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Big "AS PER MY LAST EMAIL" energy.


It's ALL there, black and white, clear as crystal! Good DAY, sir!


I said GOOD DAY!


Come on, Charlie. Let's get out of here. If Triple H wants his Gobbstopper, he'll get one.






"and I quote"


Quoth the Tony, nevermore.




In this moment, I have never felt a billionaire to be so relatable.


They're just like us fr fr


Oh my god... does that mean... we're fucking marks?


"Reflect on what I just said."


“Once again…fucker…”


“in the copy I wrote.” I don’t know why, but this is funny to me.


why does TK write the copy for socials


why does he reply to random social comments.


If he didn't do that he might sleep and he doesn't believe in sleep.


Vince awakes profusely sweating. “WHO LET ME SLEEP DAMMIT!?!?”


Maybe TK can get a social guy and squeeze in time for a haircut


He’s a forum guy. Totally makes sense.


He's probably here right now. lol


Why does he lie about what’s in the copy??


Would explain why AEW social is terrible


As a SMM I almost threw up reading that. Nobody that high up in a company should ever be writing the copy for social posts. Hopefully he just misspoke and gave the SM team the “former champion” line because otherwise yikes


I'm a copywriter. You'd honestly be amazed. Sometimes you're unlucky enough to work with such a narcissistic control freak that they decide your experience doesn't count for anything and do their own copy. It almost never ends well.


To be fair TK probably has to as he’d be the only one who understands why this match was made I struggle to believe anyone else in the company would be able to explain why half these random people show up and get prominent matches otherwise


I have a memory of seeing video packages as a kid, way back in the late 80s/early 90s, showing that Dr. Death Steve Williams was coming soon. The package was 30 seconds of Doc pulverizing dudes with huge power moves. That’s all it took. I was hugely invested, and when he arrived and squashed the shit out of the first guy he faced, I was convinced he was unbeatable. All it took was a 30 second sizzle reel and a single decisive victory. That honestly seems like *less* effort than Khan puts out, but is exponentially more effective.


I am convinced TK is basing AEW on his TEW save. As game doesn't require you to pre-book and hands out grades on pre-set skills and popularity, this vignettes aren't helpful in game, so he doesn't do them in real life. They are little things you can spot in his overall booking that can clearly show you it's based on the game. - Matches on YT shows for lower card guys to reset their momentum - In-ring promos that end with post match beatdowns and no real storyline developments because game counts angle with both participants only to advance a storyline. - No pre-booking - PPV's with a lot of matches - prestige of title gives matches a boost, hence everyone holds a belt - 'Punk Talks' or 'Sting Talks' segments we had because they have 'higher popularity ' compared to rest of the roster and hence more ratings. - 2 Women's matches/segments with one who is going to challenge next and one for champion - Stables, because it's easier to involve memebers of your roster in stories and angles if you use the stables. - No post storyline development for guys, because people play the game to execute one of the top stories and start another save and TK must be doing the same thing. I can list few more but these are just from top of my head.


It could all be so fucking simple. Tony is really bad at this.


I lost faith in TK during forbidden door... The aew diehards (myself) know the NJPW guys, but he didn't even try selling them up new viewers They had one of the coolest shows ever and only the same people knew about it. Not one video package for okada?!!!


So much of the vignettes explaining who the new Japan guys were would’ve included matches vs AEW guys too Imagine a night of dynamite that had 4 different 20-30second vignettes that broke down the omega vs okada rivalry. They could’ve done that every week for 8-12 weeks in a row. Those new Japan dudes would’ve been so over. And it woulda added a lot to Kennys, Moxleys, archers, the bucks, and hangman’s stories and presentation too. Such a missed opportunity..


that's pretty much the story of AEW as a whole. They've maintained their numbers for two years; no growth. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it shows that new fans aren't interested. They have a loyal fanbase, which is good; but company execs don't care about stagnation, they want growth


Agreed, I'm an AEW die hard. But he dropped the ball on Okada. And if people have to keep questioning why certain people are getting title shots and you have to explain yourself and be like 'well X wrestler beat him a year ago -- or if you check article 2 of the AEW rules...' That in itself isn't exciting. I don't know why the hell the champ just can't have exhibition matches. I still think TK and AEW has better matches overall though.


