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Gotta be doubly bad because these were her friends and coworkers in the photos rather than just some random people


Yeah I've always wondered what Xavier woods and Brad madix thought about all this


Xavier joked about it on Twitter. Something like, "gimme a break guys, it was cold."


Shit he joked about it on Raw like the week after. There was a promo with the New Day and Kofi and E look at Xavier and they say something like "soooo... anything you want to talk about?" before Xavier hypes up Wrestlemania. Then they had the rap battle with the Usos and Jey or Jimmy tells Big E to "keep it PG, don't go all rated R like Xavier Woods"


[The Promo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0MctjAu7gE)


That rap battle was so fun


Usos won it though. travesty that they lost.


It's not too late for him to rebrand as XXXavier and have Val Venis as his manager.


Trust me, it’s way too late to have Val Venus as his manager.


Lol, he is PR disaster, also dumb af homophobic PoS.


[The Right Promo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvOJeXnuKWY&ab_channel=ATitansRage)


This segment was so good. New Day and Usos are so good when they are working together.


He had just gotten out of the pool


I think Woods had just started to date Sonja when the videos were leaked (2017?), so maybe things were a bit awkward but hoping that was it.


Who is Sonja? Do you mean omgitsfirefox? Cause I thought that was just an error when you google his wife lol


Yeah Sonja, omgitsfirefox, I guess Jess Watson??? according to google? Now i'm confused because Wikipedia says Xavier Woods is married to Jess Watson since 2015 but that's impossible because she was dating iijericho until 2016. I'm all over the place with this.


Yeah, Jess Watson isn't her name at all. Pretty sure it was picked up from a tabloid that got it wrong lol


I think Jess Watson is his wife's real name but Xavier Woods was never with omgitsfirefox, they just joked about the fake tabloid crap online on twitter saying they were married and people took it as serious.


I think Woods has mentioned most stuff online about his personal life is probably wrong but the misinformation helps keep it private


Given the Sonya Deville stuff, I'd want the Internet to have entirely incorrect info about me anyway.


Well it's effective because i'm confused as shit


Probably only thing we know for certain is that he had a threesome with Paige and Maddox.


It really depends on how well they knew her. I've hooked up with women that were depressed and on Coke but you don't realize cause to be honest you don't know them that well.


Plus for some people being high is their default. I met people who were just constantly using but they were functioning so it wasn't noticeable until the first times I saw them sobering up.


'I didnt know he drank until I saw him sober once'.


I had this happen with a dude that lived in a campus residence bit with weed. I went over a year with out seeing him NOT high.


I think weed often gets associated with the noticeable potheads and fair enough, they definitely exist. With that said, there's a ton of stoners out there who you'd never know they are basically doing weed 24/7 because they are functioning, used to it (or naturally show it less) and actually try to not make it noticeable (cover smell, clean appearance, maybe eye drops). I knew people who basically started their days with two bong rips, went to their jobs, used every smoke break to keep the buzz going, got home, smoked more and went to bed. Most people never noticed.


this is me. I smoke pretty much every day, because otherwise I have terrible nausea from medication I have to take. But I run a business, am a full time engineering student, and work part time at starbucks because they pay for school. The only times I don't smoke is if I have to drive, because I'm not an idiot.


I just started binging the New Days podcast recently and I know he’s married with a kid. I wonder if the stuff with Paige happened long before he had a family.


>Gotta be doubly bad because these were her friends and coworkers in the photos rather than just some random people It makes you wonder if those friends and coworkers were just taking advantage of a woman they knew had all kinds of problems and wasn't thinking straight.


I read it as if she was already spiraling at the time the photos/videos leaked, not necessarily when they were taken. Like she was already at a low point in life and that the leaks affected her even worse than they would've otherwise. Maybe my memory of the whole situation is off because it's not really something I've thought much about recently but weren't the photos/vids already a few years old when they leaked?


This is my interpretation as well. The leaks happened when she was with Alberto, right? It’s pretty well known that wasn’t a healthy time in her life. All the photos and vids were from when she was in NXT, so you’re absolutely right.


