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I hadn’t thought about it but Prinze might end up losing a lot with WWE’s shakeup. HHH probably wants everyone back that Prinze was going to rely on.


Bring Prinze in to run NXT television lol


With Freddie's SAG/AFTRA ambitions for wrestling, I don't think he would be a fit in WWE nowadays in a corporate fashion.


You'd be shocked how many SAG/AFTRA ambitions in wrestling vanish with the right deal.


I think if they were smart they should work with him to get Raw and Smackdown in SAG/AFTRA. Then have NXT marked as "development" but people can still clame time on TV when they join either show. This would give them a huge advantage over AEW.


No publicly traded business is willingly going to push their independent contractors to unionize.


It's a little different than Amazon letting a warehouse unionize. Joining SAG could make it easier to transition into a studio if they wanted to still, also it would make it easier to negotiate with talent. No one could ever hold the company up like so many have done before. Plus it would be a huge step in possibly getting sports leagues in the SAG.


People still do hold ups with unions. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are prime examples. SAG doesnt want or need sports leagues. The needs are entirely different. https://aflcio.org/about-us/our-unions-and-allies/our-affiliated-unions


With league's it's different because you have X number of team's bidding for a player as with WWE it would be similar to a studio. Additional if a player goes home it's no different then what Pac, Sasha, Brock, or Stone Cold have done. If SAG doesn't want Sports leagues you can bet they would love to dip a toe in WWE. It's not just talent it's the production, writers, stage hand's, and all the back stage people who could benefit from a little security. It starts though with the boys in the back, and I hope with some of the people they want some of the same things cough, "Cody," cough, cough...


SAG doesn't want WWE or wrestling because then they're stepping on the toes of the stunt performers union and the live theatrical union. SAG's guidance has consistently been that wrestlers need their own union if they want to unionize because it's out of their wheelhouse. This isn't up for conjecture. This has been their guidance for ages. SAG performers wholesale aren't to perform on non-union/associated productions which means everything from stage crew to writers to producers would all need to unionize under SAG or defacto unionize which would not be viable.


Sure, Triple H is suddenly going to be pro-union...


Does it though? WWE going SAG could alleviate some of their biggest PR issues from the past decade or two. Payroll is not a huge portion of their operation, Fightful estimated it would cost $30 million additional for them to convert from 1099 to paid employees. It would likely be less to contract them through SAG while providing wrestlers way more benefits and re-establish WWE as the most prestigious/legit employer.


That's like 1.5x Vince Hush Money, not a bad deal


It seems to become a better deal every other week.


So far...


Yeah this isn’t happening Kahn still has power in the company and I’ve seen no indication from Stephanie and hunter they wanna change it absolutely will not happen


Like anyone's ambitions have mattered before when the almighty dollar sign comes calling. Or did we forget Zelina Vega being oh so adamant for unionizing for all of 6 days?


A big reason Prinze wants to start this promotion is to get all the wrestlers a SAG card so they can have benefits. Him going to WWE just throws that out of the window.


This is the logical solution.


Hell yeah. I'd love the hell outta this


I can imagine, Freddie knows good wrestling and probably writing so there's a plan at least. I think he can still pick up some good wrestlers who aren't tied down to a promotion. Maybe, as whatever the fuck NWA is doing he can get a few wrestlers


On the other hand, there’s only so much TV time to go around. While HHH is adding to the roster now, which is desperately needed, eventually the other shoe is going to drop and people are going to be unhappy with reduced TV time and might look for a change of scenery. Or some people may end up being released. Same with AEW talent.


During his podcast, he mentioned that he had reached out to other dudes but doesn’t wanna jinx them being re-signed or being signed to WWE like what happened to Kross. Wonder who they could be 👀 Side note, would definitely recommend listening to his “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast. Easy listening and he gives good insight on his experiences as a WWE writer and working with the talent. Also has a few interviews such as one with MJF before his hiatus.


Searched wrestling the other day and I was in awe how it seems like EVERYONE has a wrestling podcast.


as i once read on twitter, the career path for retired wrestlers is either evangelical christianity or podcasts


As someone who watches wrestling and listens to Christian podcasts occasionally, this makes me wonder why there aren't any "wrestlers who are Christians" podcast yet.


Dude it’s so good. He’s a pretty good story teller.


Love the podcast, but goddamn there's so many adbreaks that have to be skipped. And the breaks are around 2-3 minutes each.


