoked right now having got back so many of the released talents.


So Shotzi ran in to make the save and immediately got beat down too. Not a great look for our girl at all


I don’t get people saying “Wyatt wrestling isn’t as interesting as his stories, just let him promo”. If he just wants to tell stories he should have just gone and made movies like he wanted, instead of coming to the wrestling company that does wrestling and not doing any wrestling


He will wrestle… people just want to see him in ring every week which won’t happen


Pretty good SD Gunther just beat a former champion Helluva of a main event


I was 100% expecting Santos to win this, so Rico winning is a nice surprise


Didn’t think he’d win since he’s heel


I love that Solo always looks like he's thinking about something deep


Good show Great match but I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to give Santos the victory to establish him to the new audience as someone to take into account, besides Ricochet was already champion and already lost to GUNTHER twice and now there will be 3, although it will be a great match. I am glad that they gave great importance to the final of the tournament, they had the main event and a great celebration for the winner, they should do this more often. Gunther is amazing. Everything is happiness for the bloodline. I don't mind Wyat's slow progress because I still find every segment of him very entertaining.




lol what show you watching


Eh, there's Rhea, Bianca and Raquel for starters.


They forgot all about Doudrop bruh


Her too. It's just a shame they had her take so many losses (mostly to Bianca) in such a short time.


Bianca, Bayley, Asuka, Becky and Liv for example are all unique and not just women with brightly colored hair.


this is why no one cares about Damage CNTRL. Tegan Knox comes back, who no one gives a fuck about, and gets to knock around Damage CNTRL like she's Dusty Rhodes taking out the 4 Horseman in 1986.


Wait you mean the returning face beat on the heels until the heels used the numbers advantage? Ya don't say?


>this is why no one cares about Damage CNTRL. Tegan Knox comes back, who no one gives a fuck about, and gets to knock around Damage CNTRL like she's Dusty Rhodes taking out the 4 Horseman in 1986. You have to make people give a fuck about her like this. Tegan is a great wrestler,


good wrestler, boring personality


>good wrestler, boring personality So many people disagree with that though.


The crowd says otherwise


The crowd don't know who she is


But you have to remember we are not the majority. Wwe audiences are.


You said "The crowd says otherwise" and my respone was that they don't even know who she is. If I was to go to a casual fan in the arena last night and ask who is tegan nox they would say they don't know so now it is Triple H's job and the writers to let the casual audience know who she is.


its just nuts too. iyo is an *outrageously* accomplished wrestler and bayley has one multiple championships. i guess i cant speak for kai because shes so green in comparison, just christ almighty, they need to ditch damage control, do some damage control and individually build each woman back up in order to fix it


Dakota Kai is green? Seriously? Edit: She's been wrestling as long as either of the other two, if not longer


Okay guys hold the pitchforks and torches please, but am I the only one who thinks the World Cup finals wasn’t THAT good? I liked a couple of the spots and I’m happy Ricohet won but the pace of the match felt really odd. Santos was moving at half the speed of Ricochet and their chemistry felt real off for the first half of the match. Santos was constantly standing and staring while waiting for the next spot.


I agree with you. it was off tonight, people here downvote you when you critic the product but im sure even both wrestlers know something was off


main event ruled


**Broke:** The Bloodline is going to end up turning on Sami, following the orders of the Head of the Table Roman Reigns. **Woke:** The Bloodline is going to turn on Roman, following the orders of the real Head of the Table Sami Zayn.


I’ve been saying for a while that if they want to go with a swerve then the implosion of the Bloodline from within due to Roman’s arrogance and casual disrespect for his cousins is way more compelling than the usual “Bloodline turn on Sami and He teams with KO to get the tag titles”. There are way more story beats with the family falling apart, it’s rich with emotion and is an organic way to involve Dwayne if they still want to go that path. And for me, it’s a narrative that can span months, perfect for long term booking and even the potential to reform the faction if they want at some point.


**Bespoke**: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn become the new joint Heads Of The Table


You know what I would love? If Solo betrays Roman and takes control of the Bloodline, and Sami is the only one who sides with Roman.


They are certainly sowing the seeds. Roman doesn't show up every week, but Sami is always around. Roman was down the out in the War Games match, but Sami saved him. They are certainly showing that the best person of the group might end up being the weird Canadian guy.


Would be better imo if it was Jey who ended up being the mastermind behind Roman’s demise, because he’s more than anyone bore the wrath of Roman.


I honestly think one of Jey or Sami is winning the rumble now






That would be inzayn!


Roman says he puts the food on the table, yet Sami is the one doing the food run. As any dog owner knows, true loyality is sacred and unshakeable - up until there's food on the line, lol.


I know he’s champ rn and got nothing to do with a Smackdown , but how likely do you guys think Samoa Joe will end up back in WWE


As a wrestler? Not very likely at all. After his career winds down as a producer or coach in NXT? Very likely.


The chances of him returning have DRASTIC gone down


The opener, main event, and Gunther vs. Kofi were all fun. Nice to see Tegan back. That SD Women’s Division DESPERATELY needs a refresh. And Ronda is holding them all down frankly. Damage CTRL are just total dorks at this point. Iyo Sky being portrayed as a hapless goof is, not good. Decent show.


>That SD Women’s Division DESPERATELY needs a refresh. And Ronda is holding them all down frankly. > >Damage CTRL are just total dorks at this point. Iyo Sky being portrayed as a hapless goof is, not good. I just see a lot of no win situations because fans online are dissatisfied regardless with the whole division. Hunter's been bringing back absolute favorites who are great wrestlers, but Damage CTRL also needs to look strong. How do you book around that exactly? And then Ronda, who, as much as folks don't want to hear it, is still by some distance the biggest draw in the women's division, someone who plenty of fans especially in live events etc care to see over anyone else. She just cannot go anywhere when she's got a fanbase more than any of the SD women combined.