Someone in a comment elsewhere told me I should be googling stuff if I don’t understand the show 😂 Fact is the audience should be able to watch the two hours of Dynamite and understand everything. They shouldn’t need to watch NJPW or follow indie wrestlers on twitter. Everything should be told within the show if it is important


Why is this so hard for other die hards to understand? The amount of times I’ve seen aew fans tell everyone to learn to google is astounding, all while wondering why ratings stay down or stagnant lol


a lot of the die hards like to shit on WWE for showing 5 minute video packages that recap the same story over and over again while only adding little updates from the previous week. Well, those video packages are the reason anyone can jump right in to Smackdown and get invested immediately. Anyone that just tuned in to the latest SD would immediately know about Judgment Day or Bloodline. If someone just jumped into AEW and saw some cheerleader spitting black liquid at her two jock teammates, they'd be confused on what was going on


Amen, And for the love of god don’t make aew fans do all of the work, if something didn’t happen on dynamite assume no one saw it. Also if something cool or important happened on dynamite for the love of god show some replays from the previous week.


I don't get why he's so against vignettes and video packages. I get the whole "sports feel" but half the fun of wrestling is the stuff you can't do with real sports.


The Cornette approach, never fails lol


It’s almost like tried and true wrestling rules work. Shocking, isn’t it?


When is Gresham's rematch


Wasn't he highly ranked on PWI?




Ooofffff Sry only top 19 matter, good luck next year *pal*


He was 10 actually higher than Moxley![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


I ment 9, gotta be top 9…………sry *pal* - Tony Kahn


Gresh is ranked 10 in the new 500


Or Claudio’s


Wouldn't be surprising if he gets one as a long main event on Rampage or an undercard match at the Nov PPV.


That's not in the copy that Tony explicitly wrote


When he gets taller i guess. I was told Claudio would be a better representative of the new direction of ROH and get more interest than Gresham.


I feel like it did just by virtue of being on one of the top factions guys who is a massively bigger name.


he didn’t do a damn thing as champion though


That's my problem with Jericho winning the belt, it's the timing. I love the idea and the gimmick and think it'll be great for the ROH brand, but Claudio needed a run first to at least make people care about the title and about him. AEW doesn't build anything then they wonder why some fans complain about things like Bandido vs. Jericho, which is a really cool match! Bandido just needed to be established in AEW with a couple matches so the fans would have a reason to care about this one, it gives the commentators a chance to tell the fans about Bandido being a former ROH champ who's still chasing the belt and gives Jericho a chance to cut a promo about him.


Unfortunately i think they just wanted to give Claudio the respect of finally being a champion. Jerichos not a bad choice as far as name value


"The copy I wrote" is the most fascinating part of that to me. The CEO in his position being the one writing the copy for the company's instagram is *VERY* unusual.


My CEO often writes copies too (which is my team's job). Difference is that he doesn't know shit but is obsessed with micromanaging everything 😭


Didn't know you worked for AEW


Yeah I am the one leaking stuff to Dave Meltzer


where is the difference?


Nah. I work in Hollywood - a lot of the big names are micromanage as fuck.


I know who they are but it'd be cool if these match-ups were at least announced during the prior Dynamite or Rampage with vignettes to make the shows feel more cohesive.


It’s pretty easy to see why people are complaining. They have a wildly big and deep roster but for some reason bringing in other dudes to face their top guys.


Because no one is allowed to lose except for the people that lose all the time.


What bothers me the most, is they’ve got multiple months between AEW pay per views, they can use that time to build a proper, good, well written storyline feud to headline the show, and give dudes good stuff up and down the card. But they’re wasting weeks of TV on stuff like this, and they’ll be rushing the last two weeks to put the next PPV together.


He likes shiny new things, bored easily by his old toys


I can’t remember who said it, but I remember when speaking about Vince, he was like a kid playing with his toys and he’s gonna play with them the way he wants regarding not turning guys like Cena or Roman heel. I thought it was a perfect metaphor for the way Vince ignores the crowds. But TK is literally a child playing with action figures.