I only remember people saying she was dating Madox and it was him taking the pictures. You are right though, the stuff leaked when she was Alberto and *everyone* knew something was up with her at that time, in pictures and videos at the time you could tell something was off but everyone just thought it was Alberto being toxic


She just turned 19 when she signed with WWE. I remember Jim Ross distinctly pointing out that people of that age were constantly flaming out because they weren’t ready for the road. He expressed real concern about Paige *wayyy* before her shit became public. I wouldn’t doubt that people were taking advantage of her because of her age.


I mean they’re also all young and just might have been into swinging?


They call it having a handicap match.


It reads more like she was into the coke when the pictures were leaked, not when they were taken. That said, given her family I'd be surprised if she wasn't into drink or drugs from a young age.


Not that it really matters much but is this the first time she's specifically mentioned it was coke?


years ago a recording surfaced where she and Alberto del Rio were arguing at a restaurant or somewhere similar and he was exclaiming to onlookers that she had the coke in her bag


This is the first I am aware of where specific drugs were mentioned.


Me too and I'm glad she's been able to get healthier and talk about it publicly. That should take some power away from the gross people online.


Sadly this also goes to show you that when WWE's or any wellness policy bust someone and they have a massive fit over it... they are most likley doing something they shouldn;t be.


Was she poped for the wellness policy? I know they were concerned about her but I don't remember it being a violation


she was yes her and del rio and she kept saying it was rx drugs, legal, blah blah blah. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2658371-paige-suspended-for-wellness-violation-latest-comments-and-reaction.amp.html


How out of control do you need to be for the WWE to put you in timeout?


Yeah, I remember them separating her and Del Rio by putting them on different shows. They liked her but didn't care for Alberto and were doing everything they could without violating the law.


and then she got another for 60 days not long after https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2668715-paige-suspended-for-2nd-wwe-wellness-policy-violation-latest-comments-reaction.amp.html


And WWE said she failed the test due to an illegal substance. In this case, cocaine.


cocaine leaves the system in 2 days


Maybe this is the point you’re trying to make, but that’s why it’s a big deal to fail a test for it. You only need to lay off for a day and a half, 3 days absolute max. Someone with a positive urine screen for weed could have been sober for weeks, but if you fail a coke test, you have a problem.


wait, she failed wellness policy bc of the booger sugar?


At the time, all WWE said was “an illegal substance” and she denied it of course. This is not a direct confirmation, but I feel like it’s a hint.


CDCN mentioned drug usage, but I wouldn’t trust that blog


CDAN literally once had a rumor claiming that witchcraft was real and the actor who plays Sabrina in the reboot was actually cursing people, with actual results. I’ll always point that out when people bring up the overall credibility of them as a blog


Yeah, it's a fun read but it clearly peaked in 2016/17 and has had diminishing returns since then.


And it’s wild to think that if all the people who helped her get clean and do better.. it was Ronnie fucking Radke that turned her life around.


The dude is still such a massive fucking scumbag though and she's obsessed with defending his bullshit. I'm glad she's clean now but I have very few positive things to say about Paige the human being.


Why's he a scumbag? Not defending just don't know.


https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Ronnie_Radke#Legal_issues https://www.reddit.com/r/Metalcore/comments/1t0ecd/why_does_everyone_hate_ronnie_radke/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Ah. I see.




Has Ronnie been in trouble since he and Paige got together? He seems to mostly stream and do Falling in Reverse now. Not excusing him, just genuinely curious


Unless I’m missing something it doesn’t seem like he’s been in “trouble” for 7 years. Which is how long it seems he’s been clean and sober. So idk. The only thing I’ve seen that seems controversial is how he’s said he supports trans adults, but doesn’t think children should be trans. The rest seems like sarcastic edge lord shit just to keep his name in the media. Idk. I’ve seen trans people supporting his statements and trans people condemning them. Seems like the type of guy you either love or hate or just don’t give a fuck about.


Sounds about right. I've seen Falling in Reverse and they put on a decent enough show


I mean, knowing a few Knight family graduates, what I can say is "at least she's not her mother"


Lol for real. I just hope he treats her right. She seems to be in a really good place now though.




