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Did anyone else have an aneurysm trying to read the title in full or is it just me


Right. I was trying to figure out if someone else put it there to troll, and just now it hit me that Dunn is likely the one who put the flag up


His attitude towards women, minorities and everyone that works under him. Yep! General rich republican right there.


Shocking development from a guy who had a job handed to him by his Daddy's friend and a virtual guarantee that he'd never lose his job as long as he's in charge. It's almost like that would breed an absurd amount of entitlement in a person.


seriously what is that title


/r/Titlegore Not the Reddit OP, talking about Fightful


"WWE doesn't get political": Staff, talent claim Trump 2020 flag was taped to production truck while at Thunderdome I wrote headlines for too long, I can't turn it off.


Good, at least your compulsion gives us coherent headlines!!!


"I can't turn it off!": Redditor claims writing headlines is a compulsion Oh no, IT'S SPREADING!


"It's devastating": Headline writing plague spreads on Reddit


"It's just a karma grab": Man jumps on Reddit comment chain, turns joke Meta.


Punctuation is not a thing!


When people claim grammar is no big deal on social media cause “you get what I mean”


I dont get the “taped crudely” part. Was that chintzy flag going to be stored by behind a glass case like some battlefield relic? Or were we expecting neat job of taping like a 4th grader versus a preschooler and didnt get it? Idiotic.


I thought i w as habbing a stroke halveway threw through


I can't believe I had to scroll this far down to find this comment


They are words. What I get is that soon after the whole "WWE doesn't get political", Dunn taped crudely a Trump sign on one of his own production truck.


Jim Cornette about to rush into that truck like Brian Pillman with a gun


"Where is that fucking beaver?"




Kevin Dunn? A Trump supporter? I'll try very very very hard to contain my shock...


Triple h and steph are too lol


Are people genuinely surprised by this information?


Most rich people were.


i have family that pretended not to like him and still voted R eventually for $$ reasons, lol


It’s kinda wild people are shocked. Rich white people only caring about their rich white interests 🤯


Back when Charles Barkley was a Republican, I remember reading an interview where he said his mother asked him "Why do you go for the Republicans? They only care about the rich," and he replied, "Mama, I am the rich."


It's not just rich people. Almost half the voters in the country supported him. Even without the direct ties between Trump-world and the McMahon family, it still would be asinine to assume that there are no Trump supporters in the locker room or the back office of a company as large as the WWE.




Oh! Oh! I know! Is it [this](https://www.history.com/.image/t_share/MTYxMzAzODQ1Mjk5ODI0MTE3/kkk_immigrants_gettyimages-514702614.jpg)?


Are they really


The entire family is


Not surprised; Vince is Don Jr's Biological father /s


Wasn't this a kayfabe news headline?


It's a conspiracy theory that's been around for a while.


Don Jr looks more like Vince than he looks like Trump


He also sounds quite a bit like Shane.


And Eric looks like something went wrong in the Donnie T cloning process


Well Linda did work in his administration, so it makes sense they were all supporters.


My dude, not only did Linda work in the Trump admin, she was also one of his top fundraisers after she left the SBA post.


She still works for him as head of his PAC.


Actually she quit. So she is now X-pac




Source on that? She's still listed as the Chair of the Board on the site and she was part of the America First Agenda Summit a couple weeks ago


Source: me just making a bad pun lol


fair enough


The bastard PAC?


It really is a bastard’s PAC.


More enablers, than anything. His policies align with corporate greed. Why bite the hand that feeds?


The entire family supports Linda. Individual politics might be separate. Steph and HHH seem to be awfully inclusive of sexual orientations for a group of people on the MAGA train. I'd venture to think that they may be more on the moderate side of things, though publicly they wont say anything to directly counter their mother's political ambitions.


They’re publicly inclusive because it makes corporate sense. This says nothing about their personal views.


Ehh the way Triple H treats his employees of color and different sexual orientation at least to me shows his personal views are similar to his corporate views. The way he treated Sonya Deville coming out during Tough Enough was super kind




Did I just mean to say that? I don't think so, but be that as it may, we're live


FWIW when the George Floyd murder went down, HHH had a meeting with the NXT roster and encouraged anybody who had any issues to speak up. I found that really admirable. Here is the article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2020/06/09/wwe-triple-h-black-lives-matter-meeting-nxt-12825158/amp/


And Vince had no issue with New Day taking a knee on tv. Still doesn’t change who they voted for


Wasn't the XFL going to ban players from taking a knee?


