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A lot of people in TV, not just those who produce professional wrestling, think that quick cuts appeals to younger viewers. Try watching some shows that are aimed at those in the 12 to 17year old range, where there are a lot of quick cuts, camera movements, and quick scenes.


And it's why Fury Road was so awesome, kept the action central to the shot


And why Daredevil still has some of the best action scene of any tv show


The hallway fight scene was straight up taken from the movie Oldboy and I say that in the best way possible. Loved it


>The hallway fight scene You'll have to be more specific :)


The critically acclaimed one in season 1 that was a one-take tracking shot


In principle. But in practice they're hugely different


Not sure if you ever saw True Detective, but there’s an episode that has a great sequence with the cinematography


First season of True Detective is truly amazing. Mr Robot also has an **entire episode** filmed as one take (there are cuts, but they're well hidden).


The projects scene. Great stuff. [I read this](https://archive.thinkprogress.org/why-the-true-detective-shot-that-has-everyone-talking-is-overrated-247aa38a7dd2/) years ago and did [this](https://c.tenor.com/mdQK3dsC7L8AAAAC/the-sopranos-tony-soprano.gif) right after.


John Wick


Thanks man, you just reminded me I need to rewatch that masterpiece.


They also have a year or so to edit a film like that 45 cuts in 30 seconds is not the same


Ok but see if they made it look like Fury Road I wouldn’t mind it haha


This. WWE often cuts away from impact shots and it’s jarring. Fury Road was meticulously edited so that even if the camera cut, your eyes were still focused where they should be as the next shot began.


It seems so obvious in hindsight, but so many movies employ the 'jangling keys' method of focusing and editing their shots regardless.


I've never been one to really notice the cuts as much, but I notice those ones. You saw it on Raw where they missed a great action shot with a quick camera pan to the crowd. That's the ones that miff me.


That's what he's saying. If they made it like Fury Road, it wouldn't have all the shaky cam and the zooming. Fury Road looked awesome because it didn't have that.


It’s also an America vs other countries thing. Compare the editing between Kitchen Nightmares USA and the original, the US version is really choppy and the background music is either overly dramatic or silly and whimsical. Funny thing is I actually enjoy KN USA from time to time but struggle with modern WWE.


Oh man. Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares is so good. Starting with the Gordon Ramsay quiet voiceover, to the steady focus on food and menu and business instead of manufactured drama… It’s what made black and gold NXT so good, just a solid story. No need to jazz it up for the sake of it.


Cocomelon has been deemed psychologically damaging to kids [because of the extreme cuts in it. ](https://ph.news.yahoo.com/agree-disagree-educator-claims-cocomelon-150058117.html)


I always assumed the cuts in cocomelon were a result of the cheap animation methods they use.


Compare that to, say, *Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood*. Fred Rogers consistently avoided quick cuts because of their potential to confuse, exacerbate attention issues, and cause other harmful effects. (Of course, his demographic was a little younger. And I’m pretty sure he **never** put someone through a table.)


I don’t know many young people who enjoy that personally. Most find it annoying.


Most people, like the vast majority of TV viewers, they don't notice things like editing or really care. But, with teens and young people in general market research probably showed that they respond better to shows or films that utilise fast editing and quick scenes even if they don't actually notice those things. When I was on the film course in uni I tried watching some Vampire Diaries because my ex was mad about it and one of the lecturers was an assistant editor on it or something. I started counting cuts and it drove me mental, it was cutting on every single line of dialogue regardless of if it needed too or not. Anyway, things like that were huge in teenage markets and the entire culture of TV editing has been moving that way since MTV started. Like Marvel films for example are huge, but the editing in their fight scenes is sometimes exactly like WWE, just shaky quick citting messes of action, wheras something like John Wick might try to do it better, yet isn't nearly as broad in terms of demographic.


