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What brought me back to wrestling? I just didn't feel wrestling anymore. It wasn't because of the product or about any wrestler. It wasn't because Cena was the top guy or anything. I feel sometimes, you need to take a break for something just out of necessity to enjoy it more when you come back to it. I was burnt out from the weekly episodic cycle. Came back, got really into the history of wrestling and the psychology and the art form and became a fan of it again. Sometimes, life situations also dictate that wrestling no longer remains a top priority. I think everyone has that burn out phase. I have seen people enjoy Super Cena era while leaving wrestling during 2016 Smackdown. When you start watching initially, there is a rose tinted romanticism to it but there's also an exhaustion. I don't think I'd blame a particular wrestler for it, just how you age.


Same here mostly. I was still a kid when WCW folded but it was my main consumption of wrestling. Never really gave anyone else a chance. I tried a few times over the next 20ish years I just never stuck around long. It was the history that kept me at least somewhat interested from the sidelines and then finally I decided I'd give it a chance again and here I am!


Did a bit of wrestling myself back in the day. Was hun twice a day and training three times a week. Got burned out with it and the lads I was training with were a bit too into it. Talking move sets and gimmicks when 90% of us couldn’t do a basic bump. Lost my passion for just enjoying watching wrestling. Then I watched hbk n hhh at summerslam 02. By the end of the match I was actually cheering the result. Really ignited my enjoyment in the product again for me.


Punk's return.


I took about a 14 year break from wrestling. Then about 7ish years ago we got a new set of neighbors who were fans. Just through conversation, talking old matches, wrestlers, angles, with them, I refound my interest. Sadly, both of them (an older Husband and Wife) succumbed to Covid in 2020. It broke my heart, they were great friends to my Wife and I. Can't help but think they would have lost their shit to see Punk make his return.


I fell off in the early 2000s like a lot of people. I got back into wrestling because I heard about AEW, and at that time it felt like it was really easy to pick up and get invested into everyone and their storylines so it just clicked for me. So for awhile that was my main thing but it really made me remember how much I just loved wrestling so I give everything a chance. I didn't get into WWE until recently though, despite trying a few times over the past few years. I really like some of the stuff going on now, like the Sami thing (of course), lots of great women, Alpha Academy. I don't know if it's any of that specifically though, or if I just didn't actually put the time in to get invested in it until more recently.


I gave AEW a chance when it first came on. It wasn't my cup of tea. Gave it another chance when Punk debuted. Liked some of what I saw. Here lately (not Punk related), I've fast forwarded through more than I've watched.


Lucha Underground got me back as it was fresh and different. Once that died I got interested in AEW with the Brodie Lee introduction storyline. Been watching AEW ever since.


There's been a few times for me. The latest time was just not being interested in watching empty arena shows during covid. The rumors of Danielson coming in really got me interested again... then barely a few days later talk of Punk coming in too blew my damn mind. I got sucked back in and now with Triple H running things, there's great stuff from both companies.


Punk got me watching again back in 2011 after I'd fallen off from weekly viewing. I dropped off again around 2015 or 2016. AEW brought me back again in 2019.


I stopped watching in 06-07 but after it was announced that WM (28) was coming to town, I started watching again in January of 2012 so that I was caught up on storylines. It didn’t hurt that a lot of old favs like Taker, HHH, Y2J, Rock were all going to be a part of it. I’ve more or less watched monthly since then.


AAA briefly, ROH, and LU, which all led into NJPW and Kenny's run.


I fell out of love with WWE during the rise of Super Cena. I really, really hated his character in the latter half of the 00s, and aside from paying some attention to Bryan Danielson and CM Punk taking their first steps in WWE, I fell away from the product for a couple of years. Then I saw a clip of the Wyatt Family tormenting Kane in the lead up to their Summerslam Inferno match in like 2013 or whatever it was. I was super interested, hadn't seen an inferno match in YEARS and these cult dudes who were bullying Kane really struck me as interesting. I ended up "discovering" NXT and following the Wyatts and generally came back to WWE and became a huge NXT fan. Incidentally, the thing that pushed me away from WWE again was *also* Bray Wyatt, but in the Fiend gimmick and the ending of that damn HIAC match again Rollins. It was just too much for me.