I'd like to think that Triple H has matured and grown as a person - doesn't seem to be the same person he was back in the 2000s at least. But maybe it's just the good faith he's built in us after NXT, a large reason as to why I got back into WWE. He's better than Vince but that's a low bar, so let's hope he is genuinely self-improving with time.


I think Steph is probably close to Vince and Linda but I bet HHH is more moderate and just goes along to get along.


He spent a lot of time with Nash, so hopefully some of it rubbed off.


HHH's friend group is a mixed bag. HBK and Nash are liberal, Road Dogg and Hall are conservative. He's probably somewhere in-between.


LOL!! HBK is not liberal at all. Dude is right wing.


I don't know about Hall, but isn't Road Dogg full QANON?


Is HBK really liberal?


knowing Paul


This is how I feel as well


There are members of Congress for example that have gay family members and are supportive of them go to the weddings etc but then give speeches and vote against gay marriage and civil rights protections for them etc....


Hey now, Liz Cheney had to. It was the only way to win her primary. And winning a seat in office is far more important than principles. /s


Vince had a gay man as his right hand and the face of the company and most pushed man of the last decade is a POC. Doesn’t change who he voted for.


Or the most likely scenario: they're super rich so the only policies they truly care about are those that will help them keep being super rich, and use diversity corporate-speak in their business as a way to pander for dollars while supporting politicians who campaign on anti-LGBTQ stances.


Exactly. The higher up the social class a person is, the less it becomes about ideals and more about what helps them keep making money.


Yeah you can go on Twitter and see pictures back in 2020


People need to remember that no matter how happy you are with a HHH booking decision, how entertained you are by an actor's summer blockbuster movie or how blown away you are by the performance of your favorite athlete there is one thing that will always be true: There's this imaginary horizontal line in life where the rich people are above in and the rest of us are below it. The two sides are NOT the same at all. We might all live on the same planet but we sure as shit don't share the same reality.


Celebrity worship is the worst, man. Parasocial relationships have caused a large chunk of the population to absolutely take leave of their senses and give up their dignity and self-respect.


This shit is convenient, but there’s a lot more than two lines. If you’re a white male that makes 60k a year, that may seem a light year away from HHH. Well below that line, but thing is there’s an awful lot of people below you, living and entirely different reality. Ironically, even amongst the Top 1% they likely draw lines, it’s why the greed is never ending. If you’re a multi millionaire, you’re life is nothing like a billionaire, so that’s what you’re striving for. Fact is we live in a society that encourages us to not be happy with what we have (our reality) and that’s the case regardless of your salary or position.


Iirc, even Trump himself has remained an outcast among the true high-society of NY for all his life, in spite of being a billionaire. "Old money" rejected him and always saw him as a nouveau riche prole. A lot of his behavior can be explained with the narcissistic wound caused by that.


This just in, rich people vote to become richer, more at 7.


People are surpised at this when most top pro-wrestlers live in Florida specifically because theres no state income tax?


Lots of entertainers live in FL because of income tax. In the case of WWE, Vince lived there first, but with TNA taping there and FCW being established that lead to wrestlers moving there too.


What if I told you that wrestling promotions set up shop there also for tax incentive reasons?


I'd ask whether Deleware was actually better to incorporate in.


A lot of people in wrestling are, Jericho, the Khan family, Glenn Jacobs, Ryker Funny how Cornette and Foley are the biggest trump haters


Kevin Nash is surprisingly progressive as well.


Nash at least to me always seemed like a super chill dude. On his podcast he talked about his upbringing in Detroit and his mom. Super interesting stuff. So it’s not surprising to me his progressive


I've been meaning to listen to his podcast. That good?


Ive enjoyed it for sure I’ve always liked how Nash tells stories though. Best episode was the first one about Scott Hall. But Nash seems to want to review modern wrestling and has good chemistry with his Cohost so I definitely recommend it


Nash seems to be able to critique both sides which I like it shouldn't be one side is always right and one is always wrong even tho I lean way more left than right.


Wolfpack 4 life


And Batista!


He’s from a blue collar union city. Shouldn’t be shocking.


