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Sounded like Harley got shot


Probably felt that way, too.


Reminds me of that time Drew made Randy's ears ring.


Funny to think Race was one of the few people Andre apparently feared somewhat, along with Meng


Honestly im sure that's why Andre chopped him to high heaven knowing Harley would've been upset with him if he didn't give it his all


Add bad news brown to that list. Not the most entertaining story but andre did refuse to fight him.


Oh yeah, if someone has real, legit martial arts training, they should be able to takedown anyone who doesn’t, no matter how big


Also if you going to throw around racial slurs be prepared to throw hands. Idk why andre thought brown would just take that abuse.....


Andre do seem to be one of those dudes who it doesn’t even cross his mind that someone would throw hands at him. I mean, he’s a damn Giant. But Allen was a trained judo, Meng was insane, and Race had that old school toughness


And he traveled with several guns


It was a vastly different world back then, and I mean, Andre was probably very used to saying and doing whatever he wanted with no repercussions


He did travel the deep south for a few years. But on that day andre learned you cant talk that way around bad news.


> Idk why andre thought brown would just take that abuse..... Because Andre was 7'4" 500+lbs and could flip a car, so the vast majority of people would never stand up to him if he talked shit about them.


Well that was the day andre learned some bad news.


Bruce lee isn’t winning a fight against big show. Size eventually wins unless you’re a 600 pound lump of fat who can’t move. There’s a reason real combat sports have super strict weight classes.


True, and I don’t wanna rag on Show too much, but at one point 600 pound lump of fat was a good way to describe the “World’s Largest Athlete”.


Haha that is true. Glad he got in shape, for his own sake cause people that big don’t make it to old age too often


TBF that story is purpoted to have taken place when Dusty Rhodes was in the WWF so it would've had to have been mid-89 - early 90. Andre was a shell of himself who could barely stand without holding the ropes at that point - I doubt he was itching to fight anyone.


While I agree with what your saying. I do believe if your saying racial slurs you should be prepared to fight.




I dont they they are too worried about that. Plus depending on where they are it could be seen as mutual combat. If both parties agree to fight in some places it's legal. I dont remember where the story took place I just know that law is in a few states and provinces.




Oh sorry I misread the tone if your eariler comment. That's the kinda rock and hard place alot of minority's are placed in. Damned if you do , damned if you dont.


IIRC Bret Hart talked Andre out of it basically saying that Bad News Brown isn't someone to fuck with despite Andre's size advantage.


That was my favorite Wu-Tang song, bad news brown ain't nothing to fuck with.


I don’t understand why people feared race. Im sure he wasn’t scared to fight but I’m pretty sure he couldn’t fight. Was there something that he did that lead to everyone fearing him?


He wasn’t a “shooter” or anything but he got feared pretty much the same way Meng/Haku was: crazy, stories of beating the shit out of tough guys in bars, other wrestlers, cops even.


As I recall, there are multiple stories of Race pulling guns on folks, though I believe it is one story about one incident with multiple POVs. Supposedly in the early WWF expansion days, Vince and Hogan went out to Kansas City to put on a show and expand the Brand. Race thought they were trying to put his company (he had the NWA territory in KC) out of business, so he tried to sabotage their efforts. When that failed, he allegedly took a gun to the locker room and waited on Hogan to come out of the shower, at which point he allegedly put a gun in Hogan's stomach and suggested they rethink taking over KC. Hogan has confirmed it on a podcast. Ric Flair tells a similar story about an incident in KC, but Bob Orton was the victim. I think they are telling the same story, and I have read accounts in the past of Race saying in his early territory days (65-75 mostly) he was such a hated heel he would take a small .38 out to the ring with him because fans would try to attack him. Whenever you see wrestlers talking about the toughest guys they've seen, three names are usually mentioned: * early Andre - he was not always a fat, broken, near-crippled freak. He was relatively lean and incredibly strong and athletic early in his career. * Meng - he's just legendarily crazy, strong, and seemingly impervious to pain. Everyone has a Meng story. * Race - just a tough, likes to fight and done it for a long time fide who will not take anything from anyone. While he was already training in high school, his pro career got fast-tracked when he was expelled for attacking his principal, who was breaking up a fight between Race and another kid. He's always mentioned in the 'legit tough guy' stories I've seen.


Gotcha. Thanks


> along with Meng Well sure. Andre was big, not stupid.


Still love Jake the Snake’s story about if he was in a tank and had Meng facing him, he’d get out of the tank cause he didn’t wanna piss him off


Fun fact: because most people don't know where Meng/Haku is at any given time, most people are therefore in extreme danger.


Good lord!


Even Gunther would have thought "DAMN! That's a bit much!"


Is this the match where Race bodyslams Andre on the concrete?


I think it is. They are at least wearing the same rights as in the video I've seen of the slam,


No thigh slapping here.


Jesus, I thought GUNTHER chops were ludicrous. Oh no, he's a pussy cat next to Andre bringing a damned howitzer of a chop.


Holy shit, for how hard that had to be to come through so loud and meaty through those old mics, I'm surprised Harley didn't just straight up die.


Fucking love Harley Race selling. He some how sells a bunch of stuff super cartoony but still comes across a legit.


Honestly, I don’t think he’s selling. That chop from a giant? Ouch.


>Fucking love Harley Race selling. He some how sells a bunch of stuff super cartoony but still comes across a legit. I've long thought this but never put my finger on it like you just wrote it out. Thanks!


I just opened this with Guile's theme starting up in the background and it was glorious.


Wow! I can see Harley telling Andre to lay it in too that’s just the way he was. They don’t make ‘em like Harley anymore .


I should know this but did/what was Andre's finisher?


Shooting star press.


Sometimes it was a butterfly suplex, sometimes it was an elbow drop, but most often it was just whatever he felt like calling for a finish.


Five star frog splash.


double moonsault


It’s so interesting to see Andre when he was young. He was genuinely talented and wasn’t just a side show attraction. He was a master of ring psychology and technical wrestling. It was amazing for his size.


That ring looks massive!


Was going to post the same thing.


Modern TV rings are ~20 feet this one looks closer to 25-30.


That’s quite the ring. I work with a friend who makes custom rings for action figures on instagram (CustomToyRings) I should send him this and suggest we make a huge ring like this


Fantastic selling by Harley here. There's just something to these old school wrestlers that make these type of selling seem "believable" that the current generation is missing in terms of delivery.


Whooooooo! What about it, big man!!!!


Boy the wrasslin crowd must have hated the shit out of Harley Race




I wish there was more video available of Race in his prime.


So, Harley Race was 6’1” and 250 lbs He looks like a middle schooler next to Andre. WOW