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Today is a bad day to be literate.


Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.


Looks like I picked the wrong wrong to quit amphetamines.


Vince is one KANKY dude, probably too k\*nky for TV


No surprise he's boys with trump


He's just a halfass monkey boy!


It's true. It's true.


Republicans and incest always seem to be hand in hand


Man, the more I here about Vince McMahon. The more I am convinced he wants to fuck his family.


Figuratively and literally. The only person immune from this is Linda








"You get *Smackdoooown*"




Technically, she's only "family" according to a piece of paper


Same with Hunter. I got a funny feeling from the beginning of his tenure Vincey Pincey sodomized every single up and coming star to haze them into the business.


Nah just Shawn.


He’s been there, done that. Off to new pastures and a slew of new hush money cases.


I mean Stephanie has flat out said that she has only turned down two storylines - when she was pregnant, Vince wanted to do a story line that he was the dad, and when she said no he suggested that Shane be the dad. She said no again.


I never knew this and felt my skin fucking *crawl* reading this


He hired Bischoff and within a year had him make out with his wife and daughter.


Absolutely crazy to me that he would bury talent that he didn't create, but Eric Bischoff would still get such privileges...


Prichard and Bischoff talked about it on his podcast about Vince getting all excited while directing it. He was like "look at those puppies".. "kiss her dammit".


Vince was molested by his own mother. Of course he's fucked in the head. I doubt he's had therapy.


His therapist would need a therapist while analyzing that mind.


I know it’s a joke, but don’t therapists actually have therapists? So then do those therapists have therapists? And what if those therapists become clients of The original therapist’s, therapist? Therepception


Yep. Therapists have their own. They don’t talk about their clients issues though, just their own. Never diagnose yourself.


Am in school to become a therapist, can confirm, we have therapists to help us also deal with stress of life and clients. Think of it like a spiderweb.


The Sopranos did a really good job at showing this exact situation. Tony Sopranos therapist needed therapy mostly because of how fucked *he* was. Even after a life altering traumatic event happened to her, she was still thinking of Tony. Gabbagool


Yeah my therapist and I are open about it which has been a huge help in me talking about things knowing that we are both growing makes it a little easier subconsciously. Not that she talks to me about those issues but she’s not afraid to give insight using her own experience in similar things. You can only accomplish helping others by being willing to get help yourself.


There's a non-zero chance that this exist. Therapist A goes to therapist B who goes to therapist C, up until therapist Z who goes to therapist A


There is a great (non-fiction) book called [Maybe you should talk to someone ](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37570546-maybe-you-should-talk-to-someone) which deals with this


A Dr. Melfi situation then.


They would need to crush it with their mind vice.


No amount of therapy could fix what is now known as Vince


It wouldn’t necessarily be about “fixing him” but him learning to make conscious changes to some of his self-damaging impulses. Eventually those may become subconscious. It’s like alcoholism; the craving will always be there, but those impulses are combatted.


Honestly he turned out to be a pretty good father all things considered.


What is this based on exactly?


Money probably


He was an absent father though, not even getting into the baby angle he proposed to do with Stephanie. I don’t really see that as being a good father.


IKR? Shane and Stephanie really could have ended much worse.


He was abused as a child, so that often manifests as an adult in that type of behavior.


It really is sad, isn't it? I mean, I'm in no way saying his childhood is an excuse for any of his behavior or should be used to give him a free pass, but at the same time it's kind of understandable that it's caused him to have quite a bit of a skewed view of things.


This is why community and socializing is healing. When you keep yourself accountable to community that is free to perceive, interpret, and judge, you’re more prone to reserve your bad habits. He’s lived in a bubble for a loooooooooong time.


Moreover, lived in a bubble where he was the king of the few people allowed into the bubble.


This is how I have cognitive dissonance about Michael Jackson. He had a lot of behaviors that were questionable and we'll never know 100% about the allegations. But we also know that his father utterly destroyed him in his youth and this was the outcome.