Why is it funny that Foley dislikes Trump? That's the least surprising one.


It’s funny to me with the personalities of Cornette and Foley and how polar opposites they are


It's kinda hilarious to me that Cornette is 80% of all deep south tropes rolled into a person, and Vince Russo is from New York, but its Russo who's super Conservative and Cornette who's (mostly) liberal


Most born and raised New Yorkers with Russo’s personality are super conservative.


> It's kinda hilarious to me that Cornette is 80% of all deep south tropes rolled into a person Tbf, Louisville has been a blue city since the 60s.


Has a lot to do with Cornette being atheist and Russo born again Christian


I will say "Khan Family" is doing some heavy lifting. Shad gave Trump a lot of money in 2016, then shittalked the fuck out of him later. Tony has done p much nothing in the realm of politics. But he has been a public supporter of BLM, Stop Asian Hate, and Pride Month.


Shad Khan did the thing all these rich fucks do, which is to hedge his bets to gain political favor for his businesses. He donates to both Republicans and Democrats. He had donated money to both Trump and Hillary. But the dude's personal identity is that of a Muslim immigrant who detests racism, so of course he was constantly criticizing the Trump administration.


The Khans are probably like most billionaire businessmen: socially liberal, economically conservative.


Tk is registered to run as a democrat he’s filed paperwork for it https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/02/10/tony-khan-files-to-run-for-congress/amp/


i love when scjerk posters say "the Khan family" when they mean specifically Shad Khan, to misleadingly try to include Tony who had nothing to do with it.


rich white people being republicans really be a surprise anymore


Wrestlers very often are, especially the older ones. Independent contractors / small business owners with limited education. They're GOP base.


So is Randy Orton


Wouldn't even be shocking If he did that because he knew Vince liked Trump.


According to the article, Vince probably never saw the flag and (according to talent that spoke to Fightful) said that he would've discouraged it if he did see it.


Vince is just like Trump insofar as he likely doesn't have any real political views or opinions on "issues." He just does whatever he thinks will benefit his bottom line


And the whole sexual harassment thing


Don't forget wanting to have sex with their own daughters


Yes, quite


Also ketchup steak wraps


He’s a rich dude. I understand the thought of “well I like him so he must support my politics” but at the end of the day he’s married into a family of billionaires. There’s no way he votes for anyone other than a republican.


I imagine that’s why Dunn does anything. He must be very confused without Vince there. Like an animal losing their method of navigation. I’m not even kidding. Guy’s career and life was designed around pleasing this one person that’s no longer there. Even if he doesn’t get canned like people are anticipating, it feels like he would have a hell of a time trying to change how he does things after decades.


Kevin Dunn won't try to change much, he'll just try crawling up Nick Khan's ass instead of Vince's ass.


It's weird how much people are willing to make up about a person they don't know all that much about


*A wild Jim Cornette appears*


“Bucky Beaver-looking motherfucker!”


Somewhere in Louisville, Jim Cornette is seething while mumbling about a "bucky-beaver mother fucker".


His hatred for that man is so great. Love it.


After hearing his Kid Rock at Summerslam rant on the drive-thru, I can't wait to see if this gets called to his attention.


I read this in his voice and laughed


After all the shit that happened in the wrestling world this year, this is pretty much the least shocking story to come out.


WWE doesn't get political — it's just that Vince and Linda used tons of money they made from wrestling fans to donate to the fraudulent Trump Foundation, before it got shut down for illegal activity. Oh, and Linda McMahon was part of Donald's cabinet, until she left her cabinet position to run his re-election PAC in 2020. Not only are the McMahons huge Trump supporters, but many of the other people in charge of that company are Trump supporters, too. Other than that, WWE doesn't get political. [Why is WWE Listed as the Trump Foundation's Biggest Donor?](https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/04/20/why-is-wwe-listed-as-the-trump-foundations-biggest-donor/?sh=791b96e95f90) [Judge signs off on shutdown of Trump Foundation after ‘pattern of illegality’](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/dec/18/trump-foundation-shutdown-lawsuit) [Linda McMahon to leave Cabinet for Trump 2020 PAC](https://www.politico.com/story/2019/03/29/linda-mcmahon-to-resign-as-head-of-small-business-administration-1243495)


> Why is WWE Listed as the Trump Foundation's Biggest Donor? Holy shit this part though: >A notable gift for any charity, it was especially significant for Trump’s foundation, which took in just $4.1 million in total donations in 2007. It was also a large sum by WWE’s standards, representing 8% of the company’s 2007 net profits. EIGHT PERCENT of WWE's 2007 net profit. That's... astounding to me.