Hobbs and Starks are stuck wrestling each other, with no storyline in sight. Sigh


Replace Elevation with an hour long RoH show on youtube. Have AEW Dark be mostly about unsigned talent vs unsigned talent. The more progression they show and the better they get, they could appear on Dynamite. Think of Fuego Del Sol. He came in as an unsigned talent that started in AEW Dark and became so popular he eventually got a signed contract. This is what I mean Dark should be. Not just.. AEW signed talent squashes unsigned talent predictable match constantly.


Nothing about what Tony wrote implied that Bandido never got a rematch. It's just that he's a former world champ. The leap from "Former World Champ" to "Lost the title and never got his rematch" is a canyon-sized gap, made even dumber by AEW using "No instant rematch crap" as one of their selling points as a way they're different from WWE.


All those on the roster struggling to get time with TK must really appreciate when he's still in shitposter mode like he's still on the forums


Maybe they need to break his door down. Not literally, but y'know...


Tony's reasoning is sound and fine. However, the biggest complaint I have currently is that he thinks everyone watching or interested in AEW is expected to know all of that ahead of time. Not everyone in your audience is watching ROH or NJPW. There is a very obvious disconnect and that fan complaining surely isn't alone.


They could solve this with more educational vid packages. And not right before the match either. Like at least a week before. On TV, not YouTube.


Instead of announcing the match, use the video package to announce the character they're introducing, and THEN announce the match. Though, IMO, I'd build that person up before I'd just throw them into a match. And if I didn't have them long enough to build them up, I don't know that I'd use them in an important match like that.


I think that was the person's point in the IG post. It's not that the match is happening for no reason, it's happening with no build on TV with all the announcements happening between TV shows. If you think of how they built up to Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Takeover Dallas, it wasn't anything special. Sami came out, spoke for a minute, then Regal came out and was like "here is your opponent at Takeover Dallas" and showed some crappy cell phone video where Nakamaura wasn't even understandable. But you had two weeks to just think about the match and hype it up. They didn't just announce a few days before Takeover that Nakamura would be there. On the other hand... I appreciate the no bullshit approach that AEW takes at times. I don't always need a 15 minute talking segment and a video package for a match with a foregone conclusion. Sometimes it's okay to just give us the match.


AEW should do recap videos like WWF used to do before the show started. I always liked those.


Except when people were calling for more video packages he did a series of tweets sarcastically declaring in each one how this weeks show would contain informative video packages. The show actually had some and did his highest ratings in weeks and so of course he doesn’t do it again


Can't have more informational video packages when instead we could see ``babyface wrestler`` get ``brutally/passively`` interrupted by ``heel wrestler``in a ``backstage/on-stage/in-ring/out-of-arena`` segment!


And to kind of further prove/give another example of this idea...I don't even know what Tony is talking about when he says "the other copy I wrote", unless I'm completely missing something that's right in my face


Right there with you, but too afraid to ask, lol. Like dude, I watch your TV show and that's about it. I don't want to have to follow you on Twitter. I don't want to have to do anything on Twitter.


if I have to do homework for your story to make sense It's probably not a good story


That’s a really good point. I mostly follow AEW and WWE via Reddit since I don’t have cable, then just watch the PPVs if they look good. WWE is really good at explaining their stories and catching people up, almost to the point where it can be annoying. AEW is really hit or miss outside of the big feuds. AEW should really take some lessons from Stardom… they can get so much across just with body language and facial expressions you can jump into a story at its blow off match and have a good understanding of what’s going on. It’s masterful storytelling at times.




Ah OK that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for that!


Shit. I’m watching every week and have barely a clue about what Mox is doing in NJPW or who the hell bandido is. Sure that’s on me, I’m not a diehard enough fan. But I’m also not trying to draw ratings on a tv show. And what copy is he referring to?


Like you and others have said, there is justification and it might be great matches to watch, but how about introducing the rest of us that only watch AEW shows in advance of the match. It should be possible to only watch the televised shows and know what is going on, and you can tell a story, even if it is just a 30 second explainer the week before. Explaining it on social media, or whatever "copy" means, isn't going to work for me, and explaining it the day of the match on the show is too late for me to have any reason to care/anticipate/be excited to see that match. If it was explained last week, then maybe I would understand why I should care to tune in this week.