I was wondering about that too. Puts the whole thing into perspective when she was busted on the wellness policy and tried to say it was a prescription. Amazing that she kicked the addiction, others haven't been so lucky.


Cocaine is a helluva drug , it’s a bitch to kick and good on her for doing so


Wow, her Dad said exactly what she needed to hear. Didn't expect that from a such a shady guy like Ricky Knight


He may be a carny but it’s still his kid I guess


Carnyism allows people to survive a carny business. In most instances, you had to learn the language and the ways, and fuck others before they fucked you. Being a "carny" in wrestling, even in 2022, doesn't necessarily make one a bad person. It just means you know how to survive a ruthless, disgusting world.


I also think the lingo is overused like a lot of wrestling lingo.


I think some heard Christian call Matt Hardy a carny and thought, "Ooh, new word to use."


ehhh people have been calling wrestlers carnies since the birth of pro wrestling, and people have been calling wrestler's carnies online as long as there have been wrestling forums, it's definitely not some new buzzword people just started using because Christian called Matt Hardy that.


"Catering" has been forever tainted...


I was literally so scared when any articles about her came up during that period, it was THAT bad. I’m so happy she’s good and healthy now


Still blows my mind she stood on Twitter as much as she did when it happened cause that's all her replies were filled with.


People would send that shit to her mother as well. People are garbage.


I still remember when that happened and people legitimately thought Paige “wouldn’t make it” for a lack of a better term. It got really scary at that time for her.


Her with Alberto seemed destined for another True Crime story ending, but it's good for her she got the help she needed.


Del Rio really was a scary fucker hanging around. Reminded me of Chyna/Xpac in terms of toxicity.


Dude's a piece of shit by all accounts. Like, IIRC, it was reported he was abusing Paige, and then he got arrested for abusing and sexually assaulting a later girlfriend. I remember seeing a tweet a while back saying something to the effect of "Why haven't AEW snapped up Alberto Del Rio?", and it's like, nobody's gonna be stupid enough to work with that trainwreck. Even Impact got clear of him.


Impact - where Tessa was fine, but Del Rio was not. Should tell you all you need to know.


To be fair though, one is a violent cokehead that kidnapped, and sodomized a woman before threatening to kill her som and the other is a racist. Pretty big jump between the two


In the same month, 3 of her exes (Berto, Bradley from Emarosa, and Kal from Atilla) all got accused of rape. She sure picks them.


For sure, her current fella seems like a real peach too, Radke or whatever his name is.


It wasn’t even the drug stuff that got him blackballed either it was because he pulled a bunch of scummy shit ripping off a ton of indies. He even no showed an autism benefit where he was literally the headline talent. That’s like a special level of scum.


When she and Alberto (if I remember correctly) both got busted at the same time for their drug violations I just knew that relationship would die a death. Thankfully for her it didn’t though because it could have been much worse.


I remember when it came out that Alberto and Paige were dating, at that time people were really supportive of the couple and giving WWE shit for trying to separate them, WWE ended up being right on that one.


WWE has a history of sperating couples, and recently it's been shown it happens most when Vince has his eyes on the female talent. At best WWE was wrong with positive results.


I mean she’s with Ronnie Radke now. Not exactly a vast improvement on relationship stability and safety


Only thing I know about that dude is he got in a twitter argument with Vince Staples who replied to him with ‘shut that bitch ass up Ronald’


vince one of the last guys I'd want to argue with hes always been clever af


She really gets attracted to shitty men with awful behaviour


>Ronnie Radke Hmmmmmm, don't know who that is, so Google says "here's his Wikipedia" entry.... Seems like a Del Rio type repeat right there after that information. Hopefully some intervention happens to convince her to move on from an individual like that.


I don’t fucking understand why she constantly goes for the bottom of the barrel men. Radke is disgusting.


Traumatic fucked up upbringing. Her whole family is a mess. She’s just a more notable famous mess.


Jesus, Ricky with the MVP way of handling the whole situation. Didn't make her feel worse, just face the reality and get through it but know that you're still loved and worthwhile. Fuck, he might be a carny but that's damn mature.