Man school messed me up on that. You count up to 3 or 5 seconds on any scripted show and you can expect a cut to a different camera within those seconds. Worked 99% of the time and it was wild to see it happen in real time. And usually any film or show that doesn't do that very intentionally does that to be artisy.


You notice a lot of film makers/showrunners who are allowed to do whatever they want (Nolan, Fincher, Gilligan etc) they all just edit normally. Like, they edit based upon what seems right for each individual moment. But the director for hire types which is probably like 80% of the industry, they seem to edit like there's a time limit of a few seconds on how long a shot can be, like as if there's some imaginary metronome where if a shot is longer than 10 or 15 seconds without a movement, explosion or a cut a viewer might fall asleep.


Do you think that cutting like that reduces retakes? Is it jus an efficiency thing at this point? If you are director for hire. i doubt you really care about the final product and just want your money.


Nah because the actors do the same thing for the same amount of time regardless of how it's cut later. In some specific cases maybe, but the vast majority of the time it's a lack of confidence in an audiences attention span.


It's faster in the sense that it's easier to cobble together a scene from multiple takes that get the good part from each take versus doing a long take and having everything perfect in that long take. And it's because they often shoot around costars schedules. Most big budget films have rapid cuts because the actors are talking to body doubles of tbe other actors. Cut to person a speaking to back of the head of person b, cut to person b talking to back of head of person a. I think some infinity war actors didn't meet until the press tour. None of the illuminati in dr strange 2 were on the stage at the same time, it was all cut together.


If you sit and look out for this sort of stuff it's actually crazy how common it is. I noticed it while watching Brooklyn 99. Constant camera zooms and cuts.


Sure but if you don't notice it without looking for it, it's fine. WWE editing is distracting and one of the reasons I stopped watching.


Haven't noticed it in B99 tbh, but I feel like it's less jarring in scripted comedies.


Facial expressions are huge in scripted comedy so cutting frequently can let you see relevant reactions better. Just finished Dollface the other day, and that show cuts about as much as an average WWE match, but it actually works for that show really well.


But WWE matches aren't quick scenes or television fight scenes. You're not getting rid of dead space or putting actions right up against each other. You're just taking one normal-paced action and cutting to it eleven times. When Marvel does it, it's because their actors haven't trained enough to pull off the choreography and a lot of people hate it, too.


Movies and TV shows do it even for dialogue scenes, just it gets worse in action scenes. I'm not defending WWE or shitting on Marvel, just explaining why WWE do it and used Marvel as an example.


Dialogue makes sense if it's cutting to the person speaking. The cut isn't distracting from the action because there's no action. It's like playing video games where the face in the dialogue box charges. Action is completely different.


Often though they cut to reactions for things that don't need a reaction for no story reasons, just simply that they want to keep people's eyes occupied. Like let's say character A is sat a a table talking about liking pizza, it takes him 15 seconds to speak. In that 15 seconds they might cut like 5 times to show 3 different people doing absolutely nothing, just listening. Once you notice it, it drives you crazy. Film school has made a certain kind of film/TV completely unwatchable to me 😂. Edit: Basically like WWE or AEW cutting to random audience members constantly for no reason, sometimes instead of showing a thing that is actually happening in the ring.


Fuck, I hope I forget what you said the next time I watch TV. You know what this reminds me of? Drug commercials where they just show random happy things while they list the horrible side effects.


I don't think those producers think it appeals to younger viewers either, at least not anyone over 13. It's just another cost saving maneuver. The shaky cam hides poor choreography, stunt doubles, and makes framing irrelevant. Basically, it's just a way for studios to put in a lot less effort.


I love how easily anecdotal evidence is upvoted on Reddit as long as it supports your opinion. Like, yeah, this guy totally talks to random young people on their thoughts on quick camera cuts.


Quips and snarky remarks are what reddit loves more than anything


You asking a bunch of teenagers how they like their television produced?