That's my thoughts. Completely fine reasoning for both matches, but it would do to communicate it to the audience better. Like, I remember the Juice/Mox match, but I would've never thought "Oh, that's why he's getting the title eliminator match."




Tony doesn't seem to realize casual fans exist. Which is fine if he wants to cap his company where they are now. But he needs to also appeal to fans who just watch one or two shows a week. I watch Dynamite, RAW and SmackDown. That's seven hours of wrestling a week and even that is sometimes too much. I shouldn't have to watch BTE, Dark, ROH, NJPW and know random history to understand why a match is relevant. Again though it's fine if he wants to cater to hardcore fans and have that be where AEW plants their flag. Also it's why Forbidden Door was kind of underwhelming. There was barely any build until the last week. Instead of getting fans hyped about these NJPW guys Tony just assumed fans would know why they're relevant. Which isn't fair to people who just watch AEW.


Yep, this is exactly it for me. I even try to watch Rampage, because I think of it as main level AEW programming (I wouldn't love the Acclaimed as much if I didn't follow their rise on Fridays). That should be enough, but it's not if you want to enjoy AEW, it seems. They're always bringing in dudes who I've never seen or heard of before, and it makes me tune out, no matter how good they are at wrestling. Doing that every once in a while is fine, of course - how else will I learn about new wrestlers? But when it happens every episode, sometimes multiple times per episode, it just feels like there are too many toys out on the floor.


Gimme Miro v Wardlow on a PPV with story building through Dynamite and not Rampage.




>mainly known to casuals as "Toni Storm's hubby" Honestly, I'm probably just a step above casuals (Read here, but not actively all the promotions and stuff) and I had no clue this. So probably not even known for that.


Truth. Been watching wrestling for 30 years. Juice/Storm was my TIL.


I mean unless you like drama and gossip why would you know about Juice and Toni being married? It not a big deal, it has never been used in story for any company, and at best it might have been something you stumbled upon because someone posted a pic of them on here once in 6 months.


"Casuals" don't even know who Juice is, let alone who he's in a relationship with lol. Casuals don't watch NJPW


In writing, this is a common criticism overall. If the audience doesn't understand what you're putting down, that's not the audience's fault for not engaging enough with your product/writing. That's your fault for not communicating what you wanted to communicate.


Tony Khan is basically what happens when the most hardcore of the posters here on squaredcircle starts a wrestling promotion. He is so deep into wrestling and his love of it, he forgets that most people watching he show just want to see a few good stories and enjoy some good wrestling. AEW is needlessly complicated, yet still doesn’t manage to tell stories for 90 percent of their matches. Good wrestling without good builds only appeals to a relatively small demographic of people who watch.


The problem isn't even that - it's that he absolutely refuses to explain any of this shit on screen. "Those two matches are done because both lost to these men and as such I believe they are due a chance at the title despite being unranked because of that." Or have Excal say it I dunno.


Or like his tournaments where there are all of these strange stipulations that no one understands. Jim Ross was always good for basically saying “huh?” In reaction.


theyve name dropped the G1 Climax twice and both times never explained what it is or why its so prestigious or why Lance was missing for a whole month because of it.


I watch like 8 hours of wrestling a week and have seen maybe 2 Bandido matches ever. Juice is at maybe 10, most in NXT years ago


Ok so juice beat Moxley in New Japan, is he gonna win Wednesday? No? Will there be any follow up to it? No. Have him do a few pre tapes talking about how he’ll be in AEW soon and he’s beating Mox and will do it again, maybe give us some time to build to this? Jericho/Bandido is just so random. If he was somehow due a rematch why wasn’t his name brought up at all during Claudios reign? This is Dragon Lee getting unmasked with 30 seconds left on Dynamite stuff, will either of these matches matter this time next week?


That’s kind of the problem with AEW in general. Whether it’s these matchups they want you to care about not mattering a week ago, or a week from now, but also guys doing every high spot in the world and no one cares or remembers it in a week.


