(WON) Notes on the Teddy Hart documentary coming to Peacock

Dave writes that this documentary started about 10 years ago and the idea was just a show following Teddy Hart around. In the course of following Hart around, the creators came across a number of people with stories of Hart allegedly committing a variety of misconduct. Apparently the show confronts Hart about his missing ex-girlfriend. Teddy apparently wasn't aware what the show was going to be, because he'd been telling friends to agree to interviews for it thinking it'll paint him in a positive light.

Source: November 14, 2022 Observer Newsletter: WWE Crown Jewel, NJPW Battle Autumn - WON/F4W - WWE news, Pro Wrestling News, WWE Results, AEW News, AEW results (f4wonline.com)


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I watched his episode of Popping Dogs and that was plenty. The terror on Chuck & Trent’s faces was palpable.


I think the stuff Teddy was showing Trent and Chuck on his phone that freaked them out is in this documentary.


I’m unfamiliar with this, what’s the story?


Teddy Hart did a shoot interview with the Best Friends years ago when he was generally regarded as a entertaining nut job rather than a potential abuser and worse. He showed them footage from this doc (I think) which showed large amounts of money and drugs (as well as telling some other crazy stories) and you could see the gradual fear creeping into Chuck and Trent's eyes.


This video is on YT, I believe. He’s juggling cats and a bunch of weird shit.


from chuck's ama - "I was totally against it. Trent talked me into it, though there is definitely footage of me saying how much I don't want to be a part of it before Teddy came in. He's a real crazy person. Like for real. The whole thing was a nightmare and I'm sorry that anyone paid for it." https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/3fwzw8/hey_im_chuck_taylor_ask_me_anything/ctsq84o/


I honestly don't know much about Best Friends before AEW, but seeing how he goes from talks about retirement 7 years ago because no established promotion wanted him, to him being an AEW day one hire and part of one of the most over acts in pro wrestling today, I can't help but admire the guy even more. Not only is he a great entertaining wrestler, but he showed some great perspective on his situation back then, taking it in stride, and he went from feeling unwanted by all to putting 5 star bangers on a major company's international television show. Truly he's the best wrestler in the world and in way better shape than Tyler Black.


I hope he gets to throw one more grenade before he retires.


I only watched a trailer and in that you can genuinely see a haunted look in Chuck’s eyes.


A screenshot from that interview of Chuck looking genuinely fearful was my display pic on discord for aaaages.


And the going to jail for rape comment as well


You should watch that shoot, it’s bonkers.


https://youtu.be/q3YgpUgQ980 for anyone looking for it


“What did you get arrested for then” “Rape” Then Dustins face and whiplash. Jesus Christ


I distinctly remember that, like what the fuck.


Jesus, that was somehow worse than I expected.


I watched it after reading your comment and it was still worse than I expected. Jesus Christ.


This 6min clip had so many left turns, one tighter than the previous, it's basically a spiral.


HARD lefts


Teddy Hart is wearing what appear to be velvet JNCOs


Damn Chuckie T looks annoyed as hell in most of those clips lmao


And thats coming from the generally bonkers highspots shoot interviews. It's that much more bonkers


I resubscribe to highspots every now and again just to watch Teddys ep, as well as Bill Carrs


They play them for free every now and then on Highspots’ Twitch channel. They’ve uploaded a few episodes on their YouTube channel too.


‘Hard Left’ Teddy Hart


Here's the whole thing free on Highspots. https://www.highspotswrestlingnetwork.com/media/best-friends-with-teddy-hart/40456


i short a short clip from it and its crazy


I’ll end up watching it just like I ended up watching the Popping Dogs episode—in parts and only in the daytime because I may be grown, but my irrational fear of Teddy Hart is timeless.




See, you get it! 🙈


The crazy thing is ive met Teddy before i really knew any of the stuff about him. Dude was hella chill and super nice to everyone. Then i read up on all the shit he did and it honestly floored me


Real af.


starting a documentary following him around 10 years ago and happening upon the missing ex stuff is like that documentary where they were following a firefighter on his first day and it was 9/11


Yeah it also reminds me of how the Wrestling with Shadows doc had been in the works for awhile and just happened to be filming when Montreal went down


I love documentaries that start out as one thing and turn into something totally different at some point in. I'm reminded of Icarus, where the director's desire to see if doping will actually help him do good in an amateur cycling race ends up snowballing into the revelations about the Russian Olympic doping scandal.