Never really stopped watching or consuming the Professional Wrestling product as whole because it’s my passion and i’m a sucker for punishment apparently when it comes to WWE but I think the Pipebomb is the most (recent) go to answer on this topic. My personal moment that re-sparked my interest was the 2016 Draft and mainly SmackDown after that. It’s been talked about to death but even RAW was firing on all cylinders with Jeri-KO, Brauns run, Reigns/Rusev had some bangers, I remember they had a story of Mick Foley lighting a fire under babyface Sami Zayns ass. Late 2016 WWE was easy digestible television. Brock/Orton was oddly refreshing too. Miz of course


I stopped watching wrestling in the early to mid 90s. Then GLOW showed up on Netflix, and it reminded me why I loved wrestling. I caught a couple local shows over the next couple of years. Then COVID hit, and I was working on my laptop on my couch. So I was looking for things to have on TV while I was working. The Peacock app had just been released. So I threw it on my Roku and started watching WWE again.


I fell off around 2012 or so. I don't remember the exact reason, I just remember things were getting too over the top or too silly so I just peaced out. I got back into it maybe around 2015 when a friend of mine who was really into wrestling told me to check out NXT, and how it is completely different with what was on the main roster. He was right, it was great.


Stopped watching around when I was a teenager 2013 I believe I guess I just lost interest and I didn't have internet or cable so it was harder to access it. Then during the pandemic I saw I could watch the Undertaker's Last Ride documentary with a free trial so I said why not. That same week was the 2020 Hell in a Cell Cell PPV. Drew McIntyre ve Randy Orton was the first wrestling match I had seen in years and I immediately became hooked on wrestling again and McIntyre is actually one of my favorite wrestlers now too as opposed to when he was the choosen one back when I watched him as a kid.


I used to watch all 3 shows in 2007/8 raw, smackdown and ecw… as cena kept getting beat for 4 weeks to only win at the ppv (the cycle went on and on) got bored… started skimming thro ecw, then smackdown then raw… then started to read ecw, then smackdown, finally stopped when hhh tore something and dx were over… things got so boring… tuned into tna due to road dogg and billy Gunn being there… (love dx) they weren’t anything special there tho but I stayed for the excellent women’s wrestling and x division (holy crap aj and joe in their prime) … angle was so good, Christian - this wwe midcarder was surprising me every week… the tag division which wwe completely ignored (still hate what they did to londrick - damn u hhh) was flourishing - Mcmg team 3d later on beer money… stayed on till hogan came and killed it… kept tabs and watched the occasional stuff till aj left to join some bullet club thing I’d still occasionally check dirt sheets and saw that gen me (what I knew the bucks as from tna) were doing a show and they were part of that bullet club aj styles went to and hell they had the arrow wrestling… still didn’t bother with the ppv… I had started to believe wrestling is for kids, I loved it so much in the past cuz I was young, it’s not wrestling that’s changed, it’s me… that’s why it’s boring these days… I actually believed that …but then, one day… I just looked up bullet club due to gen me and aj, came across Kenny omega (already curious about him due to alpha vs omega that I read about in some places) watched clips of his matches with okada… decided to watch all out Been watching every dynamite and ppv (except forbidden door) since then… I had a weird childhood… bullied at school, alcoholic dad, abusive mom… wrestling was the one fun thing every week, it was the one constant and thanks to aew, I feel like I have a little bit of that kid back in me (I know that made no sense, but I don’t know how else to put it 😂)


The Honorary Uce


Daniel Bryan's rise/fall/rise leading up to WrestleMania 30, and the Shield attacking everyone.