I got momentarily confused for a moment and thought you meant Mvp the wrestler!


I’m glad she’s doing better now. She’s not even 30 and she’s lived a hell of a life.


Still trips me out she’s like 2 months older than me


Only like 9 days older than me


Her birthday is on the 17th so I'd say she basically is 30. Time flies.


If I were a talent in WWE then I'd never touch that belt again.


Largely believed that this was the reason the NXT Women's Championship was remodeled shortly after this went public


Brad Maddox jizzing on the NXT Championship was so disrespectful, but wrestlers like Flair probably did worse in the 80s/90s.


You probably needed to be tested if you held or put on any belt ric flair won




Risky click of the day


Oh no


First thing I thought of was Brad Maddox. Then the second thing I thought of was when he got stuck in a cave. That whole thing was wild.


I remember the video he made at the end of that weirdness where his reasoning was basically rambling about Paige breaking up with him in so many words. Also Brad Maddox was and still is married, apparently.


My dude, don’t even ask about the Stanley Cup. Phil Pritchard has *seen some SHIT*, leave NO doubt.


Babies baptized in it, Kentucky Derby-winning horse ate out of it, numerous foods, found at the bottom of Mario Lemieux's pool, taken to strip clubs the night it was won (suspected to be Mark Messier, it was after he won the Cup with the Oilers and Rangers), left on the side of the road, used as a flower pot, stolen from the HHOF with the threat of being dropped in Lake Ontario... also the Capitals left a hell of an impression on it, apparently.


I remember seeing an Angelfire site of wrestling rumours that said Benoit's triple Germans came about (no pun intended) because whoever he was facing had worn a title belt to the ring, and unbeknownst to this person, "the boys" had all spooged on it before he went out to the ring, leaving him with a sticky waist that Benoit couldn't release his grip from. Which obviously makes no sense, unless everyone back then was jizzing super glue, but that story has stuck with me for years for the sheer absurdity of it.


..... What? That's the dumbest thing I've heard today.


I envy you


Lol. I mean, I guess we have to weigh that against “Guy attacks an FBI office on behalf of Trump.” Not sure which is more stupid.


Wtf I hadn't seen that story. What is going on in this country lol.


With a fucking nail gun, of all things.


Of all the memories you have retained of over your lifetime, you vaulted *that one*...


Oh, there's tonnes from that list bro. Another that comes to mind is Raven and Perry Saturn allegedly tying hookers up to a bed, then getting a slip and slide covered in lube and having Perry go headfirst into their cooch with a run up.


Saturn confirmed this one in his You Shoot, I wanna say.


It wasn't a bed, it was a hotel hallway, and they weren't tied up. I also believe they were wearing a helmet with a dildo attached to his.


Perry Saturn, I'm sorry to say, is not a paragon of the truth.


I think that Raven and Kidman have also confirmed the "dildo helmet"


The internet back then was soooooo much fun Shit like this was harmless but also had legs on forums Nowadays any ridiculous stuff like this is buried immediately, removed by mods and never allowed to see the light of day. But back then? People had good bullshit meters but all this stuff was both *entirely possible and likely* to have occurred. And because people knew the industry was insanity when it came to drinking, parties, “the boys”, sexual assault and harassment, they believed it when you made a post on a message board that said you were out last weekend partying and saw Ted Debiase and Val Venus doing the coke and getting simultaneous blowjobs from the same prostitution out in the open in a club you were at in Sarasota, while Hogan jerked off in corner. People believed that. Because it happened.


Lol that Angelfire lore will never fucking die


This and many other similar stories usually stem from the infamous DVDVR Sleaze~! thread. So many ridiculous stories, and quite a few involving an alarming amount of hammocks and glass tables. That thread is where I first heard about the Macho Man/Stephanie McMahon rumors, and it's also were I learned that "Stephanie McMahon" is an anagram for "The Macho Man Penis."


Aye, the glass table one was The Rock ‘n Roll express IIRC, at least in the version I remember.


That’s my recollection of it too, but there ended up being several glass table stories with various wrestlers before the thread died. I believe it was Handsome Jimmy Valiant who was supposedly the hammock man, but I remember the Boogie Woogie Man being implicated in table shenanigans as well.