The Jinx. Robert Durst gets these guys to help him tell his side of the story on *not* being a murderer and they end up with a ridiculous amount of evidence to the contrary. Then when confronted about it he pretty much confesses by accident when he thinks his microphone is off.


The guy who made that documentary also made one called Capturing the Friedmans that started out following around birthday party clowns in New York and eventually it turned out that the father and brother of one of the clowns sexually abused a bunch of children


MJF’s face run has a backstory at least….


That documentary was amazing.


One of my favourite documentary series ever, but it was technically about the murders, just didn’t show what he hoped it would.


It was the can of Raid spray!


My favorite thing out of all of it was “you look *weird* without eyebrows.”




durst just had a habit of talking to himself outloud like that, saw it throughout the doc. nothing burger. what was fascinating about the ultimate confrontation was the immediate visceral physical reaction durst had to the evidence+accusation this dude had such an emotional reaction to that he starts hiccuping uncontrollably


As much as Icarus became something bigger, I really wish we had seen it through in its original form. Still, great documentary.


I think that the original purpose of the documentary was ultimately fulfilled. Bryan Fogel wanted to show that modern anti-doping measures don't work, and he did end up proving that. He just ended up doing it by inadvertently bringing down the entire Russian Olympic program in the process.


this is like a programmer saying "today I will fix this bug" and them they end up killing amazon from the inside out or something


Three Identical Strangers about the triplets separated at birth, and then something happens.


The imposter. A doc about a missing Texas boy found in Spain. It's a wild ride.


Just gave it a quick Wiki search. Tragic. You’d think that they’d know, even during that time, that the whole situation was unethical. They’ve locked and sealed the records until 2065 because they know they are pieces of shit for doing it.


Seen that one. Absolutely wild.


Something much smaller, but the King of Kong was supposed to be a documentary about various old school arcade records before they found out the compelling story of Steve Weibe and Mitchell with the Donkey Kong score. You just never know what you get when you film for a documentary and that's the exciting thing. You can really see what people are really like with it.


The King of Kong might be my favorite documentary ever. Well, side by side with Paradise Lost series maybe. It's hard to pick a fave. But yeah, it was sooooo good!


Bruh, when the Russian Sleeper Agents showed up and they had to get Dimitri into witness protection? That shit was wild watching it. Icarus is one of my favorite documentaries


Fucking loved Icarus. It’s one of my favorite documentaries


Stevie (2002) is an example of a documentary quickly spiraling out of control. Worth a watch, but man. .. it's fucked.


Watched this tonight. Welp. That was a rough watch. Random but I did notice he had a Chyna poster on his wall.


Hoop dreams is a great documentary. It was supposed to just be a documentary about basketball in Chicago and wound up following 2 kids and their basketball careers over 5 years


Hoop Dreams is so good and also depressing at times. Arthur's story and his relationship with his dad absolutely destroys me every time I watch it because I had a similar relationship with my dad.


I liked how that Anthony Weiner documentary from a few years ago appears to have been planned as a redemption story as he runs for mayor and starts that way.... and then the Carlos Danger story breaks, completely turning everything sideways.


Probably my favorite doc ever. So much of feels like you're watching The Thick of It, yet I remember every major moment that came out of that campaign run. Even the Daily Show clip they used. Very engrossing


Check out Ashes Of The Wake, a documentary about the metal band Lamb of God and their fans


For like 30 minutes. Then a murder trial. Damn good doc.


oooh, Icarus was wild


Dear Zachary will always be the peak of this for me.


I was about to say the same. Holy shit, that movie.


Like the Kanye documentary. Started as a look at the life of someone who was once considered a musical genius, but then devolved into an introspective piece about how dangerous a non medicated, mentally ill celebrity can be when given an uncensored platform.