Most people claim to hate the laugh tracks, but it was well researched that it helps the audience enjoy the show


Geriatric media executives saw TikTok (and the trends leading to it) and immediately concluded that they cant produce anything where a single idea lingers more than 10 seconds on the mind of the viewer. Its one of the worst trends in entertainment imo


Dude, this attitude has existed WAY longer than TikTok.


MTV was doing shitty camerawork with zooms and spins and shit in the 90s.


And it should have stayed there. Low Def TV it worked but in HD TV it is nauseating.


The 90s in general was a camerawork cesspool. Remember the shows that would film entire scenes at an angle? Like it'd be a basic ass interview, but the camera would be at 45 degrees rather than upright.


This dovetails in with the now-common occurrence of having a short preview of the preview of the movie you're about to watch play before you watch the actual preview of the movie. Which is fuckin' ridiculous but I'm sure there's marketing analytics being used to support it.


I saw a lot of people going crazy over Mr Beasts short with Gordon Ramsay, there are like 46 cuts/edits/effects in the first 10 seconds, lots of people love that stuff and apparently it’s how you keep people engaged with short form video.


And it might work for shot videos but this is a 2 & 3 hour show doing it


How many 12-17 year olds do you know?


I have a large extended family. So quite a few actually.


I doubt if it is true too, but I will admit that recently I tried to re-watch an episode of RAW from just 20 years ago, and I couldn't help but notice how so many of the segments were so static, and just too long. It was an episode that had a segment that I remember fondly, but now it came across as a little boring.


Quick cuts is one thing.. but there is no excuse for the insanity of camera zooming and shaking they do. It doesn’t make the show look more exciting. It’s just nauseating and makes it hard to even see what’s happening. It’s amazing a company that prides itself on high production quality all around is so inept at basic camera work.


Product of the time. Try watching the Bourne movies and you realize their action scenes are shit now.


they always were bad but the movie that is the worst offender of this shaky cam with 10 cuts per second style is by far Crank


Taken 3


But Crank was using it as a device of the chaotic situation Chev was in. His body was literally being run by adrenaline, caffeine, cocaine and horny. It's one of the few examples of this style of shooting that I've thoroughly enjoyed because it added to the hilarity and absurdity. Plus most of it was well lit and fairly clear despite the choppy cutting, so it wasn't half as bad as others who were just obscuring everything into incomprehensible visual porridge.


Imagine how ridiculous *Crank* would look if they just used long takes shot from across the street? Actually, it sounds so bad that I kinda want to see that version.


I always laugh at the scene in Looper, when they show Bruce Willis arriving in the past the second time. The first time it's shown it has all the requisite closeups and fast cuts to make it suitably tense. Second time, it's one shot, static from a good distance away, and JGL fumbles with his weapon before Bruce drops him with one punch and just strolls away. It's just so funny and I'm not entirely sure why.


Not action, but the dance scenes in Chicago are woof.


Batman Begins is pretty bad with that too


Funny that everyone is naming examples of movies that released around Hogan’s last WWE run and, thus, the birth of the shaky cam. It’s a 2000s ADHD style that needs to die. Reject shaking, return to 1990s Japanese style


I saw an action shot of She-Hulk and it was literally as nauseating as what WWE does.


https://youtu.be/3S15QTEW59I This video explains the psychology behind quick cuts.


If it's entrenched in the staff there nothing is going to change it drastically. The best I could see is at least AEW levels of cuts. NJPW is by far the best. Not only to they hold on the action and their camera men are on point, but they way they frame the action is much better.


NJPW is the criterion of wrestling cinematography. To me the greatest shot in wrestling is always gonna be that mega zoom out right before Okada does the rainmaker


That's great and all but how about that time Ibushi tried to land a top rope hurricanrana onto Ospreay and he landed on his feet? Ibushi's reaction was God-tier and the camera man and crew did a great job capturing that moment. So much so that that very clip turned into a meme. Unbelievable!