That is the most unbelievable story lol. Sounds like something some young teenagers that don't realize how ridiculous it sounds made it up.


Literally. “Bro, trust me, jizz is like, super adhesive in large quantities!”


That massive list of rumours came from a now defunct wrestling forum. Rumour has it, the thread where that list originated was started by Tony Khan.


Ah yes, the wrestling sleaze thread that Tony Khan *allegedly* started. That's only in the top 500 of ridiculous things from that thread.


😂 wtf


People were wayyyy more upset about Guevara/Conti posing looking like they were nude with a belt (and Tay implying Sammy might've jizzed on a belt) than they ever were about Shawn posing looking like he was nude with a belt, and Maddox *actually* jizzing on a belt, with proof.


> People were wayyyy more upset about Guevara/Conti posing looking like they were nude with a belt Young teenage me vivdly remembers a certain photoshoot involving Melina and MNM's tag belts...


Wrestlers aren't allowed to have sex without the fans' permission.


We are The Authority after all


We paid for the house they are trying to have sex in!!!


every single title belt has jizz on it I would bet


With normal belts I agree, but with the spinner belts and the eventual [non-spinning version of the WWE title](https://staticc.sportskeeda.com/editor/2019/08/23ac4-15668051421836-800.jpg), I think they would have been more careful with it. A lot of cracks and crevices you'd have to clean out.


I remember Asuka was NXT women’s champ when that all leaked and everyone made jokes about how gross it was that she kissed the belt during her entrance


When those pics got leaked it showed me how truly horrible wrestling fans could be. Constantly making fun of her, spreading them around everywhere, and I know some people were even knowingly posting them on public forums/communities where kids would frequent.


Not to mention sending them to her mom.


Legit, I think how I saw most of them was in reply to tweets from her mum. The rest got posted all over a forum I used to frequent. Felt weird, because I didn't go seek 'em out, but I saw fucking EVERYTHING.




Not just that every women who’s had stuff leaked since then has been praised and defended. As they definitely should but like it just baffles me as to why Paige was different. What did she do so wrong to get mistreated?


Dude, Triple H himself joked about her: Context: “Who you want to see back?” I would love to see them step into the ring and compete. More importantly than that though, I would love to see them live long, healthy lives. Edge has kids, Paige — maybe — she probably has some she doesn’t know of.” -Triple H “Even my boss jokes about me… no wonder you guys still do it too”. -Paige Triple H did apologize.


Tbh I was more upset at how the joke didn’t even make sense. Do kids just randomly pop out of Paige and she just is unaware?


not to defend hhh, but thats the joke. thats something you say about promiscuous men, but shes a woman


I agree. I really don’t think Triple H was thinking about the sex tape or anything like it when he made the joke. I genuinely think he made a pretty old joke “the Don Juan joke” and twisted to apply to a woman.


I don’t think triple h had any malicious intent with that joke it’s just a joke he likes to use he even said it about himself on an episode of raw


To this day people try to crack jokes about it. It makes me really skeptical about how much respect fans actually have for women in wrestling. Like any molehill becomes a mountain


Trust me, being a woman in wrestling discussion spaces shows exactly how much respect fans have for women in wrestling. Love to have to sift through mountains of discussion of tits and ass to find anything substantive.


Loads of them will be the same idiots chanting "WOMEN'S WRESTLING" every time a women's match is given more than 5 minutes.


Just the comments, almost any comments, under some Facebook article about a woman wrestler is is a toxic soup. I’m already seeing “oh Xavier Woods got it too” like… no he didn’t. He wasn’t permanently buried on social media like Paige was. She got the fallout from it and she still gets almost exclusively comments on the tape. Imagine having your career, short but sweet as it was, erased because of this. Nobody erased Xavier Woods’ as a wrestler from this.


Look at the way some of these guys behave in fan photos with female wrestlers. It’s gross.


I always think it is really funny how many dudes get pissed when women doing meet and greets won't let people touch them


There are those and those people. People who don't take women seriously and just treat them as Sex Objects will always exist, unfortunately.