And they’re the SAME ads to boot. Podcast open, every 10 mins and podcast close the same 3-4 ads in the same order running for several minutes. Freddie, for the love of god mix it up or let me give you money on patreon to make the madness stop.


Thanks for your comment /u/sparkman1987. And remember while you’re browsing Reddit, fry Omaha Steaks. Their steaks are shipped right to your door and ready to be grilled.


Thanks for your comment /u/sparkman1987. And remember while you’re browsing Reddit, fry Omaha Steaks. Their steaks are shipped right to your door and ready to be grilled.


Isn't Freddie's podcast an iHeartMedia jawn? Their ad algorithm is the *wooooooorst* but at least sometimes it leads to hilarious results (especially with Behind the Bastards).


Nothing goes better with tales of world atrocities than ads for iHeart Musical Festival featuring all of my favorite artists across all genres from Imagine Dragons to Doja Cat!


*Brought to you by the Washington State Patrol


So many ads!!!!


Yep, I listened to one episode and liked it when they were talking, but HOLY SHIT those ads. I can't do it.


>Side note Side quest!


Also worth noting Kross had an offer from MLW on the table. *Matthew Lillard Wrestling to avoid confusion




The next Scooby-Doo movie would also be the next Forbidden Door.


They're co-promoting with Ring of Honor... RUH-ROH!


was having a rough (or ruff) day today but your comment provided me a much needed laugh. thank you sincerely u/100PerecentAdam, have a great day


Anytime 💙 Hope your day gets even better my friend!


Shut your fucking mouth and take my upvote.


not gonna lie could really use another wwe scooby movie those were so fun ! haha


Is it bad that I haven't seen them?


no, they’re fun tho there’s a wrestlemania one that has no reason being as good as it is i’m also over 40 and watch them with 5-14 year olds .. so YMMV .. haha


The only one I've watched is Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon and it was as good as could be expected for any of the Scooby Doo crossover films. The ending & reveal of who it was kind of hits differently now though, considering all the news that's come out in the past few weeks.


Gold & Stardust irritating Sheamus was my favorite part of that movie.


The lecherous old man haunting the arena and WWE headquarters turned out to be Nick Khan in a mask? That explains the rubbery face and hoarse voice. He did it to force Vince out and sell the company and he would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling marks!


Which luchador do they unmask to reveal as the bad guy?


Vince. "Its me, Velma! It was me all along!"


Brand new Lucha, comes out of nowhere and wrecks the division. Builds up and up and up. Finally, the PPV match, Mask vs Company. Lucha vs top baby face, Mark Kidds. Baby face narrowly wins after utilizing the most dangerous move in sports entertainment, the surprise rollup, after Lucha is distracted by Kidds ringside wife. Finally, the unmasking ceremony. Lillard comes out, Kidds holding the Lucha in a lock so he can't run away. "Finally, we get to see who's trying to destroy our company!" The unmask him and... It's the arenas owner?!? But why?!? "I thought this would be a fly by night wrestling promotion that wouldn't exist in three weeks. I never expected the growth you sustained. If I knew you'd be this popular, I'd've charged more! And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those dastardly Kidds."


You're not getting upvotes because you messed up the quote. Its "meddling," not "dastardly." Jesus, patzer.


By golly you're right. I guess I was thinking Dick Dastardly as a villain type under the mask and got it mistaken. Won't even try to make a Mandela Effect excuse, I'll take the L on this one.


Their current champ is SLC Punk.


Heroin Bob as their version of the Undertaker gimmick.


SLCM Punk. Book it.


"You stabbed me bro, why did you have to stab so deep" I cant unsee him from Scream no matter what he is in


Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive




I had never watched any of those movies so I binged them around Halloween last year and I now associate him with that and less so Shaggy. Oh and Hackers obviously.


Hackers and 13 Ghosts most def. But he has done fine work continuing the voice overs for Shaggy after Casey Casem died


I remembered Lillard in the SK8-TV show on Nickelodeon GAS channel reruns. Blew my mind on he was apart of a skateboarding show


The world is weird. Without A Paddle randomly came up as a topic this morning and I went on a tangent of how Matthew Lilliard is an underrated actor….then I see this comment. Literally hadn’t even thought about the guy in years then boom, references


Thank you for mentioning that movie because it made me feel stupid for confusing Dax Sheppard for Sam Rockwell. Wasn't till I googled it just now that I discovered it's a common paradox at least.