Yep similar vibes. They showed us that shit in high school and it blew my mind. Highly suggest it. Films name is just 9/11


Such a heavy documentary. I’ve seen that film twice and I’ve been devastated each time.


Dear Zachery is also like this. I don't want to spoil anything but it started out as a film project for a little boy whose father was murdered so he'd know about his dad and while filming it goes somewhere completely different. It's a gut punch of a doco.


Dear Zachary fucked with me so hard. I started to realize what was happening about halfway through and it even ended so much worse than I could have imagined.


Oh my god I just googled this and... I can't. Not spoiling it but this film would break me.


I wish I never watched it.


Tickled is another one, less of a gut punch than Dear Zachary but still considerably darker than first anticipated


I was just coming to recommend Tickled! That took a turn.


lol that one derailed into WTF town like the 46th minute of Birdemic. It's on HBO Max if anyone wants to check it out.


Dear Zachary was the single most impactful film I’ve ever seen, and I can never sit through it again


It has been a long time but I remember roughly about ten or so years ago a documentary on Netflix I watched with my ex about a missing child to only find out at the end how the mother killed the baby. Absolutely gut-wrenching.


I think that's also some of the only footage of the first plane hitting the tower. Crazy stuff.


One of only three recordings that exists, and by far the best and closest.


That's like The Jinx on HBO where the documentary itself becomes a continuation of the story it was trying to cover in the first place. Good shit pal


I mean into the Q or whatever is kind of the ultimate. It started with crazy people and ends with Jan 6th lol


or Cartel Land. Starts out about a Texas guy doing border patrol on his own and transitions to these Mexican villagers protecting various towns from the cartel because the government won't do a thing. As the group grows people involved are using this new power to be no better than the cartels. Then you find out the government is making the drugs (I want to say it was meth) in the desert.


That’s how Tiger King started out.


This documentary on Peacock reminded me of Tiger King right away and not just because of the insane amount of cats (who I think are being abused when they are being tossed up into the air like that. No, your cat does not fucking like that, ya dipshit! Also, many of them seem like they have an eye infection of some sort, but maybe that's fairly common for that breed?). Both Teddy Hart and Joe Exotic seem like goofy likeable (ish) nutballs but fairly harmless at first. And then their dark nature is exposed and you realize what total pieces of garbage they are.


A documentary maker's greatest talent is to convince their subjects that they are totally going to make a super positive documentary telling everyone how awesome the subject is. For years.




What marks!


The power of editing


It began that way until the doc maker couldn't sell it as a reality show. So he continued following Teddy after the first allegations and changed the narrative by siding with Teddy's women. It's crazy how the documentary is full of allegations and no evidence. Just words and the director's timeline. The first 10 minutes of the documentary is about how desperate the doc maker is to get a big production and they all look at Teddy as a meal ticket because of his family.


When your "day in the life" documentary turns into a true crime documentary, yikes


I hope there's a bonus documentary that just chronicles the directors and crews reaction to finding more and more stuff out about this guy. Like a found footage horror movie.


The Self Destruction of Teddy Hart.


This documentary is discussed [in this post that documents known Teddy Hart lore](https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/eh3c3t/teddy_hart_was_not_in_jail_when_samantha_fiddler/).


> in this post that documents known Teddy Hart lore. Where the fuck did this rumor get started: > Team Vision Chloroform Porn: It has been alleged that Chasyn Rance uses his gym in the BMZ Partnership/Nar-Vista Commerce Center, and his Waterford Trails home, to produce unlicensed sadistic chloroform pornographic videos for private overseas customers under his alleged porn aliases Chase Sinn and John Michaels. Teddy Hart is alleged to appear in the videos as "Teddy Trouble."


Nothing would shock me with those two.


There's a link to it somewhere in that post. The guy reporting the claim posted it on a weird blog or something, might not be legit lol.


if you turn off safe search you can find a few examples of it. i feel like i'm going to be on a list now, ew


> 2020 is gonna be an interesting year for sure Turns out /u/PurpleGato42 was slightly understating things.


The ethical dilemma the director of this goes through during this process is fascinating. Poor dude just wanted to make a weird reality show at first


I think he's a pretty interesting part of the documentary for sure.