Linda literally chaired his Super PAC




other way around. She was head of the SBA and was then made Chair of the America First Policy Institute where she remains to this day


The very unfortunate reality is most super wealthy people from all walks of life are Trump supporters/vote Republican. I mean Lil Wayne voted Trump, it’s for the lower taxes. EDIT: As I’ve been reminded, Wayne is a felon and cannot vote. Point being, supported him because he knew how Trump could benefit him.


Lil Wayne is a convicted felon and cannot vote. Lil Wayne supported Trump in order to get clemency, which he received. So did Kodak Black. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/20/politics/lil-wayne-kodak-black-trump/index.html


>Lil Wayne supported Trump in order to get clemency, we live in the dumbest fucking timeline, man


Yeah blanked on that fact. Feel like the overall point still stands, but I could’ve picked a better celebrity Trump supporter.


Yeah there’s a large number of people who supported him just because of how it benefited them or their company.




I’m pretty sure he’s a resident of FL and lives in Miami full time. 50 cent claims that Wayne was paid to publicly support Trump, as did other. [source](https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/50-cent-claims-lil-wayne-paid-support-president-trump-election)


lil Wayne got his federal weapons charges pardoned by trump, I’d say that’s much much more likely why he voted and was photographed with him


thats hilarious, i have underestimated lil wayne


Wayne also got a pardon from Trump so that might have been a contributing factor to his support. He was facing 10 years in prison before the pardon


*skirting taxes


I believe 50 Cent did as well but I could be wrong. He was posting on Instagram about voting for Trump before the elections in 2020 but I’m not sure he ever outright voiced his support for Trump’s re-election.


That’s why Dunn ain’t getting fired: with Vince gone, Hunter still needs someone he can point at and say, “That bad idea is because of…”


I see what you mean. but I think Dunn has ran out of times being a fall guy. once everyone realizes someone is being a fall-guy, it starts to look bad on the employer for not getting rid of them. it's better to put the blame on someone anonymous, like one of their writers.


Is Dunn ever used as a fall guy outside of people online assuming that's what he's used for?


IIRC Dunn got blamed for the WWE Diva Search and Katie Vick (though conflicting sources say Vick was legitimately his idea). So there's that, at least. It's also been said he’s the one responsible 18 seconds because he hated both Bryan and Sheamus, though that probably backfired in regards to Bryan.


You could fire him, but you do a live show three times a week. It’s hard to shake up the entire workflow when everything flows through a guy like Dunn. If they do, it would be around the holidays when they tape a few shows and you could get some reps in with the replacement. He’s too integral to the production at this point.


There are plenty of people who can serve as fall guy without getting $5M/year in compensation and controlling the overall look and feel of the TV product.


Much like Shakey camera was put on Dunn even though people from the company have stated that it's not Dunn's project? EDIT: I see Bryan Alvarez tweeted about this because it's on the front page. Funny. I got this from a comment from someone who recently left the company who is totally unrelated to Bryan.


>Triple H was photographed with the rest of the McMahon's In a family picture in the Oval Office with all of the kids after Linda's swearing in. That doesn't really mean anything.


Go hunting for FEC contributions. He and Stephanie gave $2700 to Chris Christie's presidential campaign back in 2015.


Yah I actually thought it was notable that Triple H donated to some Republicans, but none since Trump ran for President.


He might have held back, considering that his mother-in-law was part of Trump's administration...




Desantis gave wwe special privileges after the pandemic started so they could film. All it took was a hefty donation to desantis


I seem to recall outside of the blatant bribery there were a bunch of illegal things about that donation but honestly at this point there have been so many illegal things between Trump, Linda and DeSantis that I can't sort them all out anymore.


Do you really think Paul is on ANY terms with the former president? I mean that as a genuine question. I can’t see any reason Triple H would be on radar or consequential to a guy like Trump. I doubt he cares about his billionaire buddy’s son in law any more than Vince gives a shit about The Donald Children.


this feels like a non-story tbh. Kevin Dunn, who had a job for life under Vince, felt the rules didn't apply to him. What a shocker.