I agree with you to be honest. It was disappointing we didn't get follow up on the whole Dragon Lee situation.. Sadly now this show strikes me as a 'filler' show which is a shame as it's a follow up to what was more or less a PPV... I want some continuation, some fallout, or some new angles, not just a great match or two and leave it at that, because we get great matches all the time in modern day wrestling. It's the standard now, therefore for me it's a cop out as it's much easier to put on the show (great matches) than to actually think through and deliver a coherent storyline.


Tony's....not great at capitalizing on a big show.


I don't mind this but the trouble here is the show does a terrible job clueing in the audience. A 15 second Excalibur sound bite 1 minute before the match doesn't cut it. I love AEW but they can't even tell you what happened on Rampage the previous week effectively. These will be great matches no doub,t but for me, I'd like to see less focus on other companies titles and far more focus on establishing whatever the Atlantic is supposed to be, building fueds for the trios etc. Feel like Swerve and Lee's entire run as champs was exclusive to Rampage and FTR are we're the real Tag Champs during that run.


Tony will literally respond to any possible criticism from any source imaginable except literally everyone asking him to put the women like he gives even half of shit about them




And he’s a control freak who wouldn’t hire a booker for at least the women


For the love of Christ hire a real writer, aew


Just because he gives reasons doesn’t mean they are good ones.




So when does Claudio & Gresham get their rematches.


The fan's comment is fair though. Like wtf there's no build at all.


Because we’re supposed to have followed every other wrestling company in the world so we know who everyone is and what past storylines they were involved in. Stupid casual.


Worst part, he thinks that just saying that context on a post or having the commentators mention it for like 5 seconds is enough to justify the match for the audience. The audience isnt going to see that, and immediately be invested in the match. Literally just telling and not showing.


And you know what? Bandido’s losing that match. Everyone knows it. It’s predictable. There’s gonna be a bunch of kick outs at 2 and the marks in the crowd will say it’s awesome. But what’s Bandido gonna be doing two weeks from now after he loses? No one knows or cares.


He’s running the business like he’s a diehard indie wrestling fan with a billionaire dad to bankroll him instead of a billionaires child who has a life of exposure and business experience.


Another random title match with someone the mainstream audience has never heard of. Meanwhile there's a whole locker-room of guys who are getting more and more frustrated because they can't get TV time.


> Meanwhile there's a whole locker-room of guys who are getting more and more frustrated because they can't get TV time. And people wonder why contracted wrestlers are asking for releases. Probably would get featured more without a contact at this point.


purplexed is 100% correct here then khan's response is garbage: 1) they made a big thing about former champs not getting automatic rematches, but now we're supposed to know this match is happening because he didnt get his auto-rematch? mmkay 2) sure he explained why Juice was getting a match, but not why it was an Eliminator and not a normal singles match, which was their question


The owner of the second biggest American wrestling promotion shouldn’t feel the need to defend his booking in the comment section of Instagram.


He’s literally had full blown arguments with fans of the football team his family owns in the UK


Or write the initial copy himself lol


I am shocked people here discuss what Tony said instead of the fact he said it.


Imagine if Vince or Triple H were goin on some rando fks insta and replying defending their booking lol. I'm sorry TK but this is just a bad look, lay off the socials man


Imagine being a fan of the non-scripted athletic clubs he is in charge of and seeing him waste his time defending pro-wrestling decisions on Instagram


I dunno. As he grows more obsessed with AEW, the Jaguars start to get better... Maybe the Jags fans would support this.


It’s literally this simple


He needs somebody in his organization who is willing and able to bring him to heel. Imagine how much better his organization would be if the owner wasn't wasting time on... this.


Idk, I feel like having ROH champions with no RING OF HONOR SHOW is stupid. It makes AEW have way too many championships


It does give AEW way too many titles, but TK needs a way to keep the ROH brand visible while trying to hash out a TV deal for them. And the best way to do that is using them on AEW programming for the time being. Just like WWE tried to do back when they first purchased WCW, for all of one match before they gave up on the idea.


But I'm watching aew, not ROH or NJ. Why would I care if they wrestled on another show? Thats the same issue i have with aew they expect you to know all history of wrestling to understand stuff.


It’s bad if results from another promotion affects how you do your own promotion. So does that mean the number one contenders in other promotions deserve aew title matches?