>NJPW is the criterion of wrestling cinematography. [Amen.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRWSgHAY02Y)


And the close shots for Shibat that AEW has used for Hook too.


Love the EVIL-zoom in as well though.


"NJPW is cinema" Martin Scorsese, I guess


The low angle they always manage to get of Tanahashi's Ace's High always looks incredible as well.


See also that time Karl Anderson landed a gun stun during the zoom out.


*after after Best Friends give each other a hug


I like the zoom they do for rhe bell ring.


Hell yeah baby take that sea sickness medicine and enjoy your wrestling RAWWWWWW


They also eat KitKat bars sideways I imagine


And corn the long way


Deep throat that corn


You already know


My God ... The horror!


I guess i’m in this audience..


Shouldn't eat KitKats at all. Fuck Nestle.


Fire them all


This is how management works? Bucky is in charge, he taught everyone what he expects. New blood comes in, assuming HHH doesn’t want that shit anymore, they’ll unlearn it.


This is my biggest barrier to trying RAW again. It makes me physically ill.


It doesn't make me ill or anything but it's just super distracting and annoying.


Yeah, like distractingly annoying to the point you literally turn it off because following it isn't worth the effort for the lack of commensurate entertainment.


Yeah, it becomes waaaay more noticeable when you go watch other companies and then go back to WWE.


No joke after watching New Japan it drives me crazy


Watching a 2 camera indy broadcast where one of those cams is the hard cam and then going back to raw is nauseating


That’s when I *really* noticed it, after binging a bunch of Stardom’s house shows where they don’t have many cuts and only a few cameras.


Agreed, it's a non-starter for me. Ever since the Shield debuted and they started moving the camera around like a maniac during their attacks WWE has gotten more and more difficult to follow.


Same here dude. Shit makes my head hurt.


It's the shaky camera then cutting to another camera that's not shaky that make me ill.


I can't even watch clips of the action a lot of the time. There was one posted about a week ago where it was fine until, like, the last \~minute of the action, when it started cutting constantly. I had to quit the video.


I'm the same, find myself getting a sore head and eyes anytime i have tried to watch a full WWE match.


My three barriers are not keeping heels/characters consistent (like heels standing out in the ring cheering for a Randy Orton or Cena celebration which makes no sense), the commentary and camera work. I think the heels/consistent characters things now is fixed if Triple H treats them seriously like he did in NXT. So 1 down 2 to go!


How about they just fire people until Monday Night Raw camerawork isn't the worst thing on television


If true this is terrible. Maybe they should add an old person mode, like SAP where there can just be a normal standard, non moving ring camera.


Want to gets subs on Peacock they should do this as a simulcast. Heck the NFL on Amazon and CBS has done Simulcasts and it’s been successful.


And this is why I have 0 interest in watching WWE again even if Vince and Dunn are gone


There are two people in WWE that stand in my way of watching it again: Kevin Dunn and Corey Graves. Get rid of Dunn, and I’ll happily watch Smackdown again because I am curious as to how Cole sounds without Vince screaming in his ear now.


That's disappointing


honestly that is the biggest barrier to entry for me and WWE. like it's not just an aesthetic thing, like i don't like the look of it. it actually makes me feel nauseated and sea-sick when i watch clips of WWE on streamable.


Same. I don't care how good the shows get, I can't watch with the shaky cam and constant zooms.


Then fire them too


John Ottman won an oscar [for this.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PwKL6ecssk) Let's stop pretending this is a Kevin Dunn problem and not an industry problem when dog shit like that gets rewarded.


The story behind it is that, reportedly, it's masterful editing. As in that the fact the movie was coherent and people are only talking about the cuts was apparently an amazing job considering the mess it was behind the scenes.


I think the band really pushed the filmmakers for equal screen time in scenes that weren’t exclusively about Freddie. That’s why you see things like 2 reaction shots of the other band members as that dude sits down. And if he didn’t meet this demand the band would retract the music rights and thus no film. It’s 100% an award for what went on behind the scenes vs what’s on the screeen.