It is a tough one. None of the inappropriate behavior was excusable. But apparently FBI never found shit and some of the accusations didn’t line up. And actually led to lawsuits from the family. But we also know the power that money has over our legal system. So it’ll always be a kinda gross situation and confusing as a fan. Then when you look at it from a macro level, with the abused he suffered in his own childhood, like you mentioned. It’s even more of a sad situation.


The interesting thing to me with that situation is that, with all the molestation claims and scandalous tales of horrific acts perpetuated against children, not once did the authorities question any of his own children. Peed crimes are ones of opportunity, not discernment, and molesters will target their own children first before predating on others. But not one of the kids was a victim of child abuse or sexual abuse from their father, according to both them and people around them. Do I believe he had grossly inappropriate interactions with children? Yes, he had severely arrested development due to his childhood. Do I believe he molested any of the kids he came into contact with? None of the evidence bears this.


> some of the accusations didn’t line up. None of the accusations actually lined up. They all ended up being proven false, admitted to being pushed to lie by parents, or were only held up by the flimsiest potential evidence. But since multiple child actors who were sexually abused by OTHERS in Hollywood all more than once says Michael never abused them and was actually a SAFE place for them, it seems way more like a bunch of lined up hit pieces by more powerful predators in Hollywood making the good guy into a villain so they could keep hurting kids. This is in addition to if the FBI really wanted to put a person away for being a Pedo, they can find SOMETHING if it ever existed. And they found literally nothing at all. That, along with all of the other lack of support for these claims and accusations, is enough to doubt their validity at all.


Not afraid to say it as some people should here this. I was molested and abused and that behavior does come up. Not I never did anything wrong but I did sleep with a lot of girls that were younger (over 18). That was a long time ago. I'm now 42. I've changed a lot. Had time to heal. Went to therapy. Got my life back together. I could never date anyone that was like 5 years younger now. If I had an 18-35 year old come on to me I wouldn't be interested. But that stuff does affect you. You really don't know it at first at all. Comes with aging and hopefully you get help to fix the problem.


So few people make this connection. It’s very icky, but also very sad.


I think most people never read the Playboy interview which is possibly the only profound insight into the guy’s psyche we’ve had and will have until he’s no longer here.


Most people don't read Playboy articles


As someone who experienced that to a degree, I can say it definitely messed with me and influences my proclivities.


Yup, not everyone who's abused goes on to exhibit this behaviour, but people who exhibit this behaviour, there's often a history there.


What type of behaviour specifically?


Incestuous thoughts


I remember being a kid watching his match against Stephanie at No Mercy 03 and being weirded out because it looked like he had a boner while wrestling her 😂


Reminds me of Wyclef Jean performing Hips Don't Lie live with Shakira (although that is undeniably more excusable lol)


Wow I didn't know Shakira was Wyclef's daughter


Wait what??? Lol


Ah there's one live performance where he appeared to be aroused lol


Gerard Pique has a lot to answer for.


In that case I’d be weird if Wyclef *didn’t* have a reaction.


I think he wants to fuck Kurt Angle more


Lmao this comment deserves more upvotes


You should read about *that* cancelled storyline.


Ah yes the whole “Stephanie is pregnant with Vince’s child” angle. Would’ve been such good shit /s


Yeah but he understood how bad it would be when she turned it down.. *only to suggest one with Shane*


Right exactly like he even having that thought of an incest angle, whether it be with himself or his son about his own daughter is kind of telling and also, gross. Didn’t care for a lot of the McMahon melodrama post Wrestlemania X-7 it all kinda peaked there and got progressively worse as we got farther away from the attitude era. Thought it all had turned a corner with Triple H and Orton’s feud into mania 25 but turned out to be a lame duck finish there, too


To play devils advocate it definitely would be shocking TV and probably get people to watch out of morbid curiosity. I mean it never even happened and we still talk about it like 20 years later. With that said I’m sure that wasn’t necessarily his only reasons.