So there are a couple points to be made here I think. 1. TK makes great dream matches and I like them just as much as others do, so I think both will be bangers. 2. I can see where others are coming from. Imagine a casual fan just tuning in to watch who doesn't follow NJPW, AAA, or old ROH. They are probably going to be confused as hell with Bandido and Juice getting these shots when they have no idea who they are. If TK is going to do this, he should have a show of lead up to do small vignettes for both, just to establish who these two are and get the general/casual fan interested. TK needs to stop assuming every wrestling fan is as much a mark for every wrestler as he is lol


This is one of my biggest issues with Tony's booking and people complaining about "casual fans." For instance, I watch Dynamite and Rampage every week, yet I'd have no idea who Bandido is if I didn't follow this sub. Does that make me a casual fan? I have no idea.


This sub makes me question the definition of casual all the time. I have no clue about some of this stuff and I used to watch dynamite every week. There's a difference between "watches every piece of AEW media and everything they own" and "extremely casual and doesn't deserve an explanation" that I feel like gets skipped over with this discussion


Same here. I always check the Dynamite and Rampage clips on YT, but if I didn't very loosely follow AAA and NJPW, I would have no idea who the two challengers are.


Imagine a non causal fan that also don't watch those promotions. And knowing "well Jericho not losing this match" after you see it announced.


I think the real argument is why is aew spotlighting talent that isn’t with them when they have a roster loaded with talent trying to get tv time?


This is a much better talking point. They have plenty of people rostered that could get eliminator matches. I do however understand that AEW doesn’t tell their stories only within their sandbox. AEW wrestlers/stories spill into other promotions too, so this is essentially their way of paying it back. I hope we start to see the Miro’s and Andrade’s start to get more main event pushes, even if they aren’t going to win it right away. At least put them in the position to contend.


Cool match but save it for when you have a standalone ROH show to feature it on.


I've been playing far too much CK2 recently and keep thinking about how title shots are like someone having a strong or weak claim to a belt.


TK: “here is a dope match” People: “why?” TK: “you should know already” A good promo would make this fire, but what do I know.


You can’t have a roster as deep as AEW’s and keep using guys not in it like this.


ok, so im gonna say it. That STILL doesnt make any sense, like his reasoning are sound, but so what? why does juice get a shot? what of the rankings? and why didn't bandido get a shot when the last champ was running around? Fans have a right to be annoyed, when you place your self above WWe with things like "the ranking system" you cant get mad when fans look to you to explain things.


Tony Khan: "I don't have enough time on TV to properly book all my talent! Especially the women!!!" Also Tony Khan: "I'm going to feature two wrestlers that have no connection to AEW in a title match, and against my world champion."


The explanations shouldn't be implications in random copys that very few people read and not everyone is up on the results of every promotion's wrestling show. They should be spoken aloud by announcers on the national TV show. You know, the thing people actually pay attention to.


Matches will both bang. But I think it’s kind of a slippery slope to book matches based strictly on things that have happened in other promotions. This could’ve been handled with a promo on AEW. Jericho talking about being the best champ, Bandido comes out. Commentary puts him over. He says he never had a rematch. Boom. Match made and the audience (casual, hardcore, social media, no social media) will understand it. Same thing with Juice.


All of this stuff from Tony is pretty pathetic, no? You’re the owner of a multimillion dollar wrestling company, this is definitely beneath the guy.


No complaints but does that mean we get Gresham vs Y2J soon?


He was ranked #10 in PWI 500 in 2022!


Bandido, a former ROH champ, getting a shot at the ROH title makes total sense. Also it's a fucking cool match, why are we complaining?


>Also it's a fucking cool match, why are we complaining? Well theoretically wins and loses are supposed to matter in AEW. That was drilled into people's heads for the first couple years. So I think it's a fair question why 2 guys who don't work for the company are getting title shots, instead of working their way up.


But you don’t understand, man, Brian Pillman Jr could be getting that match.


Miro could be getting that match! Uh, we'll then get really, really mad that he lost, but he still could have it!


Now I want to see a Miro run as Roh champ


I think Miro is unique in this problem/approach in the company. Everyone else can occasionally lose, but Miro is just so immediately believable as a victor they don’t seem to want to put him in position to lose. Even when they were doing the “neck of sand” angle it took like 4 matches for someone to both target it AND win. It’s a tough spot for him and Tony Khan to be in, because every time he’s on screen you want to watch him go on a tear to the top title. I think they’ll do that with him, but he’s on a long contract and has to be patient and so do we (unfortunately).