Damn, never realized how much people hated Kross 😵‍💫


I met him in Impact back in 2019? Maybe 2018. Anyway he was super nice. I had an AJ Styles P1 shirt on and after we took a photo he says "I can't wait to kill that guy". I've never really understood the hate.


People don't like him because he was a main roster type who got pushed in NXT over indie darlings


It’s because he doesn’t do spot fests and people are weird. Remember this sub hated Adam Cole last year too


This year even more so


From what I’ve seen he’s incredibly humble and professional outside the ring, has a great presentation and his matches aren’t nearly as bad as people say they are.


He comes off as a very personable, well spoken, and likeable dude in his interviews. The ones with Chris van Vilet in particular are really good.


"I'm a frog man. So are you, Chris."


It's really sad how little bandwidth some have to be able to separate a character on a TV show from the actor's political views, even though Kross doesn't come across as a complete conspiracy nut. Also, some can't fathom a person acting like a mature adult and not publicly bashing WWE and burning that bridge, after getting released/gimp costume/etc. People are salty that Kross gets signed and positioned right behind Roman Reigns on the roster, and take their frustrations out on the guy that played the long game, how most level headed adults with ANY real world experience would have.


Tbf, Cross soured on a lot of redditors before his political beliefs became known


A lot of people don’t like his politics (myself included), but he’s a very charming guy and tbh I’m down bad… 🥵


Fuck him for re-signing with Impact and then punking out on them.


Would you stay at a job where you and a bunch of your coworkers weren't getting paid?


I mean would anyone blame him?


Yeah. I feel like a lot of people don’t remember that Impact was having issues paying talent back in 2019, some of those issues also including Kross. That’s ignoring the alleged Scarlett stuff, which is obviously extremely understandable for them wanting to leave if true.


He was only interesting because Impact gave him the room to do his own thing- they even gave Scarlett matches and her own storyline. If he wanted to leave, he shouldn't have signed another contract. The time between signing and wanting to leave was so short that it just looked unprofessional, in my opinion.


Did an impact executive not sexually assault his girlfriend. Is that not the rumour why they left.


Companies love this guy and I just don't see it. What am I missing? How is this guy in such high demand, and not just high demand, but companies are willing to put him immediately into main event spotlight like WWE and FP's company..


I always see Kross as a throwback 90's wrestler. That could be why guys like Trips and Freddie like him.


He feels incredibly Ruthless Aggression to me, when they had all the Triple H wannabes


Well there is your reason Triple H likes him so much. Honestly a lot of Kross just comes accross as Triple H booking another version of himself.


HBK and HHH said the same thing about Drew McIntyre. Looks like they like duplicates of themselves. Copy/Paste


He looks like younger Nathan Jones to me




Trips and Freddie falling over themselves to make this guy a champion while Vince sticks him in a gimp suit and Tony wants him to job to Wardlow in a one-off.


All the more reason to have more than one promotion for wrestlers.


Wardlows is better in every way That's why


The booking has not been good for him though. As much I hate to say it, I think he would be better off in wwe


I think he, mjf, hobbes and ricky starks eventually go to wwe


I can definitely see it happening. People here will never admit it but hhh is a much better booker than Tony khan


Not sure how anybody could find that to be remotely controversial. That half decade plus period of TakeOver shows is simply unrivaled in quality and storytelling.


yeah this subreddit is notoriously down on HHH and his booking of NXT


I love Wardlow but he’s no where near Kross’ level on the mic or has the presence Kross has. I haven’t seen Wardlow in many competitive matches to comment on his in ring work


wardlow entered to no music, just people chanting his name, for over a month


Great story line with Wardlow and MJF. Wardlow lost steam because he doesn’t have a great feud and story. So many talented performers but they need a story and a rival. Killer Kross will do well being in good feuds with good story. Wardlow needs a new nemesis. Like a great Batman without a joker or other rogue enemies. Sherlock with no Moriarty. Both Wardlow and Kross are great talents. Just need a good story and they’ll succeed. Wardlow needs obstacles to overcome. It’s tough because MJF was Thanos. Difficult to just throw in a new villain. TNT title helped but Wardlow needs a threat to go against for drama.


95% of kross' "presence" is because of scarlett. Lol without her I barely consider him above average.