With how crash TV the attitude era was that angle would fit right in


Him ogling his daughter's breasts on national TV and then doubling down on it by saying how great they are (in a later interview) was enough for me.


This has been apparent since the early 2000s to anyone paying attention


Vince and Trump have even more in common than I thought.


No wonder they're like best friends aren't they?


Vince's best friend was Pat Patterson. Vince and Trump are friends, but also rivals. Jericho told a hilarious story about Trump needling Vince about the respective sizes of their private planes. Vince was fuming afterward. "THAT SON OF A BITCH! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?!"


In an alternative universe, the oh-so-subtle dick measuring contest pissed Vince off so much, that \*he\* ran for PotUS instead just to spite Donny. The result would probably be nearly the same - just about 3 notches crazier.


Where did Vince find all those girls to exploit for money again?


I think there's a strong mutual respect between them, but I doubt they're actually friends. They both have very dominant personalities and would inevitably clash if they spent enough time together.


I mean, not only that, Linda was/is one of his top fundraisers.


Vince and Hogan too


I’ve been convinced since the mid 2000’s.


Ah, since he had to get talked out of the incest pregnancy storyline


Oh I was already convinced of that when I found out that he wanted to an Incest Love Triangle Storyline storyline involving him, Stephanie and Shane to find out who the father of Stephanie's first child was.


Can’t remember the details but I’m pretty sure there was a nixed incest storyline at one point that Steph said no too. Remember it being in one of the old WhatCulture vids.


I’m sure you heard this before but when Steph was pregnant she had to veto the idea that Vince would be revealed as the father on TV. When she said no, Vince said “how about Shane then?”


Bro, a psychologist would have a fucking field day with Vince. The man's mind is unfathomable.


I remember once hearing about a comic where they sent every psychologist in America to see The Joker to determine what was wrong with him and every single one of them came up with a different diagnosis. That's how I've always imagined it would be with Vince.


Just seems like Joker would've acted different on purpose to each psychologist just for shits and giggles.


Best believe he did. One of Joker’s most famous quotes is “if I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.”


A quote that I only know because of Adam Blampied's fantasy booking of The Fiend, bringing this thread full Wrestling-Comics-Wrestling circle to me.


Yeah some comics suggest that Joker changes things up at times just to keep himself unpredictable. And for the laughs of course.


He even does that in the movies. "you wanna know how I got these scars?"


“I was eating a popsicles and the plastic edges were sharper than usual”


Joker's a grifter, that's what I always thought. He's one of the few Batman villains I think is completely sane, because he acts like how an uneducated person would perceive "crazy" people to behave. It actually makes it *worse* if you read his stories with the mindset that he knows what he's doing and intentionally playing the system and Batman's own compassion to skirt responsibility for his actions.


There was something about him being super sane. I believe it was regarding him knowing he was in a comic and was a villain.


This is the interpretation you're meant to culminate with the end scene of The Killing Joke. https://youtube.com/watch?v=u8s1kP-ubIU Batman thinks he can rehabilitate the people he fights but Joker is the only one who realizes how insane it is for this deranged vigilante to think he understands what normalcy is. Joker is super sane and a nihilist. Batman is naive and a misguided optimist. It's what makes Christian Bale's Batman so good. He recognizes he's part of the problem and it's why he is gunning to not be Batman anymore throughout his trilogy. Once he recognizes that he can make Harvey Dent a martyr symbol for actual meaningful justice, he self destructs the appeal of anyone directly following in his footsteps. It's also what makes Robert Pattison's Batman so unique. By the end of the movie he realizes he has to properly integrate with society to make meaningful changes. Both as Bruce Wayne the philanthropist and as a Batman more willing to interface with the public in times of need. If you've seen Breaking Bad, Mike's philosophy of "no half measures" applies to the Batman mythos because Batman is inherently a half measure.


I forgot who but one of the Joker's many Origin stories, the author said 'well yeah it's true, but that's ONLY if your willing to believe the Joker is actually telling the truth.' Which is ingenious it allows for any remix on his story without really breaking continuity.