I wasn't going to watch it until I read this part: > Teddy apparently wasn't aware what the show was going to be, because he'd been telling friends to agree to interviews for it thinking it'll paint him in a positive light. He's so fucking stupid.


I laugh every time they show the clip of his parents saying what a genius he is and how high his IQ is. Such fucking bullshit.


Oh yeah, that comes up on the series, don't worry.


Clips have been floating around YouTube for years. Teddy’s talked about it for years too. It’s interesting that they took this much time and (properly) changed focus. Teddy is a real piece of shit. Deserves to be exposed.


Additional note: Meltzer wrote that WWE is in some way assisting with the production of this


He’s talked about them plenty over the years, so I could see where they’d want to quietly fund their side of the story.


They gave him every chance under the sun over the years and he kept blowing up every opportunity. They had him under developmental deals several different times.


Teddy without major issues, one of wrestling's huge what-ifs. He'd have been a fucking mega star.


He would've done it all IMO, I'm talking MITB, Royal Rumble, World titles, Wrestlemania Main eventer... Dude fucked up big time with his personal behavior. Big time.


He literally in 2018 came back to mlw with roaring fanfare and a lot of people were on the teddy hart bandwagon until the maria manic stuff happened


It’s not surprising. Kind of feels like that’s the only way this would ever end up on Peacock (and I’d assume WWE has some control over the final edit too)


Ah, the old Cranberries "Zombie" video method.


Can you elaborate please?


Director Samuel Bayer was able to film war footage during the Troubles in Belfast, Ireland by convincing the soldiers that he was filming for a documentary about the war efforts. "We had a \[cover\] story that we were making a documentary about the peace-keeping efforts in Ireland", "I remember going to Belfast, when we were filming and I went out with a camera when it was still a city under siege and had a gun pulled on me by a soldier. I was in places that I really shouldn't have been, but I was trying to immerse myself in what the Irish identity was about. The blood and the soul, the history and the pain of what that song was really about."


> he'd been telling friends to agree to interviews for it thinking it'll paint him in a positive light. *Friends tell horrible stories about him* [Teddy:](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/027/475/Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.02.15_AM.png)


Teddy is a scumbag. However from what I’ve read, the police don’t consider him a suspect in his ex’s disappearance. He wasn’t even in the same state at the time.


Yeah, I think he said he was in jail at the time of her disappearance which was proven to be false, but I'm pretty sure it was also proven he wasn't anywhere near her during her dissappearance. People wanna dog on Teddy so much (and rightfully so for the most part) that a rumor started going around of him participating in some sort of chloroform porn as Teddy Trouble, at Chasyn Rance's Team Vision Dojo. And that somehow had connections to Teddy's missing ex. I did research at the time that rumor got some traction and literally the only source was some random jabroni on Facebook saying it. It's shit like that which makes it hard to believe any rumors regarding people's behavior. Completely fabricated stories get upvoted and repeated by people who want it to be true, without doing any bit of research into the rumor. Teddy Hart is a scumbag, and there's plenty of legit evidence to point to without the need to make random shit up.


I guess video footage of him wrestling that day is fake in your opinion


Did you just stop reading at the second comma or something?


My eyes skipped that part tbh, he was only shitting on him. My bad


I don't understand what you mean? If I remember correctly, he was wrestling that day, in a state far away from where his ex disappeared.




How did you come to know Teddy?




Username doesn't check out?


Username does not check out.........hmm.


As someone who has never met Teddy Hart, I could tell you that he’s as dumb as a box of rocks


Why exactly is his name still attached to the disappearance to his ex gilfriend when it has already been public knowledge that he wasn't even in the state. Seems a bit dirty to continue doing that no matter how awful of a person he is.


Because it adds intrigue for people … “did he do it?” Kind of like how the “making a murderer” show excluded all of the evidence that made Steven Avery look guilty AF


Every documentary is bias. It is our job as the viewer to see where that could be. Reminds me of a criticism of the original Serial podcast. In one of the later episodes, the host was like, 'Hmmm This seems to completely exonerate him, right'. I don't know, everything I know about this case is what you have told me. She had like 10 hours to frame it however she wanted.