Kross himself basically said his main roster run was doomed without Scarlett. He's not my cup of tea, but he's also not an idiot. He knows his presentation depends on having her around


Kross got bodied by Adam Cole.


There's a great deal of space between 'not as good a talker as Adam cole' and 'good on the mic', without even going into being bad on the mic.


True. Kross, however, is bad.


Kyle O'reily is not know for being good on the mic and he was able to hang with Cole. Obviously Coles brilliant but Kross looked like a jobber whenever Cole had a Mic.


have you been watching aew? wardlow is better and more over in every catergory you mentioned and i'm not even a huge wardlow fan


Bruh? Wardlow's presence is any day 10 times better. His in ring work is also better than Kross lmao.




Not his fault but Kross in NXT screamed Skinhead prisoner in a UK gangster film to me at least. Wardlow at least feels like his own thing. Hope for the best on the main roster for Kross though. He got a big break and I want him to make the most of it


I don’t even like Wardlow like at all but he’s infinitely better than Kross in all of those areas.


So the most successful promoter of all time and someone who managed to launch a nationally successful promotion in an era where that seemed beyond impossible didn’t like him but the guy whose vanity brand lost soundly to the latter and an actor who hasn’t even launched his company yet love him. 🤔


least demented Vince defender


It’s not defending Vince to recognize what he objectively was or what Tony has accomplished and that if both of them didn’t see it, there’s little reason to think Triple H and FPJ are the ones right.


Honestly I don't see it either *BUT* I will never knock a dude who seems nice enough and willing to do whatever and makes money doing it happily. Hopefully he turns it around and surprises us with this new run and improves over time. I enjoy a good underdog talent story.


So my response is gonna be a little corporate. He is a solid person (or appears to be via podcasts and videos) that presents himself well. When you see candidates like that in the office corporate world you take them on knowing that they are a solid person who can work with the team and they are teachable. I would take a candidate like that over someone who "knows everything" and just wants to do it their way.


For me, he has a good look, has intensity, and is believable. I wouldn't put him in the main event scene, but he's definitely someone that should be pushed.


Kross is very well spoken and is very knowledgeable about pro wrestling. He'd make a fantastic media guy for interviews for that very reason. Also...he didn't bash WWE after his release...even though he was forced to wrestle looking like a knockoff member of Demolition,


Intensity, look, he takes the matches seriously, he can speak eloquently and he’s fundamentally sound. He’s not flashy and isn’t going to do a tope, nor is he the most charismatic guy in the room, but he’s a good solid professional and that goes a long way in today’s business.


He’s big, believable, has an awesome entrance and has a smoke show wife/valet. So many main eventers in last 20 years that have had far less going for them I don’t see why everyone is so anti Kross


They don’t like his politics. It’s true Ly that simple. Same with hate on Jericho. Remember the love for Buff Bagwell when his Twitter handler was posting all the time saying things those leaning left wanted to hear?


Not everything is political. I don't get the hype with Kross either and Jericho is tops on my GOAT list Some people might just have a different opinion. Imagine that


Cause he has a great presentation, is good on the mic, has a good gimmick, can put on a good match with the right opponent and can act as a final boss for whatever promotion he’s in.


Don't forget the hot wife. For some reason, everyone forgets to mention the hot wife.


I mean, it’s the coolest thing about him.


Because thats sexists she adds so much to his character besides eye Candy like: presenting and turning an hour Glass.


She does add more though. Becauae with out her he's garbage. All of his presentation and presence relies on her.


It's honestly cool to see a genuinely good valet in modern wrestling. She's totally killing it. Best since like...Catrina in Lucha Underground?


I don’t think anyone would pretend it’s sexist. Folks who act persecuted are more annoying than the people they pretend exist


i have never seen him have a good match, the closest was against suzuki and that was only entertaining because he was made to look like a bitch


I'm not super well-versed in his full match history by any means, just know him from NXT and after, but I liked his match against Finn. Guess that's no surprise cause it's Finn, but yeah. Lol


His match with Santos was the one I loved most from his NXT run. I think he had a match with Mox that was received really well too??(did I make that up lol) Putting him in the right style of matches is important for sure.


Meltzer gave his 2nd match with Balor 4.25...said he thought it was Kross best match ever


Yeah, he had a match with Mox in FSW, they uploaded it for free on YouTube too. It’s probably one of my favorite matches of his.


Just watched this match for the first time last night! Really good match! Was also my first Kross match. I thought he looked good with Mox.