Check out the story case study in the Batman black and white graphic novel from 2008. It's similar to your idea. And written by Paul dini from Batman TAS. I think a narrated version is on YouTube.


"If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice."


He most definitely would. IIRC, it's implied that Hannibal Lector would do the same kind of stuff whenever someone would try to analyze him as well.


Yup even the most agreed upon back story for The Joker which is in "The Killing Joke" he kinda says that he wants his story to have multiple options (something like that) which means that he was just making that up


There’s also a story where it’s not that only one of em are true or that none of them are true but instead that all of them are true. That there’s simply multiple Jokers who have taken up the mantle. They try to turn Jason Todd into the 4th Joker iirc.


I dislike the idea of multiple Jokers as it kinda ruins the history he and Batman have, I guess he tried Jason into turning Robin just to fuck with Batman because he's been so obsessed with him over the years.


Except the Joker probably did that shit on purpose. Vince is just that insane


It's almost unique, too. It's not like his issues are unique, but it's the combination of his issues, plus a practically infinite wealth, plus an undeniable career success that is beyond anything most have ever seen. So not only could he afford to keep all his issues, he was reinforced in them because, clearly, the success proved him right. Right? I am *so* curious to find out what Vince is doing day to day right now. There's no way in hell that he's just sitting at home watching golf.


Some might even say, there’s no chance in hell 🤓


They'd likely be able to afford a couple of yachts and vacation homes, too.


It doesn't help that the man has been enabled by every single person around him for the past 30 years.


It really says something about Vince that I can read this and feel absolutely zero shock or surprise.


Right. My reaction was "wow that's fucking weird. Oh but it's Vince, so that makes sense."


Vince once proposed being the father of Stephanies child for a storyline, this story also reminds me of the creepy camera shots of Stephanie bending over and her getting spanked by Cena when she was GM


For what it's worth, at the time I thought it was a grown woman Stephanie in her 30s being sexy/provocative for the new star and bad boy Cena. It was nothing as bad as Trish barking like a dog or the Lita and Edge celebration, both of which were manipulative and weird.


It was but it's still weird as fuck for a guy to be directly filming his daughter doing this stuff.


Shades of Dario Argento


I mean, it's entirely possible that Vince footed the bill for her boob job, and in an indirect way, he definitely did.


Yeah, the anecdote Angle mentions was creepy. The one with Stephanie basically daring/asking Cena to spank her wasn't as bad, especially if she proposed it.


> her getting spanked by Cena That was one of my favorite Cena raps, though lol


Even worse, I remember he proposed a storyline of Shane and Stephanie being married and having a kid. From a morality standpoint, wrestling is so much better off with that disgusting sex pest not running things.


>From a morality standpoint, wrestling is so much better off with that disgusting sex pest running things. I'm pretty sure you forgot a word there.


Happens when you type fast 🤷‍♂️


wasn't it supposed to be the same storyline where it was Stephanie having Shane's kid but the swerve was it was actually Vince's, which just typing it out is giving me the jibblies


Vince wanted to be the father of Stephanie’s baby and when she turned that down he suggested Shane as an alternative lol


I mean wasn't it obvious someone in creative(Vince) had this fetish? Thinking back how many wives or girlfriend did they have make out with some other person. Maybe I'm too conservative relatively speaking but that was definitely a weird WWE thing that I found odd.


It’s well documented that Vince has wanted to do some kind of an incest storyline for years. The closest he ever got was the Katie Lea/Paul Burchill stuff, and that (luckily) happened right before the PG switch, so it never got any real traction.