It's weird, several people sent in a near two year old photo of something that Vince didn't see and apparently wouldn't have approved of in response to a promo?


Just easy karma farming.


I'm just gonna leave this hear you you all... www.instagram.com/Realpresidentmcmahon


I’m pretty sure they meant on the show they didn’t do politics..


Am I being dense, but I'm not sure why this is shocking? The McMahons have close ties with Trump and lots of guys on the roster are/were MAGA guys. Doesn't seem surprising to me that some people were open about supporting Trump behind the scenes.


Literally no on in this thread is shocked lol.


I'm not talking about people in this thread - I'm referring to Fighting passing this off as some "gotcha" story that people should be upset about. Anyone who follows WWE closely is very aware of the political beliefs of the people who run WWE. They don't hide them.


Aw ok gotcha.


The weird thing is this happened two years ago? Why is this being reported now? As just a gotcha or something? Maybe at the time it’d be relevant but it’s worth dragging up a two year old photo as if it’s huge news worth talking about years later? Just seems like they’re out to get Kevin Dunn or something


> The weird thing is this happened two years ago? Why is this being reported now? It's right in the tweet. It says it was brought up by people in the company after that "WWE is not political" promo that they sent Titus out to do a couple of weeks ago.


This post title gave me a stroke trying to read it.


Who gives a fuck


what a non story. linda was literally part of the trump admin.


Down with Kevin Dunn


What was the “WWE doesn’t get political” promo?


Maybe Titus’ “WWE is a safe space” promo the week Vince retired? I can’t recall any other ones. Edit: just got the Select article, it was indeed the Titus promo.


That joke of a statement they had Titus read.


Amid the Vince allegations they trotted Titus O’Neil out to give a promo about how WWE is a “safe space” regardless of politics


Had to get the self promotion in the tweet. "Approached us Fightful, that's us, Fightful, the people who are tweeting this, Fightful has learned"


Got no sympathy for Dunn but for some reason, I get the feeling someone planted this knowing he/she can get away with Vince gone and fuck Dunn over.


People act like they are so shocked. The former CEO of the company was in his cabinet. Who cares?


Hanging it after the election he lost is so funny, just the perfect encapsulation of these fucking petulant man babies Edit: the second election he lost, fuck the electoral college


motherfuckers act like half the locker room aren’t republicans and agree with Dunn


MAGA: Make Accusations Go Away


Remember like five minutes ago when we were all complimenting cm punk and AEW for letting him express his political opinion on national television. Dude put a sign for the 2020 republican candidate on a truck two years ago who fucking cares it’s a non story


I'm not a Trump fan but I agree with this. There's plenty to dislike Dunn for without using politics.


Linda was literally a member of Trump's cabinet. And then she ran a PAC to re-elect Trump. I'm honestly surprised WWE didn't do a lot more to support Trump. Could have easily given us a Trump vs Biden lookalike storyline.


What’s their point, here? This was 2 years ago and they were in FLORIDA, after all 😂


The biggest nothingburger of a story potentially ever lmao.


well yeah no shit


What a nothing burger of a story.


Isn't the "WWE doesn't get political" thing about the show itself? Doesn't really seem hypocritical, even if I find it distasteful.


Reminder that Retribution were basically a parody of Antifa in the beginning. WWE being hypocrites: Then Now Forever


I think the real story here is someone waited 2 years to leak this because they were waiting for the perfect time. I'd love to know who it was lol


Of course it was.


I'm not a Trump supporter (or a Kevin Dunn supporter for that means), but I feel like this is grasping at straws for a "story". This was during the pandemic so there was no crowd there to see it and it wasn't part of television. And honestly, I know people that flew the Trump 202o flag in 2020, but have since stop supporting him since December (and especially January) of last year. Not to say that the McMahon's stopped supporting him, but I could see them thinking they should be sure and not bring politics into programming.


That's Fightful for you. They'll charge Patreon prices for any story. Can't wait to see their 90th "WWE has interest in bringing ANOTHER released talent back" post.


The least surprising thing I’ve learned about this company


This means nothing lol


Crudely taped? Sounds like a stretch of a story to drive views through political ideological fighting.