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I saw "THE QUEEN" and for a second I thought Austin was going to interview Queen Elizabeth because they were going to Wales.


I mean he still could interview Queen Elizabeth. I heard she's a huge fan of cracking open cans of whoop ass and knocking sums of bitches on their stack of dimes they call a neck


Queen Elizabeth wishes she could give her family stone cold stunners


She has to settle for Rock Bottoms instead


Would not be opposed to Liz stomping a mudhole in Andrew and walking it dry. Wait, its already dry *because he can't sweat*


“Elizabeth, when Harry left the royal family, was there any heat there? How do you really feel about Meghan Markle?”


“Listen, when you’re out there waving to the people, and you feel that energy from the crowd, do you still get that same buzz you would get after a bust-ass meeting back in the day?”


"Let's take it back to 2012 for a moment, here we see you do the high spot from a helicopter, full stadium, crowd going wild. I was sitting at home, almost dropped my beer. Talk me through what was going through your mind."


"Hey, Queen, what's that, like, what's that gimmick like on your head? S'it heavy?" "you mean the crown, dear?"


Should be a good interview. I can't imagine Austin not bringing up Becky, so it would be interesting to get her perspective on that whole issue.


I just started watching again recently, what’s the story here? Or can you link me 🥹


There are rumors they don't get along very much nowadays and had a segment go south last year that only threw fuel to the gossip fire


If memory serves which it may not, I believe it was the one where they were exchanging belts to correlate with their respective brands. During the exchange, Charlotte dropped or tossed the belt, going off-script.


They aren’t rumors. Becky and Charlotte have publicly confirmed they are no longer friends. Becky spoke extensively about it with Ariel Helwani. /u/Hype_Magnet


Good friendships get really sour very quick like Punk & Colt and now Becky & Charlotte


reports are that they aren't getting along anymore. Becky herself said that her and Charlotte used to be best friends but don't talk anymore, she doesn't trust her and working with her is difficult. it came to a head during the disastrous "belt exchange" segment last year, when after switching brands they just had Becky and Charlotte switch titles. the video of it, I believe, has been reedited to make that go smoother but per Becky herself: >We were supposed to exchange the titles. I grab it out of her hand unknowingly, I’m ‘Becky Two Belts’ for a second then I toss her the title, then she tells Sonya (Deville) to pick it up, then she challenges me to a fight, and I back out of it and I go. So everybody was supposed to get their moment there. >I told some people that this isn’t what’s going to happen. When I try to grab it, she’s going to drop it, and that’s what happened. And so, when all that was going on, I was just fuming. Mostly because I knew in advance that was what was going to happen and I had no way to stop it. Sonya ended up having to improvise and force Charlotte to pick up the belt after she dropped it. reportedly things got heated backstage after they were done and Flair had to be escorted out by security. mind you, Becky speaks in these shoot interviews the same way Jericho or Rollins do and slips a work into every other sentence. it's pretty much a given that the segment went to shit but how dramatic their rift is isn't entirely clear. Ric Flair has also been periodically talking shit about Lynch and how WWE is mistreating Charlotte but that's pretty much an old man rambling and trying to get his daughter over in a cringe way, so I wouldn't read into it too much.


Damn that's gonna be interesting, I wonder if stone cold will bring up the segment with Becky


Y'all were out there throwing belts to the ring and I'm sitting at home thinking God dang, is this a shoot or a work!


*leans back, throws hands up*


Lmao i read that in his voice imagining him waving his hand in front of him loooool


lmaooo too on point


Why did I read this in his voice and proceeded to do his mannerisms? 😅


I'm over here wondering if they bring up Flairs "last match"


I feel like this is gonna be an emotional one.


Oh yeh, this will be a an insta-watch for me.


He already had the other three Horsewomen. It was only a matter of time before Charlotte appeared.


Has he? Man, I gotta catch up on those.


It's interesting. Charlotte is the most decorated horsewoman, but she also seems to be the least well regarded generally by fans and people in the business. I feel kind of bad for her. At the end of the day, she is really good, but it seems like everyone is sick of her


I think Vince really hurt her perception with most hardcore and casual fans in the long run. We’ll see how she does now (especially in regard to character) now that he’s gone.


Charlotte screwed Charlotte by constantly going into to business for herself in matches and being sloppy when she is booked with an opponent she feels is beneath her level.


Well, in her defense I think management was so hell-bent to make her strong and break her's dad record that she eventually was kinda unmotivated. I recall she was welling to put Bianca over, dropping the title to her and management didn't want to.


I missed the Bayley one, thanks for the info!


She did a great job back on Ric Flair's 30 for 30. She can talk. Also, am I crazy, or has she gotten a lot of plastic surgery in the past few years? I swear she used to look drastically different. Can't just be age.


She also got her mole removed a little bit ago


Yeah she's had a fair few little surgeries here and there.


It's not just, hurr durr, plastic surgery. A big part of it is makeup; Charlotte posts a lot of workout selfies, and you can see her base facial structure is similar to years ago. The other part is, she's lost weight in her face when she decided to get absolutely shredded. Think the WALTHER to Gunther transformation.


Charlotte has had a lot of plastic surgery done; she’s publicly acknowledged it, and it’s even been referenced in storylines (most notably by Alexa last September). There’s nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. It’s completely fine to talk about it. There’s no need to ignore the elephant in the room, or pretend it didn’t happen.


She obviously had her implants removed/reduced, but I think most of her other visual changes have come from really leaning out. Her bodyfat had gone down.