People still make fun about it now. Smh


A bunch of the sick fucks even sent them to her parents.


Wasn’t a wrestling fan at the time so I’m still OOTL on most of what happened, but wasn’t it Xavier Woods in the photos as well? Was he the person she’s referring to as being stupid to trust?


No, Brad “Brad “Don’t call me Brad Maddox” Maddox” Maddox


There was also that video of her being "shared" between Maddox and Woods


And Woods got married to his wife not long after that video was taken, which is super shitty.


Not taken but after it came out I think.


The leaked videos seems to be from 2013/2014. He started dating his wife in 2015.


The whole situation was just so sad, and clearly just a young lady making mistakes. Imagine if twitter existed in fucking 1980.


Modern fans being able to dig up past tweets from that era would have certainly been an event to say the least. 80s and 90s wrestling having social media would have been absolute chaos in good and bad ways lol


Imagine the coked out tweets at 2am.


All the big 80s wrestlers are completely psychotic on twitter now, would've been even better at the time I don't even want to imagine what Piper would be like


Piper gets banned in a week. Not for politics or the such but the body count would get too high.


Then unbanned by the second week after being banned leads to him appearing at the Twitter HQ with no prior warning. Also known as the "Minoru Suzuki school of staying out of jail despite the murder"


It's a shame we don't live in the timeline where Owen Hart has twitter


Paige didn't do anything wrong, though. and neither did Maddox. their private stuff was stolen in an iCloud hack.


I miss Maddox. He really never recovered from the cuck bullying online


I wonder if he’s still stuck in that cave


Brad “The Mad ox” Maddox


Yeah she wasn’t married & neither were they so why is it a big deal if they chose to fuck on camera? She wasn’t forced nor were they. It was mutual and they enjoyed it. It wasn’t fair for it to be leaked/stolen and the only one whose reputation is ruined is the females.


Nothing about this part of her ordeal is making mistakes, she was the victim of revenge porn or at least being around untrustworthy people. No one should go through this if they don’t want to.


I was more shocked the quantity of it. They must get bored a lot back stage because goddamn.


Young, incredibly hot, athletic, stressed and horned up peoples be makin time for it between work.


Shit gets crazy when a lot of young, athletic, attractive, like-minded people are around each other for any length of time. The Olympics Village tends to run out of condoms regularly because of how much sex happens during the Olympics.


When women's nudes get leaked they always get 10x the shit men do. When's the last time you saw anyone bring up the sex tape under an Xavier Woods post? With Paige it's practically guaranteed that someone is going to make a "joke" at her expense.


Xavier would probably get high fives for it (not that he would take it). Paige will never have a Twitter or social media post without it being mentioned.


Many of us looked, and many of us would look at the next leak. This is life. Harassing the person and trolling and terrorizing? That’s so lame. AND, the moment you find out the person wasn’t involved in the leak themselves, that’s party over. The sad thing is so many people can’t understand the concept of “hush”. You go to a strip club and you don’t touch. You just look. And if you see the person in the grocery store you act like you don’t know them.


I’m glad she’s in a better place and that this leak didn’t destroy her


Only mistake she made was Alberto Del Rio but who doesn't fall for the wrong person? As for the leaks, it must have been incredibly embarrassing even though really she had nothing to feel embarrassed about. Reality is, a lot of us do that kind of shit but it stays private. I'm just glad she didn't decide to do something drastic and that she's in a better place now.


Being around ADR surely didn't help, but she is still responsible for the choices she made around that time. Wasn't like he was shoving the coke up her nose or forcing her to mock WWE on twitter while she was still employed there.


The guy she is currently dating is a different kind of shit altogether


It's always crazy reading stories about Paige for me as she was randomly born on the same day as me. Thinking about how different lives truly are.


Daniel Bryan and I are born on the same day and I feel good that I share my birthday with The Planet's Champion


I remember just before these videos leaked Mark Henry tweeted at her saying "I knew you loved chocolate" and people here speculated what it could mean and days later this happened and everyone forgot he said it.


Be interesting how many people who've upvoted this have jacked to them and being somewhat hypocrites