Cause folks want a story too. A reason to give a shit since we know he's not losing. Plus not everybody knows who the fuck that other guy is. Asking for too much i suppose


Bingo. It’s hilarious to me the amount of people defending these throw away matches. It’s tiresome. People complained like mad when WWE does this crap but for some reason people go through some nutty mental gymnastics for when AEW does it.


Personally I love when Tony does shit like book Danielson vs Suzuki for the sake of having a fuckin banger on tv but I like good wrestling so 🤷🏻‍♂️


But imagine if we got 4 weeks of promo battles between Bryan Danielson and noted English wordsmith Minoru Suzuki.


Suzuki would just laugh and lick his lips into the mic and I'd love it.


This match is the perfect example of a great match up that doesn't need 4 weeks of build to it. Just say two badasses are going to wrestle each other on the next show and people will tune in.


That doesn’t work when most fans don’t know who these people are. I’ve literally never heard of Bandido and maybe once have heard the name Juice Robinson. I’d definitely call myself a casual AEW viewer (all the PPV, usually just find highlights of weekly shows) and I could not be less interested in these matches. Zero chance I tune in and that’s a failure when you’ve got a title match and a match featuring your world champ


People have been complaining that a bunch of non AEW people get matches on the show while people like Andrade hardly ever do. It's not a ridiculous complaint.


It’s not. I love the creativity of AEW and the insistence on giving fans great matches…but I definitely feel for the guys who feel like they aren’t getting enough tv time when stuff like this happens.


Jim Crockett would never


> Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite Live this week in Philadelphia, PA @TBSNetwork 8pm ET/7pm CT: #ROH World Championship Chris Jericho vs Bandido Newly crowned @ringofhonor World Champion @ChrisJerichoFozzy will defend the title on TBS Wednesday vs former ROH World Champion @bandidowrestler! How does that imply Bandido never got his rematch?


Replying to people in instagram comment sections is a huge waste of everyone's time.


Look, this is great for the wrestling fan on Reddit, no doubt. But for AEW as a business and Tony putting nobodies (to casuals) on tv with no background or story just isn’t smart. Downvote me and send me some Reddit cares, please.


I upvote you instead


I wish Vince would have done this LOL


I know this isn't the point, but I would trade half the current roster just for Dragon Lee, Bandido, and Vikingo to be signed full-time. Any match with these guys has me sold regardless of build. The only valid critique in my mind is not giving at least a video package or something, besides that AEW has always been about being a crossroads of pro wrestling. A place where wrestlers from all sorts of promotions can meet and do a program or a one-off or feud (etc.) and somewhere along the way people just wanted them to be another wrestling promotion. AEW was, and still could be something special if people stop with all the "mainstream audience" and "casual fan" bs. Watch or don't watch, but don't demand a company change to fit how you want to watch. It's why I stopped watching WWE a few years back.


Imagine triple h or vince mcmahon responding to the fans about a match 💀 I swear Tony khan is a 9 year old inside of a 40 year old body


People will just defend anything Tony does


"he's a billionaire but he's relatable"


"He's just like me! Like how I can be Warren Buffett because he lives in a 50K home!"


Catering to the internet marks about something that happened in Japan. And the AEW IWC will eat it up.


Haters going to come at me but its a pointless match for a redundant title of a dead company.


Wasn't there a whole big thing about when AEW got started they didn't do automatic rematches just because the person lost the belt?


Right and, if this was an automatic rematch, Bandido would have been entitled to it and it would have happened when he wanted it. But's it's not an automatic rematch and Bandido wasn't entitled to it. Bandido had to wait for the booker to decide to give him a championship match.


The fan is right. You've got Bandido and Juice Robinson, two people nobody gives a fuck about, getting big matches on big shows, when you've got the likes of Miro, Ethan Page, Andrade, Hager, Scorpio Sky etc. fighting for scraps. It's such shitty booking.