I loved his matches with Balor in NXT. They had good chemistry.


You know how good a wrestler is depending on how much Suzuki gives you in a match and he gave Kross nothing. That's all you need to know about how good Kross is (he's not.) Yuya Uemura carried his ass when they were on NJPW Strong and was going to do it again at Defy before Kross pulled out.




Well one of those is true, and its not any after the first one.


Hes like Marc mero but less talented


He's got a good grasp of what makes his character work. He's good on a mic, has a great look (when not being forced into a Demolition cosplay at least), and has a moveset that works towards his strengths. Kross isn't a guy that is going to do anything super amazing athletically in the ring, but he also knows that and doesn't try to do stuff he can't do. He's a monster type wrestle that wants to put forth the idea that he is mauling his opponents in the ring. He's never gonna do anything flashy, but he shouldn't have to. His character work and the way his opponent's sell his offense will be more than enough to get him over. Kross is a great guy to have around. He's a heel that can lose big matches and still maintain credibility because of his presentation, but he can also be a dominant force for periods of time without anyone questioning it.


I like him a lot. I didn't prior to his shoulder injury but ever since he came back from that in, I believe, late 2020, he's been great. His matches are relatively hit and miss tbh but when they hit I find him peak entertainment. He seems like a guy who works better with smaller fellows as his matches with Joe & Priest left something to be desired but his matches with Gargano, Bálor and the multi mans with Cole, O'Reilly, Dunne & Gargano were absolutely amazing matches. The five way at IYH was a MOTY contender imo. He works very well as a menacing, intimidating monster that the underdogs need to take down, but he's usually better in-ring and in presence than people slotted into that role. That five way is what really sold me on him, when a wrestler his size gets really angry and just starts fucking people up, it is so satisfying and he played that part super well in that match. I don't think he's the automatic, main event ready guy that some promoters see him as, but I do think with some polish and hard work on his end, he could be. I see big potential in him.


Cuz there’s not many big men out there that look like you’re typical wrestling champion For the last probably 12 ish years the wresltjng world has done a 180 and prioritizes work rate The only place to not really do this was wwe, even NXT (until very recently with 2.0) was about great wreslters learning the wwe way but didn’t meet the prior wwe look It’s why so many big guys flunked out if fcw/ovw/wwe because they couldn’t work elsewhere. In the 70-2000 all these big guys would have made an easy leaving due to size alone So yeah now there’s not many big men that can work. The WCW power plant style of training former bodybuilders went out the window. Ovw/fcw tried a little bit but they were hiring to so many people and it was so diverse they weren’t guys like Alex Riley or heck as much as I/we don’t like him Rybakx again would have been Indy main stays back in the day. Matt Morgan career only survived bc he went to mexico. Brian cage also revitalized his career in mexico as the big American powerhouse pro MAGA angle. There’s not space on the indies for meh work rate big men so therefore there’s a lot less to hire. Meanwhile I’d argue wreslers are 100x more talented than ever in history and hiring them based on work rate is now a dime a dozen


Because he gets character work. He draws you in on every breath. The camera is magnetized towards him. He has presence. He has aura. He has IT. You build promotions with this guy. And from all interviews…seems professional AF.


Holy shit just sleep with him already lol. He's not that great


No matter where the time is told - everyone pays the toll. Tick. Tock.


He doesn’t do enough Canadian destroyers and he sells too much /s


He has a great look and is very good in the ring when you let him go. I don’t think his WWE run did him justice outside of his entrance. Always felt like he was too big for NXT and his main roster run flopped for reasons outside of his control.


I have not seen a single match of his I would consider 'very good' besides the Bloodsport match.


He had some good matches with Balor, Gargano, Santos Escobar, and that one fatal 5-way they did last year. He works really well with smaller opponents.


more like smaller opponents work well around him.


In the ring, for sure. However I think promos on the whole aren't at the level they used to be, in my opinion.


If you ask the general public what a pro wrestler looks like, they'd probably describe something like Kross. He's got the look. Now everything else, we'll see.


why future tense? we've already seen him. he's ass.


He's good, that's why.


Is he tho? He is very average.


I think he'll make a good heel. He had limited appearances too early to write him off.


He’s got the height and muscle that HHH loves. His character is essentially the embodiment of doomsday. Scarlett is his herald putting timers in front of his opponents as if to say “it’s not a matter of if but when he will destroy you”


He is the modern day Alberto Del Rio, every company seemed to think as this megastar in the making when he was just plain boring and toxic.