Lmao holy shit that's not good.


Man I thought it seemed to mellow out in the mid point, but then the last third was vomit inducing.


Honestly, I have a much bigger problem with the camera focus and positioning than the actual number of cuts in that scene.


Good lord I nearly went cross eyed at cut 10.


That's Godfather level editing compared to WWE.


I KNEW it was going to be this scene. God, this movie fucking sucks.


This is bad, but this is also just 4 people sitting at a table, it's tolerable because we can still keep track of what's happening, who everyone is, with folks moving, flipping over each other, all the movement that comes with wrestling, it's a lot more exhausting to keep track of what's happening


I don't agree with the distinction. It is both equally exhausting on the eyes to keep up with


This is so frustrating. Bohemian Rhapsody's editing (the movie itself also) is fucking abysmal


Bohemian Rhapsody getting praised while Rocketman got snubbed is a travesty.


I really can’t. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I can’t do it. It honestly makes me nauseous with vertigo-like symptoms. For the sake of the wrestling business, I hope their new direction brings more viewers, more competition, and more spots for men and women to display their craft and make all the human monies they can. I hope it helps to usher in a new, more professional, less carny, less sex-pest business in the year of our lord 2022. But if they continue with their specific breed of camera production, I can’t be a part of it.


Even if WWE changed back to WWF Even if WWE had great storylines and stars Even if the ppv's had unique stages I still wouldn't watch because of the way its shot


Honestly even despite the camera cuts not changing, I want that doofus out cus he doesn't need to give one more goddamn opinion on any of the women's roster. That steams me more than anything. Either be the wizard who controls the universe in the back of the van (thanks Mox) or don't do anything.


… *why?*


shaky cam and what not hides how utterly fake most of their strikes look. seriously, it's a problem.


Outside brawling in particular. The strikes always look like shit. In AEW/Impact you just get to see the shitty fake fighting in all it's glory


That makes the strong style guys look more strong IMO. Like a Mox lariat looks way more impactful than a Bucks superkick, and they're presented as such.


Yes Bryan’s kicks look vicious.


Yet no other company does it as obnoxiously as WWE if at all. And even WWE never had to do this for decades including during their most popular years. The shaky cam shit is just Kevin Dunn trying to pretend he’s some cutting edge modern producer. And as he’s part of Vince’s inner circle no one has been able to tell him how shit it is


Because they were hired and trained by Dunn probably. It's not like he'd surround himself with people who disagree with his style.


They get paid per cut.


Uggghhh....this sucks. It is ridiculous, like last night there was a part between Bayley, and Bianca and I swear there was 20 camera cuts in about 10 seconds. Its was almost like they were doing it on purpose! I bet some people have to take Dramamine to curtail their motion sickness from all of the camera cuts.




Was that the one with the foot chase and shaky cam from hell?


People like the cuts and shaking!?!?! 😟😟😞😞😖😖😵😵


I've noticed the headache inducing cuts in Impact over the past few months too.


Ok. TV news guy here and I’m going to be objective because I don’t agree with the dudes takes. I think KD’s influences is pretty extensive because at the end of all the specials you see him credited as executive producer. My EP is the final say as to what goes on the air. You have the assignment editor who gives the reporters the stories. The regular producers put the shows together tells me what anchor is reading what story. And me as the director pushes the buttons to make the anchor/reporters pop up on air. And I’m not infallible. Sometimes I’ll code something wrong and the wrong anchor will pop up and that’s how you get the stupid news bloopers most of the time. The way I see WWE is a little different. KD has a lot of stroke and influence backstage for whatever reason but in his actual job it skips the steps and he is just a producer in the truck telling their technical director (Kerwin White) what shots to take and when. It is probably ab edict to the camera men to do the dumbest shit they can with their cameras. Essentially. It’s not only KD. It’s Kerwin White as TD if he ever goes into business for himself and does what I had to do a few times. Take a shot without the producer’s permission. Say the story was a huge crime or human interest piece. The producer would write it out as a mid shot on anchor 1. Me having been in the game for a good bit knew by instinct to take a 2 shot and get a camera on both anchors.