I fell off around 2003 or so and didn't really come back until the Punk stuff in the summer of 2011, then fell off again and came back in 2014 when the Network launched since it included the PPVs. Kept at least watching the PPVs until last year when I realized that I wasn't really enjoying them. Started watching the PPVs again when Triple H took over creative. Will probably keep watching the PPVs but I don't see myself ever watching five hours of weekly TV. Even at the times when I wasn't watching though, I was never out completely. I'd still watch Mania and Rumble at the very least and I'd keep up on what was happening online the rest of the time.


I stopped watching shortly after the Invasion as the show started to be dominated by WCW scrubs I didn't give a shit about. In 2007 I went to college and started watching raw and smackdown again every week in my dorm. Graduated in 2011 and got a writers assistant job with WWE so I got to see how the fudge was made a little bit. That only made me enjoy it more. I haven't really stopped watching since.


After a 13 year break, it was wrestling podcasts back in 2016. Mainly the Corner, the Steve Austin show and Talk is Jericho.


I grew up with the whole Bret vs Shawn ruling the playground. Every single kid it seemed was into wrestling. Went all the way up till about middle school and then I just kinda soured on the product by the time high school came around. I didn't bother with anything for the longest time until the announcement was made about AEW and TNT. What sold me was Jericho being attached and me wondering what the hell he'd been up to so I checked it out.


Daniel Bryan in 2013


Started watching in 89-90ish. Stopped watching a year or so after the Montreal screwjob (even went to WM 14). I watched a few rumbles out of context in between. Started watching regularly again with NXT kind of on a whim around the time Alister Black and Andrade were feuding for the title. I think I really came back because I missed watching the rumble though, that was always the one PPV we got in the 90s. I stopped watching for a while post NXT 2.0 but I have been watching both smackdown and raw regularly for a month or two now. Really anything that gives me an excuse to watch the rumble is pretty tops.


I left around Wrestlemania 2000. I first came back with the Pipebomb. Became a massive CM Punk fan, started coming to SquaredCircle, listening to podcasts, etc. I stopped paying attention around Wrestlemania 32. Came back with Summerslam 2020. I would see the Roman Reigns Head of the Table character consistently on my Twitter timeline and started tuning in. When this Tribal Chief run is over, I might leave again, I have a little hope about staying now that HHH is booking things.


I never left fully, but my time as a WWE Fan was 2009-2015 after that it just went downhill. Punk at AEW brought back but not for the Matches just the promos he did with MJF for example were freaking great.


Stopped in 2002/3. Came back around in 2008 when I was 21 and able to watch Smackdown around Hardy/Punk feud. Casually watched pretty much just the Punk stuff SES/New Nexus/Pipe Bomb and left again when HHH took over the Summer of Punk. Would just watch the big PPVs casually until 2013 where I was watching every week with a group of my friends. Started casually watching again in 2015 after DB was out and came back with.....CM Punk in AEW and Vince leaving WWE.


Started as a kid, tuned out in 1995 when Bret won the title. That wasn't a rejection of the booking or anything - I was, am, and will ever be a Bret fan. Living in the UK the only way to watch WWF live back then was through Sky TV. My parents wouldn't pay for it, so unless we were visiting family who had Sky, or the rare occasions when a friend would tape a show for me, I could only follow along through the Apter mags or Power Slam, which was a monthly 'smart' magazine. Having been a fan in the early 1990s, when wrestling was hot in the UK, I was now a fan at a time when everyone else had grown out of it - indeed, wrestling was now the butt of the joke because you had to be a kid to think it was real and take it seriously. With no way to watch it, and no-one to discuss it with, my interest waned... and when Bret won the belt, it just seemed like a good time to sign off. Fast forward a few years, and a friend shows up for a gaming session with the latest WWF game. Another friend chimes in that, yeah, wrestling's really big now - Steve Austin's the champion, Cactus Jack is wrestling as three different characters... I was intrigued enough to dip my toes back in the water. I watched Wrestlemania XV on tape, and wasn't wholly convinced (unsurprisingly, it was a terrible show given how hot wrestling was) but picking up Power Slam again they had a cover article on this misused guy in WCW who was coming up on his contract and, not very subtly, hinted that WWF might be in his future. And so Chris Jericho quickly became my new favourite wrestler... 23 years later, I'm still here. Nothing's driven me away, although a lot of the time now I keep track of stuff while I work. Thanks to the internet I can watch wrestling from all over the world, I never miss WWE or AEW shows, and I've been to four shows this year thanks to RevPro, NXTUK (alas) and a local indy. I suspect I'm a lifer now. After all, last time I stopped watching I missed half the Monday Night Wars...