I think with the Cuckoldry stuff a lot of that was less a fetish and more often a way to humiliate some of the guys he might not have liked. Rusev and Lana went through like what? 4 angles involving her leaving him for another man (and in one case a woman)


I wouldn't be so sure. Stephanie was already dating HHH in real life when Eric Bischoff made out with her and Cena spanked her. Kane got dumped and cheated on by two women(Tori and Lita). The case with Lita being a special kind of fucked up because Kane raped her yet Lit was the heel for leaving him. The Edge/Lita/Matt drama got dragged into the tv shows and Matt was repeatedly humiliated and lost the feud. John Cena cucked Kenny Dykstra by getting involved with his then fiance Mickie James in real life and WWE proceeded it to have cute little backstage segments of Mickie leaving her underwear in Cena's hotel room. Kurt Angle was supposed to steal Stephanie from HHH but HHH flexed his political control to prevent it. HHH wanted to rape Marlena, Brian Pillman turned her into his sex slave and after she reunited with Goldust, Val Venis fucked her. Vince just seems really, really into cuckolding. Now I will grant you that its weird just how many goddamn times they did it with Rusev and Lana. Lashley, Dolph, Liv, and *The Rock* have all slept with Lana in kayfabe. The there was that time Aiden English tried to make it look he also boned her.


I feel like Vince's fetishes come out in his stories. Even in modern day, remember how uncomfortable the entire storyline with the Kanellis' went? That was straight up clearly just writing it to get off on it, same goes for the Lashley &Lana garbage.


It’s very clear Vince personally got off on a lot of the shit he had his women do (even his Daughter) back in those days. Even back then. But knowing what we know now it seems even more disgusting


Doudrop just half a year ago: "Then one day I got backstage and he goes, ‘goddamnit, I see you out there shaking your ass all afternoon, why can’t you do it out there?’" I remember the time when Sasha had to dance with Rich Swann and Sasha told the story of him telling her: "Dance for me, dance for me" Feels all a lot less innocent now.


>Doudrop just half a year ago: "Then one day I got backstage and he goes, ‘goddamnit, I see you out there shaking your ass all afternoon, why can’t you do it out there?’" ???????


I think the context was in the form Doudrop showing more personality in the ring and infront of the crowd. Still a weird way to go about saying it though lmao


it was more that behind the scenes she was having fun and comfortable with coworkers in the locker room but out in front of the cameras in the arena she was not showing the same personality.


If this stuff is coming out now, imagine all the things that will come out after he passes. They'll need to bring back Dark Side of the Ring and give Vince an entire season.


Kayfabe News: “Dark Side of the Ring” Rebrands to “Dark Side of the Vince”


Love that!


>I'm not saying he felt like he looked like he was aroused but he had this look like I want to see this Lmfao hall of fame worthy quote


Vince's traumatic childhood has to be responsible for a lot of weird things like this. Not saying it absolves him, but it just puts in perspective how bad shit that happens to you as a kid can fuck you up for life


How do you recover from being abused by the one person whose supposed to protect you no matter what.


You don't, but you hopefully get therapy to help you stop passing some part of that damage on to people around you. Unless you're Vince and you lean into it because it's such good shit dammit.


I agree. His childhood and all the problems & coping mechanisms in no way absolve him, but they definitely seem to help make a weird kind of sense as to why he is the way he is.


This will sound horrible to say, but I'm willing to separate fucked up thoughts from fucked up actions. Even if him having those kind of interests is seriously disturbing, its forgivable if he never acted on it and molested a family member.


I mean you really can't help your thoughts to a certain extent. But yeah, just because anyone is traumatized is not excuse to do bad things. It just makes a person realize how important it is to be kind to one another


No, that's actually perfectly reasonable. Trying and convicting people for thoughts is not only ridiculous but heading into some pretty dark places.


That’s such… creepy shit, pal.


I'll never forget this quote from McMahon's 2001 Playboy interview: >At around the same time there was a girl my age who was, in essence, my cousin. Later in life she actually wound up marrying that asshole Leo Lupton, my stepfather! Boy, this sounds like Tobacco Road. Anyway, I remember the two of us being so curious about each other’s bodies but not knowing what the hell to do. We would go into the woods and get naked together. It felt good. And for some reason I wanted to put crushed leaves into her. Don’t know why, but I remember that. I don’t remember the first time I had intercourse, believe it or not.