But it makes me so nauseated. Who can watch this without feeling a bit queasy?


This may be true. In the name of science lets do an experiment to test the hypothesis. Lets fire Kevin Dunn and see if the situation improves. If it does, then the theory of Kevin Dunn being the problem will be true. If the issue continues then Kevin will be proven to not be the total problem which would be a shame because we already fired him. Oh well.. only one way to find out. Fire away!


Makes sense. It's not like the camera cuts started when Dunn was hired. They are clearly a choice not a style.


Production isn’t just one guy there’s levels to putting the show together. Getting rid of Dunn is a start but they need to start hiring whole new teams with a different vision and that would take a long time


I haven't really watched WWE in a few years but wanted to check out things with HHH running things but each time I watched during the matches I got super dizzy from the camera work. Hopefully they fix this up, it's a bummer not to be able to watch.


I turned on Raw for the first time in ages (for obvious reasons) and I could only handle about 30 seconds of Gable/Ziggler before I wanted to barf. I always thought people were being overly critical, but as someone susceptible to motion sickness, it was unwatchable


Then all those people need to go. It’s so stupid that they think that makes the product look better. It just makes them look inept.


Lol of course it's more complicated than just Kevin Dunn. Kevin Dunn is just one of like 3 WWE executives the Internet knows, so everything gets put on him


Idk I really don’t notice it unless I’m specifically looking for it. But I’m sure it effects some people although i think it’s overblown


I didn't even really notice it myself until someone pointed it out on here a while back and it made watching tough for a few weeks. It was like The Game where you can go a long time not thinking about it then bam.




It’s only noticeable when it happens at certain times like during a move or during runs ins or like when edge came back in the rumble besides that it makes it look interesting


My issue is like the Edge thing where they miss really important things. They've had to release multiple YouTube videos to re-edit things so you can see the important bits. Roman's fucking face during AJ's debut. 🤦🏻 lmao


There's definitely times where it's really bad (outside brawling and corner punches are usually horrible) but 99% of the time it doesn't even register


It's not overblown at all


It's pretty overblown when people are saying "It LITERALLY makes me nauseous and seasick and have a big headache and have an epileptic seizure and poop my pants!" like happens every time this subject comes up, including mutliple times in this thread. It's annoying but people make it sound like it's an attempt on their life on here.


Would you say people who get motion sickness from VR or car sickness is overblown?


Undermining other people's experiences because you don't experience what they're going through is never a good thing


I think it's a good thing, quit undermining my experience


95% of the "I get PHYSCIALLY ILL" people are completely full of shit. That said, I want the cuts to go away.




Camera cuts help hide “the magic” of the product in the HD era. Either you do that or you work stiff.


So there is some good things about the way WWE’s cameras are set up and dynamic cuts do work. The problem is when we missed a huge chunk of the action which happens a lot. Like way to much for a program that’s on top networks. I just want more consistent camera shots.


It's a shame. They could book the show around my favorite wrestlers with my shut-ass fantasy booking and I still wouldn't watch it because it gives me a headache


I figured. NXT has a bunch of cuts and zooms, too, and Dunn has nothing to do with that.


Any big changes to WWE's production can't be made overnight. A full change in production direction, including camera work, would need to be meticulously planned and practiced.


Such an underrated set


The fact that this fucking discussion comes up as frequently as it does should be enough for triple h to just tell the camera men to quit doing this shit.


makes perfect sense to produce a wrestling show catered towards 12-17 year olds when every single week they are high in the 18-49 demo. even 12-17 year olds aren't fooled by the god awful camera work in the WWE.