Was a big fan growing up in the Attitude era and watched religiously from 97 up to the 2002 draft. I was becoming a teenager and had a lot of other interests and shit going on in my life and I saw the draft as a total dilution of the product into something lesser, why tune into Smackdown if Austin isn't on it? I stayed away pretty much up until late 2006/early 2007 because I'd been watching old attitude era PPVs because they were so nostalgic and reminded me of the innocence of childhood and then when I saw Undertaker won the Rumble and HBK was getting a title shot at WrestleMania I got hooked back in. Ordered Mania and cheered so hard for HBK, was legit upset when he lost and hated Cena for a few years after that as I discovered puro and ROH and became your typical smark. I watched pretty regularly up until 2012/2013 and since then have watched sporadically. I have this OCD thing where I've got to watch all the TV and PPVs in chronological order so I'm typically years behind on the product. I'm in the middle of 2017 right now as far as WWE goes. I still keep up with the news and reports and will tune in for Mania and a few random shows here and there but I don't really watch any promotion religiously like I did with the WWF from 97-02.


I left from shortly after 2002 until 2012. I missed some amazing things. But what brought me back was CM Punk's pipe bomb. What pushed me away was the brand split. I hated it and still do and I hate that there's so many wrestlers underutilized and so many more pushed who are scrubs. DOWNSIZE THE ROSTER ASAP


I fell out around late 07-early 08 and also came back when Rock was hosting Mania. His return, going right into the Pipebomb, and into the rise of Daniel Bryan/Brock’s return/The Shield/NXT, all really hooked me back in.


haven't got there yet


1992-2005 loved it Came back cuz I randomly caught clips of Nakamura vs Sami Zayn and it gave me goosebumps it was so good


Omega/Okada got me back. I would not be watching still if not for that match. Now it’s mainly Stardom and aew that keep me around. I stopped watching wwe when Bryan retired and never looked back


I stopped watching around 2001/2002 when I moved abroad and couldn't get any wrestling on the TV available. Then around 2010ish I watched a few PPVs as they had sets of them at a DVD rental place near me but I still never watched anything else It wasn't until the pandemic that I decided to pick up wrestling again and watched WWE, joined this sub then found out about AEW and loved it. I watched both weekly until I felt WWE TV or really bad then just watched the PPVs and AEW, but not long after HHH took over I started watching Raw and Smackdown weekly again


I stopped watching around 2007ish. I would watch wrestlemania and Royal rumble with my dad at his house but that’s it. My friend told me about wrestling and I would check some stuff out. I liked the little of nxt I saw and I would sometimes read about it but didn’t watch regularly. I gave aew a chance because I used to like roh before I stopped watching but it was awful and I just couldn’t get into it at all. He then told me to check out the bloodline story and I did and it got me hooked. I actually look forward to seeing what comes next and haven’t done that since i was a teenager. It’s been 10/10 for me


I watched from the time I was a kid until early 2005. We were HUGE fans growing up, with my mom being the most enthusiastic of all. For a while I had a column on a wrestling website and was friends with a lot of other writers. But in the early 2000s the product stopped being interesting, good, or even fun, and the only reason I was still watching it after 2003 or so was out of habit with others in my household and for conversations with internet friends. I moved out and stopped watching. I went to a live show in 2006 because a friend got comp tickets. I respected the guy who took his kid to go to the bathroom & get concessions when the Diva Search segment started. I was not at all enticed to start watching again. I think it was 2014 when my husband said he wanted to try the WWE network because his coworker couldn't stop talking about NXT (specifically, Bayley and her backside). I warned him that this was going to be dangerous. Sure enough, there was a solid year of binging old WWE content, and eventually starting to watch the weekly shows again. Then going to shows. Then traveling to shows... So I guess, Bayley?