As far as we know Kross hasn’t raped anyone


Not saying he is as bad as del Rio but he a qanin supporter is still toxic. And at least just as boring if we.keep.just to tv character


I’ve always wondered the same thing outside of his entrance which Scarlett makes what does he offer?


I think it’s his look and how he presents himself. He looks intimidating, has solid matches, and doesn’t do anything stupid. Plus Scarlett is with him. Can’t go wrong with having her out there lol. But I can see why companies want him. I don’t think I’d shove him in the main event, but I think he’s a good upper midcard guy.


All the hate for Kross... He literally is 6 ' 4 with a body who can cut an insanely good promo. How do you not see the talent? Maybe its because you are biased from his gladiator run I dont know


I always liked Kross, but for the exact same reason why most of the IWC hate him. Because he's generic. This day and age, so many wrestlers are over saturated. I'm not saying that as a bad thing either, it's great that there's so much variety. But then you bring in someone like Kross, and he can keep storylines and characters grounded with his "generic" character and presentation. Perfect example of this, the 5 man feud on BG NXT.


nah it was because he was an anti vax with his wife spouting that bs when people were (still) dying left and right from covid during a pandemic


While valid, Kross was not popular among some in this sub while he was NXT Champion even before they expressed their views publicly.


Can confirm. NXT champ Cross was hated during the weekly live discussion threads


I'm still confused on where this "source" is where they spout that sort of stuff online? Only thing I saw as evidence was them liking anti-vax stuff which Sasha Banks also did but I'm guessing she's off the hook because she's well... Sasha fking Banks


His podcast has quickly become one of my favourites. Such a good storyteller


Same but I’m not sold on the new cohost yet. He seems extraneous so far


Yeah listened to the cohosts first episode, not sure about his vibe. I can listen to Freddie talk solo for hours though. Dudes lived a fascinating life


So you would recommend? Someone told me to sub to Nash’s and Prichard’s. I haven’t started either. I looked at the run time on some of Bruce’s and even with me speeding up podcasts, his are long. lol


Say what you will about Kross but there aren't many unsigned guys that look like Kross, that can talk like Kross and that have a valet like Scarlett.


Feel bad for Freddie because he's going to have a few people he was looking to sign drop out now. That being said it's a very exciting time for wwe.


I thought he was such a douche in the 90s early 00s, had a really smug face in I know what you did last summer, and standing between the two loves of my life JLH and SMG! But ya know he’s alright, seems like a cool guy and very chill


Same shit happened to me in TEW, man. Survive and conquer Freddie.


Good for kross


I dont understand the hate for Kross tbh. I think he's great.


All the hate for Kross... He literally is 6 ' 4 with a body who can cut an insanely good promo. How do you not see the talent? Maybe its because you are biased from his gladiator run I dont know.


It’s his outside of the ring nonsense that taints him. It’s hard to support a person who supports modern day republican ideals.


Yet AJ styles, Chris Jericho are so beloved.


I still hate Jericho for that and skip all his stuff. And I don’t watch wwe so your whataboutism for AJ doesn’t work there either.


It’s not what aboutism. Either peoples political affiliation matters or it doesn’t. At the end of the day people pick and chose when it matters. Vince McMahon is a shady billionaire but the Khans were in the Panama papers oh well


Trust me my dude, you dodged a bullet


I was actually curious as to the direction of his promotion but if Kross was going to be his top guy…


It's not like hes gunna be able to bag the biggest stars in the business I'm surprised you thought otherwise.




I'm digging Kross a lot more now that he has hair. I think it suits him better. Can't wait to watch him take one of the titles off of Roman.


Kross is one dude I don't get. I've see him in a bunch of places for years and I've never once seen him ever do or say anything that made care about him or make me want to see him again. Scarlett too tbh. Like she's decent looking but not really? Or rather she dresses and does her hair as unattractive as possible? Idk either way there's not enough sex appeal to make me care about either of them. Kross does look better with hair imo


Does his promotion even have a name?


Am I crazy for thinking that Kross is gonna be champ sooner rather than later?


Not a good sign for that new promotion!


Building a promotion around one guy not under contract is a choice…


Good thing that's not a reasonable interpretation of what he said then.


Well it said he had “plans” not that it was his only plans or set in stone.