Is she though? From what I’ve seen her peak is well behind her. As for Damage CTRL, stop booking them in situations like this? Or just break them up. It really isn’t complicated.


>As for Damage CTRL, stop booking them in situations like this? Or just break them up. > >It really isn’t complicated. Then how do you book them? The alternative to bullying the roster and getting their comeuppance for a group like this, is to feud with lower card women and win. Then people will complain that they should be a top act. If they had beaten Bianca, her fans (which are a lot) would've been dissatisfied. There was no fucking way she should've beaten Becky at SS either. So what's the solution here? I don't want to see the Bianca feud again and I'm glad they seem like they're moving on from it. I don't get who they can beat that nobody will be mad at, unless it's Lacey Evans or something when she returns. Or, breaking up like you said is a solution. But right now it seems like they're a group made to put over acts and establish them. >Is she though? From what I’ve seen her peak is well behind her. Like every single Smackdown even in recent memory and beyond Bad reputation has gotten a pop, and she's a heel. In the live events it's the same story. She's got a massive casual fanbase, sells merch like hell. That hasn't changed.


I think with all the women, perhaps you could create a few 3 person groups. There are now so many and you need to consolidate and make some tag teams. Some women's trios matches could be fantastic too. They need stories besides main title runs too.


HHH just keeps adding women to the division but almost all of them have no credibility right now


Nobody cares about new girls beside Mia


I get the feeling even a different champ would struggle with the way the division currently is.


At least when Liv was champ the fans were into it and she was fun. Ronda is just dull, feels checked out a lot of the time, yet she’s booked as nigh unbeatable.


Not gonna lie that Rey Mysterio tarot card Scarlet pulled out looked pretty sick. But seriously man poor Rey, he got his ass kicked by Gunther, his son and his dominant girlfriend jumped him on Thanksgiving, and now Karrion Kross is waiting for him. That man will never know peace in a Triple H run WWE😭


I have to build up my bond with Yusuke to make the Mysterio Persona more powerful


I’m pretty positive that tarot card image was a shirt design like ten years ago. Regardless, still great and glad to see it back.


Wonder if the WM rumour is true and he's heading to retirement.


I mean whole point of his return was for him to fight next to Dom. I would expect next year to be his last one


I hope they keep pulling cards to start off new feuds because that Rey card was dope


If WWE wants to make a ton of money they'll release a full deck. Probably a lot of work but it'd be a best-seller for sure.


Nonzero chance the latest Lacey repackage just ends up being some cross-promotion for that Special Forces reality show Fox is about to premiere.


I actually googled that show to see if she was on it.. no.. it's actual ....celebrities is not the word...but the people who show up on "celebrity shows"...nobody who's the caliber of an actual marine mp vet. So, not connected to it, it appears.


Notably the clip said "Special thanks to the Department of Defense" at the bottom.


Likely the other marines and drill sergeants in that are real.


Oh shit I think there might’ve been a sheep mask in the Wyatt promo stuff😳


There was a Court of Owls mask (from Batman) in it.


Yea that’s been there for weeks, it might be stock footage we’re not really sure… a lot of people think that’s Bo since the mask was shown with long hair one week


I have a court of owls mask on my shelf and I didn't notice it, that's awesome.


Damn thought I didn’t have to do this anymore😩 Wrestling fans: we want longterm storylines with intricate characters and we can handle it, we’re not babies Also wrestling fans: when’s Bray wrestling this is boring and it’s bad booking, it’s all nonsense it makes no sense Cmon y’all💀


His stories never go anywhere. It's just week after week of mumbo jumbo and clues that lead to nothing in particular. This new Bray gimmick jumped the shark quicker than his previous two.


Just admit you aren’t listening, this week he pretty clearly how the crowd is starting influence his bad behavior and it’s affecting him🤷🏻‍♂️


Bruh how has the story progressed at all since LA Knight slapped him?


Since the slap, Knight’s cut multiple good promos, Bray has cut multiple good promos, and he/Howdy have attacked Knight twice, there’s clearly progression there because he’s gonna get fed up with Bray because he doesn’t believe him and he’ll challenge Bray to a match at the rumble or something, it’s so obvious that every single week Bray’s mental state gets worse and worse, idk how that’s not storyline progression


Yea tonight Bray's unhinged voice came out and he sounded like a heel for the first time since coming back


I love a long term storyline, and I’ll give Rotunda time to sell me whatever the fuck he wants, he’s earned benefit of the doubt. But I do think it’d help get this uncontrolled rage under the surface thing if he, say, trucked the everloving shit out of some random jobber in a couple of minutes.


You mean Bray Wyatt right?


For sure, I think Bray does deserve the benefit and people somehow just don’t give it to him… but yea I figure he’ll wrestle at rumble


Woo, wrasslin'!


Rey is a legend and one of the best wrestlers ever but I'm sure HHH is embarrassed. Kross came in talking about taking out Roman...had reports saying that match was planned for after Clash at The Castle... But now he's going backwards because he's not over enough to be where HHH wanted him to be at


Idk where he wants him but since Roman can't lose, it would be the worse idea to make him feud. He can't beat Roman. He doesn't have number advantage with only Scarlet against the Bloodline. It's heel vs heel but the Bloodline is over like faces so he would get beat up and still booed. Worse idea possible for him.


Hes just boring. Entrance, gimmick, Scarlett are pretty dope but he's got lame gear and moves.


He really just needs to stop letting Scarlett interfere with his matches all the time. Makes him look like a bitch for relying on his girl to win in every single match ngl


Maybe Gladiator Kross wasn't the baddest idea...


Liv & Teagan new tag team 🤩