So Legado Del Fantasma at Extreme Rules or after Extreme Rules?


Doubt it. I think they will feud with JD whenever is the time




He really didn’t he’s just speaking his mind.


I think the only thing currently on Smackdown that I care about is MMM. I know people have been enjoying the Sami/Bloodline storyline and it's indeed pretty good, but I've got WWE filling the "light amusement, humor" slot of my weekly rasslin' watching.


Here's the announced matchups in image form: [https://i.imgur.com/VzfRa7U.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/VzfRa7U.jpg) There's rarely enough stuff on the Raw/Smackdown previews to both posting these in their own thread. Plus the colors don't jive well with my usual "white with black drop shadow" font.


Pretty weak right now if I’m being honest.


The best part of SmackDown is Samantha Irvin. She's killing it with her ring announcing.


Going to the show tonight, first wrestling show, very excited


Have a good time!


If Bray Wyatt is indeed the "White Rabbit", what was the unforgivable thing he did in WWE that....seemingly has been forgiven?


If I can go full tin hat… around the time Bray left , we also saw Shane ousted, HHH demoted and Stephanie pushed to take a leave of absence, followed quickly by the accusations and resignation. I think Vince started getting a little off, mentally, and started fighting with everyone. Concern grew for the company’s future as Vince grew less well, and so someone up top leaked the stories.


Wasn't this just Vince really hating him for trying to speak up against the bad creative he was given at the time? or is this a White Rabbit reference I'm missing?


I think Triple H hinted in his interview with Ariel that there was more to it than just that. About Bray he said "he's an asshole but he's my asshole" which adds credence to the rumours/reports that he may have been difficult to work with in some capacity.


He also said that Bray is one of those guys that gets so many ideas that he can never settle on one plan. I'm paraphrasing, but I think the line was akin to "Eventually it's time to stop brainstorming and settle on a plan." I would imagine he kept coming up with additions or alterations to the plan up to the point where there wasn't really time to do it anymore. Likely caused him to butt heads with Vince since he was also rewriting everything 20 minutes before showtime.


I don't jnow. I remember someone (Meltzer probably) claiming he had done something "unforgivable" It would make sense if it was just a Vince-ism


Had a creative vision for himself that was better than the one they handed to him


... It all comes back to the giant mallet and that hell in a cell fight. Somehow. Somehow.


So Bray will fight Seth Where it all begins.......again!


The ref better not fuck on the match this time!


I Quit match White Braybit hits the Lucky Rabbit Foot in Mouth Claw Refs counts three and calls for the bell.


> White Braybit hits the Lucky Rabbit Foot in Mouth Claw Oh my god rofl fucking Lucky Rabbit foot in Mouth Claw


Probably something petty that Vince thought. Hope we find out


Excited to see how they follow up on Max Dupri's outburst and seeming exit from MMM. They started it with teases subtle enough but last week looked like we might see some more immediate changes and I'm interested to see what they are. LA Knight was something special in NXT, and I just hope the crowd responds well to him when he comes back. They seem to have been good to the likes of Johnny, but most people have already seen him as Dupri that didn't watch NXT, so here's to hoping he gets some familiar with his work.


When AJ came down to NXT, they had a couple of interactions together. I would love for LA to join AJ in the Judgement Day feud


Meh, people seem to have come around to the Walter/Gunther change. It can work.


It can but MMM outside of the praise it's gotten from pockets of the IWC hasn't gotten very strong reactions if any. There almost similar to Kross's which isn't good. I don't even disagree just pointing out it MIGHT be an uphill battle as MMM is portrayed as a Jobber stable almost. I think with one solid promo he can win the crowd over so I'm not TOO worried.


His Eli Drake work in Impact and NWA was so good so would love to see him go back to that type of character. He's such a great promo but also good in the ring I could totally see him as a contender for the IC title by Royal Rumble or WrestleMania


Taking my son to his first wrestling show, cannot wait!! We've been buzzing all day long!


Hope everyone stays safe out there Can't wait to see Zayn and Solo together they have been the best part of Szd honestly


SmackDown is so clearly The Bloodline Show at this point it's kinda shit. While I adore The Bloodline storyline and segments, the rest of the brand has really not done well in the past couple months. The tag division all seems dreadfully lower card, and so many matches seem predictable. All three of these matches certainly do.


tag matches have been the best part of smackdown for a while now


Are you actually going to watch Hit Row vs. Los Lotharios in its entirety? Do you find matches like that compelling? I'm not trying to be patronizing, I'm actually curious. To me it just feels like a throwaway match that doesn't matter - both teams are lightyears away from the tag title picture, so win trading and low card feuds just don't do anything for me.


Hard disagree. I found the matches to be very good, especially the tag ones for a while now. Also Gunther/brawling brutes feud has been fun. I still enjoy the Kross/Drew stuff as well. Lot is going on beside the bloodline stuff.


I'm excited that Shotzi is taking stage with a larger role. I really enjoy her in the ring. I know she can be a little sloppy sometimes, but from what I've seen, her misses are all detriments to herself and not others (I swear in NXT she landed on her neck twice in one match, once on the apron). Smackdown really has too many heels- and its not a role she has been great at thus far. Here's to her switch, hopefully her tank returning! I'm ok with her not having Blackheart, but I wouldn't be upset if she can get it back.


Wonder how the show will look like with the whole Hurricane thing going on - hopefully it’s not too affected. Really looking forward to Sami and Sikoa teaming up tonight.