…for what it’s worth, the kid from Serial was actually just released from prison and had all the charges dropped.


The show does conclude saying Teddy didn't have anything to do with her disapperance specifically, but he is 100% responsible for her being in that situation because he abandoned her in Florida without any ID or her passport. It's more about him being a predator and being a shit person.


"Investigators say the then-29-year-old Canadian came to Florida pursuing a career in entertainment with her pro-wrestler boyfriend, Teddy Hart. Investigators with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office say Hart was in Texas at the time of her August arrest, and he said he had not spoken with Samantha in over a month. Hart has never been a person of interest in the case" I hate to post this as theres no doubt in my mind that Teddy is a horrible POS but the police dont consider him a suspect. https://www.fox13news.com/news/5-years-later-search-for-missing-mom-continues


My cousin Omar spent a lot of time with him for this Rolling Stone article. The first lead on Samantha came when Teddy mentioned her in passing during one of their interactions. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-sports/the-rise-and-fall-of-wrestlings-weed-dealing-cat-breeding-phenom-188399/amp/


phenom is doing a lot of heavy lifting, but solid article


I saw him in a Target not too long ago. He was hitting on the females at Starbucks. Meanwhile I'm just standing there waiting for my iced coffee.


Dude is a complete piece of shit. Still found it funny that he apparently kicked punk's ass sfter punk swung on him though.


I wonder if Maria manic participated in the doc


I could easily see her choosing to decline if approached, just because of how badly he abused her, she might not want to really be reminded of it and have to re-live it


Whatever happened to Maria? I followed her on socials until she started dating teddy and their relationship was creeping me out. Then teddy went to jail I saw her posting a few times defending him and then all her socials went dark. I saw her a few times in roh but since the pandemic she’s kinda been mia.


Didn’t she get hurt in roh from bully Ray putting her through a table


her social media has gone quiet as well


Just watched the shoot he did with Chuck and Trent on highspots. What a fucking trip. Craziest shoot I've ever seen. As entertaining as it is disturbing. Out of all the shit he bangs on about though the worst part is the hanger on he has with him called "Rance", cunt is creepy af. Doubly so after looking him up and finding out he's a legit sex pest. Edit: just realised that Rance guy is the one that Kenny got heat for borrowing a ring from. Can see why it caused a fuss now.


Chuck and Trent were panicking like they were in a police interrogation room


Clearly didn't get enough heat, plenty of excuses though


How Karma or the courts have not caught up to that guy, I have no idea.


"confront Hart about his missing ex-girlfriend" like what does this even mean I wonder? He was never a suspect, and theres proof he wasn't even in the same state. What are you confronting him about?


Does he know more than he lets on would be my guess. While he never was directly involved in the disappearance, he could very well have helped orchestrate it


dont you think he'd be a suspect then?


Not directly no. At best he would be an accomplice


WWE actually promoting this. Surprising to see them *encouraging* you to see how scummy wrestling can be.


seeing as how Hart family members are working for WWE, i wonder if the Hart family is also fed up with Teddy


"Heres all the shit that goes down in those outlaw indy shows and why we are the only good promotion out there. Dont ask us why we do two shows a year at a country known for being massive human rights violators"


I’d bet they’re pushing the “we tried to help him” angle pretty hard…likely so that if/when (let’s be real) he makes headlines, they have a defense against the people who would say they failed him or should’ve helped more. They’ve done plenty imo. But assisting with this documentary ensures that people know they’ve tried their best to help.


Good wrestler. Bad at not being a prick.


This how the classic horror movie [Rec]/Quarantine starts.


"Hart allegedly committing a variety of misconduct" 😂 come on dave! Plain as fucking day m8!


The missing ex stuff is so weird. He was already proven to be nowhere near her when she did go missing.


I forgot about the missing ex.


Watched it last night. Teddy is a gnarly scumbag. Total lazy pimp who uses and abuses women who are forced to financially support him. I seriously hope everyone bans him from all wrestling matches. He deserves exile and jail.