That whole interview is absolutely wild


Yeah the part where he basically confirms his mother sexually abused him, and his stepfather beat him with a pipe wrench stick out in my mind particularly. For anyone who's interested you can read the whole thing here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3237167-Vince-McMahon-Playboy-Interview-OCR.html






Old Pat McAfee


Things I wish I could forget...


I remember the segment with him and her in the wedding dress backstage before her and HHH renewed their vows or whatever before WM18 and he was absolutely staring those titties down


There definitely could've been a Triple H and Stephanie live sex celebration with Vince watching all turned on in gorilla


Gotta love Kurt’s honesty lol.


And Vince called other people “unprofessional.”


McMahon is a freak, and not in a good way.


Well now I just feel unclean


This is the kind of shit that would even make The Joker go: “That’s a bit too much”


Nobody having to deal with this creep should ever be called unprofessional.


Vince is just such a weirdo omg


I wish I could erase this from my memory


Don't forget when Steph got pregnant he wanted to do a storyline where he was the father. Apprantly when Steph said no he said "How about Shane then"


One of my favourite memes of all time is a picture of the McMahon family and Trump with the caption, “Stone Cold Steve Austin has stunned everyone in this picture.”


I mean he is friends with a certain former US President who harbors similar feelings for his daughter so the math checks out


This is the same dude who routinely pushed for incest storylines, many of which involved his own family. He's a weirdo.


Stephanie is going to tell one hell of a story when Vince is gone, huh.


personally i just think its a control thing with him, being able to get what you want no matter what and who.


Add Kurt Angle to the mix and my chances of not being viscerally repulsed drastic go down.


"Good news! You get to make out with Stephanie. Bad news, her dad will be around" "Oh God, is it to berate me over it?" "No...he's actually...encouraging it...too much"


Oh he defo was aroused.


boy, what a terrible day to know how to read


Like I said in the kross post. Vince is into cuck porn.


Cuck porn? Billionaires don't need porn. This is someone who has been able to afford the highest quality escorts for a very long time. He can call a service and tell them exactly what he wants. Vince certainly has a cuck fantasy, as played out on-screen numerous times, and in the case of his deal with Johnny Ace (who you can be sure wasn't the only one with whom he had a similar situation).


There's that story where he didn't know Asian porn was a thing, so I don't think he's watching niche fetish stuff. And if he did I think he'd gravitate towards 'step' family stuff.


Not just cuck porn, but thinking of his daughter getting banged which is a whole other level of degeneracy.


Vince has a strong southern US high school football coach thing going, just not fat.


The amount of “Vince watched me kissed _____” stories are absolutely hilarious, creepy, and very telling about current events.


Vince is pretty skeevy.


Yea, we need Vince to write a honest to god book about his life because mentally he seems fucked up. And emotionally he said he would put things that made him sad in a different part of his brain so hes fucked up emotionally.


Netflix was going to do a biography on him and canceled it when the first accusation came down.


They were working with the WWE on it. Vince had finally say anyway. So highly doubtful any of this stuff would have been covered.


Nooooo. Even more reason to do it


after just discovering the “crushed leaves” article, it’s clear to me that incest isn’t just a joke to Vince.




Apparently Narcissists are sexually attracted to their own children because they see their child as an extension of themselves rather than an individual in their own right. So Vince wanted to make love with himself "through" Stephanie.


Horrible day to be literate


Seems that the gloves are off and there are more and more little tidbits like this starting to leak out now that people don't have to kiss Vince's ass for a job anymore. Sometimes literally.


Yep. Crazy that Angle feels ok putting this out there


He has told this story many times, including last year.


He has told this story before.




I already thought he was fucking creepy due to how he's used Steph on TV but man. Unbelievable...


Yup, that’s enough Internet for today.


“Such good shit, pal”




The more I hear about Vince, the more I want to somehow hear both more and less of him. Less because he’s a sick fuck. More because his mind is interesting as hell.