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That’s sounds like a efed I was in in 2002.


Damn efeds were the shit


Just bashed me over the head with forgotten efed memories. Duck yeah ICWF


Every time anyone brings up the invasion storyline I remember how awesome the moment when all the WCW and WWF wrestlers were about to fight, then out of nowhere all the wrestlers who used to be in ECW turned and wiped out everyone. I was so hyped up in that moment, and then it was almost immediately wrecked by the Alliance swerve and everyone's dream wrestling war became just another McMahon family feud.


I still remember my realization as the "WWF" guys came down and then I was like like "wait, aren't these a bunch ECW guys?" Such an amazing moment immediately deflated by Stephanie waltzing out.


Someone suggested this idea and either Bruce/Vince were like “but what does it mean?!”


I will always admire that Invasion poster, one of the best ones I have seen


The Invasion would’ve been much better if it was a WWF civil war. Not enough star power from WCW and ECW to make this work.


We had this with Shane-Kurt Survivor Series and I guess the tri branded one a couple of years later and practically every Raw vs Smackdown thing before then……it was shit.


I don't think they necessarily mean brand vs brand, I think they mean the entire rosters pick sides and fight amongst each other


That’s essentially the same thing though.


No, there was plenty. Vince just didn't pay for that talent.


It would have cost them like $15m, at most, to bring in all the big stars (assuming they didn't pick and choose or barter with AOLTW). They made $42m in profit during the 2001-2002 fiscal year (during which the numbers tanked early on because of the invasion storyline being so poorly handled). They only made $16m the previous year but it was because $69m was lost on the XFL. If Vince wanted to make it work, he totally could have.


I think they could’ve made it a better story by using history. I would’ve had Austin and Undertaker bullying Jericho for months, calling him out since he’d come over from WCW. Jericho would plead innocence, swearing he was WWF loyal, with few believing him. When you get to the big showdown between the sides, that’s when you reveal it’s actually Stunning Steve and Mean Mark who were the secret WCW turncoats.


I agree, could have had Steph and Shane buyout smackdown from under Vince or something. Then attack Raw, then both sides negotiating with WCW and ECW stars to further bolster their ranks, and help to fight the war.


WWE didn't own ECW back in 2001. There was actually a court fight around Christmas 2004 (were in court on Christmas eve ffs) because Todd wanted his share after the huge success of the Rise and Fall of ECW, and the news of the upcoming reunion show. It finally got settled before One Night Stand aired.


The ECW logo was still all over WWF TV at the time 🤷‍♂️


Yep. But they had to stop saying ECW for the above reasons, so they called them the alliance. Paul took over ECW, but Todd Gordon still had some kind of a stake. I don't know all the details. I'm not sure anyone does outside of that court case.


The reason they had to stop using ECW was because ECW was still going through bankruptcy court at the time and WWE didn’t technically own it yet. The Tod Gordon lawsuit was a couple years later and was about Gordon claiming he still owned Eastern Championship Wrestling and that it was separate from Extreme Championship Wrestling and thus shouldn’t have been included with the sale, a judge threw out his case because the bankruptcy court had already declared Eastern Championship Wrestling was part of ECW.


TY. I was trying to find the news archives of this with no luck.


I’m guessing Heyman told them it was okay. The night after the trustee appointed by the bankruptcy court said “Wait a minute” and WWFE had to work out an agreement to use ECW’s IP on TV


They were using ECW assets that still technically belonged to the bankruptcy court at the time.


ECWCW is wayyyy better idk why they would name it that


Extreme Championship World Championship Wrestling? World Extreme Championship Wrestling makes a LOT more sense.


Ehh I just personally prefer the way the acronym rolls off the tongue rather than how the words are arranged. If someone says “I joined the WWE…” it reads as them saying “I joined the World Wrestling Entertainment.” I think it’s just better to acknowledge the acronym rather than every specific word behind it.


Ah, except WWE no longer stands for anything


Look, they were busy burying the legacies of both WCW and ECW to the McMahon soap opera bullshit, they didn't have time for a good name.


Holy shit look at the names on the roster, I don’t know how they thought this was ever going to not be a complete letdown when those are the “stars”, I see two stars on there and one is Vince McMahon’s son ffs and the other is a woman who would get over with the blind and she really never was associated with WCW again after this period




WECW, r/suddenlycommunist