Bandido I can understand with Tony owning ROH and stuff even though it's odd to have on a random Dynamite. Juice Robinson having a title match makes zero fucking sense, who cares who beat who in New Japan. Where is Toru Yano's Dynamite main event?


I find it crazy that TK is personally writing copy. Delegate man!!!!


Look it's easy to play armchair promoter or whatever but I feel like there are some broad moves that seem easy to make but TK doesn't seem to want to: - Eliminate/reduce/stop putting energy into Dark and Dark Elevation - Go live + 2 hours for Rampage on a weekly basis - Have Rampage be equally as important for main feuds/stories as Dynamite is so it's not just the edited jobber match show - Stop bringing in new hires - Stop featuring ROH and NJPW They really need to streamline some of these operations and focus on quality over quantity. I know that's what people said forever about WWE, especially RAW, but keeping up with AEW actually requires MORE weekly time than WWE does. I completely disagree with the arguments to this about things like Dark just being a fun little non-mandatory bonus. That may strictly be true in the sense that storylines don't cross over with Dynamite much, but they have relegated a lot of their talent to be mainly Dark talent. They feature top-tier talents if they need to have them squash someone to get their record boosted (thankfully this part has been diminished lately). The thought of ROH getting a show and then having to keep up with all of it is just exhausting and it hasn't even started. Hell, I used to read Dynamite recaps during the Impact crossover stuff and my brain would just shut off. AEW tough guy vs Impact tough guy, okay cool I'll watch that. But watching 3+ shows a week plus tracking social media and YouTube just to keep on a story is ridiculous. Anyway, all this to say, TK may have his logical reasoning that technically makes sense, but step back and how does this make any sense to someone who doesn't live and breathe pro-wrestling? If I shared this to someone who wants to watch AEW for the first time, I'd be explaining what ROH is, compare the importance of ROH title vs. AEW title for context, explain who Bandido is, etc.


It’s still dumb as fuck. AEW SHOULD be getting well over a million viewers every week. Hardly anyone actually follows New Japan closey No one has any clue about any of this ROH stuff TK is a super fan who knows everything and loves all of this. But the general audience doesn’t know or care. As if you only watch AEW TV the audience is never told who these people are or why they should care about them It’s exhausting watching every week with random people being put in prominent matches. Without any on screen build or explanation. Just to disappear the next week never to be seen again. All this while they have 100 wrestlers under full time contract who can barely make it to TV Why not use your actual roster? TK is living an ADHD dream constantly getting new toys without even playing with his last ones


And to think he's got people signed who have 30, fucking 40 years of experience who could literally be telling him this shit (likely are) But Tony is going to do what Tony does


Explain that on the television show.


it's really the fans fault for not keeping abreast of the happenings in ROH and NJPW be better fans!


I have no idea who Bandido is and he should NOT be assuming that people are watching NJPW. I know this sub loves New Japan but, compared to other promotions, almost no one watches it.


I get the logic with juice, and I'm excited to see that match in aew, but correct me if I'm wrong, but prior to punk, isn't Lance Archer the last wrestler to defeat Mox in aew 1 on 1? I don't know, if this is your logic, then at least use the logic and the talent you have in your own promotion before going to matches that didn't happen in your own promotion.


Juice logic doesn't make sense. The last time Juice pinned Mox was in 2019. Mox his win back in WK in 2020 and it was comprehensive too. As Mox came into the match immediately after a Texas death match with Archer the previous night and still pinned Juice clean. So saying Juice pinned Mox is like yeah nearly 3 years ago


I see Tony's point, and there's really not enough time to get everyone on TV. The Bandido match is going to be great I think. That said, even though I'm more of an AEW guy than a WWE guy these days, I'll use them as a comparative, since they tend to knock these kinds of situations out of the park. You know if this was them, it would be a JAS celebration that Bandido would interrupt and mention the "no rematch" thing, setting it up a week from now, or later on that night. I agree with Tony in that the story is there, and he did say as much in his copy. But it's not just about alluding to something so it makes sense. It's about amplifying that so it makes it more meaningful


I really don't see what's so unreasonable about wanting to see less New Japan and indie guys on these shows. For every guy like Ospreay that shows up and works his ass off, you get 10 boring dudes that you've never heard of and never want to see again.