A Brodie Lee promo in aew


Jesus, where do I begin? Let me give you some background about me as a fan. My parents watched wrestling, but never showed it to me because I was a child and it was TV-14. However, by the time I turned 9, I watched Unforgiven 2007 with my parents. Triple H, The Undertaker, Batista, and John Cena resonated with me. I was so unfamiliar with wrestling other than the Benoit murders earlier in June. I watched WWE from that point religiously until 2011. As a child, I loved John Cena. Looking back, I don't think I loved all of the corny shit he did when he went PG, but I looked past it. What turned me off about WWE by 2011 was that everyone was seemingly gone. Shawn Michaels retired, Triple H was near retirement, Edge retired, Undertaker was part time, The Rock was back on occasion, etc. Looking back, 2011 WWE was shitty. I stopped watching and then I started returning to the product around Draft time. I loved the WWE Draft as a kid, as it used to mean something. Anyway, what kept me entertained during this period was the Randy Orton vs. Christian feud and the John Cena vs. CM Punk feud. I stopped watching WWE again in 2012 and 2013 at different parts. I didn't watch the majority of 2014. I returned once Sting came to WWE. Then I gave up on the product after WrestleMania 31. I returned once the brand extension returned in 2016. I gave up at the end of 2018. Returned in part in 2019. I officially gave up on WWE when Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar on the debut edition of SmackDown on FOX. I became invested in the product again when I tried to resubscribe to the WWE Network to watch old Attitude Era stuff. Turns out I had to subscribe to Peacock. Fuck Peacock. Anyway, I was watching Attitude Era stuff and then I saw that the Royal Rumble was the following day. I watched the Rumble and was so unimpressed with the product. Most matches sucked and I was just intrigued to see who would come out in the Men's Royal Rumble match. I watched here and there for the next several months. What really motivated me to watch WrestleMania was not the 100th encounter between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, but rather the rumored encounter with Stone Cold and Kevin Owens and the rumored encounter of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. Those two matches really made me want to watch the product for a while afterwards. Somewhere after Hell in a Cell, I stopped caring and stopped watching. Vince McMahon's retirement really peaked my interest. Triple H taking over made me have faith in the product again. Back in the day, I could not elaborate a whole lot as to why I stopped watching as much as I did. Now I realize the reason I stopped watching the product. It is because the WWE treated its fans like fucking marks for years. Storylines were introduced and never paid off. They pushed guys and didn't give two fucks about what the fans thought. They just didn't care. They basically said "give me your money and I am going to bend you over and fuck you." Vince McMahon had no respect for his current audience. He is damn near 80 years old and he thinks the people want to see Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar again? Give those poor fuckers a break! Give Roman a break! That guy shouldn't even be "the guy". He is only "the guy" because Vince had a hard on for him on day one. Roman is a good wrestler, but Jesus Christ, he doesn't need to be the star every time on every show. Push some other fuckers. Sorry. I just get irritated thinking about the last several years watching the product. It just infuriates me how stupid Vince McMahon thinks his audience is. Hopefully, Triple H does a better job long term. I am enjoying it so far.


Haven’t been able to come back to wwe. They pulled bullshit just too many times for me to want to.


Stopped during the Reign of Terror. Watched maybe five matches in between that and when I saw a commercial for the premier of AEW while watching something on TNT. I think it was a basketball game. I was immediately hooked. I used to watch wrestling 6 days a week when WWF, WCW, and ECW were going so, since i loved AEW so much I figured that I'd give WWE a try now that I was watching again. It was terrible. I kept watching because I have the time but, not because I was enjoying it. Still really like AEW even though its not as good as it once was. I feel that there are valid reasons for that but, I'm not going to lie about it. I like WWE more now than when Vince was running things but, still don't think it's great. It doesn't make me actively mad like what was going on during the Reign of Terror. So, I'll probably stick with watching both.