Its the number 1 thing that has to go. AEW is way more tolerable to watch. Not because it's production is better. It's just not offensively bad like WWE.


You don't have to fire anyone. Just have a meeting on how things are going to be going forward, and write out a new list of Dos and Don'ts. I used to have a problem with the camera cuts starting in the fall of 2000 when I noticed it. It's now devolved 20x worse to the point of lunacy and making me physically ill. Other times I've had to watch a posted clip of a spot several times just to understand what it happening because they break the 180 rule 3-4 times in a one move.


What about the production design of using LED boards to make everything the same colour red? The font choices of "3rd grade science fair project"?


I always found it weird how people only blame Kevin Dunn for it. He's given instructions like everyone else. If they didn't like the camera cuts they would tell him to stop doing it.


It’s not really weird he’s the most senior guy in production there. It’s literally his job to dictate how the show looks and this would be on him




I was willing to give WWE a chance with the new creative change, but their product is literally unwatchable for me with their camera work. Looks like I’ll just be sticking to AEW.


They should hire someone who worked at Mnet or KBS who did camera work for Kpop stage performances if they really want to keep the camera zooms and shakes.


Thats incredibly disappointing. I was stoked to give WWE a chance again given the good things Ive heard HHH has been doing. I had to stop watching after the triple threat between AJ, Miz and Ali. Id hoped the shooting style would retire with Vince.


I will 100% return to watching WWE if the camera production reverts back to what it used to be. I can't say this anymore directly, I literally stopped watching WWE not because of the storyline or wrestlers, it is 100% because of the presentation.


It's fine. I just take some Dramamine before each show so I don't get sick.


I’ve been saying this for fucking **years** and have been getting downvoted every time. **If WWE wanted less cuts and zooms, it would take ONE production meeting and one line from the boss to tell them not to do it. This is their style.**


So in other words, abandon all hope of it becoming watchable again. Sick.


As a 24 yr old man, I’ve never noticed those “shaky cuts” and zooming in spots. It has never bothered me even once, y’all are exaggerating.


People really aren't, but ok


It’s really not that big of a deal…


It is if people aren't watching because of it


Do you watch any other wrestling that isn't WWE?




This is not surprising. If Triple H, Steph, or Vince didn't like it. Dunn would have stopped it a long time ago. Bottom line is that it doesn't bother the folks who are in charge. WWE likely did some type of survey or a media consultant recommended that this type of zooming and cuts appealed to a younger audience. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Stephanie that pushed for this to happen. If you read any interviews she has done in the past, she is always looking for new innovations in production.


The weird thing is Dunn has been there forever and i don't remember camera cuts being this massive thing back in the new generation, attitude era or ruthless aggression era back in the day when i see it on the network. Maybe it started when they went HD? And even then it wasn't as bad as it got maybe 4 years ago


I think it started with The Shield beatdowns.


It’s a combo of HD cameras and wanting to be safer for the performers after You Know Who Did You Know What. Misses are common now and things get exposed in HD, since it picks up EVERYTHING.


I think this is such a overblown internet thing. The only time it’s really noticeable for me is when it’s a multi person brawl or something. But that’s fine because it’s literally going for a chaotic what the hell is going on look. The in ring camera cuts actually enhance the product for me except when they miss a shot like last night.


It's actually one of the main reasons I don't watch. The constant camera cuts and shakey stuff is incredibly annoying and makes it hard for me to watch the shows.


Alvarez says it's vomit inducing. That's bit of an exaggeration lol


I've seen people argue its seizure inducing lol, like almost all things on the internet the hyperbole is strong on this subject.


Maybe it’s because I have watched wwe now for over 20 years, and I am aware of the camera cuts but they have never given me a headache or made me feel sick. I believe they probably do bother a few people but I bet a lot of people are just making it up to have something to complain about.


I didn't notice until I started watching other promotions and now I can't unsee it.