She's had a lot of face work done. Look at her in NXT in 2014. She was lean then too. Had a LOT of fillers


I don't really count fillers and botox or whatever as "work done". But leaning down as much as she has, it will show in your face.


Charlotte has had an enormous amount of plastic surgery done, to the point where she has acknowledged it and it’s even been referenced in storylines (notably by Alexa last September). It’s not just from leaning out.


Yeah she's had a fair bit of work done.


I like her a lot but she looks like freakin Jeffrey Star now. Sasha and Nattie had a similar thing done too because all their faces became the exact same shape. I dont understand it but hey it’s their face.


Makeup exists.


So does cosmetic surgery, which she has clearly had a fair amount of. It's ok to talk about it.


Honestly, it's both. She's had work done but I've seen no makeup pictures of her where she clearly looks more like "her old self", compared to how she looks on WWE TV some times.


Has she though? How come it's made her cheeks less prominent, unlike every other case of "too much plastic surgery", and how come it comes off when she works out?


There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery lol. Its her choice.


>"too much plastic surgery" Who said that? There are plenty of pics of her without makeup too. Look at a pic from her NXT days vs. now and the difference is night and day. Look at the nose specifically. That doesn't just happen naturally in a few years. >How come it's made her cheeks less prominent, unlike every other case Not all cosmetic surgery looks the same. Charlotte is also still relatively young compared to other cases where it becomes more and more obvious with age.


Oh, there are many examples of comment sections here mocking her and other women for “too much plastic surgery,” “all artificial” etc. it’s nobody’s business really and she still looks good. All celebs have to deal with such speculation.


Such a weird thing to come to her defense over. It's barely worth acknowledging.


Nice! The Broken Skull Sessions are always a fun watch. The recent episodes with Cody and Sami are great.


The one with Sami was my favourite. Such a good episode.


Agreed 100%. You could see how much fun Austin was having while Sami told his stories.


I’ve been watching all of them the last two weeks. Easily my favorite content on peacock.


I gotta check the Sami one. Did they go into his charity work for Syrian refugees?


I don't remember it being mentioned. That's unfortunate, really.


Dang it, Austin!


Wonder if he’ll bring up Ric’s last match.


I sort of dread her return because she goes right back to the main event and a long undefeated streak


she never had a long undefeated streak


She went on a PPV win streak of something like 14 or 15 months in a row before Bayley finally dethroned her and they did absolutely nothing to capitalize on it.


Not romanesque but she hardly loses


She loses all the time, that's how she has so many title reigns. You have to lose it before you can win it again. Pretty sure her and Becky have nearly the same amount of time as Champion, yet Flair has nearly triple the number of title reigns.


She loses very often, that's part of the problem. Most of her title reigns have been irrelevant because she loses almost right away.


Roman technically isn't undefeated either. Also, you should double check Charlotte's numbers, they're not even close to hardly loses https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=12939&page=22&type=byYear&eventType=TV-Show%7CPay+Per+View&constellationType=


She’s lost the last many meetings she’s had with Becky.


She left when Vince was still in power. Obviously Triple H will still keep her as an A tier star, but let’s see if he keeps her the God Queen of the show that must lord over everyone as she was under Vince.


She needs some time in non-title feuds. Have her work with Raquel, Aliyah, etc to build them up a bit. They can always bring her back up the card whenever they want because she’s won 700 championships.


I agree, her and Raquel in particular could be very good. I’m not looking forward to logging in and seeing her buried if she can’t have a good match with Aaliyah though.


Man, as many comments already point out, this is one of those interviews that I have to watch. I don't actually think she is going to go that much in to Becky, during that period she made it clear she doesn't want to talk trash about the other women, but rather I think they will talk about what was happening backstage and all those reports during that period. And while it will still be just her perspective, I am intrigued by it because it was genuinely challenging to fit some of the stuff from the reports with what was happening on screen.


I don't get the dislike for Charlotte I often see on this sub from people who claim the territories era of wrestling was better - she's booked like a dominant territorial heel


Man Austin looks exactly the same in every single one of these thumbnails on Broken Skull Sessions lol…same expression same t shirt same pose 😂😂


Im excited for this one. I would assume this also means she's returning very soon.


That is one I’m definitely excited for.


I know we don't say nice things about Charlotte around here, but this should be a fun interview.


she looks different every time i see her


The goat!


The Ariel Meets Charlotte is my favorite in the series, that and Randy's. Charlotte's pretty emotional I've found in that, and I think that's why she's so overprotective of her booking to the detriment of her character. Let's see what Austin can squeeze out of her.


Where is this screenshot from?


That's a pic of Charlotte? Jesus, I need my eyes checked


I couldn’t give 2 shits what Charlotte has to say.


Yet here you are


Haha lol. Humans can be strange, can't we?


I’m not even remotely close to excited to seeing Charlotte return. She’s been force fed to us for so long and at the expense of so many. I’m at least hopeful that with HHH in charge she won’t be intolerably booked. When she was in NXT he moved on from her quicker than expected when Sasha caught fire.


Hey OP, next time just say who it is in the title. Thanks!








Every thread about Charlotte 🙄


Obviously not a Charlotte person but it's kinda insane to think she was the last of the horsewomen to do this.


"What the hell's going on with your dad, kid?"


Is that Donatella Versace?


I hope he asks her about her moonsault


Mommy and Daddy jeans are looking a bit different lately.


Oh cool! I know that I should skip it then.




She really doesn't look different at all. I don't get the hate on her looks on this subreddit